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17 Best Long Lasting Cologne You Will Ever Find

If you have dry skin, live in an area with a hot climate, or straight up just don’t mesh with a lot of the main stream fragrances, you need a long lasting cologne.

One of the biggest complaints we see here at CologneMasters day to day, is that men get upset when they spend a good chunk of change on a bottle of fragrance, only to discover when they use it, the cologne vanishes within a few hours of wearing it.

What a PAIN! Lucky for you, we have 11 tips to help you get the most out of your bottle that should really help you out if you’re looking for some quick fixes on getting the most out of your current fragrance.

Otherwise, some people don’t understand that cologne, or eau de cologne, is designed to specifically not last very long! If you have seen these words on bottles before, and you’ve been wondering what they mean, it basically means how much fragrance concentration is within each bottle. Don’t believe us? HowStuffWorks even has an article about it.

Here is a good illustration.


So if you’re looking for a long lasting cologne, perfume, or fragrance, you may want to double check what your actually purchasing. Many fragrances will come in two different types like maybe an EDP and an EDT like Terre d’Hermes for example.

One is designed to be a little stronger and last a bit longer.

This however is not a “rule”, but more like a guide. Some EDTs might last longer than EDPs. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

We have however completed a list of some of the best long lasting cologne you can find for your enjoyment. Let us know if we missed any and we’ll get it put up on our list.

The longevity rating is based off hundreds/thousands of reviews and are not my PERSONAL opinion. I think that makes our list a little more accurate.

Fragrance/CologneAvg. Longevity RatingCritic RatingWhere You Can Find It
Joop! Homme by Joop!9.127/105.570Click Here
A* Men by Thierry Mugler9.049/106.605Click Here
Tobacco Vanille By Tom Ford8.672/107.795Click Here
Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford8.598/107.345Click Here
Dior Homme Intense by DIor8.53/107.12Click Here
1 Million by Paco Rabanne8.464/105.945Click Here
Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)8.384/106.875Find It Here!
Eros by Versace7.87/105.90Click Here
Red Vetyver by Montale7.846/107.475Click Here
Terre D' Hermes Parfum by Hermes7.635/108.705Click Here
Fahrenheit by Christian Dior7.631/107.320Click Here
Obsession by Calvin Klein7.578/106.395Click Here
Narcisco Rodriguez For Him7.525/105.920Click Here
Aventus by Creed (2010)7.354/107.970Click Here
Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (2003)7.300/108.295Click Here
Only The Brave by Diesel (2009)7.2845.220Click Here
Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf7.193/107.00Click Here
Allure Homme Sport7.167.50Click Here

So here ya go…

The Top 10 Most Lasting Cologne You Can Find

#10 – Obsession by Calvin Klein (1986), eau de toilette

best long lasting cologne

Longevity Rating – 7.578

Critic Rating6.395

The year 2016 marks the 30 year anniversary since Obsession was released. Today it is not nearly as popular as it once was. Critics talk about how “dated” and “played out” it is.

In its time, Obsession was a masterpiece that many men wore. Back in the 80s, men flocked to the fragrances such as Drakkar Noir, Cool Water, and Obsession. Now the guys that wear it are all a little bit older and just want to be blasted back in time a few years.

This explains the low critic rating.

If you’re looking for an older, timeless smell that is built to last, Obsession could be the fragrance for you.

Notes you’ll notice;

  • Cinnamon
  • Amber
  • Vanilla


If you do wish to give it a chance, don’t be afraid to look on Amazon for the best deals.

#9 – Fahrenheit by Christian Dior (1988), eau de toilette


Longevity Rating – 7.631

Critic Rating – 7.320

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is one of the fragrances that keeps popping up everywhere in conversations. In a matter of fact, it was even future in a super manly post over at

This fragrance lasts a long time and should only be worn by dudes that have a bad ass persona. I’m not kidding. People say it’s something a mechanic would smell like after he came home from work and cut the grass. Kind of cool in it’s own way.

So if you’re ready to take a leap into manliness, this is one of the fragrances for you.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Leather
  • Violet leaf
  • Nutmeg flower



#8 – Terre D’Hermes Parfum by Hermes (2009), Pure Perfume

terre-dherems-pure-parfum-long lasting

Longevity Rating – 7.635

Critic Rating – 8.705

One of the biggest complaints you’ll here from Terre D’Hermes 2006, EdT is how long it lasts. Although it’s considered a masterful scent, this is a text book example of people wanting something more if they are going to spend over $50 for a bottle of love juice.

When the pure perfume version of Terre D’Hermes came alive, the people rejoiced. This scent now lasts longer than ever and has received much higher reviews and ratings than it’s Edt counterpart.

If you love the smell of lighter fragrances or loved the smell of Terre D’hermes and always wished it lasted just a bit longer, you may have found a winner. You can find the EdT version of this fragrance on the best mens cologne page.

This one is a little more expensive because it’s loaded with more perfume in it than a normal fragrance.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Orange
  • Woodsy notes
  • Grapefruit


I usually get the best deals on Amazon so don’t be afraid to check it out.

#7 – Red Vetyver by Montale


Longevity Rating – 7.846

Critic Rating – 7.475

Perhaps one of the least popular fragrances to show up on the long lasting cologne list, Red Vetyver was created by Pierre Montale as something that is hot with spices along with the freshness of vetiver.

Oddly enough, there are strong comparisons of Red Vetyver by many people that claim it smells identical to Terre D’Hermes! This is kind of weird knowing that Terre D’Hermes Parfum makes an appearance on this list.

If you’re a vetiver fan, or just really enjoy the smell of Terre D’Hermes, this fragrance might be worth checking out.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Vetiver
  • Grapefruit
  • Pepper


I don’t always but fragrance, but when I do, I first search for deals on Amazon…


#6 – Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995) EdT

le-male-longest lasting cologne

Longevity Rating – 8.398

Critic Rating – 6.885

Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier almost sneaks into the top 5 longest lasting colognes but falls a little short. This fragrance was created back in 1995 and is actually still one of the more popular fragrances today!

Le Male is known to receive a compliment or two. You can find it on the list on the best smelling cologne for compliments page. Although it’s not near the top, it does receive a few honorable mentions.

If you’re looking for a fragrance that has great longevity and you were in high-school and college in the 90s, this might be a fragrance to bring back and give another chance.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Vanilla
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon


I just recently purchased my bottle of Le Male on Amazon and you can too! You’ll hear a full review from CologneMasters shortly!

#5 – 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (2008)

1-milion-long lasting perfume

Longevity Rating – 8.464

Critic Rating – 5.945

1 Million by Paco Rabanne is no secret to CologneMasters. In fact, it was one of our very first reviews and you can check it out by clicking the link at the beginning of this sentence. You can also find 1 million as one of our best mens cologne but you’ll have to scroll through it a bit since it is not one of our top 10.

Because of it’s popularity and cool looking bottle, 1 million is highly scrutinized by critics which makes the rating dip a little lower than what it deserves. It is true that I’m not a fan of this fragrance because it is a little strong, but I don’t think it’s a 5.945 rating worth.

The longevity on this fragrance is spot on though. It’s the only fragrance I’ve ever owned that you can still smell it on your person the next morning. If you throw your clothes in your laundry with this scent on them, your laundry will smell like 1 Million too.

This fragrance belongs to the youth of the world. If you’re under 30 and looking for something strong to get you through the day, 1 Million might be the right choice.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Cinnamon
  • Leather
  • Amber
  • Rose



I purchased my bottle of 1 Million on Amazon for the best deal, so don’t be afraid…

#4 Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford (2007), eau de parfum


Longevity Rating – 8.598

Critic Rating – 7.345

Tom Ford rocks the world with his fragrances. Tuscan Leather is one of the longest lasting fragrances on the market today and it won’t be the last time you see Tom Ford’s name on the list for the longest lasting fragrances.

People talk about how it’s a loud fragrance, but it is not obnoxious. It has an authentic leather smell and a dry down that will keep you smelling incredible all day. This is one of the highest rated, long lasting fragrances around.

If you’re looking to wear Tom Ford, prepare willing to spend a few dollars. Because of the more hefty price tag, people that smell like Tuscan Leather generally have a higher perceived value than others.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Leather
  • Raspberry
  • Suede


#3 – Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford (2007), eau de parfum

longest lasting cologne tom ford

Longevity Rating – 8.672

Critic Rating – 7.795

Tobacco Vanille has a slight edge over its sibling Tuscan Leather in both longevity and rating. Although it’s one of the most expensive fragrances for men, it still is one of Tom Ford’s finest and most worn fragrances because of how well received it is.

As a winter or fall scent, this fragrance will absolutely blow you away when it comes to comparing itself to other main stream scents such as 1 million, spice bomb and others. If you smell like this fragrance, you will appear more luxurious than you actually are.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Tobacco
  • Vanilla
  • Dried Fruits
  • Cacao
  • Tonka Bean
  • Spicy notes


When I look for good deals on fragrances, the first place I check out is Amazon. You can take a peek at Tobacco Vanille’s price by clicking on the button above.

#2 – A* Men by Thierry Mugler (1996)

long lasting fragrance a men

Longevity Rating – 9.049

Critic Rating – 6.605

One blast of A* Men and you won’t have to wear any other fragrance for the rest of the winter. Ok maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but it does have enough longevity to make it to #2 for the longest lasting cologne. There was even one guy that said he sprayed it on his shirt and could still smell it 3 days later. That’s pretty impressive!

People talk about how this is a love/hate fragrance where they hate that they love it. Although it does last a long time, it takes a special person to withstand the smell. Because it’s so powerful, if you are sensitive to smells, this is probably not the one for you.

This might be a good fragrance to try early in the morning. The coffee notes might even help you wake up a little quicker if you’re a fan.

If you take a peek at the critic rating, you can see how low it is due to people just not being able to harness the power of A* Men.

Notes you’ll notice

  • Carmel
  • Coffee
  • Patchouli
  • Vanilla
  • Honey


#1 Longest Lasting Fragrance For Men

Joop! Homme by Joop! 1989

longest lasting cologne ever

Longevity Rating – 9.127

Critic Rating – 5.57

Watch out world because Joop! just hit the #1 spot for longest lasting fragrance. Although Joop! has a fantastic following of people that absolutely adore this scent, many people complain that the power of Joop! can give you a headache, make you puke, or even in some cases nausea. That’s how you know a fragrance deserves the top spot for this list.

Joop! is a very sweet fragrance. The pink bottle describes a man that would wear a “real men wear pink” shirt. Because not only Joop! a sweet fragrance, it’s in your face sweet which sends a statement to unsuspecting people around you.

A real man can pull it off, but if you’re not… maybe you should look for something else.

Notes you’ll notice;

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Heliotrope
  • Tonka Bean

longest lasting fragrance ever joop

Find it for around $20 on Amazon. A pretty stellar deal and you can grab it by clicking my link


Thanks for stopping by and checking out the longest lasting cologne for men. Once again, this list is not MY opinion, but a collection of thousands of reviews who rated it which makes it the most accurate list of its kind.

If you feel like we missed a fragrance that lasts super long, LET US KNOW! We will add it to our list and even tell your story about how people still smelled it on you 6 months later or whatever happened.

If you end up purchasing any of the fragrances, please use our links to do it! We earn a small commission and it helps us keep the site up and running. We want to keep putting up new information and we can’t unless we make a dollar here and there.



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