Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2004) Review

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Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2004)

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2004)

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  • Great for gifts
  • Lasts a long time
  • Perfect signature scent
  • Award Winning
  • Highly liked by many people


  • Pretty popular so the dude next to you might be wearing it

About Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2004)

Armani Code was created by the perfumers Antoine Maisondieu and Antoine Lie and was released to the public in 2004. It was first called “Black Code”, but then it was decided to change the name to what it is still called today as “Code”.

The women’s version of this scent was released in 2006.

Cologne Master Awards


The True Armani Code Review by a CologneMaster… What does it smell like?

Code is a fun cologne for me to wear and it is something I keep in my current rotation of colognes since it changes throughout the day.

Armani Code steps away from the top selling colognes like Acqua Di Gio, Eau Fraiche, Light Blue, and Chrome by Azzaro by smelling a little different. If you’re seeking a scent that smells fresh, clean, and like you just exited the shower, you may want to try something else.

This scent has a leathery, black licorice, and tobacco scent to it. I can’t hold my excitement anymore for this cologne because I think it smells absolutely phenomenal! It is one of the most well liked colognes that has ever been reviewed, which means it is safe for anyone to wear.

What other colognes does Armani Code smell like?

Zegna Intenso – Ermenegildo

What are the 3 most recognizable notes?

lether noteOlive BlossomTobacco

What does it smell like to a normal person?

“I hear so many things about this fragrance as it is my
signature scent.

One thing I hear that drives me nuts is Code being called a “fresh scent.” this is by no means fresh, in fact, it is the exact opposite. The notes that are most prominent are the leather, olive blossom and the guaiac wood, giving Code a rugged but clean class.

This is so damn versatile. Wear this dressed like a business man or like a rockstar who just finished a set. I recommend this to any fella who wants to exert an aura of mystery and seduction.

I never seem to get sick of Code because it sits closer to your skin than other fragrances and it doesn’t give off a “department store” synthetic vibe. The olive blossom ties it in with your body chemistry and makes it pretty unique to each person who wears it.

I love Code so much, it is my all time favorite fragrance. It is one of the few great colognes as it hasn’t been watered down by reformulations. I hope to god this is never discontinued because it has changed my life. Code is my best friend.

PS: Not as many people wear this as you think.” – FrenchWhore

I agree with this comment 100%. It does not smell like your typical main stream cologne and will help you stand out from what others are wearing.

This woman talks about how she loves it on her previous boyfriends…

“I love this scent on men.

I will wear it to bed for comfort.

Every one of my boyfriends has had it; it smelled exactly the same on every one. In other words: I did not notice any difference on different people due to body chemistry. Code to me always smells like Code, on anyone, anywhere. Very recognizable.

However: I absolutely LOVE it and can smell it on someone across the room. It shocks men to realize that someone can identify it by name; however, given its popularity, that should not be a question, given what I have said above. Many men use it, and it is very popular.

It just smells THAT GOOD.

As a woman, I have started using Modern Muse by Estee Lauder as a signature. If I were a guy, I would use Code, and not because I want to go out of my way to smell unique or different. Because unfortunately, for something that smells too good, it isn’t unique. Everyone wears it, as I have already said a couple of times.

But still, it smells so good!!! This fragrance should not be shamed for being near perfect just because every man decided to wear it every day.”  – Roxanna

And lastly, here is one of the latest tweets from a woman speaking her love of it…

Who Should Buy This Cologne?

Age Group: 21+

A little young for teenagers to be wearing such a unique cologne. I would recommend beginning to wear Armani Code once you’re a few years into college or into your career.

Season: Fall/Spring/Winter

Because the citrus notes of this cologne doesn’t rock your socks off, wear it least during the summer months, but don’t forget about it.

Time of day: Day or Night

Mostly a nighttime fragrance, but don’t worry about it during the day. I’ve been wearing it to work without any complaints or issues and the confidence I feel while wearing it is amazing.

Occasion: Heading to a concert

While Armani Code is suitable for many different occasions, if I was headed to a concert or a place where I would be next to a lot of people, Armani Code would be on the list for colognes I would choose in that situation.

Gift? – Yes

Armani Code will make an amazing gift. The reason why is due to the fact it is SOOOOO well liked. You don’t need to worry about the person you are giving it to not appreciating it.

Longevity: Very Good

This passes my test of spraying it on my body in the morning and noticing that I can still smell traces of it on my clothes the next day.

Harmless? – Absolutely

People standing next to you will not complain. Please do not spray too much on. Two strong sprays or 3 light sprays are quite alright.

Popularity – Popular

Armani Code is not one of the top 10 most sold colognes currently, but in the U.S., I would argue it is in the top 25-50.

How does it make you feel? – Confident

I like wearing this cologne to work or places that I’m going where I need to be feeling confident.

Price – A little pricey

Armani Code is a designer fragrance so the price is going to be higher. You can find it for around $70 a bottle.


Fragrance of the year – 2006 FIFA Awards

Sexy – Very Sexy

My girlfriend agrees that this cologne is extremely sexy and you can’t find a cologne review online saying anything different.

Signature Cologne – Yes

You can wear Armani Code in almost any situation and it has a distinct smell to it so wearing it as a signature cologne works amazing.


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