David Beckham Signature Cologne Review

Beckham Signature Review

Quick Summary


Beckham signature receives a score of 3.669 out of 5 stars for overall rating. Not too shabby.


Beckham signature has a longevity rating of 2.468. This is one of the worst ratings we've ever seen.


Beckham signature is soft. It stays close to your skin and doesn't leave a scent trail behind you.


So far, this fragrance has the lowest sexiness rating I've ever seen. Only 2 people out of 58 described it as sexy.

Usually fragrances with low ratings and poor performance I don't even waste my time on writing a review.

The appeal of Beckham Signature is that you can find it for less than $20 pretty much anywhere! With that being said, Beckham signature works well for it's use.

For anyone looking for a fragrance to wear to the gym, Beckham Signature is your cologne. It is not very strong, it only lasts a few hours, and the fragrance sits close to your skin so you're not going to piss anyone off running on the treadmill next to you.


  • Non-offensive, you can wear it anywhere without pissing people off
  • Great as a quick hit, heading to the gym? Shopping? Errands? Lasts a few hours and it's gone for something else
  • Cheap


  • One of the shortest lasting fragrances on the market
  • Won't get you noticed or compliments
  • Not very sexy

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If you take a look at our quick summary, you know that Beckham Signature doesn't have the most accolades. 

It doesn't last very long, it's moderately liked, and some consider it like birth control (repelling the opposite gender).

The one thing Beckham Signature does have going for it however is the price. You can find it super cheap.

But is it worth it?

When and by whom was it made?

Béatrice Piquet is the nose behind Beckham signature and was made in 2008.

She has a few other fragrances  that was made famous mostly in the 1 million series by Paco Rabanne for women.

The Specifications

  • Eau de Toilette
  • Comes in 1 oz, 1.7 oz and 2.5 

Cologne Master Awards Received

beckham cologne review cheap

Of all the cheap fragrances, Beckham does make the list for being so inexpensive but also having value.

The Fragrance Notes

Top Notes

  • Aquatic Notes
  • Mandarin
  • Watermelon

Heart Notes

  • Juniper berry
  • West Indian lantana
  • Watermelon
  • Cypress
woman giving man compliment

Base Notes

  • Moss
  • Patchouli
  • White amber

The notes you'll notice the most all come from the top. Aquatic, Mandarin, and Watermelon are pretty noticeable.

Celebrities That Wear Beckham Signature


Not even David wears it.

Cologne Masters Experience Wearing Beckham Signature

With most fragrances we review, usually several weeks are spent wearing the cologne we are reviewing around people to gather their opinions.

Unfortunately with a fragrance that has a life span of about 3 hours, that's rather difficult to do.

Instead, I wore Beckham signature just how I suggested it in the quick summary. I wore it for specific, quick occasions.

Ordered some pizza for carryout...

I sprayed some on...

Had an appointment for physical therapy...

Sprayed some on....

Went to the gym...

Sprayed some one...

Beckham Signature actually came in quite handy. Because of the fragrances short life, I could wear it for a few hours and if I had a date or was heading to work later, I could bring out the big guns.

Cologne Master Thoughts

Not to keep beating a dead horse, but Beckham Signature does have a purpose.

If you need to smell clean for a few hours when you head to work out, go shopping, or grab some errands, Beckham signature works great for that.

The Scent - The opening starts with freshness, aromatic, fruity smell. 

But that's really it. After the pretty decent introduction, the rest of 2-3 hours you get nothing but a generic cheap, synthetic smell. Like something you would smell from an air freshener.

It's boring and a smell that you've encountered thousands of times. BUT you can buy it for less than $15 and it smells CLEAN. That's why Beckham Signature has lasted since 2008.

The Bottle - As you can see from the pictures, the bottle is nothing to write home about. I do enjoy showing off an aesthetic bottle in my home, but this one wouldn't get a double take.

What do the Fragrance Professionals Say About Beckham Signature?


Which sucks because I love hearing what they say and see if we agree. It just so happens a fragrance that's so unknown like Beckham Signature doesn't get enough attention for the big dogs to review it....


What do random reviewers say?

Ysbrand does a great job of reviewing it 

"It is VERY aquatic and ozonic. I would probably wear it only to the gym or maybe the beach, but i would enjoy it.

Beckham Signature is quite linear. It starts with a very clear watermelon and sea note, and remains watery and sweet until the end. This notes are obviously sytnthetic, but please do not read synthetic like it is a bad thing.

I was quite intrigued by the Lantana, since is a plant i relate to my childhood memories and have a very particular dry, pungent smell. I can detect it, although is not strong... it adds some dusty depth to the ozone and the fruit. Same does cypress and the moss, but they dont manage to completely tame the sweetness, they are a glimpse of a sophisticated umber, but the fragance keeps sporty and young and unapologetic about it.

The drydown is pleasant, still ozonic and a bit woody. The fruit is almost gone." - 

This is a pretty good prespective from the women's side of things...

"I am quite familiar with this fragrance. My best male friend and my boyfriend both wear Signature for Him, particularly when it's hot out or when they're planning to go to the gym.

They both love slightly sweet scents, so it makes perfect sense that they both wear Signature for Him. While this fragrance is nowhere near being sugary sweet, it has a lovely fresh and crisp watermelon accord, which can smell naturally sweet at times.

Signature for Him is best suited to the warmer weather, even though cypress, juniper and amber feature strongly in the base, creating a somewhat cozy aroma. 

It's a simple composition with an aquatic touch, yet strangely enough the oakmoss and patchouli come through quite strong on my boyfriend's skin. It can be a tad spicy at times too. I think this fragrance as a whole could appeal to almost anyone. It's universally pleasing.

I'm not necessarily drawn to this fragrance as a female. I like it, but I don't love it. Summer scents in general don't really have the ability to get my blood running. I appreciate the fact that my boyfriend wears this in order to smell fresh when working up a sweat, but I'm also glad that he has other options to wear when he takes me out somewhere nice." -

Who should buy Beckham Signature?

Heading to the gym? Take a couple sprays of this and you'll be just fine...

Age Group: Under 30

Once you hit 30, the times of wearing fruity fragrances should be starting to wind down. However, you could get away with this whenever.

Season: Spring/Summer

The aqua and fruity notes make it an ideal fragrance to wear during the spring or summer.

Time of Day: Day

Use Beckham Signature as something you wear for certain events.

Gift?: No

Just don't....

Longevity: Poor

Currently the worst performing fragrance for longevity that we've ever measured.

Harmless? – No

You won't give the person next to you a headache if you wear this.

Popularity – Not popular

You won't have to worry about smelling like the dude next to you. 

Price – Amazing!

Right now you can get a bottle for less than $15 here.

Sexy – Not even a little

Beckham Signature also received one of the worst sexy rating ever.

Signature Cologne – No

It doesn't last long enough for someone to where it as their signature fragrance.

Where to buy Beckham Signature?

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