20 Things You Didn’t Know About Men’s Cologne

You might think you’re a Cologne Master and know everything there is to know about men’s cologne and fragrances. (and you might, some of you fragrance guys out there have an insane amount of knowledge)

This article should “hit you with some knowledge” for those that are just getting into cologne. But if you’re a fellow “Cologne Master”, let’s see how many of these you actually know and how many you can’t believe are real. Let me know how you did by dropping a comment on the bottom!

1. Notes are NOT ingredients

If there is one thing marketers are AMAZING at, it’s telling us what something smells like. When I first started smelling cologne, I figured when I smelled something with a hint of citrus to it, it had to come from some sort of fruit extract or something because that is what it smells like.

When you take a fragrance like the ever popular Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce Cologne that is 48% comprised of an ingredient Iso E Super and Terre D’Hermes which is also 55%  of the same ingredient (both can be verified on their respective websites), shouldn’t you see Iso E Super in the list of notes directly on the bottle?

Of course not! Iso E Super doesn’t sound nearly as marketable as sandalwood or cedar wood. So the next time you read the notes of a particular fragrance or cologne, make sure you understand that the notes you are reading are a concoction of several ingredients together that delivers that scent.

2. Ambergris – A Sweet Earthy Scent

Ambergris is a wonderful, sweet, and earthy ingredient that exists in fragrances still today. It can be found floating in the sea, or washed up on shore and is still harvested by perfumers today to use in various mixtures.

What I’m not telling you, is where Ambergris actually comes from. In the digestive system of Sperm Whales, out comes this glorious scent that is actually used in fragrances. Can you imagine the first person to discover this and what they were thinking?

The rumor is, Ambergris is too large of a mass to actually be passed from the intestines, so the legend says that the whales actually vomit it up.

Now that you’re probably terrified to spray any cologne on your body, so hopefully this will comfort you. Ambergris is rarely used for fragrances despite it’s glorious scent. It has largely been replaced with synthetics so rest easy knowing you are not spraying whale vomit on yourself.

whopper3. Mmmm.. Burger King Whoppers

If you’re like me and like a nice fast food sandwich now and again, then you’ve more than likely had a few Whoppers over at Burger King.

But did you know in March of 2015, Burger King released a fragrance of their most famous sandwich? Oh yes they did! The fragrance was exclusively sold in Japan and they only made 1,000 of them. The cost for a bottle you ask? Only 5,000 yen which equals approximately $40.

The last one I saw sold on eBay was for $110 to a United States bidder. Since these bottles are so rare, I bet we will see them sell for even larger than that as time moves on.

4. What’s a Civet?

A Civet is a small, mostly nocturnal mammal that is native to Asia and Africa. These furry animals are harmless and some of the residents of the lands where civets reside, keep them as pets.

Civet oil is an ingredient that is used in many North American and European fragrances. However, what they don’t tell you is that civet oil comes from their anal glands and is produced right at the base of their tail. (their butt!)

You can rest assured, these oils are no longer taken directly from the animal any longer and are usually now made synthetically. Once again, I wonder what it would have been like to be the first person to discover this ingredient. Did he or she just wake up one morning and decide to smell the ass of a civet? Better yet, how many different animals did they smell before they landed on civets in the first place?

5. Habanita – Fragrance for Cigarettes Smoking_in_black_and_white

Habanita is a very old product created almost 100 years ago in 1921 by Molinard Habanita. She created Habanita to slip into packs of cigarettes in a sachet or in liquid form. This was used to scent the cigarettes to create an aroma that was tolerable for anyone close by.

In 1924, Molinard launched a perfume because this practice became so popular and people loved the smell. Since the fragrance was released, Habanita has produced several different versions so if you elect to give the cologne a shot, make sure you check which one you have.

6. Your nose knows more about you than you think

It seems all the time you run into people wearing their signature scent and they smell like they just attempted to drown themselves in it. I typically do not have the courage to tell them to lay off the cologne in fear of insulting them but these cologne abusers might actually have an excuse.

If you think about it, when you walk into a house, there usually is a smell to the place that makes it unique. This smell isn’t good or bad, but it’s something different from all the other homes you’ve entered. Now if you explain this phenomenon to the person that occupies the residence, they are going to have no idea what you are talking about because they smell it all the time and don’t even notice it. See where I’m going…

When you spray a signature cologne on your body that you’ve been using for ages, try to remember the only time you will smell it is in it’s initial spray. After a few seconds, unless you’re thinking about it, the smell is gone to you but everyone around you can smell it.

So if you’re in that situation when your buddy just stinks with too much cologne, now you have a polite way to explain to him, “Hey man, I know you can’t smell it because you use it so often, but you sprayed one too many times of your cologne today.” This should help them out.

clive no 17. Most expensive cologne in the world

We all have different thoughts on what is expensive and what isn’t. I think a bottle cologne over $80 bucks better have some killer scent to it or I’m going to be upset.

What about the most expensive cologne in the world? What is it and how much does it sell for?

The cologne is Clive Christian’s “No. 1” Cologne and it goes for approximately $421..86 PER OUNCE! To understand how much an ounce is, picture a shot glass. These glasses only hold an ounce. Now imagine paying $421 for that shot glass filled with cologne… Crazy!

Most locations sell a bottle off this cologne for about $865 and on Amazon you can even find it for $675 but that is still a lot of money to shell out for a bottle of cologne. If you have ever tried this, hit me up with a comment and let me know what you think.

8. Bacon flavored Cologne?

I think almost everyone can come to an agreement that bacon is one of the most delicious things to consume on this planet. If you are from the Middle East or a vegetarian, I am sorry but you are missing out.

Because of the popularity of this fantastic meat, a cologne was begging to be created. Fargginay has been publisized just about everywhere with this epic scent on stations like Fox, CNN, and NBC just to name a few but the list doesn’t stop there.

According to YouTube, Fragrantica, and other review sites, people seem to think this cologne is average. But if you are truly a bacon enthusiast or know someone that is, this can be the perfect gag gift for them.

9. Storing Cologne in a Refrigerator?

refigeratorWe know cologne does not like light or temperature changes so keeping your bottles in your bathroom is a no-no. What about the refrigerator? Is it really the best place to store them?

The answer is maybe. For some cologne, it is an amazing place to keep them. The cooling effects keep them from going bad over time and maintaining temperature at a nice steady degree is always a good thing. People also say that when they use it right out of the refrigerator, they feel even more refreshed since the cologne feels cool on their skin.

The only caution I’ve heard is that in a bottle of cologne there are a ridiculous amount of elements and compenents. As you may know from chemistry class, these chemicals all have different freezing temperatures. You don’t need to worry about pulling your cologne out and having it frozen solid, but some users have reported a slight smell difference by trying it.

To answer the critics, there is only one way to find out and that is to try it yourself. Let me know how it goes by dropping me a comment on the bottom of the page.

10. Parosmia & Phantosmia

We all should know by now cologne smells different on people because we have different oils, sweat, and other skin differentiation that makes fragrance smell different on your body compared to the guy sitting next to you. But did you know there are some people out there that have medical conditions that change the way they smell?

Parosmia is a medical condition that makes your sense of smell distorted. Imagine taking a whiff of a freshly baked pie and someone else thinking it smelled like gasoline or sour milk. That’s just absolutely crazy!

Phantosmia is another medical condition that causes a person to hallucinate smells. With cologne this doesn’t have too much of an effect but I’m going to use this term the next time my girlfriend thinks someone passed some gas and blame it on her “hallucinations”. 😉

11. Freshly Cut Grass

mowing lawnResearches have done studies on freshly cut grass and discovered it actually helps people relax and release stress. Chronic stress is said to damage the hippocampus area of the brain. It reduces the amount of communication between cells which can cause memory loss.

It is no secret that ongoing stress is hazardous to a person’s health but what if reducing stress was as easy as taking a whiff of a something? How awesome would that be?

As it turns out, plants release chemicals that reduce stress. The mowing of lawn or cutting greens, brings out these aromas instantly to give a relaxed and calming feeling. There have even been TED talks about this.

There are a few “freshly mowed” scents in a bottle out there and I would say the most popular has been “grass dementer” or “serenascent”. Give these colognes a chance and see if you experience the same calming effect others report feeling.

12. How good is your nose?

Just how good is your nose? How many different odors can it handle? 100? 1000? Does 10,000 sound a lot?

Believe it or not, up to a few years ago, researchers concluded that a human nose can smell up to 10,000 different odors! That’s a crazy amount. Try to picture 10,000 people at a sporting event and being able to differentiate each person by their smell. Thats nuts. But that’s not all!

Like I said, this is old data and researchers are estimating the number to be different. Is it higher or is it lower? What is it, tell me already?! The number of different odors a person can smell is now estimated at 1 TRILLION!!! The study was done by scientists at the Rockefeller University in New York so if you don’t believe me, look it up!

13. Rub your wrists together after spraying right?

sprayI’ve seen it before and even been guilty of it myself. You’ll see someone spray their wrists with perfume or cologne and you’ll watch the wheels turn in their head attempt to figure out how they will spread their fresh scent to the rest of their body.

Well the best way to do this is to rub your wrists together to get that fragrance moving right?

WRONG! When you rub your wrists together it creates friction. This friction immediately destroys the top notes and even some of the middle notes and spoils the scent of the cologne. You’re basically killing your scent experience even before it begins.

If you’re looking to spread your fragrance after you spray your wrists, gently tap your other hand or just straight up spray your other wrist. When you spend hundreds of dollars on cologne, it’s crazy to waste it immediately after spraying it on your body.

14. Can cologne actually make you feel better?

Yes we know that mowing the lawn and bottling it into a cologne can actually make you relieve stress and induce some sort of calming effect. But what about the other fragrances out there? Can they actually make you feel better?

The answer is YES! Scents like lavender can actually help you sleep, citrus can help you feel more energized, and apple might just be able to relieve a migraine. So if you need more reasons to wear a cologne, the health benefits are simply outstanding!

15. What does perfume mean?

incenseNo I’m not talking about the Webster dictionary meaning of the word perfume. Where does the actual word perfume come from?

The word perfume actually means “through smoke” in Latin. The very first perfumes were incense based which is why this term was used. It’s crazy to think how far these scents have gone since then but now you can blow someone away with some new knowledge.

16. Perfume School?

You bet! Perfume school is a real thing that exists today. Back before there were perfume schools, most perfumers learned their traits by apprenticing other popular perfumers.

In current times, most perfuming skills are difficult to get into. To gain acceptance, perfuming institutions look for 4-year degrees with classes in organic chemistry.

17. Jean Carles, the Beethoven of perfume

Jean_CarlesJean Calres is a famous French perfumer that created oodles of different fragrances for the better part of his life.

Towards the end of his life, Jean became anosmic, which means he couldn’t smell anymore. Despite this disability, Jean did not let it get the best of him. He continued making fragrances based just on his memory, creating truly a remarkable story.

18. Keep it moist

When people purchase hundreds of dollars in cologne, they want to be able to keep it going for as long as they can. If you’re a person that has naturally oily skin, you are a cologne wearing dream because fragrance will naturally stay longer on you.

If you have problems with dry skin however, keeping your skin moist with unscented moisturizer will help your cologne last a little longer when it comes to wearing cologne.

19. Too much sniffing?

Not to sound like a broken record here, but fragrances have a lot of chemicals in them. Among these chemicals lies alcohol. Now we don’t need to get into a heated alcohol debate on the negative effects, but one of them is smelling alcohol too much.

If you’re at the department store trying on certain cologne, try not to smell more than three. After about smelling three different colognes, your sense of smell diminishes. I would recommend waiting at least 15 minutes to a half hour before going at it again.

Before heading to a department store, try to plan out which three colognes you want to smell. This will help you with the overwhelming sensation you will receive once you get there and see the thousands of different colognes on the rack. I know when I see them, I want to smell all of them but doing so will ruin your experience since your sense of smell is gone after about 3 different colognes.

20. Spraying more cologne makes it last longer. Right?

smell badThis is definitely wrong! Currently my girlfriend is under this assumption that while she gets ready in the morning, if she just sprays herself 2-3 extra times, her fragrance will last just a little bit longer and will get her through her work shift.

This is so very wrong that I hope I get her to read this. Cologne is a chemical and it will evaporate at the same rate no matter how much you put on. So by spraying yourself a few more times, all that you are doing is making the scent smell stronger and in most cases TOO strong creating a nightmare when you head into work.

The people working along side you all day are probably counting the minutes until your cologne wears off instead of the minutes of when they get to leave for the day.

Please just bring your cologne with you to work instead and just squirt a little more on yourself every few hours. Your co-workers, classmates, parents or whoever will thank you.

Thanks For Reading!

Well that sums just about everything up! Let me know if you learned anything by dropping me a comment, or if you want to hit me with a fun fact of your own, let me know in the comments section or shoot me an e-mail.

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