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The Top 20 Sexiest, Best Cologne For Men To Get Laid

Of all the reasons to wear fragrances, “getting laid” or “because girls like it” has to be close to the top of the list. This is why we felt it necessary to write one of the most crucial articles this world has ever seen. The Best Cologne for Men to get you laid.

We know that finding a fragrance that will make the ladies melt for you is a tough task. After all, all women are different and they prefer different smells. Not to mention, if you know women, half of the time they don’t even know what they like so to find a fragrance that they will go nuts over may might be the most complicated initiative we’ve ever taken here at

Nonetheless, we accomplished our mission after months of research and testing and here are the fragrances that will get you laid… you’re welcome 😉

FragranceSex AppealC.M. RatingCritic Rating
Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)9.5106.715
Allure Homme Sport by Chanel10107.51
Aventus by Creed (2010)109.57.995
Bleu de Chanel by Chanel (2010)87.57.01
Bvlgari Man by Bvlgari (2010)875.975
Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior1098.68
Fahrenheit by Christian Dior (1988)887.32
Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch (2002)9.5106.875
Green Irish Tweed by Creed997.76
L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent9107.31
La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent9.29.47.49
Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier808.56.875
Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules873.95
Platinum Egoiste by Chanel10107.245
Rochas Man (1999)987.91
Sauvage by Christian Dior (2015)875.435
Terre D' Hermes Parfum by Hermes (2009)988.705
The One by Dolce & Gabbana (2008)9.2107.34
Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford (2007)1097.815
Versace Dreamer by Versace987.15

How we came up with this list –

Like we mentioned before, all women have different tastes and preferences. What we suggest may be perfect for the cutie down the street, but your wife may find it appalling. This could be a problem!

Just like all of our opinions on fragrances, we have created a list for the masses. This means ON AVERAGE women get turned on by these scents. Your wife might hate it, but by gosh your secretary, baby-sitter, and cashier may fall over backwards when they smell you. This is a good thing.

Sex Appeal – This rating is how likely a person is to think about sexiness when they smell it. For example, if I ask 50 women “What do you think of this fragrane?” and 1o of them reply with the words, “hot”, “sexy”, “yummy”, I’m gonna rate the fragrance as a very sexy fragrance and give it a perfect 10.

If women get grossed out by the scent, or they find it pleasant but would label it something unattractive, it will most likely earn a 0.

*Note – All of the fragrances on this list are sexy or they wouldn’t be here. However, some of them have a slight advantage over others. Thats why we came up with a rating scale.

C.M. Rating – This is my take on the fragrance. Why my opinion matters is because I’ve smelled hundreds of different fragrances and with my experience, I understand what will get a women excited and which ones will not. (Usually I’m spot on) If you value my opinion, this is a good guesstimate of how the fragrance smells overall. If I think a fragrance is in the top 10% of all fragrances I’ve smelled, I give it a 10.

Critic Score – This score is what critics and reviewers think of the fragrance. These opinions have nothing to do with me and are compiled into a number so we can compare each one. If you don’t like my advice, take the word of hundreds of people that have worn it and make a decision from that. Sometimes I agree with the world and sometimes I don’t.

How to choose a fragrance to get you laid

I understand that some of you guys out there are meat heads. You’re in the gym twice a day and you’re taking pictures of your biceps and sending them off to random Tinder girls 15 times a day. That’s fine. The type of girl you’re going to go after is different than somebody else would that may be looking for.

Maybe you’re a nice, mature husband that is looking to romance your wife for a splendid evening out. You will probably be wearing something else than some gym rat trying to press every hottie they see.

Don’t worry though, as you read through the bottom of the page, I have you all covered with a few recommendations. Check to see which scenario fits you best and go from there.

Typically fragrances that are on this list are not popular. You don’t want to wear something everyone else does so keep that in mind as your viewing some of these. If you’ve never heard of them, there is probably a reason why.

Wearing fragrance by itself will not get you laid, sorry fellas If you really think that spraying a couple of squirts of any of these fragrances will get you covered in hotties, you’re wrong. Fragrance ENHANCES the way you look. Have you ever had a gorgeous girl walk by only to have her perfume stick into your nostrils for a few extra seconds like she is still in front of you? Thats what cologne does for guys too! It enhances your best features, gives women something to compliment you on, and it’s a free conversation starter.

Most people that know me have an idea that I LOVE fragrance so if we are just standing around and we have nothing to talk about, I’ll have them smell my wrist so they can tell me what they think. It also works as a great opener if you’re trying to pick up women. “Hey ladies, can I get your opinion on something, my friends keep telling me I smell like a Unicorn, what do you think?” and BOOM you’ve just opened a conversation with a random person.

Now there are some pretty crazy stories in this post of guys getting laid from these fragrances, but I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there that you’re gonna have to do a little more work than just show up wearing fragrance.

#1 Best Overall Cologne For Men To Get You Laid

best cologne for men aventusAventus by Creed (2010) – Click Here For Price

Sex Appeal: 10

Cologne Master Rating: 9.5

Critic Rating: 7.995

Without any question, Aventus by Creed gets more compliments, phone numbers, and results than any men’s fragrance on the market today. If you haven’t seen all the compliments Aventus receives, I suggest you check out our best smelling fragrance page and see for yourself just how many people notice Aventus (in a positive way) than others.

Here at Cologne Masters we don’t have a full blown review for Aventus yet. For that reason, we can’t give it a perfect 10 because I haven’t actually worn it but I’ve smelled it numerous times. But rest assured, there is a review coming soon, and you’ll be able to find it here when there is.

What makes it special and the #1 best cologne for men to get you laid?

Most noticeable notes: Pineapple, Birch, Musk

Not only does Aventus last a long time, the scent will make you smell like a true gentleman. The big price tag that comes along with Creed is actually a good thing. You don’t need to worry about smelling like a girl’s ex in most cases when you’re trying to pick her up.

True stories of men getting laid because of Aventus

This story is awesome because it shows a few of the powers Aventus has.

  1. It is a conversation starter – in this situation, the woman actually approached the guy to start the conversation. If you you’re having trouble figuring out what to say, Aventus does the work. Women will come to you (sometimes)
  2. It lasts a long time. The girl said the next day that she could still smell him. That goes to show how long the fragrance will last.

Story #2 – (Not me)

I met this girl on the Tinder dating app awhile back and she ended up coming over to my place a few weekends ago. Because I wanted to get straight down to business, I sprayed some Aventus on right before she came over.

In only 20 minutes, we were already making out aggressively and I knew we were going to have a fun night. I ended up sleeping her with all weekend and I figured I didn’t have to wear cologne anymore.

Two weekends later we were hanging out and she asked me, “Why don’t you wear that cologne anymore?” I never thought in a million years a cologne would get me laid… Thanks Aventus

Story #3

Just encountered a man that said wearing Aventus landed him the job he always wanted. The person giving the interview commented on it and brought it up several times throughout the process. Pretty cool stuff!

Have your own story about getting laid from wearing Aventus? Let us know here!

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#2 Best Cologne For Getting Laid

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel (2010) – Click Here for price

cologne for men bleu de chanelSex Appeal: 8

Cologne Master Rating: 7.5

Critic Rating: 7.01

In my journey of discovering fragrances for men that will get results when it comes to getting laid, Bleu de Chanel comes in at #2. When it comes to fragrances that receives compliments, Bleu De Chanel come in at #3 on that list. But here is the thing, we don’t want compliments, we are looking for fragrances that will get us into the bedroom.

I’ve worn Bleu de Chanel several times and although it is a great scent, I didn’t have the results

What makes it special and #2 on the list?

Most noticeable notes – Grapefruit, Ginger, Incense, Lemon

Although in my personal experience, I haven’t received the best luck from Bleu de Chanel for receiving compliments, getting action, or conversation starters, overwhelmingly this is one of the hottest fragrances when it comes to people getting attention online that have worn it. And since I’m only one person, and there are zillions of other people that wear this and experienced super positive results, I have no choice to follow their lead and put it at #2.

Check out below to see some of the things that have been said about it.

True stories from people that wear Bleu De Chanel

Story #1 from an attractive lady


I want a man to smell like this when he kisses me, when he marries me, when he comes home, when he breathes loool
It’s freaking amazing, I always was intrigue about it even on my early teens when I was not interest at all on men’s perfume, but everytime I passed by it I had to smell it. It just smelled like the perfect man to me, and as I grow older I love it everyday even more.
The best part it’s that it is well known but not everybody wears it.
For me it has an elegance and a charm that’s so unique that it’s hard to describe

Story #2 (true story from a co-worker)

Across the street from where we work there is one of the largest laser tag arenas in the state. A couple of the guys I work with preordered the new Battlefield console game so they were able to try out the arena at no cost.

When they arrived, there were several other teams there ready to play so they jumped right in. Maybe it was destiny, but they were paired with another group of four that included two guys and two girls that were on dates.

They started running around and in the heat of combat, one of my co workers was pinned down behind a barricade with one of girls in his group.

His body heat mixed with Bleu de Chanel must have triggered some sort of attraction because she let out a the words, “Damn someone smells good”.

After strike up a conversation, he ended up sneaking her phone number and a few weeks later getting laid. Not bad for a girl that we on a date.

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#3 Best Cologne For Getting Laid

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995) – Click Here For Price

le-male-amazonSex Appeal: 8.0

Cologne Master Rating: 8.5

Critic Rating: 6.875

Le Male is now almost considered one of the “classic fragrances” since it no has been almost 20 years since its release. Le Male has some of the strongest compliments I’ve ever seen from the opposite gender after talking with people who wear it, and reading all the reviews on the web about it.

A big reason Le Male will get you laid is because it will get you noticed. The smell is powerful and it lasts a long time which why it is perfect to get you some action. You will smell good, you will receive compliments, and you will get noticed.

What makes Le Male worthy of being on this list? 

Most noticeable notes – Vanilla, Lavender, Mint

Le Male is a manly fragrance. Its something that I would imagine a dude would wear when he was done wrestling a bear, fixing a car, or grilling some meat.

It’s also a loud fragrance. People around you will notice it. Whether that’s good or bad will depend on your audience, but generally speaking women love this one for whatever reason even though not all guys do.

True stories and reviews about Le Male

Review #1

This guy says it perfect…

I don’t get it. I really don’t. It’s decent, it smells ok, but for some reason nearly all of the women I know, LOVE IT.

I wish I understood why. This is one of the colognes I wear for other people. My ex’s absolute favourite.

Other people love it. I don’t.

Story #1 (not me)

I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks when we decided it was a good idea to go out with my friends for a night. She met me at my place and when I greeted her, I was finishing getting ready for the night.

She came with me to my room and I was putting the finishing touches on my hair and then grabbed my bottle of Le Male and sprayed it on my wrists, neck, and I wiped a dab right behind my ears. She noticed the weird looking bottle and asked what it was and told her it’s called “Le Male” and she said she’s never heard of that before.

We were at the bar with my friends later that night, giggling and just being obnoxious when she leans in and says, “Your Le Male makes me want to drop my panties”.

This caught me off-guard because she never said anything to me sexual like that in the weeks we’ve known each other. Maybe it was the strawberry margaritas that made her say, who knows but she did. The most we’ve done up to that point is make out a little and she let me feel her boob a bit but that was all.

Needless to say, when we got back to my house, she dropped those panties. I can’t say for certain if it was the booze of the cologne, but who cares.

(If you have your own store about Le Male, please share it with us!)

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Best Cologne To Get You Laid For Young Men

Most girls in high-school are still in the stage of wearing name brand clothes, and competing on who is wearing the most expensive jeans. Most hot girls are going to know their fashion and they have most likely been exposed to smells that associate with good looks, money, and sexiness.

So here are some fragrances that will get you noticed in school. These ones in particular are talked about by young men all the time saying they’ve received some great results.

#1 Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch – Click Here For Price

cologne for young men fierceSex Appeal: 9.5

Cologne Master Rating: 10

Critic Rating: 6.875

Whether you like Abercrombie & Fitch as a company or not, young women are exposed to the sexiness the scent brings. When a girl heads into a Abercrombie & Fitch store, this is the smell they encounter. This means that girls associate this fragrance with looking good, having money, and being attractive. For a young guy in high-school to smell like that is a gold mine. I know when I was in school, my friends wore this and they always had girls gushing over them.

What makes Fierce worthy of being on this list?

Most noticeable notes: Musk, Fir, Lemon

Well, we already said it. Fierce is relatable to teenagers because they know what Abercrombie is. When you smell like something the ladies think is amazing, they are going to think you’re amazing.

Fierce is also featured on our infamous best cologne for young men post which attracts a lot of visitors to our site.

Reviews from some young guys (WARNING ROUGH LANGUAGE) 

I always wore different colognes.. must’ve owned 10-15 total, all good brands, the ones that got compliments a few times were Acqua Di Gio, Armani Code, and D&G Masculine, but it would be occasional. Well I just got Abercrombie Fierce, and no joke, within an hour I got two

compliments alone and a lottttt of stares-and-turn around smells as I passed by… this shiat is like CRACK for people lol… most compliments on a cologne ever, hands down. Plus it smells fcking awesome!

Here is another one…

FIERCE’s scent is an immediate attention getter and rightly so. Its fresh citrus aroma is the first aspect she’ll notice because of its clean, poised attitude. However, it’s FIERCE’s warm musky subtleness that will naturally draw her curiosity because of its seductive nature.

It is essentially a manly musky cologne for college guys but still quite a unique smell. A&F has a knack for making a good cologne for young men. It may be a “trendy mall scent” for younger guys but it’s still darned good. EdC strength.

hmm.. might look into it. was looking for a new cologne before heading back to college.

And a female perspective…

I think, and nearly all of my straight female friends agree, that Abercrombie Fierce is the absolute SEXIEST cologne a guy can wear. Regardless of what you think of Abercrombie (I used to be an absolute Abercrombie whore but now I do NOT shop there…except for fragrance , you can’t deny that their cologne smells incredible.

Caveat emptor: cologne only enhances your game, it does not provide game when there is none to begin with.

(if you have your own Fierce success story, please share it with us by dropping a comment below so we can get it added!)


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#2 Best Cologne For Young Guys to Get Laid

Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)

acqua-di-gio-amazonSex Appeal: 9.5

Cologne Master Rating: 100

Critic Rating: 6.715

Quite possibly the greatest fragrance to ever show up on the planet, Acqua Di Gio makes another appearance on a list. Because of the popularity of Acqua Di Gio, I couldn’t put it as #1 because there is nothing worse than smelling like someone’s ex.

Since Acqua Di Gio is so popular, the best time to see it in action is during high-school. This is the time where you’ll see the power this fragrance has because when you get older, most people will be worn out of this scent.

What makes Acqua Di Gio worthy of being on this list?

Most noticeable notes: Sea notes, Lemon, Lime

When over 50,000 people search for this fragrance per month on the search engines, you know there is something special about it. Acqua Di Gio is the closest thing to a guarantee that your girl will love the way you smell because of well it is liked. Check out some of the stories/reviews people have over this fragrance.

Stories/Reviews on Acqua Di Gio

(Warning… language)

I went out and bought Aqua di gio cologne yesterday since a lot of people seem to like it and last night bi**ches would not stop telling me how good i smelled. if you want any and all bi**ches on your D go get some of this sh**.”

This married guy…

Acqua Di Gio by Armani is by far the best. Several girls have told me it is an instant panty dropper. No joke. Too bad I’m married though. LOL

Story time (as told to me from a Cologne Master fan)

I never wore cologne before, so when I took off to college to BSU (Bemidji State University), I was ready to try new things and cologne just happened to be one of them. In high-school I didn’t really go to parties, just mainly hung out with a few buddies on weekends and worked at a local grocery store to save up for a car and school.

Anyways, I sent a couple of emails to Jason (me) about what cologne I should try because I’ve never worn it and I was clueless about which one to choose since there are so many out there. Jason gave me a couple of suggestions and I ended up going with Acqua Di Gio because it he said it was “guarantee like for me and my new friends around me”. So I tried it out.

In the dorms I didn’t have any mind blowing discoveries with it right away. I liked the smell of it, but I didn’t have people coming up to me left and right wanting to sniff me. I almost though I wasn’t doing it right so I almost stopped but I’m glad I didn’t.

Hockey happens to be a big deal at BSU and it just so happens that I made friends with one of the redshirt goalies and he told me to come hang out with some of the guys. I’m not much of a hockey plan but I decided it would be cool to hang out with those guys because legend has it, if you’re a hockey player, you get chicks.

That night, my hockey friend stopped over at my dorm and asked if I had any cologne he could wear and I reluctantly told him I had some Acqua Di Gio, because I assumed he wore something a little more high end or something. When I told him I had some Acqua, his face lit up and said, “Oh hell yeah!” and sprayed himself like 3-4 times and told me to do the same. He then mentioned something about how the girls were going to go crazy on us that night, which I didn’t believe.

Well, we get to the hockey house and there ended up being a bunch of hockey players there and TONS of girls and I mean the hottest girls at the school. I’ve always wondered where they hung out, but after seeing how many were there, I knew. My goalie friend ditched me so I kind of just hung out in the basement with a few of the girls and other dudes playing beer pong. While I was watching, one of the girls came up to me and told me “you smell too good to be a hockey player” and I laughed and told her that was because I wasn’t.

We ended up chit chatting for awhile and she added me on Facebook where we started talking a little more and then finally we went out a few times and were able to have some fun. I don’t know if Acqua Di Gio did the trick, or just being lucky at the right place at the right time, but it sure seemed good!

In conclusion (from Jason)

Cologne might not get you laid, but it might open a door for conversation or in my fan’s case, it enhances your appearance to make you go from 7 on a girls attraction scale to an 8.

(Have your own Acqua di gio story? Let us hear about it! Drop it in the comments below)

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The Best Cologne For Men for heading on a date with your wife/fiancé/girlfriend

I promised everyone reading this that I would give you a few fragrances that you may be looking for if you’re looking for a nice romantic evening with your wife or girlfriend.

For these types of nights, you should be looking for something a little more unique than something everyone can buy at their local Walmart or Target stores. A fragrance for a hot date shows your girl that she is special and that you don’t do this kind of stuff for just anyone.

Here are a few suggestions.

#1 Fahrenheit by Christian Dior – Click Here For Pricing

fahrenheit-amazonSex Appeal: 8

Cologne Master Rating: 7

Critic Rating: 7.32

Fahrenheit makes the list because it is one of the most manly fragrances you can buy. When people say it smells like gasoline, they aren’t kidding. This fragrance is so distinct, it will be impossible for your date to deny your manliness and will have no choice but to get n closer.

What makes Fahrenheit worthy of being on this list?

Most noticeable notes: Leather, Violet leaf, Nutmeg flower

Fahrenheit might be the most masculine fragrance you can buy which makes it perfect for an intimate date. Back in the 90s you might have had a problem with every man you walk next to wearing this scent, but not anymore which makes it even more special.


Story #1

“I sprayed this on my man in the department store.
At first he was overwhelmed with the petrol opening. I told him old classics like these need time to settle down. Once it did we went perfume shopping at the counter for me.

The young girl helping us kept leaning over to my man and she kept playing with her blouse. Her button kept popping open, and finally she left it with part of her bra/cleavage exposed. My man looked at me and it was becoming comical. He’s a rugged sort, so pretty boy-handsome ladies man isnt his bag.

She asked what he was wearing and he coldly replied “faherenheit” with a smirk and a wink as he was escorting me out the door. Once we got in the car, he looked this up on fragrantica, and said..”You were right. Its a lady killer.””

This is sex in a bottle , on my third bottle and will be buyin another one when its finished, very mature scent, compliments like crazy, you can wear this any time of the year, lasts 24 hours on my skin

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#2 Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford – Click Here For Price

tobacco-vanille-amazonSex Appeal: 9

Cologne Master Rating: 9

Critic Rating: 7.815

Tobacco Vanille is one of the highest rated fragrances ever from critics and reviewers alike. If that many people are saying good things about something, you know something is up. Over at the Guy Code Academy, some research was done by him personally to figure out what fragrances women find the most sexy.

His grand conclusion was indeed Tom Ford fragrances and for good reason. These smell of wealth, sophistication, and sexiness. This makes it perfect for a romantic evening out with your girl.

What makes Tobacco Vanille being worthy of being on this list?

Most noticeable notes: Tobacco, Vanilla, Dried fruits

Anything Tom Ford stinks of success. You won’t have a problem with everyone you know wearing this because rarely can someone justify spending $200 + on a fragrance. But if you’re married or really want to impress your date, it may be worth it.

You won’t find stories of men talking about their conquests when they wear this one. The reason behind it is because the type of guy that does get action from it, doesn’t kiss and tell 😉

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On the top of the page Cologne Masters gives you the top 20 best cologne for men to get you laid. Chances are that all of them might not be right for you but I’m willing to bet at least one of them will match your skin perfectly that will give off a glorious scent that will make women want to have your babies. (ok maybe went too far there)

But seriously, if you have a question on which one you should get, ask it down below and I’ll get back to you on it. If you’re too nervous to post a comment, send me a message via our contact page.

Lastly, once again, fragrances don’t guarantee any action, but they sure as hell enhance your appearance. If you’re a 7 on the attractive scale, it might just turn you into an 8 or 9 which may be all you need to take your girl home… Good Luck

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