The Best Natural Cologne For 2018

When it comes to wearing fragrances, a less popular choice is going the natural way.

The place where I'm currently employed has a special synthetic fragrance that is pumped through it. 

I don't notice it anymore (since I'm there all the time), but customers do. They walk into the store and will usually say something about how magnificent it smells in the store.


There are a few people that come in and simply can't tolerate it. They have a sensitive nose that prohibits them from even walking through the front doors. 

I've even seen people start coughing and gingerly walk out holding their nose.

We'll save the debate for natural vs synthetic fragrances and their health concerns for another day, but natural fragrances have a spot in society today.

Here are some of the best natural fragrances you should try heading into 2018...

When it comes to the current top selling, most natural cologne for men, Herban Cowboy's Dusk is the winner.

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Cruelty Free
  • No Phthalates
  • US made
  • Recyclable

What do people say about Dusk?

Violet Twig has all sorts of different options when it comes to all natural fragrances.

So if you're looking for different options for smelling natural, this is a good one to try.

  • Minty
  • Smells like fresh air
  • Green
  • Manufacturers favorite
  • Herbal Green Clover & Melissa Oil

What do people say about Fresh Man?

St. James of London Cedarwood & Clarysage

St. James of London is another natural  manufacturer that has a great  collection of fragrance.

  • Warm rugged
  • Atlas Cedar wood
  • Alcohol free
  • Safe
  • Fresh & clean

What do people say about Cedarwood & Clarysage?

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Hunter by Fixxxer

Fixxxer's most popular men's natural fragrance comes from the tittle, "Hunter" and it comes in a metal tin! How neat is that?

  • Easy storage in pocket, bag, or glove-box
  • Made from beeswax, almond oil, jojoba oil, and an essential oil blend
  • Subtle but long lasting
  • Emits confidence and masculinity

What do people say about Hunter?

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Juniper Ridge Backpacker Cologne

Harvested from the Mojave desert in Southeast California, these desert wildflowers will have you smelling delicious.

  • Petro-chemical free
  • Made organic sugar cane alcohol, tree pitch, plant sap, and extractions of desert plants
  • Subtle but long lasting

What do people say about Backpacker?

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