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Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996) Review

Acqua Di Gio

Acqua Di Gio

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            • Women find it sexy
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            • Extremely Popular
            • Mostly for under 30 year olds

            About Acqua Di Gio

            Most likely, the top selling cologne of all-time, Acqua Di Gio is the most popular cologne today by an enormous margin. While writing this biography, I was curious on how popular this cologne actually is, so I took to Google to see how popular it is.

            The beautiful thing about Google is that they have tools where you can see how often certain terms are searched for each month. What this means is, you can compare how many times someone searches for a cologne versus another cologne and check it on an international scale.

            Here are some of the results I found for the colognes that are currently being searched for on Google;

            Acqua Di Gio
            40,500 Monthly Searches
            Armani Code (Also by Giorgio Armani)
            12,100 Monthly Searches
            Curve Cologne
            8,100 Monthly Searches
            Cool Water
            6,600 Monthly Searches

            As you can see, Acqua Di Gio has more searches than the next 3 colognes combined. These numbers are straight from Google’s Keyword Tool that shows a good approximation on how much each search term is sought after.

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            What does it smell like?

            The most popular colognes of today seem to have a fresh, citrus smell to them. Acqua Di Gio is no different so what separates it from other colognes that smell so similar? Is it just good marketing by the manufacturers, or is it something else?

            The short answer is, this cologne is just that good. On the fragrance wheel, you’ll find this in the fresh/citrus section but after smelling it, you’ll find it is much more than that.

            What cologne does it smell like?

            360 degrees Red by Perry Ellis

            The notes you will certainly notice are;


            Aquatic Notes







            The 5 notes that you will undoubtedly notice are; orange, jasmine, lime, aquatic and lemon notes.

            What does it smells like to a normal person?

            To a normal person that knows nothing about notes explain the scent as;

            “Sexy, crisp, sweet, and sophisticated. Makes me turn into a pool of fellow when I smell it… So hot.. You want to eat it and bite it and lick it.” – My girlfriend

            “This cologne just SMELLS like a delicious man – what with it’s citrus notes, rosemary spiciness, jasmine, and hint of wood and ocean breezes.” – Sheila

            “In my opinion one of the best mens fragrance of all time! It smells richly freshly divine, manly! So appealing, not boring just something perfect without being complicated.” – Karen

            Who should buy this cologne?

            If you’re looking for a cologne that works well in almost any situation, sexy, popular, or a gift, this is your cologne.

            Age Group : Under 40

            Acqua Di Gio is worn by young people by the masses. If you’re an older guy, there are more sophisticated colognes out there that you should be wearing. Otherwise, feel free to wear it.

            Season : Summer, Spring

            Time of day: Daytime

            Mostly a daytime cologne, but feel free to wear Acqua Di Gio at night. Since it has such an outstanding reputation, there really is no limit on when you can wear it.

            Occassion: Smelling to impress

            Acqua Di Gio is a cologne that is made to make you smell and feel sexy. The best time to wear this cologne is when you are trying to impress someone and you’re about to wear something casual.

            Gift: Amazing

            If you’re buying a gift for a teenager or college aged adult, they will beg for a bottle of Acqua Di Gio. Feel free to buy this cologne and they will not be disappointed.

            great for gifts, sexy, popular, cologne master picks

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              My favorite mens cologne, by far!

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