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Versace Pour Homme Review For Men by CologneMasters

Versace Pour Homme has been around since 2008 and has been moderately successful. After a disappointed Cologne Master reader was wondering why it wasn’t on the top sellers list, we felt it was time that we did a review to figure it out.

Any fragrance that Versace puts their name on, gets attention. Since these guys are known to use quality ingredients in their fragrances, if you see their logo on something, it’s always worth a whiff.

Currently Versace has 5 fragrances they are promoting for men. Dylan Blue, Oud Noir, Pour Homme, Eau Fraiche, and Eros headline the list the fragrances that are currently promoted and Pour Homme is the most popular of the bunch.

If Pour Homme is the most popular Versace fragrance, it deserves a look and we are happy to dive in and give a Versace Pour Homme review.

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Versace Pour Homme Facts

  • Created: 2008
  • Perfumer: Albert Morillas – known for Bvlgari Man, CK One, 212 Men, Acqua Di Gio, and many others
  • Celebrities that wear it: None known

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Rose de Mai
Middle notes: Geranium, Cedar, Clary Sage, Hyacinth
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Tonka
Most noticeable: Lemon, Neroli, Bergamot

Smells like: Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Longevity (Based on 1200+ ratings)
6.381 out of 10 – Average
Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
7.12 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
6,990 – Average (most popular fragrances)
Approximately $11.86 per ounce – Not bad

Versace Pour Homme (2008) Thoughts from a Cologne Master

Since Versace is a brand that always has a little “hype” to it, I always get jacked out of my mind when I get a chance to do a review one. Pour Homme in particular sits as one of the top 40 most complimented fragrances according to your votes so if you were to try a fragrance “blind”, you know there are people out there that find it worthy of a compliment.

Albert Morillas has a phenomenal track record with aquatic fragrances and Versace Pour Homme is no different.

When people talk about how it smells like Allure Homme Sport, they are right on. Right out of the gate, it is difficult to tell the difference between these two.

After a few minutes though, there is a clear difference. Versace Pour Homme takes a trip down a street that smells a little more “soapy” where Allure Homme Sport has a little more punch to it. After about an hour, the projection of Allure Sport is much stronger. Versace Pour Homme starts to fade but Allure Sport you can still smell going strong.

For the most part, Versace Pour Homme has a citrusy/soapy smell that stays linear throughout the day wearing it. It’s considered a crowd pleaser where if you just want to squirt something on that you don’t need to worry about everyone around you being grossed out, this might be your winning ticket.

Pour Homme opens with a light, fresh, citrusy, smell. It does lack a certain originality to it since it smells like other aquatic type fragrances. If you’re looking for something unique or something that stands out from all the other fragrances out there today, this is not your winning ticket.

versace pour homme review amazonMy Compliments – When I wear a fragrance, I’m lucky enough to work with several females with a keen sense of smell. Right now several of them are pregnant so their noses are even more sensitive than usual.

My results in close quarters weren’t mind blowing, but each of them noticed that I was wearing something when I walked by them or they approached me. They asked me what I was wearing and basically said it was pleasant. What surprised me the most is Pour Homme is a lighter scent that has moderate to low projection so it was surprising they were even able to pick up the scent when I was further than arm reach away.

The best compliment I received was from my girlfriend. When I laid down to go to sleep, my girlfriend rested her head on my chest and told me I smelled incredible. I was very surprised at this because it had been over 12 hours from when I initially sprayed on the fragrance and I no longer smelled it on my person. Keep in mind my girlfriend also adores Allure Homme Sport so I wasn’t surprised she liked it, but more that she could smell it so long after the initial spray.

The Smell – The smell is great. If you like Acqua Di Gio or Allure Homme Sport, this is almost a guaranteed like.

I lose track of this fragrance after about an hour of wearing it. But all it takes is someone coming up to me and asking, “What are you wearing?” for me to realize Pour Homme is still rocking strong.

You’re not going to stand out wearing this fragrance because it smells like so many others. However, it’s a safe fragrance to wear in almost any situation.

The Bottle – Gianni Versace was obsessed with greek mythology which explains the logo. It’s simple but classy where if you left it out on your nightstand, it would mostly go unnoticed.

Price – Anytime you can but a fragrance for under $50 it’s a good fragrance.

Longevity – I don’t think people realize how long Pour Homme lasts because of how easy it is to forget you’re wearing it. Over 1200 combined ratings of longevity give it a little more than a 6 but I would have to disagree with this and say it’s more of a 7.

Projection – This is also controversial since some critics say that you can’t smell it on someone unless you’re with an arm’s length but I have to disagree. A woman at work wanted to smell me and she was probably 5-10 feet away before she said, “Wow that’s nice”.

Non-offensive – It’s something that you can wear anytime or anywhere without driving people crazy.

Compliment Getter – I’ve received compliments from this, but it’s also on the top 40 list for getting compliments.

My final thoughts

My Versace Pour Homme review final thoughts is that it is a great fragrance. I strongly recommend this fragrance for young men because it’s an inexpensive version of Allure Homme Sport.

If I’m trying to decide on a light, citrusy fragrance, this in my personal top 5. In my opinion, everyone should have a fragrance in this category and if you’re looking for something not very expensive, don’t be afraid to give this a rip.

Wear Pour Homme if…

  • You’re over 14
  • You want to receive compliments
  • You want something that can be worn in any situation
  • You want to save a few bucks
Don’t buy this if…
  • You’re looking for something original
  • You don’t like Allure Homme Sport, Acqua Di Gio
  • You want something that wears off quickly
  • Here is what other people have said about Pour Homme by Versace

    • I like what this guys says about how it is similar to Allure Homme Sport

    Used to have this one a few months ago. All I can say is that this one is a “brother” of Allure Homme Sport. Both smell really similar when you spray it, but after some time it takes different ways, I mean Allure is a mix between aquatic notes with a little bit of sweetness, while Versace is more Aquatic and refreshing (it’s cleaner than Allure).
    Lasts all day long, projects really well, and the scent is very comfortable.
    Super versatile

    • Here is a guy that loved it

    “The first time is always the best..!! Pour Homme was my first Versace fragrance. It was love at first smell..!! Everytime I have worn (used) this cologne I have received compliments from women. The smell is a soft and clean scent that can be worn for any occasion. The scent is very similar to Aqui Di (Armani) and Thallium Sport of which I recommend also. The only complaint is the fragrance is light (soft) and does not last as long as other colognes.

    • This guy echo’s what we are thinking about it

    “This a safe scent for me. My wife likes it. Great for the office/work. A day time fragrance for sure.

    To me there was nothing really special about it. Dont get me wrong, it does smell good. And its great value for money. I dont know if its just me, but this smells a lot like acqua di gio. At least in the opening.

    Lasts about 3 hours on my skin on a summer day. And then becomes a skin scent.

    I ended up giving this to my dad after a few days of use. To me, it didnt really stand out.

    A 7 on 10 for me.”


    Alright, so who should buy Pour Homme by Versace?

    Age Group: 14+

    The smell is right for young men. It’s light, clean, fresh, and won’t offend anyone.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    When the weather starts to warm up, Pour Homme is at it’s best.

    Time of Day: Day

    Although you can wear it at night, this fragrance shines during the day.

    Gift?: Yes

    You won’t hear too many people say this fragrance is absolutely disgusting because it smells clean. This means it’ll make a great gift.

    Longevity: Good

    Although it’s not rated as a long lasting fragrance, it still will last on your skin all day.

    Harmless? – Yes

    Safe to wear anytime/anyplace

    Popularity – Popular

    Currently in the top 20 most popular men’s fragrances.

    Price – Good

    You can currently find it under $50 per bottle which is pretty dang good for a Versace fragrance.

    Awards – 1

    Best Cologne For Young Men

    Sexy – Sexy

    A good compliment getter and many from women. However, this is not what makes this fragrance popular.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    This fragrance is good enough to be the scent you wear all-day every day.

    versace pour homme find on amazon

    The 10 Best Cologne For Young Men For 2017

    Congratulations! You just saved yourself 2,781 hours looking for the best cologne for young men by showing up to this page!

    We have tried, tested, and searched through the darkest parts of the web looking for which colognes work best for young guys and we have come up with a list of 10 and we even tell you our favorites!

    Still not good enough? Well, below our top list, we have even more goodies! Maybe you want to know which fragrance is the best for young dudes under $20, or maybe you want to know which one is the most attractive. Find your answers at the bottom of the page.

    Have fun!

    Last updated 3/15/17

    Fragrance Features Our Rating Pricing

    Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

    • Ages 14+
    • Light, clean, refreshing
    • Versatile - perfect for any situation
    • Name brand - Abercrombie is a brand that associates with youth and sexiness
    • Compliment getter
    4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

    Guess by Guess Seductive

    • Ages 14+
    • Light
    • Non-offensive, your classmates won't be grossed out
    • Smells sweet, which younger girls like
    2.9 Stars (2.9 / 5)

    Very Sexy For Him by Victoria Secret

    • Ages 14+
    • Light
    • Lives up to it's name, very sexy
    • Smells sweet, with a little spice so you'll stand out
    • Great for dates
    3.0 Stars (3.0 / 5)

    The One by Dolce & Gabbana

    • Ages 20+
    • Light, Professional
    • Extremely high rated
    • Smells sweet, very sexy,
    • Versatile, great for any occasion
    4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)

    Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

    • Ages 14+
    • Light, clean, citrusy
    • Most liked fragrance possibly ever
    • Young ladies crave it
    • Versatile, great for any occasion
    4.9 Stars (4.9 / 5)

    Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Versace

    • Ages 18+
    • Light, clean, professional
    • Doesn't smell cheap
    • Young ladies love it
    • Versatile, safe to wear anywhere
    3.4 Stars (3.4 / 5)

    Nautica Voyage by Nautica

    • Ages 14+
    • Light, clean
    • Best budget fragrance
    • Versatile, safe to wear anywhere
    3.1 Stars (3.1 / 5)

    Guilty by Gucci

    • Ages 14+
    • Light, clean
    • Safe to wear anywhere
    • Very popular with young men
    4.1 Stars (4.1 / 5)

    La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent

    • Ages 21+
    • Light, clean, with a little extra zing
    • Best for young professionals
    • Safe to wear anywhere
    • Well liked among the fragrance community
    4.6 Stars (4.6 / 5)

    Versace Pour Homme by Versace

    • Ages 18+
    • light, clean, professional
    • Sneaky, long lasting
    • Safe to wear anywhere
    • Well liked among women
    4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

    Find Info Fast – This is a long read so click here to get to the good stuff

    How To Read This Table

    This year we decided to make the table easy to read because lets face it, most guys don’t care about a zillion different ratings. We let the Cologne Master geeks worry about that.

    Although the table is super easy to follow, here is an explanation on what everything means anyway;


    This is a picture of what the fragrance looks like. Pretty simple. If you found a fragrance you want to give a chance, this way you know what it looks like.


    Simple enough. This explains why each fragrance made the list. Read through them and see if anything peaks your interest.

    Our Rating

    A simple 5 star rating system of what we think of the scent. The higher the number, the better the fragrance is in our opinion. Every fragrance on our list we give an in-depth review on and you can find them here.


    We buy almost all of our fragrances on Amazon but the prices continuously change. Click the link for the best deal on fragrance currently.

    The Best Cologne For Young Men… Period

    If you had a chance to browse through the table of incredible fragrances for young men, hopefully you found a few that you would like to try. Here at CologneMasters, we searched far and wide to bring you a list of the best fragrances for the younger generation and I believe we nailed it.

    Don’t like what we have to say? Drop us a comment below and we’d love to respond.

    The Best Of The Best… Our Top Overall Fragrances For Young Men

    #1 Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)

    best perfume for men acqua di gioAcqua Di Gio (full review here) is a young mens 100% can’t miss cologne. If you are new to the fragrance world and are still trying to figure out which fragrance should be your first, don’t hesitate and buy it.

    It has a clean, aquatic, refreshing scent that that is guaranteed to be liked, especially from the younger crowds.

    You’ll find this fragrance on almost every single top list known to man and most recently it sits at #2 for the fragrance that will most likely get you compliments.

    Once again, Acqua Di Gio is the closest thing to a mother trucking GUARANTEE to be liked by anyone around you. It is the most sold fragrance ever and chances are, you know people already that wear it and have smelled it before.

    What also makes this fragrance great is that it was created in 1996. This means the guys that started wearing this right when it came out are only in their mid 30s. This means you don’t have to worry that your girlfriend’s grandpa wears the same cologne.

    Don’t take my word for it, check out what these lovely ladies said about it;

    Why Acqua Di Gio is the #1 Fragrance for Young Men

    Well besides women loving it, let’s talk about why Acqua Di Gio is the best cologne for young men by looking at the specific categories.

    Overall Rating – Acqua Di Gio received almost a perfect rating because for lack of better words, it’s awesome. It’s one of those fragrances that is universally liked by almost anyone that has a soul.

    You would have to really be a debbie downer to think this fragrance is garbage. A perfect rating is well-deserved and is the top 10% of the personal CologneMasters collection.

    Age – 14 years and older is perfectly fine for anyone wearing it. Since mostly everyone is wearing it already, as your first fragrance ever, this would be perfect.

    School/Work Safe – Acqua Di Gio is one of those fragrances that is safe to wear anywhere. There are some scents that you wouldn’t want to take to grandma’s house and you don’t have to worry about this being one of them.

    Sex Appeal – The Sexiest rating is held for only the most sexy fragrances around and Acqua Di Gio claims that prize. Ladies go nuts over this fragrance.

    Longevity – This is one of the best features on what makes Acqua Di Gio stand out. Because it lasts longer than most fragrances, this category gives it a boost to make it one of the best for young men.

    Price – This is the only downfall of Acqua Di Gio. It can be pretty pricy depending on what you think is expensive.


    #2 The One by Dolce & Gabbana (2008), EDT

    I don’t typically recommend The One (full review) for the younger guys, but when it comes to making girls go wild , this cologne absolutely dominates. Unlike Very Sexy For Him, you can also wear The One as your signature scent. Feel free to wear it all-day everyday since it has it’s own unique flavor.

    What drives the ladies crazy about this cologne is the sweet and sensual undertones. After you get past the initial opening of this scent, The One settles down and does all the seduction for you. The notes are sweet enough to drive any girl wild and move in close to make your night. Recently, it was featured as one of the top colognes to get you laid.

    This fragrance is a personal favorite of mine and is currently in my rotation of fragrance that I wear. It works.

    The Reason Why The One is Perfect For Young Guys

    Overall Rating  The One is definitely in the top 10% of all fragrances rock the market today. For young men that want to smell professional and not like all the other kids in school, this is the winning ticket. The One is the perfect combination of intimacy and business professional.

    Age – 20+years old. The One by Dolce & Gabbana is not for the high-school crowd. If you’re a mature high-schooler wanting to smell professional, be my guest and try this fragrance, otherwise stay away from it until you’re in college or working your first real job.

    Sex Appeal – Ohh heck yes this fragrance is one of the sexiest fragrances you can find. Ladies tend to enjoy smelling lighter, softer fragrances with sweet undertones. This is not the case for every woman so if your gal is tougher than you are, maybe this isn’t the right cologne.

    School/Work Safe – You bet it is! The One passes the test for wearing to Grandma’s house without offending anyone. In a matter of fact don’t be surprised if she gives you a few more hugs than normal.

    Longevity – Unfortunately, this is the only place where The One doesn’t hold up to it’s competitors. It doesn’t last as long as you think it would. This is a good thing for young men since you don’t want to smell like a stink show all-day.

    If you work in an environment that is hot, or you do loads of physical activity throughout the day, you may find yourself spraying yourself a little more during the day.

    Price – The pricing for The One is pretty amazing actually. Anytime you can pick up a perfect 10 fragrance for under $50, it’s a steal. You can find the best price on Amazon and make sure you purchase directly through them, not through a 3rd party lister.

    #3 Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

    cologne for young men fierceFierce (full review here) is another can’t miss fragrance for young men. Thanks to an enormously successful marketing campaign, when people think of Abercrombie & Fitch, they think youth, sexy, and top shelf. When you walk past a store in the mall, or see someone wearing their clothes, chances on you’ll smell fierce not far behind them.

    As a company, Abercrombie has been struggling and has been under some hot water recently, but that doesn’t mean their fragrance is terrible. It’s actually quite the opposite. Fragrance experts have gone on record saying that if you took the name and picture off the bottle, it would appeal to wider range of people.

    But since it’s marketed towards the younger crowd, people associate this smell with them as well which makes it perfect for any young men to wear casually and that’s where Fierce stands out.


    Here is Why You Need Fierce If You’re a Young Guy Looking For A Cologne

    Overall Rating – Fierce is well liked by grown men and youth alike. It’s too bad that its geared towards a younger audience but that might be a good thing. You don’t have to worry about your 18 year old date and smelling like their grandpa.

    Age – 13+ works great. When you can afford to start wearing Abercrombie clothes, you can afford to start wearing their fragrance too.

    Longevity – Surprisingly a fragrance with such sophistication, light, and clean properties, this fragrance lasts a long time. You’ll get a full day of work out of this fragrance which is pretty amazing for an eau de toilette.

    Price – Like many name brand items, this scent comes with a price tag. It’ll be worth it when you start racking up the compliments.

    Best Cheap Colognes For Young Men

    Alright so not everyone has a billion dollar budget to buy fragrances. I know overtime I bring another fragrance home, I get the death stare from the ol’ lady.

    If you’re a young guy and you’re strapped for cash, here are a few fragrance you can get under $25 or $20 that still smell good.

    #1 Nautica Voyage by Nautica (2006), EDT


    Not everyone has the money to shell out for fragrances which makes Nautica Voyage (full review here) a perfect fit. Since you can regularly find it for under $20 a bottle, it makes it one of the best, most affordable, fragrances around.

    The Reason Nautica Voyage Is Great For Young Men

    Overall Rating – When taking a whiff, Nautica Voyage does have a surprisingly pleasant smell to it! When most people think of cheap fragrances, they feel like they are going to smell cheap as well.

    This is not the case with Nautica Voyage as it rocks a good 8/10 rating. It’s not perfect, but for the price it is simply amazing.

    You can also find Voyage as one of the most popular cologne for men in the US right now. The more popular a fragrance is, the more people that like it.

    Age – 14+ years of age or older, if you’re in high-school, college, or just looking for an inexpensive fragrance to wear day-to-day, this one will work.

    Longevity – Cheap fragrances are made with cheap ingredients which makes them “cheap”. However surprisingly of all the inexpensive fragrances, Nautica Voyage is one of the best for longevity.

    Price – Of course the reason we’ve been waiting for! Nautica Voyage is amazing for the price! CLICK HERE for the discount pricing I use.

    #2 Guess Seductive by Guess (2011), EDT


    Maybe you’re a young guy looking to take your lady out for an evening to remember. You have plans to head to dinner, movie, mini golfing, a walk through the park, and maybe top it off with some desert. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to take your new lady friend home and get a good make-out session in if you can stay clear of the parents.

    Guess Seductive (full review here) is the fragrance you need. If you’re on a budget, this fragrance can be found on Amazon here for under $20 a bottle.

    What also makes this fragrance perfect is how weak it is. Yes I know you’re probably wondering why a weak fragrance is actually better for taming the ladies. The answer is, you’re going out for the evening, not the entire day. You don’t want a scent that will knock your date off their rocker. Secondly, something sweet but light makes those ladies want to get next to you. This is the mood you’re trying to set.

    The Reason Guess Seductive by Guess Is The Cheap Fragrance You Want

    First of all, this fragrance is sweet and sexy. It’s almost like you’re covered in candy without being sticky.

    I know most of you will say, “I don’t want to smell like a Jolly Rancher”. The short answer is that you won’t. Although Guess is “sweet”, it doesn’t do it in a way you’ll feel gross.

    This fragrance is perfect for young guys that are on a budget but also want to smell a little more sexy.

    Overall Rating – Guess Seductive overall isn’t the greatest fragrance to wear. It does have a better than average 7 rating, but for an inexpensive fragrance, it’s perfectly fine.

    Age – 14+ years of age or older works great with Guess Seductive. If you’re a beginner to cologne and need something to impress the young ladies, you can try this.

    Longevity – As a typical inexpensive fragrance, this one doesn’t last very long. You’re going to need to bring your bottle with.

    Price – You guessed it! This is the best part! CLICK HERE to find out where I bought mine to save a few bucks.


    Tip #1 – Choose a cologne that was not created 50 years ago. Colognes like Stetson, Drakkar Noir, Brut, Old Spice and many others have a scent most people associate with the old men.

    Are you going to approach a nice young lady and smell like her father? Heck no! Colognes you should be wearing need their heyday  within the last 15 years to make it safe you won’t get confused with older men.

    Tip #2 – You need something considered harmless, non-offensive, and well-liked. These colognes shouldn’t be “in your face” and driving everyone crazy that comes into contact with you.

    A good example of this problem is “Sex Panther” from Anchorman. Save these pungent colognes the movie stars. When you’re married, have six kids, or grandkids, bust those old school colognes out and give them a whirl.

    When you put these fragrances on, make sure you’re doing it right. If you haven’t yet, check out our how to wear cologne guide to get you started.

    Tip #3 – Find something that has a reputable name. When you’re young, you don’t need to find a diamond in the rough cologne to impress someone. When you’re young, people don’t care if the cologne you are wearing is only sold in South Africa.

    The best cologne for young men are fragrances when you talk about, people can identify with right away. If you say names like Ed Hardy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and many others, other young men and women will understand what you’re talking about.

    Some Interesting Fragrances For Young Guys

    I remember when geeks and nerds used to be the biggest insult you could tell someone. Now I think everyone has a little bit of geek or nerd in them and are proud of it. I know my girlfriend will yell at me every time she hears the infamous Clash of Clans screen loading up. I can hear her mumble “nerd” under her breath each time it happens.

    Since I truly believe we all have a bit of Geek or Nerd in us, these colognes are great for the situations when you want to geek out and read a book or play Call of Duty for 8 hours straight. For those of you however that think of themselves as nerds all of the time, don’t feel bad about wearing these colognes. If anything they might get you a few compliments and prevent you from smelling like the guy just getting out of the gym, or mr. goody-too-shoes.

    Colognes for nerds and geeks should blow peoples mind when you tell them what you’re wearing. How awesome would it be to tell someone you’re wearing a bacon flavored cologne, whopper, or something else sounding crazy. True nerds, like myself would love to blow someones mind with a crazy sounding cologne.

    Cologne #1 – Anything from Eccentric Molecules

    If you haven’t checked out these guys yet, you are missing out. This is by definition the geekiest site I have ever seen regarding cologne. I’ve even heard some people say they received a virus alert when they went there, but I was able to do it on my Mac just fine.

    Reading through how they make their cologne will make your head want to explode. Now I have never tried any of their cologne but I certainly will have reading about them. If anyone has ever tried them before, please drop a comment below so we can discuss it.

    Cologne #2 – Star Wars by Marmol & Son

    star wars cologneHere comes another cologne that I have never smelled. But how awesome would it be for someone to come over to your house and see this sitting out and immediately ask you what it’s all about. Better yet, imagine sitting in class and someone complimenting you on the way you smell and when you tell them it’s the smell of Star Wars you get to watch them freak out.

    I feel like the most important thing for nerds is to blow peoples minds when someone asks them why they smell so good. Even if the cologne is an average smelling cologne, to be able to explain how the ingredients within the cologne creates a chemical reaction that scientifically emits a stronger smelling cologne like Eccentric Molecules does, would also be a win for any nerd or geek anywhere.

    Thank You

    Thanks for stopping by CologneMasters and reading through another post! Please come back often and see our new and improve info and please like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!





    The Greatest Creed Aventus Review Ever Written – Cologne Masters

    To say this is the greatest Creed Aventus review ever made is a tall order and Cologne Masters will fill it. My name is Jason and I can’t wait to tell you all about Aventus by Creed.

    Aventus is an EXTREMELY talked about fragrance for many reasons. If you head over to and check out their forums, there is one topic that has been going strong for 13 years.

    Men want to know which fragrance receives the most female compliments and why the heck not? One of the main purposes a dude wears fragrance is to impress the ladies and the best ways to figure out which cologne does the trick is to ask other MEN!

    Ok Jason, where are you going with this…?

    You guessed it, according to Basenotes and a few other sites, when men start giving other men advice on which fragrance to wear to receive compliments from the ladies, Aventus is #1 buy an ENORMOUS margin!

    So you can understand why CologneMasters were so jacked out of their minds to write this review. Will we obtain the same results as everyone else? Lets find out…

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    Creed Aventus Facts

    Created: September, 2010
    Perfumer: Olivier Creed

    Celebrities that wear it: Eric Stonestreet

    • Top notes: Apple, Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot
    • Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Birch
    • Base notes: Ambergris, Vanille, Oak Moss, Musk

    Most noticeable: Pineapple, Birch, Musk

    Longevity (Based on 1500+ ratings)
    7.354 out of 10 – Pretty good (A long lasting fragrance!)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.925 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    22,900 – EXTREMELY popular (most popular fragrances)
    Approximately $77.16 per ounce – Very expensive! (find the most expensive fragrances)

    Aventus by Creed (2010) Thoughts by CologneMasters

    With all the hype behind Aventus by Creed and how it is the closest fragrance to almost guarantee you a compliment, I was eager to see and smell the magical love juice when it arrived on my doorstop, straight from France.

    Just like I’ve already mentioned, Aventus has an insane amount of hype to it because people have been saying they can’t stop receiving compliments from it, and in some instances have gotten lucky from wearing it.

    The fragrance starts off with a light, fresh, fruity smell that most people translate into pineapple. Although the initial smell is described as fruity, I love that it doesn’t have a “sweet” vibe to it that many teenagers would say they prefer.

    As the fragrance continues, the words “smokey pineapple” has been thrown around and I have to say I agree. It smells like a manly pineapple.

    The longevity of Aventus is pretty accurate. It’s not the longest lasting fragrance ever created, but it will certainly get you though a work day.

    creed aventus review

    My Compliments –  Most fragrances I only wear a few days before I write a review on it. Creed Aventus I wore for 3 weeks so I could really see if people really liked it or what the heck was going on.

    There is a fairly attractive woman at work that knows I have a stupid amount of fragrances that I wear so she always asks and smells what I was wearing. I wore Creed Aventus everyday for 3 weeks straight but she seemed a little confused about what I was wearing. One day she would say she loved the smell, but on others she would say she liked what I was wearing the previous day which was EXACTLY the same thing. Maybe she was just being nice, or maybe her mood dictated whether she liked the fragrance or not.

    We also have the workplace bitch at our store. I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe her. She happens to be attractive as well, but loves making people’s lives miserable and isn’t very pleasant to talk to. On one particular day, our water in our building was turned off without me knowing so I couldn’t take a shower before work… Great…

    So I sprayed an extra 2 sprays before I left for work hoping to stay away from as many people as I could. Well as fate would have it, a situation arose where I was required to speak to the workplace grump in close quarters. When I left her bubble, she said… “You smell nice” and I almost passed out. For her to give a compliment to anyone was unheard of, but to tell me I smell nice meant that I actually smelled mind blowing and the world nice was the only thing she could think of.

    Other women that I asked how they liked the scent replied with they “liked it”. Never really the axe body spray commercial responses I was expecting.

    The Smell – I do like Aventus. Mentally the confidence a guy has wearing a $400 bottle of fragrance is worth it. You feel like the coolest dude in the room.

    I also like the light, pineapple, fruity smell it has. Aventus makes you smell manly, sophisticated and confident. The smell without knowing it’s Creed is good, but perhaps the reason men receive so many compliments from it could possibly that they feel more confident while they wear it? Who knows…

    If you’re looking for a fragrance for a date, night out, work, heading over to grandma’s house, Aventus will do the trick. It’s so versatile that I find myself picking up the bottle to wear in almost any situation.

    Because it doesn’t have the “sweet” smell that many young men and their partners seem to enjoy, I’m going to have to say this fragrance should be worn by guys 25+.

    The Bottle – The box, packaging, spryer, all is at a premium. It just looks cool and like it should be worn by guys of a higher class.

    Price – Depending on where you buy it, you may end up sending over $400 bucks for a bottle.

    Longevity – 12 hours is almost a guarantee if you’re going to be indoors.

    Projection – A pretty moderate projection. You don’t need to worry about attracting flies or filling up a room with this fragrance.

    Manly – I get a manly fruity vibe from Aventus

    Compliment Getter – I don’t typically receive compliments from my fragrances, but with this one I received several and from people I wouldn’t expect.

    My final thoughts

    The question I keep asking myself is, does Aventus live up to the hype? Do people really get more compliments than normal wearing this fragrance? Based on my personal experience, I have to say yes. Of all the fragrances I’ve worn, Aventus has received the highest number of compliments.

    With this in mind, Aventus is now added to my list of fragrances that I keep on speed dial when the situation presents where I need an extra boost of confidence.

    However, Aventus isn’t something that I particularly “love” myself. It is pleasant, versatile, and nice but it lacks a punch that really blows my mind when it comes to picking out a smell that is the greatest of all time if that makes sense.

    Wear Aventus if…

    You’re over 25
    You want to receive compliments
    You want something that can be worn in any situation

    You don’t mind spending $200-400 on cologne

    Don’t buy this if…

    You’re broke
    You want to smell unique
    You’re looking for a dark, spicy scent

    Here is what other people have said about Aventus by Creed
    This is the scent that started it all for me. I was pre-gaming with friends for a night out and a fellow BN’er and perfume connoisseur pulls out a decant of Aventus. When I first smelled it in the bottle, I didn’t recognize it as anything special, but then as I watched the girls we were with react to it, I felt compelled to give it a more thorough assessment. The looks on their faces said, “Whoa!”, “Wow!”, “OMG!” ect. One even said, “dont spray any more of that, you’re making me all hot and bothered over here” (or something to that effect). So naturally, I sprayed some on my arm just to see what all the commotion was about, and soon I was saying Wow myself. Kept sniffing it all night and into the next morning, and decided that day that I had to have some of this. I have a decant, and will be getting a bottle at some point.

    Here is a pretty good description of it…
    Aventus is definitely a very unique scent. It opens with both pineapple and a very strong pine note, which tones down quickly as a very sweet leather emerges. The pineapple and black currant soon dominate to create a very candy-like scent, very sweet and natural smelling. Soon smoky notes come out, not camp-fire-like as in Lubin Itasca but very subtle, as well as an excellent birch note, which smells just like going up to a tree and taking a whiff of freshly torn, paper-thin bark. Sweet smoke and wood dominate as it fades, I get zero vanilla. Aventus was a joy to sample.

    Another guy that describes it well…
    Fruity, smoky masterpiece
    One of the most hyped (and anti-hyped) fragrances around these parts, I find myself pretty squarely in the lovers category of this scent. As far as the notes go, the two notes that everyone immediately gravitates towards – the pineapple and the smoke – are the attention grabbers, and I find them to be very appealing and well put together. Unlike many of the popular Creeds (and despite the fruity top), this is not a unisex scent – I get a faint leather underneath the smoke and fruit which adds to the overwhelming masculinity of this scent.

    Where Aventus really shines is performance. Simply put, this is a projection monster; I have received comments along the lines of “running into a brick wall” and “I could tell you were in the room from the moment I opened the door” from multiple coworkers with just 3-4 sprays applied 30 minutes earlier. There is definitely a fine line between just the right amount and a “brick wall”, so to speak. My experience has been to err on the conservative side for this one, which is unusual for Creeds, but definitely welcome given the price! Longevity has been excellent for me as well; easily lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and sometimes into the next day. Versatility is unmatched – cold weather, hot weather, work, gym, out with friends, Aventus works in pretty much any situation.

    The stories of this fragrance’s compliment garnering powering have reached somewhat mythical status, but it’s hard for me to say anything contradictory when I receive more unsolicited, “strangers stopping in their tracks to ask me what I’m wearing” compliments with this one than the rest of my collection combined. I initially purchased this because my closest female friend called it “the most heavenly thing she had ever smelled”, and have even had a “brick wall” comment immediately followed up with “this is the best smelling brick wall ever”. If you are looking for a Creed that gets compliments, look no further.

    Overall, I find the scent to be great but slightly below the best Creeds; however, in terms of performance and compliments Aventus is such a powerhouse that I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my collection at the moment.

    Alright, so who should buy Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)?

    Age Group: Over 25

    Not only is too expensive for most young bucks to afford, but it’s not a sweet smelling fragrance that most young ladies prefer.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    With a strong pineapple note, Aventus smells a lot like warmer weather

    Time of Day: Day/Night

    Feel free to wear it to work, or play without any restrictions

    Gift?: Yes

    Almost a guaranteed like but most importantly the people that surround the guy you give this to will thank you more.

    Longevity: Really good

    Currently listed in the top 10 longest lasting fragrances

    Harmless? – Yes

    Aventus is extremely versatile to wear to work, school, or on a date

    Popularity – Very popular

    Right now people are searching for Aventus more than ever. In the top 1o most popular fragrances list too.

    Price – Expensive

    One of the most expensive popular fragrances

    Awards – 1

    Most popular cologne

    Sexy – The Sexiest

    Since there is no fragrance that gets more compliments from whom than Aventus, you can’t get much sexier than that.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    The Best Perfume For Men To Give as a Gift

    best perfume for men gift giving

    With the holidays season coming around, perfume, fragrances, and cologne are amazing gifts to give any man no matter how rough, tough, and bad ass they appear. I think we agree all men need to smell good and finding the best perfume for men to give as a gift can be an overwhelming task.

    Luckily for you, we are going to help you out with one simple article that will help you pick out a perfume for any guy.

    Differences Between Perfume / Cologne / EDT

    best perfume for men

    Just so there is no confusion, this list will contain not just perfume, but every concentration of fragrance. When people say “perfume” or “cologne” most of the time they are talking about fragrance in general not just the specific type of perfume.

    I don’t want to get too deep into this because I have an entire post explaining the basics of fragrance. But for all the fume-heads out there that like getting technical, I hope you understand.

    For Someone That Has Never Worn Perfume/Fragrance/Cologne Before

    best perfume first timerChoosing someone’s first fragrance is a magical moment. If you ask anyone what their first perfume was, they will know immediately off the top of their head what it was, and undoubtedly remember the circumstances surrounding the purchase decision or gift they received.

    It is a big moment! When you’re a self-proclaimed Cologne Master, you read lots of reviews and stories on people wearing fragrance for the first time and I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve read from men talking about their first fragrance or how a certain scent reminds them of playing basketball in high-school or their first crush.

    For this reason, when I say that very first fragrance is magical, I’m not kidding! It will inevitably create a psychological trigger that each time you smell your first perfume, you’ll be blasted back to the past where memories of wearing it will flood.

    Suggestion #1 – Give him your first fragrance

    If you’re a parent and giving a perfume to a teenager, what could be cooler than giving what you wore as a high-schooler? I know this wouldn’t work for everyone because I don’t know how things would have gone if I wore Brut everyday to school, but it some cases it does.

    If you’re a parent and grew up wearing things like Cool Water or Drakkar Noir, those are great gifts to give your kid as a first time fragrance wearer! Here’s the thing, it won’t be the last fragrance they ever wear and if they end up hating it, they will most likely keep it because it’s what “Dad” smelled like and believe it or not, that’s kind of cool.

    If you’re looking for a cool moment with your son, grandson, or whoever, why not give them a little taste of what it was like for you growing up.

    Cologne Master Suggestion #2 – Give him a no doubter fragrance that every young man wants

    best perfume for first timers

    Acqua Di Gio is by far the most popular fragrance in the US and probably the world for good reason. The fragrance is perfectly blended as a citrus, sweet, clean smelling scent that can be worn in any situation.

    As much as I hate sounding like a broken record, Acqua Di Gio is perfect for anyone that has never worn a fragrance before because they will probably buy a bottle of it some time in their life anyways.

    Acqua Di Gio was launched in 1996 which marks the 20th year it’s been on the market. This is actually pretty cool because it might be older than the person you are giving it to.

    Like I mentioned though, Acqua Di Gio is an easy way out. Every young man will want it and surely purchase it or try it in their lifetime.

    If you’re interested in reading more about Acqua Di Gio we do have a full review to help you out.

    Main notes

    • Aquatic notes
    • Lemon
    • Lime

    top selling fragrances

    Something Sexy For Your Husband/Fiance/Boyfriend/FWB

    best perfume for couples

    So maybe you want to spice things up and get your significant other a sexy fragrance this year. The keyword in this title is SEXY! This means it’s not something they should be wearing everyday to work.

    This is something they wear only for you. This is something you want your bed sheets and pillows to smell like after they are gone. These fragrances are sexy, edgy, and frankly a little dangerous.

    Not everyone will love these scents so I’ve provided some of the stronger notes so if you know you hate them, you are better off avoiding them.

    Suggestion #1 For The Mature Man 50+ years old


    Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

    When your husband gets to be a little more mature and you’re bleeding from your ears with wisdom, You can’t go wrong with something from Tom Ford.

    Yes Tom Ford is a little more expensive, but that’s a good thing for anyone a little older. You don’t want to smell like the 16 year olds that try to drown themselves with fragrance in the boys locker rooms. You are way past that.

    Tuscan Leather happens to be one of Tom Ford’s best. It is described by women as a sexy, alpha male type scent which is exactly what you should be going for.

    Main notes

    • Leather
    • Raspberry
    • Suede

    top selling fragrances


    Suggestion #2 For Guys 30+ years old that need to smell a little more romantic

    best perfume men dior intense

    Dior Homme Intense is a perfect example of a fragrance that is meant for couples. It’s not something you should be wearing every day but for romantic evenings Dior Homme Intense has the “intensity” to get the blood pumping.

    You know how there are certain times when your significant other picks out a shirt or a pair of pants and says you look amazing in it, but when you look in the mirror you find yourself disgusted with what you’re seeing? That’s how I feel about Dior Intense.  It’s a romantic fragrance that men wear to please their significant others for romantic occasions.

    Keep in mind, my opinion is in the minority of this one because I’m not a fan myself, but I do respect the people around me have all said positive things about it and the critic ratings are super high which make me second guess how I feel about it.

    If my girlfriend tells me to wear it for the night, you bet your ass I’m going to do it. This is a great gift coming for a wife/husband/girl-friend if you man is in their 30s.

    The most prominent notes in this one is Iris. Immediately this turn off the “tough guys” because floral fragrances have kind of a wussy connotation to them. Dior Homme Intense is the exception. It has a ridiculously high critic rating which gives anyone looking to give a random fragrance a chance, some confidence they will like it.

    Main notes

    • Iris
    • Ambrette
    • Lavender

    top selling fragrances

    Suggestion #3 For The Young Man Under 30

    the-one-dolce-best perfume

    The One by Dolce & Gabbana is a can’t miss gift for your man if they are under 30. This fragrance is both a fan favorite if you’re a guy or girl because of how light and sweet it smells. Despite the sweetness, it’s also sprinkled with masculinity which makes it an amazing gift.

    The One has been one of my favorites for a long time. Although I’m over 30, I still wear this fragrance everywhere including dates with the ol’ lady. For you young pups, you’re gonna like this one because of how light and refreshing it is and it settles close to your skin so your date is going to sneak in close to get a whiff which is what you should be going for.

    Here is a sweet video from alpha m. talking about The One. He gives some great advice and tips on how to wear fragrance, but he also throws in an endorsement for The One which is an amazing suggestion.

    Main notes

    • Amber
    • Tobacco
    • Ginger


    top selling fragrances

    For The Single Guys / Casual Daters / Or Guys That Just Need A Compliment

    Alright so maybe you’re buying a fragrance for a guy that just needs a little help. This guy could be striking out with ladies or maybe just needs an extra glow or compliment to make his day better.

    Here are a few good choices for guys that deserve something special for a gift.

    Suggestion #1 If you have a few bucks to spend

    best cologne for men aventusIf you want to receive a compliment by wearing a fragrance, there is only one that is almost a guarantee. Creed Aventus is by far the most liked fragrance you can wear if the people around you are your judges. If you haven’t seen our list of the most complimented fragrances, I suggestion you take a peek to see just how far ahead Aventus is.

    The only drawback on Aventus is how expensive it is. If you purchase a 4 0z bottle from an authorized retailer like Creed Boutique or Nordstroms, you’ll pay almost $400 for it. Although hundreds of people say it is definitely worth it, your pocketbook needs to be the judge.

    Main notes

    • Pineapple
    • Birch
    • Musk


    Suggestion #2 La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent

    La Nuit finds itself on almost every top list Cologne Masters has to offer. It’s a light, friendly, versatile smell that can be worn in almost any situation.

    What’s great about La Nuit is that it’s something that is loved by almost anyone that wears it. Also, La Nuit is not all that popular and you won’t see it as a top seller either. This is awesome because you don’t have to worry about smelling like someone else.

    High profile critics like Jeremy Fragrance have sung the praise of La Nuit many times along with other big name bloggers (like us). La Nuit is a great gift and unlike Aventus, it can be purchased on a budget.

    Main notes

    • Cardamom
    • Lavender
    • Bergamot

    The Best Fragrance Gift Sets For Men

    Instead of purchasing just a single fragrance, a popular trend is to buy a gift set instead. This is actually a pretty gosh dang good idea because you allow the person you’re buying it for to decide which ones they like.

    What is a gift set?

    For those of you that don’t know what a gift set is, a gift set is a collection of smaller bottles of fragrances. You can think of it like a sampler platter where you get a little bit of everything.

    These make great gifts because if the person you’re giving it to doesn’t like a fragrance, chances are they will enjoy at least several from the pack.

    Suggestion #1 – Giorgio Armani Gift Set

    If the person you’re buying for is new to fragrance or perhaps wants some of the most popular fragrances of all time, a Giorgio Armani gift set is the way to go. Although the bottles a very small, this collection gives you access to some of the most successful fragrances in the last 20 years.

    If you’re interested in giving this gift set a shot, click on the picture to get some pricing.

    Suggestion #2 – Polo

    The Ralph Lauren Polo fragrance collection is another win for anyone looking for a nice set of colognes to give as a gift. These bottles and names echo throughout the fragrance community and you’ve probably heard them all before.

    Polo Red, Polo Blue, Polo Green, and Polo Black all had their days in the spotlight and giving them as a gift will guarantee the recipient a new fragrance to enjoy.

    You can find these bottles by clicking on the picture.

    Suggestion #3 – Kenneth Cole

    Kenneth Cole has some nice hit fragrances with Black and Reaction that is included with this gift set. Kenneth Cole isn’t as popular and Polo or Giorgio Armani so if you wanted to give a set that was slightly different from the main stream stuff, this wouldn’t be so bad.

    You can find where to get this by clicking on the picture.

    Did we miss anything?

    Have you received a fragrance as a gift that you never heard of and were blown away? We want to know about it! Please leave a comment below so we can get it added to our list.

    Things to mention;

    Who gave it to you?

    When? Christmas? Birthday? Anniversary?

    Do you still wear it?

    Also, have you ever given someone a gift of fragrance and they were blown away by it? Maybe they hated it so bad they ended up throwing it away? We want to hear your story. Drop a comment below

    Well, that’s all we have for today! Good luck gift giving!

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Review by CologneMasters

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a member of the 90’s draft class with other hot performers such as Acqua Di Gio, Chrome, and L’eau D’issey. All of these fragrances are still growing strong as you can see they still put up some good popularity numbers even though they are now all 20 years old.

    Le Male is one of those fragrances that are known to the world because it has one of the coolest bottles I’ve ever seen. If I have it sitting out when someone walks into my room, it’s the first thing they touch and comment on. Even if you leave it in the packaging, the tin can looks so out of place, people have no choice but to notice it. I always find it worth mentioning especially when a bottle catches my attention.

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    (coming soon)

    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male

    So these are just some facts surrounding Le Male. No opinions or reviews, just some background knowledge.

    Francis Kurkdjian does an interview with The Glass Magazine that says a lot about the history of this fragrance. I suggest if you’re a fume-head to check it out.

    • Top notes: Lavender, Lemon
    • Middle notes: Orange flower
    • Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli

    Most noticeable: Vanilla, Lavender, Mint

    Longevity (Based on 1500+ ratings)
    8.384 out of 10 – Amazing! (One of the longest lasting fragrances!)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    6.875 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    1,240 – Not very (most popular fragrances)
    Approximately $10.31 per ounce – Pretty good price! (find the most expensive fragrances)

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Thoughts by CologneMasters

    le male jean paul gaultier

    To sum up some of the facts of Le Male, we know that it is currently one of the longest lasting fragrances that you can find at a decent price.

    This is pretty cool if that is all you are after. If you’re looking for a fragrance to get you through the day, Le Male might be your winning ticket already.

    When I first blasted Le Male on my body, I knew that if I were to wear more than 2-3 squirts, people were going to notice me from across the room in a bad way. I used the Cologne Master Method on this one and just sprayed my wrists and used that to wipe behind my ears and I was good to go. Spray #2 and #3 was directly on my body so as the day went on, I could smell it activate on my skin.

    The Smell – When you first spray Le Male on your person, like I mentioned before you are blasted with a scent. It’s so powerful that your first reaction might be to actually turn your head away because of how strong it is.

    After you come back from the initial spray, you’ll notice a baby powder type smell to it. I know this is going to turn a lot of people off by saying this, but it’s the type of baby powder you would think famous babies would use because it has a little extra love/spice to it.

    When the baby powder smell goes away, you’re left with a heavy vanilla scent, and this is the smell you’ll get throughout the rest of the day.

    As a fragrance, I do find it as a manly scent. For this reason, Le Male can found on our fragrances to get you laid page, however I don’t know for how long because my mind always seems to change.

    This fragrance should be worn by guys over 30. Since it was a mid 90s fragrance, most 30 year olds can relate to it. I feel like it is too strong of a fragrance for high-schoolers and college aged guys to wear. They don’t need to be filling rooms up full of fragrance scent. You can feel free to wear it to work like I do rather cautiously. Realize the power of the fragrance and if you don’t work in a ventilated or open area, you might want to reconsider.

    The Bottle – I’ve read a few people’s comments saying it is basically inappropriate. Well, clearly those people have never seen a “Ken doll” because that is exactly what the bottle looks like. Grow up. I don’t think the bottle is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, however it does attract attention when I have it sitting out in my room or on my desk. People do grab it and make some sort of comment on it.

    Packaging – Le Male comes in a can that looks like you just ordered bake beans instead of fragrance. I also think this is kind of cool because its the only fragrance on your shelf that will look like that.

    Price – The price of Le Male varies with the size you get just like every other fragrance. You can find a bottle of this for less than $50 on Amazon for a larger bottle which is a pretty inexpensive price for something so powerful.

    Longevity – I agree with longevity rating Le Male receives. It lasts a super long time probably 10-12 hours no problem.

    Projection – Extremely high projection. You will create a cloud of Le Male smoke when you wear this.

    Manly – I get a strong manly vibe from Le Male.

    Compliment Getter – Not on the top 10 compliment getters but you’ll see it on the top 25.

    My final thoughts

    Le Male is a good fragrance. Not amazing but it gets the job done if you’re looking for something that lasts long and doesn’t smell like everything else on the market.

    The popularity has started to wind down for Le Male as people are looking for it as much as other fragrances anymore. This makes it a much safer scent to wear if you don’t want to smell like someone’s ex boyfriend, husband, or whatever.

    Like I said, buy this if you’re looking for a good deal, something that lasts long, 30 years old or older, and want something that nobody else wears, this is for you.

    Wear Le Male if…

    You’re over 30
    You need something people don’t wear right now
    You want to smell a little different

    Don’t buy this if…

    You’re young or work in a close environment with others
    You want to smell clean and fresh
    Ken dolls bother you

    Here is what other people have said about Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

    So some people were nervous to wear it because it was popular in the 90s… This makes sense to me
    I am surprised I have never smelled this on anyone where I live besides myself. I love this notes in this one. One would think that mint, lavender, and vanilla would not work well together but they combine so well together to form a truly unforgettable scent. I always receive compliments in this scent and my wife is madly in love with this scent. A great fall and winter time fragrance.

    A review that I can agree with
    “An excellent fragrance overall excellent projection and longevity. i use this one for fall and winter. for school or office wear only wear one spray but for dates or going out 2-3. no more than 3 sprays.

    Another guy that I happen to agree with;
    Fun and Lively
    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the better lavender and vanilla based fragrance offered to this date. This scent can have a mysterious aphrodisiacal effect at times. Just remember to put this scent on mildly. It’s quite potent so please consider others and the occasion in which this will be worn. Overall, a beautiful scent that gives undivided female attention to its wearer.

    Alright, so who should buy Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)?

    Age Group: Over 30

    Too strong to wear during school.

    Season: Fall/Winter

    Could be used all year around, but it gives off a nice warm vibe to it so you can wear it during the colder months.

    Time of Day: Either

    Because it lasts so long, if you spray it on in the morning, you’ll be wearing it all day and night anyways.

    Gift?: No

    Not a bad gift idea. It has been bashed by enough people that it wouldn’t be a good blind purchase for someone.

    Also, if someone wore this in their high school days, the scent has been reformulated so it doesn’t smell the same as it once did.

    Longevity: Amazing

    One of the longest lasting fragrances you can buy.

    Harmless? – No

    Not safe to wear to grandma’s house or anywhere people can’t get away from you if they don’t like it.

    Popularity – Not very

    Once considered an extremely popular fragrance, not that way anymore.

    Price – Good

    If you can buy a large bottle of fragrance for under $5o, thats a good deal.

    Awards – 0

    None yet but soon to follow

    Sexy – Very Sexy

    Can’t give it a perfect rating because of a poor critic rating, but it is a complimented fragrance.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    How to Wear Cologne Like a Boss

    Let’s face it, we all have our reasons for wearing cologne. Some of us want to impress the ladies, smell good at work, or some of us choose to wear cologne because we appreciate the art behind it.

    Regardless of why you wear it, there are too many cologne users wearing their cologne the wrong way. So whether you are a “Cologne Master”, or someone starting to wear cologne for the first time, you need to wear cologne the right way to get the most out of it. By checking out the tips in this article, you will now learn how to wear cologne like a boss!

    Let’s begin with…

    How NOT to wear your cologne

    Don’t overspray

    When you overspray your cologne, you immediately go from smelling sophisticated and important, all the way down to stinking up the place.

    One day while I was at work, a man came into our store because he had a question on his bill. He handed me it to me and while looking over my shoulder, he was guiding me on where to look for the areas of concern with the billing.

    Honestly, I don’t think I heard a word he said because the popular fragrance he was wearing was overpowering and WAY too strong. I took the bill and walked behind our counter so he couldn’t follow me and told him I would take a peek at it. After standing about 10 – 15 feet away from him, I don’t know if the smell was still lingering in my nostrils or if I could actually still smell him.

    It didn’t matter, the stench was making it impossible to concentrate so I faked a, “I’m gonna go ask my manager” and went to go look for him in the backroom even though he was standing next to me.

    Yes this story is few and far between, but if you read about fragrance on twitter, almost 1 out of every 10 people talking about cologne is bringing up the fact that people are bathing themselves in it. This is a huge problem.

    Overspraying is BAD and will not help you smell like a boss. You are better off not wearing anything and smelling like BO than clearing out rooms with how much you smell.

    Tip: The amount of sprays you need for each fragrance is different for each one. Some strong fragrances you may only need one spray, while others you may need five. The magic number I use is right around three for most of my fragrances. People should not be able to smell you from more than an arms length away.

    DON’T use cologne to cover up BODY ODOR

    If you are human, you’ve most likely been in a situation where you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as body odor (BO).

    Body odor can occur after you do something physically active, hang out in a warm environment causing you to sweat, or sometimes being stressed out causes your body to emit unpleasant odors.

    But I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that…

    This is NOT the time to use cologne to try and cover up this stench. When you think of cologne, it is scientifically created in a chemistry lab. When these chemicals, alcohol, or other random mixtures join with your body’s odor, it actually makes you smell more “funky” than you originally smelled.

    If you are in a jam and don’t have access to deodorant to try and cover your body odor, try these few tips;

    1. Rub hand sanitizer on your armpits

    The sanitizer will help fight the odor caused by bacteria to get you smelling respectable in minutes. The only downfall is that you will smell like sanitizer but hey, it’s 10x better than smelling like a dog fart.

    If you’re hanging out with some ladies, a lot of times they will have a bottle of this in their purse, or you can find it sometimes in men’s bathrooms.

    2. Use soap and water in the nearest bathroom

    Running to the nearest bathroom and using some of the hand soap from the dispenser is a great “quick fix”.

    You are going to get rid of the smell for a short amount of time before your perspiration comes back but that might be all you need. This technique should buy you are about a half hour.

    3. Stay Dry, Stay Calm

    If you get rid of the “moisture” on your body, it leaves less food for your apocrine glands to eat up and keep that bad odor ticking.

    The same tip goes with unnecessary stress you may be currently under. Try to remain calm when you notice you are starting to smell. Your bad smelling sweat glands start going nuts when it’s fueled with unnecessary stress and anxiety.

    If you’re out on the town trying to get laid, those tips might be able to keep you on track.

    DO NOT Spray Cologne on Your Clothes

    Remember that cologne is a mixture of alcohol and other ingredients. When you spray this concoction on your clothes, it can ruin them. Since you most likely value your clothes because you paid for them, it would be horrible if they lost their color just because you sprayed your cologne all over them.

    Secondly, the best part of cologne is how it mixes with the oils of your skin. This creates a unique experience for everyone wearing the cologne. Since we all sweat uniquely and emit oils at different rates, our bodies mix with the cologne and creates a different smell for everyone.

    By not mixing the fragrance with your body, you are missing out on the fragrance. If you spray it on your clothes, it is also more likely to remain linear. What makes a fragrance cool is how it changes over time and if it’s on your clothes, there is less potential for a fragrance to shine it’s true smell over time.

    Young men like to spray their fragrances on hooded sweatshirts and give it to their girlfriends because it smells like them. I would be a horrible person to tell someone not to do this, but just don’t do it expecting to smell like cologne all day.

    Don’t Mix Colognes!

    Believe it or not, your cologne has a plan for you. A significant portion of them are designed to change over time and that is part of the genius behind them.

    So if you’re changing colognes mid-day before your first cologne expires, chances are you’re going to have some crazy, unique mixtures going on and chances are they won’t smell very good.

    If your cologne is starting to wear off, just give yourself an extra spray of whatever you’re wearing and call it good.

    Now one thing you do NOT have to worry about is clashing your deodorant and your cologne. Just because you wear old spice deodorant, doesn’t mean you have to wear old spice cologne. Feel free to mix these scents up since your deodorant is not usually overpowering.

    There is an exception to this rule. If you are still wearing Axe body spray, don’t even attempt wearing cologne. First of all, it usually means you are 12 years old, and secondly the Axe body spray will cover up your cologne so it makes it worthless.

    DO NOT Use the Mist Technique To Wear Fragrance

    We’ve all seen people do this. They spray a cloud of fragrance into the air and walk through it like they just don’t care.

    Why on earth would anyone do this? (I’ve done it so don’t feel bad) You are wasting your fragrance. If you’re going to pay for fragrance only to just spray it up in the air so you can walk through it, you’re wasting 75% of it by letting most of the fragrance molecules evaporate before it even lands on you.

    And Here is How To Wear Cologne Like A Boss!

    First of all, we need to spray cologne on our bodies. But where exactly is the best place to spray it? How much should I be spraying? These questions seem to be simple but if you cruise different forums around the web, it seems even everyone is confused on some basic principles on how to wear cologne.

    The Best Time To Spray For Epic Results

    To make the best use of cologne, you want to make sure you spray it when your skin pores are open. The best time to do this? You guessed it, right after a steamy hot shower.

    Not only are your skin pores wide open and ready to take in your cologne, but your body is nice and warm which will certainly get the scent kicking off into high gear.

    Spray Cologne on Your Pulse Points

    bodyThe BEST place by FAR to spray cologne is on your pulse points. These locations generate the most heat on the human body because blood flows there abundantly.

    The heat from your body slowly activates the cologne and releases different notes over time which helps it last longer and smell differently as time moves on.

    The Best Places To Spray

    You have 3 sprays of a cologne to help you smell “like a boss” so you need to make them count. If you spray more than three, generally you will stink like you just nose dived into a pool of perfume.

    Remember that you can always reapply later if you are worried that the cologne will wear off.

    The Cologne Master Method

    After getting out of the shower or getting ready for the day, make sure you are shirtless. It helps if you’re looking into a mirror and telling yourself how sexy you are. This is not required.

    Spray #1 – This should be sprayed directly on one of your wrists. When this happens, you should see a pool of whatever fragrance you’re wearing hanging out on the wrist you sprayed it on.

    Take your other hand and now gently DAB your wrist together. DO NOT rub your wrists together! This causes friction and will actually cause the fragrance to wear off quicker.

    After you dab your wrists together, wipe them behind your ears and down your neck. Behind your ears is one of those intimate places you can place your fragrances. Every time someone gives you a hug, or whispers in your ear, they will smell what you’re wearing.

    Spray #2 & 3 – These two sprays should be delivered to your upper chest and neck.

    These two places are some of the warmest parts of your body so they activate the fragrance extremely well. Because they are in close proximity to your nose, you’ll sometimes be able to tell if your cologne is wearing off.

    This technique is where the men are separated from the boys. You NEVER rub your wrists together because the friction you generate from this behavior evaporates the cologne a ridiculous amount faster. Instead, lightly dab your wrists together so the cologne spreads to your other wrists.

    This combination of using all of these sprays has generated the best results for me personally. The heat from my neck releases the cologne over time so I am able to smell good through a full day of 6-10 hours usually depending on the cologne.

    This combination also helps because you never come off smelling too strong. Other people will only notice it if they are within an arms distance away, which is perfect for where you want to be for people to identify that it’s you they are smelling.

    Other places to Spray Cologne

    If you want to try your own recipe of where the best places to spray cologne are, don’t be afraid to try these other places;

    • Back of the knees – Leaves a trail behind you
    • Around your ankles
    • Behind your ears
    • Between your breasts (women especially)
    • Inside the elbows

    You can experiment with spraying the cologne in the air and walking through it. If I am at work and need a little extra power to finish out the day, this is how I reapply it. I usually will only spray it once because smelling too strong like cologne is dangerous.

    Go Smell Like A Boss!

    Now you know where and when to spray your cologne. For some of you newbies our there, hopefully this all make sense. If it doesn’t or have a few suggestions to add, feel free to drop me a comment or hit up my contact page.

    For all you seasoned Cologne Masters, feel free to give me your advice as well along with any other information that needs to be passed on to other men. Like I said, don’t be afraid to hit me up because I want to hear what you have to say!


    Last updated 11/18/16

    The Greatest Guilty Gucci Review You have Ever Read by CologneMasters

    Are you ready for the greatest Guilty Gucci review you have ever read? So are we. Cologne Masters has you covered for everything you want to know, and more about Gucci’s infamous Guilty fragrance.

    Gucci is one of those fragrances that are hyped beyond belief. My first interaction with it was actually in a magazine where you had the ability to sniff it a little bit. Because there is so much advertising and marketing that goes behind this scent, you’ll usually find it as one of the most popular, best selling, or common fragrances today.

    CologneMaster Awards Received



    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Guilty by Gucci (2011)

    So these are just some facts surrounding Guilty by Gucci.

    Top notes: Lavender, Lemon
    Middle notes: Orange flower
    Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli

    Most noticeable: Lemon, Lavender, Orange flower

    Longevity (Based on 200+ ratings)
    5.916 out of 10 – Not good (Click here for the longest lasting fragrances)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    5.06 – Not very high (Click to see the best!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    31,900 – Extremely popular! (Click For Full List)
    Approximately $15.02 per ounce – (Find it discounted here)

    Guilty by Gucci Review Thoughts by CologneMasters

    guilty gucci review

    The facts about Guilty by Gucci doesn’t look good. We know that it doesn’t last very long and has a poor rating from people that have reviewed it.

    So why is the 3rd most popular cologne?

    If I were to guess, I would have to say it is partly because of the success that Guilty by Gucci has for it’s women’s fragrance, the amazing marketing that guilty receives, and the fact the smell of Guilty is actually quite pleasant.

    The smell of Guilty is made for the mass population. It’s a light, citrus, smelling fragrance that is also very sweet. These types of fragrances are very appealing to young men, young ladies, or anyone looking for a fragrance that they can wear in any situation.

    Taking a whiff of Guilty from the perspective of a normal guy that is not a fume-head, you have no choice but to enjoy this scent. The only problem is the longevity. If only it would last a few more hours.

    Having said that, I sprayed about 4-5 shots onto my chest, neck, and wrists and left for work. After 6 hours I came home from work, played a few videos, and then went to bed. Before falling asleep, my girlfriend and I popped in “The Ranch” on Netflix and laid down to fall asleep. My girlfriend rested her head on my chest and told me that I smelled amazing and asked me what I was wearing.

    I was very surprised to hear her say that because she has smelled a ton of fragrances on me over the last few years and for her to mention that I smelled “amazing” after 6 hours of work and it happened to be Guilty which is known for poor longevity was even more surprising.

    The opening you get a nice sharp, alcohol blast that stings your nostrils like almost any other fragrance. You’ll notice a citrus and lavender smell for about 15 minutes until the fragrance starts to move to the heart notes.

    Once Guilty settles down, you get a more sweet smell which comes from the orange flower notes. These notes are very nice and non-offensive.

    After Guilty dries down completely, it turns into a simple scent. You can smell the cedar base notes and lavender and you’ll notice more of a sporty smell to it. Guilty is a very safe and versatile fragrance that works in almost any situation. It almost smells like it’s something you’ve smelled before even if you’ve never tried it. A typical main stream smell.

    Because, Guilty is so safe, the only problem with it, is that it lacks a certain punch that will just come out and grab you in so you can engulf yourself in it. This is ok but in my opinion, this is what prevents Guilty from leaping forward and becoming an amazing fragrance.

    Ideally, Guilty should be worn by young men. It’s a fragrance that is marketed towards sexiness, but I would say it’s more of a romantic fragrance than sexy. It works great for young men because you don’t have to worry about spraying too much, or grossing out people that are around you.

    Longevity – I disagree with the longevity rating it received. Guilty deserves a higher rating for longevity than the world says. I would say it should be around a 7/10 instead of a 6.

    Projection – Average projection for the first 2-3 hours but after that the fragrance sits right next to the skin.

    Familiar – The smell will most likely remind you of something else. It doesn’t have anything unique in it despite being pleasant.

    Not for fume heads – If you’re a fragrance enthusiast, you’re not going to like this. It’s simply too modern and main stream. If you’re a young guy looking for their first fragrance, this could be your lottery ticket.

    Youth Fragrance – I’m not saying old guys can’t wear this one, just that they shouldn’t. There are better fragrances for you to wear if you’re 30+.

    My final thoughts

    Reading though the reviews of Guilty, most people hate it because of reasons other than the scent. It seems like they hated the fact Gucci discontinued some of their favorites to make this one, while others are just saying it smells like an air freshener.

    Regardless though, this bottle does have a purpose and I can tastefully recommend it for young men that need a good fragrance for any situation.

    Wear Guilty if…

    You’re under 30
    You need something versatile
    You want to smell clean, fresh, simple
    You don’t want to stick out from the crowd

    Don’t buy this if…

    You want compliments
    You’re old
    You want to stick out

    Here is what other people have said about Guilty by Gucci

    • A thought most people have regarding Guilty

    I really enjoy this scent as my go to office scent. It is very safe and it is a reliable compliment receiving scent. However, for me the longevity on this one is by far the worst I’ve experienced. I am lucky to get 2 hrs before I have to bury my nose in my arm to smell it. For longevity reasons I cannot give this frag a positive rating.

    • A review that I can agree with

    Gucci is a one of the best perfume brands. We have used Gucci Guilty pour Homme and make the following this perfume reviews:

    Satisfied: A fresh fragrance for men, guaranteed that will attract the attention of women. Lavender and lemon brings modern fragrance mixture

    Unsatisfied: The scent is quite general and does not stand out from the other men’s fragrances are launched at the same time, radiating the fragrance of the perfume is somewhat good, especially in the cold season

    Overview: The scent of perfume is quite versatile, can be used for both day and night in the spring, autumn and winter. Males can use when going out or dating his girlfriend for added romance

    • Another guy that I happen to agree with;

    A daily driver, office fragrance. Smells like clean linen and completely inoffensive, dries down almost as crisp as it goes on.

    Definitely not a nighttime fragrance though, it is way too light for that.

    The girl on the counter of the shop I bought this from complimented my purchase straight away, so I assume that must be worth something!

    Alright, so who should buy Guilty by Gucci (2011)?

    Age Group: Under 25

    A safe fragrance with a large marketing budget. Perfect for young men.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    As the weather starts to heat up, Guilty is not a bad place to turn.

    Time of Day: Day/Night

    Because of the sweetness of this one, feel free to wear it at night on a date.

    Gift?: Yes

    Not a bad gift idea. As long as the person you’re giving it to is under 25, they should be able to wear it.

    Longevity: Moderate

    The reports are pretty average for this one. I have gotten 6 hours with no issues which is pretty good for an Edt.

    Harmless? – Yes

    Heading to Grandma’s house? Wear this one

    Popularity – Extremely popular

    Currently the 3rd most popular fragrance.

    Price – Average

    Bottle prices vary, but you can find one for about $40-50 on Amazon.

    Awards – 0

    None yet but soon to follow

    Sexy – Romantic

    Although people don’t describe it as a “panty dropper”, it does have a certain romantic feel to it because of how sweet it is.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    The Top 20 Sexiest, Best Cologne For Men To Get Laid

    Of all the reasons to wear fragrances, “getting laid” or “because girls like it” has to be close to the top of the list. This is why we felt it necessary to write one of the most crucial articles this world has ever seen. The Best Cologne for Men to get you laid.

    We know that finding a fragrance that will make the ladies melt for you is a tough task. After all, all women are different and they prefer different smells. Not to mention, if you know women, half of the time they don’t even know what they like so to find a fragrance that they will go nuts over may might be the most complicated initiative we’ve ever taken here at

    Nonetheless, we accomplished our mission after months of research and testing and here are the fragrances that will get you laid… you’re welcome 😉

    FragranceSex AppealC.M. RatingCritic Rating
    Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)9.5106.715
    Allure Homme Sport by Chanel10107.51
    Aventus by Creed (2010)109.57.995
    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel (2010)87.57.01
    Bvlgari Man by Bvlgari (2010)875.975
    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior1098.68
    Fahrenheit by Christian Dior (1988)887.32
    Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch (2002)9.5106.875
    Green Irish Tweed by Creed997.76
    L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent9107.31
    La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent9.29.47.49
    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier808.56.875
    Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules873.95
    Platinum Egoiste by Chanel10107.245
    Rochas Man (1999)987.91
    Sauvage by Christian Dior (2015)875.435
    Terre D' Hermes Parfum by Hermes (2009)988.705
    The One by Dolce & Gabbana (2008)9.2107.34
    Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford (2007)1097.815
    Versace Dreamer by Versace987.15

    How we came up with this list –

    Like we mentioned before, all women have different tastes and preferences. What we suggest may be perfect for the cutie down the street, but your wife may find it appalling. This could be a problem!

    Just like all of our opinions on fragrances, we have created a list for the masses. This means ON AVERAGE women get turned on by these scents. Your wife might hate it, but by gosh your secretary, baby-sitter, and cashier may fall over backwards when they smell you. This is a good thing.

    Sex Appeal – This rating is how likely a person is to think about sexiness when they smell it. For example, if I ask 50 women “What do you think of this fragrane?” and 1o of them reply with the words, “hot”, “sexy”, “yummy”, I’m gonna rate the fragrance as a very sexy fragrance and give it a perfect 10.

    If women get grossed out by the scent, or they find it pleasant but would label it something unattractive, it will most likely earn a 0.

    *Note – All of the fragrances on this list are sexy or they wouldn’t be here. However, some of them have a slight advantage over others. Thats why we came up with a rating scale.

    C.M. Rating – This is my take on the fragrance. Why my opinion matters is because I’ve smelled hundreds of different fragrances and with my experience, I understand what will get a women excited and which ones will not. (Usually I’m spot on) If you value my opinion, this is a good guesstimate of how the fragrance smells overall. If I think a fragrance is in the top 10% of all fragrances I’ve smelled, I give it a 10.

    Critic Score – This score is what critics and reviewers think of the fragrance. These opinions have nothing to do with me and are compiled into a number so we can compare each one. If you don’t like my advice, take the word of hundreds of people that have worn it and make a decision from that. Sometimes I agree with the world and sometimes I don’t.

    How to choose a fragrance to get you laid

    I understand that some of you guys out there are meat heads. You’re in the gym twice a day and you’re taking pictures of your biceps and sending them off to random Tinder girls 15 times a day. That’s fine. The type of girl you’re going to go after is different than somebody else would that may be looking for.

    Maybe you’re a nice, mature husband that is looking to romance your wife for a splendid evening out. You will probably be wearing something else than some gym rat trying to press every hottie they see.

    Don’t worry though, as you read through the bottom of the page, I have you all covered with a few recommendations. Check to see which scenario fits you best and go from there.

    Typically fragrances that are on this list are not popular. You don’t want to wear something everyone else does so keep that in mind as your viewing some of these. If you’ve never heard of them, there is probably a reason why.

    Wearing fragrance by itself will not get you laid, sorry fellas If you really think that spraying a couple of squirts of any of these fragrances will get you covered in hotties, you’re wrong. Fragrance ENHANCES the way you look. Have you ever had a gorgeous girl walk by only to have her perfume stick into your nostrils for a few extra seconds like she is still in front of you? Thats what cologne does for guys too! It enhances your best features, gives women something to compliment you on, and it’s a free conversation starter.

    Most people that know me have an idea that I LOVE fragrance so if we are just standing around and we have nothing to talk about, I’ll have them smell my wrist so they can tell me what they think. It also works as a great opener if you’re trying to pick up women. “Hey ladies, can I get your opinion on something, my friends keep telling me I smell like a Unicorn, what do you think?” and BOOM you’ve just opened a conversation with a random person.

    Now there are some pretty crazy stories in this post of guys getting laid from these fragrances, but I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there that you’re gonna have to do a little more work than just show up wearing fragrance.

    #1 Best Overall Cologne For Men To Get You Laid

    best cologne for men aventusAventus by Creed (2010) – Click Here For Price

    Sex Appeal: 10

    Cologne Master Rating: 9.5

    Critic Rating: 7.995

    Without any question, Aventus by Creed gets more compliments, phone numbers, and results than any men’s fragrance on the market today. If you haven’t seen all the compliments Aventus receives, I suggest you check out our best smelling fragrance page and see for yourself just how many people notice Aventus (in a positive way) than others.

    Here at Cologne Masters we don’t have a full blown review for Aventus yet. For that reason, we can’t give it a perfect 10 because I haven’t actually worn it but I’ve smelled it numerous times. But rest assured, there is a review coming soon, and you’ll be able to find it here when there is.

    What makes it special and the #1 best cologne for men to get you laid?

    Most noticeable notes: Pineapple, Birch, Musk

    Not only does Aventus last a long time, the scent will make you smell like a true gentleman. The big price tag that comes along with Creed is actually a good thing. You don’t need to worry about smelling like a girl’s ex in most cases when you’re trying to pick her up.

    True stories of men getting laid because of Aventus

    This story is awesome because it shows a few of the powers Aventus has.

    1. It is a conversation starter – in this situation, the woman actually approached the guy to start the conversation. If you you’re having trouble figuring out what to say, Aventus does the work. Women will come to you (sometimes)
    2. It lasts a long time. The girl said the next day that she could still smell him. That goes to show how long the fragrance will last.

    Story #2 – (Not me)

    I met this girl on the Tinder dating app awhile back and she ended up coming over to my place a few weekends ago. Because I wanted to get straight down to business, I sprayed some Aventus on right before she came over.

    In only 20 minutes, we were already making out aggressively and I knew we were going to have a fun night. I ended up sleeping her with all weekend and I figured I didn’t have to wear cologne anymore.

    Two weekends later we were hanging out and she asked me, “Why don’t you wear that cologne anymore?” I never thought in a million years a cologne would get me laid… Thanks Aventus

    Story #3

    Just encountered a man that said wearing Aventus landed him the job he always wanted. The person giving the interview commented on it and brought it up several times throughout the process. Pretty cool stuff!

    Have your own story about getting laid from wearing Aventus? Let us know here!

    top selling fragrances

    #2 Best Cologne For Getting Laid

    Bleu de Chanel by Chanel (2010) – Click Here for price

    cologne for men bleu de chanelSex Appeal: 8

    Cologne Master Rating: 7.5

    Critic Rating: 7.01

    In my journey of discovering fragrances for men that will get results when it comes to getting laid, Bleu de Chanel comes in at #2. When it comes to fragrances that receives compliments, Bleu De Chanel come in at #3 on that list. But here is the thing, we don’t want compliments, we are looking for fragrances that will get us into the bedroom.

    I’ve worn Bleu de Chanel several times and although it is a great scent, I didn’t have the results

    What makes it special and #2 on the list?

    Most noticeable notes – Grapefruit, Ginger, Incense, Lemon

    Although in my personal experience, I haven’t received the best luck from Bleu de Chanel for receiving compliments, getting action, or conversation starters, overwhelmingly this is one of the hottest fragrances when it comes to people getting attention online that have worn it. And since I’m only one person, and there are zillions of other people that wear this and experienced super positive results, I have no choice to follow their lead and put it at #2.

    Check out below to see some of the things that have been said about it.

    True stories from people that wear Bleu De Chanel

    Story #1 from an attractive lady


    I want a man to smell like this when he kisses me, when he marries me, when he comes home, when he breathes loool
    It’s freaking amazing, I always was intrigue about it even on my early teens when I was not interest at all on men’s perfume, but everytime I passed by it I had to smell it. It just smelled like the perfect man to me, and as I grow older I love it everyday even more.
    The best part it’s that it is well known but not everybody wears it.
    For me it has an elegance and a charm that’s so unique that it’s hard to describe

    Story #2 (true story from a co-worker)

    Across the street from where we work there is one of the largest laser tag arenas in the state. A couple of the guys I work with preordered the new Battlefield console game so they were able to try out the arena at no cost.

    When they arrived, there were several other teams there ready to play so they jumped right in. Maybe it was destiny, but they were paired with another group of four that included two guys and two girls that were on dates.

    They started running around and in the heat of combat, one of my co workers was pinned down behind a barricade with one of girls in his group.

    His body heat mixed with Bleu de Chanel must have triggered some sort of attraction because she let out a the words, “Damn someone smells good”.

    After strike up a conversation, he ended up sneaking her phone number and a few weeks later getting laid. Not bad for a girl that we on a date.

    top selling fragrances

    #3 Best Cologne For Getting Laid

    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995) – Click Here For Price

    le-male-amazonSex Appeal: 8.0

    Cologne Master Rating: 8.5

    Critic Rating: 6.875

    Le Male is now almost considered one of the “classic fragrances” since it no has been almost 20 years since its release. Le Male has some of the strongest compliments I’ve ever seen from the opposite gender after talking with people who wear it, and reading all the reviews on the web about it.

    A big reason Le Male will get you laid is because it will get you noticed. The smell is powerful and it lasts a long time which why it is perfect to get you some action. You will smell good, you will receive compliments, and you will get noticed.

    What makes Le Male worthy of being on this list? 

    Most noticeable notes – Vanilla, Lavender, Mint

    Le Male is a manly fragrance. Its something that I would imagine a dude would wear when he was done wrestling a bear, fixing a car, or grilling some meat.

    It’s also a loud fragrance. People around you will notice it. Whether that’s good or bad will depend on your audience, but generally speaking women love this one for whatever reason even though not all guys do.

    True stories and reviews about Le Male

    Review #1

    This guy says it perfect…

    I don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s decent, it smells ok, but for some reason nearly all of the women I know, LOVE IT.

    I wish I understood why. This is one of the colognes I wear for other people. My ex’s absolute favourite.

    Other people love it. I don’t.

    Story #1 (not me)

    I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks when we decided it was a good idea to go out with my friends for a night. She met me at my place and when I greeted her, I was finishing getting ready for the night.

    She came with me to my room and I was putting the finishing touches on my hair and then grabbed my bottle of Le Male and sprayed it on my wrists, neck, and I wiped a dab right behind my ears. She noticed the weird looking bottle and asked what it was and told her it’s called “Le Male” and she said she’s never heard of that before.

    We were at the bar with my friends later that night, giggling and just being obnoxious when she leans in and says, “Your Le Male makes me want to drop my panties”.

    This caught me off-guard because she never said anything to me sexual like that in the weeks we’ve known each other. Maybe it was the strawberry margaritas that made her say, who knows but she did. The most we’ve done up to that point is make out a little and she let me feel her boob a bit but that was all.

    Needless to say, when we got back to my house, she dropped those panties. I can’t say for certain if it was the booze of the cologne, but who cares.

    (If you have your own store about Le Male, please share it with us!)

    top selling fragrances


    Best Cologne To Get You Laid For Young Men

    Most girls in high-school are still in the stage of wearing name brand clothes, and competing on who is wearing the most expensive jeans. Most hot girls are going to know their fashion and they have most likely been exposed to smells that associate with good looks, money, and sexiness.

    So here are some fragrances that will get you noticed in school. These ones in particular are talked about by young men all the time saying they’ve received some great results.

    #1 Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch – Click Here For Price

    cologne for young men fierceSex Appeal: 9.5

    Cologne Master Rating: 10

    Critic Rating: 6.875

    Whether you like Abercrombie & Fitch as a company or not, young women are exposed to the sexiness the scent brings. When a girl heads into a Abercrombie & Fitch store, this is the smell they encounter. This means that girls associate this fragrance with looking good, having money, and being attractive. For a young guy in high-school to smell like that is a gold mine. I know when I was in school, my friends wore this and they always had girls gushing over them.

    What makes Fierce worthy of being on this list?

    Most noticeable notes: Musk, Fir, Lemon

    Well, we already said it. Fierce is relatable to teenagers because they know what Abercrombie is. When you smell like something the ladies think is amazing, they are going to think you’re amazing.

    Fierce is also featured on our infamous best cologne for young men post which attracts a lot of visitors to our site.

    Reviews from some young guys (WARNING ROUGH LANGUAGE) 

    I always wore different colognes.. must’ve owned 10-15 total, all good brands, the ones that got compliments a few times were Acqua Di Gio, Armani Code, and D&G Masculine, but it would be occasional. Well I just got Abercrombie Fierce, and no joke, within an hour I got two

    compliments alone and a lottttt of stares-and-turn around smells as I passed by… this shiat is like CRACK for people lol… most compliments on a cologne ever, hands down. Plus it smells fcking awesome!

    Here is another one…

    FIERCE’s scent is an immediate attention getter and rightly so. Its fresh citrus aroma is the first aspect she’ll notice because of its clean, poised attitude. However, it’s FIERCE’s warm musky subtleness that will naturally draw her curiosity because of its seductive nature.

    It is essentially a manly musky cologne for college guys but still quite a unique smell. A&F has a knack for making a good cologne for young men. It may be a “trendy mall scent” for younger guys but it’s still darned good. EdC strength.

    hmm.. might look into it. was looking for a new cologne before heading back to college.

    And a female perspective…

    I think, and nearly all of my straight female friends agree, that Abercrombie Fierce is the absolute SEXIEST cologne a guy can wear. Regardless of what you think of Abercrombie (I used to be an absolute Abercrombie whore but now I do NOT shop there…except for fragrance , you can’t deny that their cologne smells incredible.

    Caveat emptor: cologne only enhances your game, it does not provide game when there is none to begin with.

    (if you have your own Fierce success story, please share it with us by dropping a comment below so we can get it added!)


    top selling fragrances

    #2 Best Cologne For Young Guys to Get Laid

    Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)

    acqua-di-gio-amazonSex Appeal: 9.5

    Cologne Master Rating: 100

    Critic Rating: 6.715

    Quite possibly the greatest fragrance to ever show up on the planet, Acqua Di Gio makes another appearance on a list. Because of the popularity of Acqua Di Gio, I couldn’t put it as #1 because there is nothing worse than smelling like someone’s ex.

    Since Acqua Di Gio is so popular, the best time to see it in action is during high-school. This is the time where you’ll see the power this fragrance has because when you get older, most people will be worn out of this scent.

    What makes Acqua Di Gio worthy of being on this list?

    Most noticeable notes: Sea notes, Lemon, Lime

    When over 50,000 people search for this fragrance per month on the search engines, you know there is something special about it. Acqua Di Gio is the closest thing to a guarantee that your girl will love the way you smell because of well it is liked. Check out some of the stories/reviews people have over this fragrance.

    Stories/Reviews on Acqua Di Gio

    (Warning… language)

    I went out and bought Aqua di gio cologne yesterday since a lot of people seem to like it and last night bi**ches would not stop telling me how good i smelled. if you want any and all bi**ches on your D go get some of this sh**.”

    This married guy…

    Acqua Di Gio by Armani is by far the best. Several girls have told me it is an instant panty dropper. No joke. Too bad I’m married though. LOL

    Story time (as told to me from a Cologne Master fan)

    I never wore cologne before, so when I took off to college to BSU (Bemidji State University), I was ready to try new things and cologne just happened to be one of them. In high-school I didn’t really go to parties, just mainly hung out with a few buddies on weekends and worked at a local grocery store to save up for a car and school.

    Anyways, I sent a couple of emails to Jason (me) about what cologne I should try because I’ve never worn it and I was clueless about which one to choose since there are so many out there. Jason gave me a couple of suggestions and I ended up going with Acqua Di Gio because it he said it was “guarantee like for me and my new friends around me”. So I tried it out.

    In the dorms I didn’t have any mind blowing discoveries with it right away. I liked the smell of it, but I didn’t have people coming up to me left and right wanting to sniff me. I almost though I wasn’t doing it right so I almost stopped but I’m glad I didn’t.

    Hockey happens to be a big deal at BSU and it just so happens that I made friends with one of the redshirt goalies and he told me to come hang out with some of the guys. I’m not much of a hockey plan but I decided it would be cool to hang out with those guys because legend has it, if you’re a hockey player, you get chicks.

    That night, my hockey friend stopped over at my dorm and asked if I had any cologne he could wear and I reluctantly told him I had some Acqua Di Gio, because I assumed he wore something a little more high end or something. When I told him I had some Acqua, his face lit up and said, “Oh hell yeah!” and sprayed himself like 3-4 times and told me to do the same. He then mentioned something about how the girls were going to go crazy on us that night, which I didn’t believe.

    Well, we get to the hockey house and there ended up being a bunch of hockey players there and TONS of girls and I mean the hottest girls at the school. I’ve always wondered where they hung out, but after seeing how many were there, I knew. My goalie friend ditched me so I kind of just hung out in the basement with a few of the girls and other dudes playing beer pong. While I was watching, one of the girls came up to me and told me “you smell too good to be a hockey player” and I laughed and told her that was because I wasn’t.

    We ended up chit chatting for awhile and she added me on Facebook where we started talking a little more and then finally we went out a few times and were able to have some fun. I don’t know if Acqua Di Gio did the trick, or just being lucky at the right place at the right time, but it sure seemed good!

    In conclusion (from Jason)

    Cologne might not get you laid, but it might open a door for conversation or in my fan’s case, it enhances your appearance to make you go from 7 on a girls attraction scale to an 8.

    (Have your own Acqua di gio story? Let us hear about it! Drop it in the comments below)

    top selling fragrances

    The Best Cologne For Men for heading on a date with your wife/fiancé/girlfriend

    I promised everyone reading this that I would give you a few fragrances that you may be looking for if you’re looking for a nice romantic evening with your wife or girlfriend.

    For these types of nights, you should be looking for something a little more unique than something everyone can buy at their local Walmart or Target stores. A fragrance for a hot date shows your girl that she is special and that you don’t do this kind of stuff for just anyone.

    Here are a few suggestions.

    #1 Fahrenheit by Christian Dior – Click Here For Pricing

    fahrenheit-amazonSex Appeal: 8

    Cologne Master Rating: 7

    Critic Rating: 7.32

    Fahrenheit makes the list because it is one of the most manly fragrances you can buy. When people say it smells like gasoline, they aren’t kidding. This fragrance is so distinct, it will be impossible for your date to deny your manliness and will have no choice but to get n closer.

    What makes Fahrenheit worthy of being on this list?

    Most noticeable notes: Leather, Violet leaf, Nutmeg flower

    Fahrenheit might be the most masculine fragrance you can buy which makes it perfect for an intimate date. Back in the 90s you might have had a problem with every man you walk next to wearing this scent, but not anymore which makes it even more special.


    Story #1

    “I sprayed this on my man in the department store.
    At first he was overwhelmed with the petrol opening. I told him old classics like these need time to settle down. Once it did we went perfume shopping at the counter for me.

    The young girl helping us kept leaning over to my man and she kept playing with her blouse. Her button kept popping open, and finally she left it with part of her bra/cleavage exposed. My man looked at me and it was becoming comical. He’s a rugged sort, so pretty boy-handsome ladies man isnt his bag.

    She asked what he was wearing and he coldly replied “faherenheit” with a smirk and a wink as he was escorting me out the door. Once we got in the car, he looked this up on fragrantica, and said..”You were right. Its a lady killer.””

    This is sex in a bottle , on my third bottle and will be buyin another one when its finished, very mature scent, compliments like crazy, you can wear this any time of the year, lasts 24 hours on my skin

    top selling fragrances

    #2 Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford – Click Here For Price

    tobacco-vanille-amazonSex Appeal: 9

    Cologne Master Rating: 9

    Critic Rating: 7.815

    Tobacco Vanille is one of the highest rated fragrances ever from critics and reviewers alike. If that many people are saying good things about something, you know something is up. Over at the Guy Code Academy, some research was done by him personally to figure out what fragrances women find the most sexy.

    His grand conclusion was indeed Tom Ford fragrances and for good reason. These smell of wealth, sophistication, and sexiness. This makes it perfect for a romantic evening out with your girl.

    What makes Tobacco Vanille being worthy of being on this list?

    Most noticeable notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Dried fruits

    Anything Tom Ford stinks of success. You won’t have a problem with everyone you know wearing this because rarely can someone justify spending $200 + on a fragrance. But if you’re married or really want to impress your date, it may be worth it.

    You won’t find stories of men talking about their conquests when they wear this one. The reason behind it is because the type of guy that does get action from it, doesn’t kiss and tell 😉

    top selling fragrances


    On the top of the page Cologne Masters gives you the top 20 best cologne for men to get you laid. Chances are that all of them might not be right for you but I’m willing to bet at least one of them will match your skin perfectly that will give off a glorious scent that will make women want to have your babies. (ok maybe went too far there)

    But seriously, if you have a question on which one you should get, ask it down below and I’ll get back to you on it. If you’re too nervous to post a comment, send me a message via our contact page.

    Lastly, once again, fragrances don’t guarantee any action, but they sure as hell enhance your appearance. If you’re a 7 on the attractive scale, it might just turn you into an 8 or 9 which may be all you need to take your girl home… Good Luck

    L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake Review by CologneMasters

    L’eau D’Issey is a fragrance that receives a lot of hype so as a ColongeMaster, I was excited to give it a chance. If you’re wondering where I’m getting all this hype from, lets take a look from a few of the biggest and baddest sites regarding fragrances in the world. – Over here, you’ll see a site that has a whopping 65% positive approval rating and an above average 3.5 star rating. These high ratings is enough to get anyones interest a little peaked and when I saw it as a top seller a few months ago, I knew I had to try it.

    Fragrantica – The people that wear L’eau D’Issey and have reviewed it, give it an average 4.0/5 stars. If you’re a fragrance on Fragrantica and you have a rating over 4 especially after almost 5,000 votes, that’s simply amazing. I have to agree that seeing this rating also gets my blood flowing a little quicker because you don’t see that too often. – Another one of the giants when it comes to reviewing fragrances, Parfumo gives Issey Miyake a 7.5 out of a possible 10 score.

    dracdoc – One of the most famous YouTube fragrance reviewers said, “Personally I love this scent”, “A very good scent”. Since I highly respect dracdoc, this interested me as well.

    So after reading about L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme online, my excitement continued as I opened the box I received from Amazon to wear for the first time.

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    (none yet)


    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

    Lets have a quick discussion about the facts regarding L’eau D’issey…

    Top notes: Yuzu, Verbena, Coriander, Mandarin, Clary Sage, Cypress
    Middle notes: Bourbon geranium, Nutmeg, Saffron, Waterlily, Cinnamon
    Base notes: Amber, Cyprioll, Musk, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vetiver

    Longevity (Based on 1000+ ratings)
    7.316 out of 10 – Pretty dang good!
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.235 – Pretty dang good! (Click to see the best!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    4,220 – Pretty Average (Click For Full List)
    Approximately $13.20 per ounce – (Find it discounted here)

    l eau d issey pour homme

    L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake Thoughts by CologneMasters

    “A light, sharp, citrusy floral smell” – dracdoc

    I think dracdoc said it the best. When you first spray this scent on, you do get a sharp, citrus smell. In a matter of fact, the sharpness is so direct and in your face about it, it turns me off immediately from liking it.

    The opening of L’eau D’issey is so strong with the Yuzu note, it prevents me from giving it a chance. After spraying it on my wrists, the smell makes me want to go wash it off as quickly as I sprayed it on. However, because I am a self-proclaimed Cologne Master, I stick to my guns and decide to tough it out for a few more hours.

    As L’eau D’Issey dries down after 45 minutes to an hour, it starts to become pleasant. This is where I can start to believe that ratings and positive feedback begin to make sense. The scent is much softer, sweeter, and the citrus is less strong which made my girlfriend approve of the smell after awhile. She didn’t “love” it, but it was certainly a “like”.

    My personal take is that L’eau D’issey should only be worn by perfume enthusiasts and not the mass population. The high reviews I believe are from people that enjoy how unique this scent it is compared to all the other mass produced fragrances out there like Acqua Di Gio.

    It is NOT a fragrance for young men, because you need a level of appreciation to enjoy it. I would recommend this fragrance for any man mid 30s or older that is looking to stand out from the crowd and wear something light but unique.

    Longevity – I disagree with the longevity rating it received. L’eau D’issey almost falls off a cliff after a few hours. You’ll smell it, then before you notice it, it’s gone.

    Projection – Weak projection in my opinion. I had to press my wrist to my girlfriends nose in order for her to even notice it.

    Unique – Here is a citrus smell that doesn’t smell like all the others.

    Experts  – It takes a true perfume enthusiast to enjoy this smell. When I read the reviews, it seems like this type are the ones that enjoy it.

    Mature – Great for older guys that don’t want to smell like the youth of today.

    My final thoughts –

    L’eau D’issey doesn’t live up to the hype. In a matter of fact, if I ever end up writing an article of the most overhyped fragrances, this one might headline it.

    Wear L’eau D’Issey if…

    You’re 35+ years old
    You want to stick out
    Your significant other loves it
    You don’t want to smell like everyone else

    Don’t buy this if…

    If you want to smell like something people universally like
    You want compliments
    You’re a young guy
    If you like Jurassic Park

    Here is what other people have said about L’eau D’Issey

    This is what I hope my experience turns into;

    I tried this years ago from a sample and absolutely hated it. Even wrote a review for it saying how much I didn’t like it. Well…..

    Having problems finding a “fresh” scent I like, and this fragrance still popping up on everyone’s top lists, I decided to try it once more. Now I’m in love with it!!! Totally different experience than before. Not sure if my nose and tastes changed or I got a bad sample before, but this is great smelling stuff on my skin. I find the initial opening slightly harsh but it goes away quickly, then it smells wonderful. I’m no expert at notes and which ones I’m getting but it’s definitely floral and citrus. Ordered a big bottle immediately.

    So now I think I’m gonna go back and retry a few others that didn’t knock me out before and see if I feel differently about them.

    Here is someone that I can align with right now;

    “When I first sprayed the cologne on my wrists it smelled like burning plastic. It stayed that way for an hour. The fragrance after an hour was okay. But in a way it was too heavy. Have not had a pleasant experience with this cologne. My co-workers like it though. Everyone has a different opinion.”

    Another guy that I happen to agree with;

    Sour, cloying, synthetic bug-spray/insect-repellent (mixed with CK-One).
    This scent can be found in the camping section of any store for around $8.00 USD.
    Maybe both will protect you against mosquitos.!

    Alright, so who should buy L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme?

    Age Group: 35+

    People that wear it need to have more of an appreciation of fragrances to enjoy it.

    Season: Summer

    During the warm, more humid months are where this fragrance is said to shine above others.

    Time of Day: Day

    Most light/citrus fragrances work best for daily use. This is no exception.

    Gift?: No

    I wouldn’t chance this by giving it to someone as a gift.

    Longevity: Good

    My experience with longevity with this one was not what others reported. I only received about a

    Harmless? – No

    The harsh yuzu note in the beginning just doesn’t make it safe to wear at grandma’s house.

    Popularity – Average

    With a little over 4,000 searches per month, it’s pretty average for a fragrance popularity scale.

    Price – Average

    Bottle prices vary, but you can find one for about $30-40 on Amazon.

    Awards – 0

    Sexy – Friend zone

    The people that enjoy this one, don’t say it is sexy. Rather they describe it as a citrus explosion that is great for the summer.

    Signature Cologne – No

    Unless you live in a hot and humid environment, this one would not work out for a signature smell.

    The Most Popular Cologne For Men On The Planet Right Now

    When it comes to men’s fashion, everything goes in and out of style so quick, it’s hard to keep up. Well here at CologneMasters, we have you covered. We compiled a list of the most popular cologne for men RIGHT NOW so you can see what people are wearing and which fragrances were sooooo last year.

    We compiled a table for you of what is trending on the planet as we speak. We update this list frequently because we have to! Under the table you can see a description of the top 10 most popular cologne on the planet along with how we came up with this list.

    Men's Fragrance# of Searches
    Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)54,300
    Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana47,600*
    Guilty by Gucci31,900*
    Aventus by Creed22,900
    Armani Code by Giorgio Armani22,700
    Eros by Versace18,300
    Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche12,990
    Legend by Montblanc10,110
    Chrome by Azzaro9,880
    Nautica Voyage by Nautica9,820
    Cool Water by Davidoff8,510
    Versace Pour Homme6,600
    Nautica Blue by Nautica (2006)4,400
    L'eau D'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake4,220
    Nautica Classic by Nautica1,000
    Guess Seductive Homme by Guess2,400
    1 Million by Paco Rabanne6,600
    Versace Man by Gianni Versace2,400
    The One by Dolce & Gabanna2,900
    Tommy Hilfiger by Tommy Hilfiger2,400
    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren4,400
    Curve by Liz Claiborne9,900
    Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole2,900
    La Nuit De L'homme by Yves Saint Laurent (2009)2,400
    Legend by Montblanc 20119,900
    Bvlgari Aqua by Bvlgari 1,600
    Acqua Di Parma8,100
    Adidas Team Force by Adidas110
    Happy by Clinque6,600
    Perry Ellis 360 by Perry Ellis2,400
    Invictus by Paco Rabanne5,400
    Ck One by Calvin Klein6,600
    Allure Homme Sport by Chanel4,330
    Obsession by Calvin Klein2,400
    Jimmy Choo5,400
    Polo Black by Ralph Lauren5,400
    Paris Hilton Man880
    Iris The Energy At The Sea by Fragrances of Ireland90
    Jaguar by Jaguar720
    Hugo Boss No. 6210
    Kenneth Cole Reaction by Kenneth Cole1,900
    PS by Paul Sebastian1,900
    Blue Jeans by Versace140
    Jovan Musk by Jovan2,400
    L'eau De Issey by Issey Miyake2,400
    Yacht Man Red by Myrugia260
    Polo Red by Ralph Lauren9,900
    Pi by Givenchy1,600
    Spice bomb by Vicktor & Rolf8,100
    Usher by Usher5,400
    Lucky You by Lucky1,300
    212 by Carolina Herrera 2,400
    Swiss Army by Victorinox20
    Prada Luna Rossa by Prada5,400
    Unforgivable by Sean John2,600
    Eternity by Calvin Klein1,300
    Euphoria by Calvin Klein9,900
    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)1,240
    Aramis by Aramis2,900
    Terre d'Hermes by Hermes6,600
    Dior Homme by Christian Dior (2005)3,600
    La Nuit l'homme by Yves Saint Laurent400

    How We Found The Most Popular Cologne For Men

    In today’s world, how do you find information on something when you need it? The quick answer is Google! Google handles billions of searches per day on the web for everything including men’s cologne and fragrances! So what we decided is to create a list of how many times people search for them, because that is what makes them popular. The more times someone searches for a fragrance, obviously the more popular the fragrance is.

    If you’re looking for the top selling fragrances for men, you should check here. You will notice some of the popular fragrances are not the top selling so it’s important to understand that top selling and most popular are two different things!

    For all you Cologne Masters and Fragrances buffs, we are using the term “cologne” meaning “fragrance”. We have various EDF’s, EDC’s, EDT’s, and maybe a few EDP’s on the chart. In the top 5 countdown, we tell you exactly what it is if you’re wondering where each fragrances is classified.

    On the bottom of the page, you’ll find a chart of all the fragrances we have checked. Right now the count is over 5o but we plan to keep adding to it as we review more fragrances.

    * Means that there is a mens and women’s fragrance that is called the same thing. This causes a few more searches for the term.

    Lets get started!

    10. Cool Water by Davidoff (1988) – 8,510 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing

    most popular cologne cool waterTop notes: Coriander, Lavender, Green notes, Mint, Sea water, Calone, Rosemary

    Middle notes: Geranium, Neroli, Jasmine, Sandalwood

    Base notes: Amber, Tobacco, Cedar, Oakmoss, Musk

    (Click here for full review)

    Cool Water is one of those fragrance that has a will to succeed. Although it was created back in 1988, it is still frequently worn, and is still one of the most popular fragrances around today.

    This is a fragrance that smells like cleanliness. That is the magic of this fragrance and this “type” of smell and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon because so many people continue to wear it.

    When you take a whiff of Cool Water, besides smelling clean, you’ll also notice a smell of the 80s which is pretty awesome. This smell is the definition of nostalgia because if you wore this back then, you’ll most likely be taken back when Top Gun was the coolest movie out and you’ll jumping into your DeLoreon with Marty McFly.

    If you want to smell clean, and you’re around the age of 40, this might be the one for you.



    9. Nautica Voyage by Nautica (2006) – 9,820 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing

    most popular nautica voyageTop notes: Green leaves, Apple

    Middle notes: Lotus, Mimosa

    Base notes: Cedar, Amber, Oakmoss, Musk

    (Click here for full review)

    It is exciting to see a fragrance like Nautica Voyage get some love. Nautica Voyage is one of the least expensive fragrances you can buy and for whatever reason it continues to amazon the world with its popularity. Despite Nautica Voyage being an inexpensive fragrance, it’s received many rave reviews from fragrance critics which is truly surprising.

    Nautica Voyage slaps you in the face with a nice sea breeze when you begin noticing it. You will also notice apple and green leaves lingering around which makes this fragrance magical.

    I recommend this fragrance for anyone that is on a budget, or just want to smell good day-to-day in case they called upon do something while they are just lounging around at home.




    8. Chrome by Azzaro (1996) – 9,880 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing

    the famous chrome azzaro

    Top notes: Bergamot, Bitter orange, Transparent Musks

    Middle notes: Ivy, Lichen, Hedione

    Base notes: Mate, Sandalwood, Rosewood

    (Click here for full review)

    The introduction to the Chrome popularity started when my old roommate told me about this cologne that he couldn’t get enough of. The fragrance that he spoke so highly of was indeed Chrome and I knew I had to grab a bottle of this wonder juice to see what it was all about.

    Chrome is a fragrance that will make you stink with cleanliness. It smells like you just hopped out of the shower which makes it simple to wear in almost any situation.

    You don’t hear women throwing themselves at guys for wearing this fragrance, so if you’re looking for something that will get you action, this might not be it.

    I would recommend this fragrance for anyone from their mid 20s on up and for any situation.

    most popular cologne guilty


    7. Legend by Montblanc (2011) – 10,110 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing

    mont blanc legendTop notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Pineapple leaf, Verbena

    Middle notes: Oak moss, Gernaium, Coumarin, Apple, Rose, Pomarosa molecule

    Base notes: Sandalwood, Tonka, Evernyl

    (Click here for full review)

    Legend is another outstanding fragrance that this Cologne Master has in his personal collection.

    It is a wonderful fragrance that is comfortable to wear in almost any situation, but if I had to choose a season I would say spring, fall, or winter.

    Legend always draws comparisons to the ever popular fragrance Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, but a trained nose can detect subtle differences. Legend because of the marketing seems a little more ageless than its counterpart.

    Also, when you’re wearing a fragrance like Legend, it’s important that you’re wearing it correctly. Get some tips on how to wear cologne here.

    most popular cologne guilty


    6. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982) (EDT) – 12,990 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing


    Top notes: Basil, Rosemary, Green Mint, Verbena, Lavender, Lemon

    Middle notes: Angelica, Wormwood, Coriander, Juniper

    Base notes: Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cedarwood, Pine needle, Balsam

    (Click here for full review)

    Drakkar Noir is a classic fragrance that refuses to rest. Since it’s creation it has been thrusted into popularity and refuses to look back. Back in the 80s, this was the fragrance to wear. In a matter of fact, when you sniff this classic scent, you almost get sent back to the days of Top Gun, Ferris Buelers Day Off, and the Breakfast Club.

    I can’t say for certain, but the people that are searching for this fragrance are most likely your older generation that are begging for a comeback. I don’t hear or see to many of the younger generation wearing this scent so I can imagine in the next decade, we will finally see this fragrance fade away.

    However, I very well could be wrong since Old Spice is still a cologne that is flying off the shelves too. Who am I to say a fragrance will succeed or fail.

    Buy this fragrance if you are; 1) Over the age of 35, 2) Wore this eau de toilette in high-school and college and want to revisit it, or 3) Wear it if your wife or girlfriend loves it.

    most popular cologne guilty

    5. Eros by Versace (2013) EDT – 18,300 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing
    eros popular cologne for men

    Top notes: Mint, Green Apple, Lemon

    Middle notes: Tonka Bean, Geranium, Ambroxan

    Base notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Virginian Cedar, Altas Cedar

    Coming in at the 5th spot for the most popular cologne for men, is a scent mad by Versace called Eros. You’ll typically find Eros as not a EDC, but as an EDT so calling it a cologne is not factually correct. (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about)

    Despite Eros being one of the most current popular fragrances, there is about a 50/50 chance that you will not like it. People have complained that it smells “metallic” and it is too strong. However, there must be a strong following because it wouldn’t be nearly as popular if smelled disgusting to everyone.

    I recommend this fragrance to someone that is daring and adventurous because that it was you need to be wearing a controversial fragrance. The people that love it say it’s a sweet, pleasant scent with a smooth synthetic mint note. If you wish to see more of what people think of this fragrance, don’t be afraid to check out what had to say about it by clicking here!

    most popular cologne guilty

    4. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani (2004) – Click For Pricing

    armani code popular cologne

    Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon

    Middle notes: Olive flower

    Base notes: Guiac Wood, Tonka Bean

    (Click here for full review)

    Giorgio Armani continues to pump out some of the most popular colognes for men with the success of Armani Code.

    Code is a fragrance that I own personally, and when I do use it, it is normally in the cold weather months. It is one of those fragrances that immediately makes you feel just a little more cozy as soon as you put it on.

    I would generally recommend it for young men that are looking for a fall/winter fragrance, but you can see men wear it all year round which is why it is so popular.

    most popular cologne guilty


    3. Guilty by Gucci (2011) EDT – 31,900 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing


    most popular cologne gucciTop notes: Lavender, Lemon

    Middle notes: Orange Flower

    Base notes: Cedarwood, Patchouli

    (Click here for full review)

    Guilty by Gucci is a fragrance that receives some incredible marketing. I was first introduced this fragrance when it was in a magazine as a scratch and sniff advertisement. The scent matched the ad perfectly as it exhibits sophistication and intimacy at the same time.

    If you noticed at the table from the top of the page, Guilty has a * next to it because it also has a women’s version of it named “guilty”. This means, some of the people searching for it are looking for the female version to it which makes the total popularity number a little more inflated.

    Unfortunately, Guilty by Gucci does have a few complaints. Some people talk about how “generic” it smells while others complain about it’s longevity. The people that talk trash about Guilty are usually fume-heads which means t

    Personally I find Guilty to be a pleasant smelling fragrance and it wouldn’t be popular unless it was a halfway decent fragrance . It’s a light, harmless fragrance that can be used in almost any situation.

    You should buy this fragrance if you are under 30 years old, looking for something sweet and sexy to impress the ladies, or perhaps looking for a lighter scent to wear in almost any situation.

    most popular cologne guilty

    2. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana (2001) EDT- 27,000 Monthly Searches – Click For Pricing

    light blue most popular fragranceTop notes: Apple, Cedar, Bellflower, Sicilian Lemon

    Middle notes: White rose, Bamboo, Jasmine

    Base notes: Amber, Musk, Cedar

    (Click here for full review)

    Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana has turned it up a notch when it comes to being noticed. This scent is extremely fresh and clean, which is why it is popular. We are starting to see a trend of what makes a fragrance popular. If it’s fresh, clean, and light, people seem to like it and that’s true for Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna.

    If you notice at the chart you see an * next to it. This is because there is also a Light Blue for women and there is not an easy way to see what people are actually looking for when they are on Google searching for it.

    Try this fragrance if you’re looking for something light and safe for work. If you would like to hear more about it, make sure you check out our full review by clicking on our link.


    1. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996) EDT – 40,500 – Click For Pricing

    popular cologne for men acqua di gioTop notes: Orange, Lime, Jasmine, Lemon

    Middle notes: Nutmeg, Cyclamen, Mignonette, Coriander, Violet, Rose

    Base notes: Amber, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Cedar, White musk

    (click here for our full review)

    Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio arrives again at the top most popular cologne for men list. I wish I could go back in time to 1996 when this fragrance was released and attempted to figure out what made this scent go viral. Even before social media existed, Acqua Di Gio slaughter the competition and almost has more popularity than the next two fragrances combined.

    The familiar face in the popular fragrance today are the light, sweet, and harmless scents. Acqua Di Gio in particular has a powerful citrus opening that will leave you smelling yourself all day. It’s longevity will leave your date leaning in close to you all night long. If you don’t own a bottle of this fragrance, you need to just so you can say did. You won’t be disappointed.

    With how well received Acqua Di Gio continues to be, I won’t be surprised to see it #1 for years to come. If you want to continue to see a highlight film of Acqua Di Gio, check out the best cologne for young men page where you’ll see it flourish and just recently it made it’s way to the best cologne to get you laid post where a fragrance hopes to land once it’s created.

    Want to see where your favorite cologne ranks on the most popular cologne for men list? Leave a comment below so we can get it added to the list! Keep checking back as we are always adding and updating this page.


    (Last update 11/17/16)