10 Best Sexiest, Attractive, Cologne For Men That Make Women MELT in 2018!

Can you be honest with me for a second?

Why do want to smell good?

Men will come with many different answers to this question:

  • "I don't want to stink"
  • "It makes me feel confident"
  • "I want to feel manly"
  • "It's a special occassion"
  • "I want to be noticed"

There are a TON more reason I've heard but this is not the point.

What do these responses REALLY mean?

"I don't want to stink" - Means that you sit next to an attractive girl at work and you don't want her to think you have poor hygiene.

"It makes me feel confident" - Means that you're trying to impress someone. Could be your boss, a girl, or both.

"I want to feel manly" - Means you care about your image enough to present yourself as an attractive man.

I'm sure you can come up with what guys really are saying with the last two... 

But here's the thing:

All of the answers have an underlying reason why men wear fragrance:

They want to smell sexy, attractive, or want to seduce someone.

And there is nothing wrong with that!

Believe it or not, when it comes to cologne, there are special scents that women and men find more SEXY than others.

The good news is that we've spent YEARS looking for them and have come up with a list.

Just like all of our top lists, this is not CologneMasters's personal opinion. All of our fragrances come from asking REAL PEOPLE what they think of a fragrance.

We then measure how many people use the word, sexy, yummy, hot, or [insert sexy description word here] to describe it.

What's AMAZING is that there are fragrances that are A LOT more ATTRACTIVE than others.

Not interested in reading this whole article?

Here are the 5 best cologne for men that are super sexy with the 5 others all down below.

Best Cologne For Men
Sexiest Cologne For Men

Eros by Versace

Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Aventus by Creed

Valentino Uoma Intense by Valentino 

The One by Dolce & Gabbana


(find Eros sexy)


(find Profumo sexy)


(find Aventus sexy)


(find Valentino sexy)


(find The One sexy)

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How did you come up with this list?

Has anyone given you a recommendation only to find out you absolutely HATED their suggestion?

In the fragrance industry, this happens ALL THE TIME!

What works for one person, doesn't always work for the next because of tastes, preferences, and perfume smells differently on other people because they emit different amounts of oil from their bodies!

What makes CologneMasters different is we don't ask one person which fragrances is sexy, we ask HUNDREDS!

This takes the luck out of finding sexy and attractive fragrances. We can actually KNOW which ones are.

The percentage you see under each fragrance shows the percentage of people that said a particular fragrance is sexy, attractive, hot, yummy, sensual, or something along those lines.

Does that make sense?

For example, over 17% of people find The One by Dolce & Gabbana to be a sexy scent. That's a lot! And it just so happens with a score like that, The One is the 5th HIGHEST!

How To Choose The Perfect Sexy Cologne

As you should be figuring out by now, there is no one size fit all fragrance that will work for everyone.

In fact, the fragrance that was voted the sexiest, only 28% of people described it as sexually stimulating.

Thats a little higher than 1 out of every 4 people!


If you didn't like the top 5 sexiest colognes, we are going to go more in depth when it comes to our top 10. 

This should make your decision a little easier when trying to find that perfect intimate scent.

I understand that some of you guys are meat heads. You're in the gym twice a day, taking selfies and sending them to random Tinder girls 15 times a day.

That's fine.

The type of girl you're looking for is different than my fully matured uncle would date.

As you look through our 10 best cologne for men that will attract the ladies, we make recommendations of what kind of guy would wear it. 

You can scroll to the bottom and just pick out the #1, or you can search for a more masculine, sophisticated, sexy scent. 

The choice is yours...

Typically fragrances that are on this list are not popular. You don't want to wear something everyone else does so keep that in mind as your viewing some of these. If you've never heard of them, there is probably a reason why.

Wearing fragrance by itself will not get you laid, sorry fellas... If you really think that spraying a couple of squirts of any of these fragrances will get you covered in hotties, you're wrong.

Fragrance ENHANCES the way you look.

Have you ever had a gorgeous girl walk by only to have her perfume stick into your nostrils for a few extra seconds like she is still in front of you?

Thats what cologne does for guys too! It enhances your best features, gives women something to compliment you on, and it's a free conversation starter.

Most people that know me have an idea that I LOVE fragrance so if we are just standing around and we have nothing to talk about, I'll have them smell my wrist so they can tell me what they think.

It also works as a great opener if you're trying to pick up women. "Hey ladies, I need your opinion on something, my friends keep telling me I smell like a unicorn, what do you think?" and BOOM you've just opened a conversation with a random person.

Now there are some pretty crazy stories in this post of guys getting laid from these fragrances, but I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there that you're gonna have to do a little more work than just show up wearing fragrance.

#10 - For The Young Man
Guilty by Gucci - 12.821%

Top notes

Lavender, Lemon

Middle notes

Orange flower

Base notes

Cedarwood & patchouli

The women that find Guilty attractive are all under 25 years of age which is why it is labeled a young man scent.

Fragrance lovers that are a bit more mature complain that it is overly sweet.

What have people said?

"My boyfriend used this one. I didn't know what he was wearing. God I think I might said a 100 times how sexy and great he smelled. Mmm this is a very classy and sexy scent. Very masculine and yummie. I love it!"

"Outstanding / Sexy Fragrance.. Girls Love it."

#9 - For Something Unexpected

Notes you'll notice

Grapefruit, Incense, Ginger

Just over 13.5% of people find that Bleu de Chanel is sexy which is good enough for #9 on the list for 2018.

Women have been known to purchase this as a gift to themselves only to give it to their boyfriends.

Bleu de Chanel is easy to wear, a great gift, and receives lots of compliments.

What have people said?

"This is ultimate sexy for a man. Girlies... if your man is wearing this, watch out, he's fair game!!! ;"

"This has smelled Amazing on every guy that has ever worn it around me. I dont smell grapefruit, to me it smells Blue like Marine or ocean like. I like scents like that. It does last long. I think its a nice sexy scent."

#8 - Sporty Sexy

Notes you'll notice

Orange, Sea notes, Aldehydes

Chanel knows what it is doing when it comes to releasing fragrances that are known as sexy.

Allure Homme Sport is one of my personal favorites and one of the current highest rated fragrances so naturally I'm pretty excited to see it on the the top 10.

What have people said?

"One of my friends has this one GODDDDD even now it gives me the shivers is so masculine so...powerful..sooo sexy i cannt explain is HOT"

"Bought this for my boyfriend, and he loves this so much... He smelled so sexy wearing this :)"

#7 - Old-School, For 40+ Years Old

Notes you'll notice

Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary

Chanel impresses again with the #7 sexiest fragrance on the market today.

Having been released in the early 90s, it now excels for men that are in their 40s because its nostalgic for them. People compare this to Abercrombie's Fierce with a little more sophistictation.

What have people said?

"The best! I'm afraid I could fall in love with any man who would wear this fragrance:) Extremely manly and sexy scent!"

"this is my absolute favourite fragrance on a man. its classy and sexy fresh and clean, making the wearer interesting and appealling.its delicous"

#6 - Young, Popular, Image Conscious

Notes you'll notice

Musk, Fir, Lemon

Fierce somehow sneaks it's way into every main stream cologne conversation. 

With almost 14.5% of people finding it sexy, Fierce is still relevant today especially for young men that love wearing name brand clothing.

What have people said?

"Love this perfume on a guy, makes him irresistible 😛
I think it is young and sophisticated enough, but what i like the most is that there isn't any disgusting woody or leather smell in it. It is fresh but still sexy."

"Everyone I know both male and female like this cologne. Marketed as a "young" scent however I've worn it in my early 20's and now into my 30's this cologne still gets me compliments especially from women. It's bold and sexy (according to my female acquaintances)."

#5 - Simply Amazing, Our Choice

Notes you'll notice

Amber, Tobacco, Ginger

The One should be considered as the greatest fragrance in our generation. It can be successfully worn by any age and can be used during every occasion.

This is the easiest pick out of the sexy list.

What have people said?

"Wearing this means you're classy, elegant, sexy, and in my opinion daring the laws of sensuality!"

"This is my signature perfume. I love it because it is classy sexy and seductive. People will love it and will give u a lot of compliments about it."

#4 - Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy

Notes you'll notice

Iris, Leather, Vanilla

Comparisons like to be made to Dior Homme's Intense, which is some pretty favorable company.

Men rant and rave about how much women love this fragrance and it's recommended as a sophisticated, classy, type of a wear.

What have people said?

"This fragrance is AMAZING. Instantly made it into my top 10 rotation. The EXOTIC dance/play between the Iris Absolute & Tonka Bean is SUPER Sexy."

"In a nutshell, it’s sexy, hot and Sophisticated at the same time"

#3 - G.O.A.T., Closest Thing To A Guarantee

Notes you'll notice

Pineapple, Birch, Musk

If you haven't seen our top compliment getters post, you need to.

Aventus receives more compliments than any other fragrance by an ENORMOUS margin.

What have people said?

"Ahh haa! Finally this is the sexy masculine pineapple smell everyone talking about. Definitely believe the hype on this one!"

"II adore this sexy beast of a fragrance on my husband. The slightly pineapple tinged smokiness of it is without parallel. If he wore nothing but Aventus from now until his dying day, I'd be a happy gal."

#2 - Sophisticated, Classy, Highly-Rated

Notes you'll notice

Sea notes, Incense, Bergamot

It's been amazing how quickly and how hard Profumo has hit the fragrance world.

Everyone is talking about how it is a more sophisticated version of Acqua Di Gio which is exactly what everyone has been begging for since the 2000s.

What have people said?

"Sexy sexy sexy!!! no other words to compliment profumo. I was mesmerised by the scent of freshness and incense drydown.

"This must be the best ADG version, believe me!
Smell damn so gooddd omg. Very masculine, elegant, claming and sexy!!!"

#1 - Top Overall, Sexiest Cologne For Men

Notes you'll notice

Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Mint

What a ride it's been to get to the best cologne for men to attract the ladies. Versace Eros is worthy of the #1 spot with a commanding 28% of women saying it is sexy.

Eros is loved because of the precious vanilla and tonka bean notes that will have the opposite sex trying to lick the smell right off your body. 

What have people said?

"Absolutely LOVE smelling this. So freaking sexy... such a huge turn on."

"Bam! Finally, a NEW men's fragrance that doesn't leave me yawning in boredom. This scent is absolutely intoxicating, sexy & unique."

Things To Consider

When it comes to choosing a sexy fragrance, you have probably figured out that there is no PERFECT choice that will make women stop dead in their tracks.

Asking someone what fragrance they find sexy is like asking them what their favorite food is. 

There is just TOO many possible answers.

However, when you ask hundreds of people what scents they find sexy, you'll notice that a few of them show up a little more than the others.

That is what CologneMasters is all about.

These fragrances are the ones that showed up at the top more than any others.


Fragrance only ENHANCES your appearance. 

So if you're Oscar the Grouch and look like you live in a trash can, cologne won't make you sexy.

You should be wearing something gives YOU confidence and makes YOU feel sexy. 

A man that smells great is one thing...

But a man that smells good, looks presentable, and has confidence?

That's almost impossible to ignore....

Good luck fellas! Don't be a stranger, drop a comment below.

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