It's that time of year again and there is no better gift than the gift of scent. Finding the best perfume for men can be a tricky task.  

Let me explain...

Imagine giving your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, a bottle of fragrance only to discover he HATES it!

We aren't going to let that happen! Here at CologneMasters we are going to give you some simple gift giving options when it comes to the best perfume for men to give as a gift.

best perfume for men gift wrapping

Perfume Gift For Your Husband

Giving the gift of perfume to your hubby is one of those gifts you're really giving yourself, am I right?

It's like when he comes home with a new big screen TV, hunting rifle, computer, or piece of junk and claims it's for the family but it's really for himself.

This can be your turn to fight back, and get him to smell just the way you want.

Do you want him to just smell clean and fresh like he just hopped out of the shower?

Would you like him to smell a little sexier so date nights are a little more exciting?

Maybe it's time he smells just a little more sophisticated and shows a little class.

Well, here are some slam dunk, perfect fragrances for husbands you both will enjoy.

Here They Are...

eros best perfume for men for gifts

Something Sexy...

For those men that need a little more spice in their lives... 

Eros by Versace is the winning ticket.

  • One of the highest rated sexy scents
  • Uniaue smell
  • Women adore it
  • heart
    For grown men
  • heart
  • heart
    Current Top Seller
tuscan leather great gift

Something Sophisticated...

For those men who are all about showing off their class...

Tuscan Leather is something Barney Stinson would wear...

  • Currently in the top 5 fragrances of the world
  • Extremely classy
  • Men & Women adore it
  • For mature, grown men

Something Versatile & Well-liked by Everyone

Allure Homme Sport is loved by everyone and can be worn anywhere.

It's for grown men that need to smell good and don't want to think about it.

  • CologneMaster's favorite fragrance
  • Can be worn anywhere
  • Men & Women adore it
versace man best perfume for men

Something Light, Clean, and Fresh...

Versace knocks the words clean, light, and fresh out of the park.

Don't be fooled with it's cleanly smell. Versace man is also intimate. You'll want to snuggle in close to anyone wearing it.

  • Light & Refreshing
  • Can be worn anywhere
  • Versace has an excellent reputation when it comes to fragrances.
  • plus-circle

Fragrance For Your Son or Brother

So it's finally your brother or son takes a hint... 

He smells..

Well maybe that's not the case, but new perfume, fragrance, cologne or whatever you wanna call it for a young adult is the perfect gift.

Let me ask you, what kind of fragrance do you think he needs? 

Something attractive to impress the girls at school?

Something clean?

Something versatile that he can wear day or night, summer or winter and every occasion?

We have four perfect fragrances for that young male adult to give as a gift that he'll love.

The fragrances we recommend here are all for young men. So if your son is 47 years old, I would check out a different category.

Well, here they are!

best cologne for son gift acqua di gio

Something universally liked...

Acqua Di Gio is perhaps the most popular and best selling fragrance of all time.

It's a can't miss, guaranteed like with young men.

  • Seriously, everyone likes this fragrance, it's that popular
  • Versatile enough to wear anywhere
  • Clean, light, aquatic fragrance
  • Perfect for young men 14-21 years old.
best perfume for men la nuit

Something secretly good...

La Nuit De L'Homme by Ysl is the secret sauce kids don't know about yet.

It's currently the 3rd best mens cologne in the world when it comes to reviewer rating.

  • Professional reviewers praise La Nuit like crazy.
  • Works well for younger guys because it's softer
  • Strong cardamom note
  • For all ages

Something light, clean, versatile

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana is an easy choice when picking a perfume for a gift.

It smells extremely clean like the person wearing it just hopped out of the shower.

  • Currently the 2nd most popular fragrance
  • Versatile and can be worn anywhere
  • Main not is grapefruit
armani code cologne for men

Something attractive, masculine...

Armani Code is the fragrance that smells just a little different than the others...

With leather and tobacco notes, Armani Code is perfect for the growing young man that doesn't want to smell like everyone else.

  • Unique, but still works well for young men
  • Can be worn anywhere
  • Rugged, but clean
  • plus-circle
    Smells the same on pretty much everyone. Body chemistry plays a little part.

Gift for your Boyfriend, BAE, Significant Other

Wooohooo! Getting your BAE the gift of fragrance for a special occasion.

Lucky for you, this is the gift that keeps on giving because you'll get to smell it on him every time you inch just a little closer... wink wink...

These fragrances are going to fit a few criteria;

1. If you're in the dating phase, chances are you're younger... These fragrance are going to be geared towards guys under 30.

2. Although these fragrances smell AMAZING, they are a little less known. Do you really want your lover smelling like your dad? uncle? grandpa? ex-boyfriend?

3. You're welcome... These perfumes are a little more daring so this was a little more of a challenge for us at CologneMasters.

Let the games begin!


The One by Dolce & Gabbana is a fantastic choice for young to middle aged men.

It's masculine, sweet, intimate, and just an overall perfect scent.

  • Personal favorite of the self-proclaimed CologneMaster
  • Versatile enough to wear anywhere
  • It's sexy, but not in your face.
  • Main notes are amber and tobacco. A deadly combination.
great gift ideas intense man

Something that smells like something famous...

Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf is just like it sounds... Smells like something famous

Intense Man is hugely popular since it smells close to Creed's Aventus, the sexiest fragrance ever... Make sense?

  • Smells EXTREMELY close to Aventus by Creed
  • Hugely complimented and well liked
  • Very attractive
  • star
    Much cheaper than Aventus
versace pour homme popularity contest

Something light, clean, versatile, affordable

Another fragrance that will save you over $50 a bottle to it's clone is Pour homme by Versace.

Pour Homme is light, clean, versatile and an easy blind buy if you need something fast.

  • Smells similar to Allure Homme Sport
  • Versatile and can be worn anywhere
  • Citrusy notes
  • plus-circle
    A safe blind buy

Something people are obsessing over...

Sauvage is quickly taking the world over the last few years.

People have actually claimed that this fragrance has saved their relationships because she couldn't get over how incredible he smelled.

  • Quickly becoming one of the most talked about fragrances
  • Receives huge amounts of compliments
  • Doesn't scream in your face with being able to notice it
  • plus-circle
    Doesn't smell like every other cologne out there.

Gift For Dad or Grandpa

Picking out a fragrance for Dad or Grandpa is a delicate decision. 

You don't exactly want him to throw on some random fragrance that makes him smell like he was just pulled up from the NYC sewers.

You also don't want him going home with some Abercrombie & Fitch perfume so now he's smelling like every teenager does after they go to the mall.

Dads and Grandpas deserve respect. That should show in the way they smell.

The fragrances listed below are all about giving Dad and Grandpa appreciation for what they've done in their lives. 

After all, that's what a gift is in the first place...

GIT perfume for men

How much do you love me?

Green Irish Tweed by Creed brings classiness to a whole new level.

Chances are when your dad or grandpa was in high-school, Cool Water was the thing. Green Irish Tweed is the Glenlivet of the Cool Water days.

  • check
    Very expensive... 
  • check
    Extremely sophisticated
  • check
    Reminiscent of the 80s
  • check
    Perfect for Dads and Grandpas

Clean, Light, Fresh, Safe

Chrome Azzaro has been around for awhile now and it's still a very much appreciated fragrance.

If you're trying to get your dad to smell like he just hopped out of the shower, Chrome Azzaro is your letter ticket.

  • check
  • check
    Still a top seller
  • check
    Reminiscent of the 80s
  • check
    Perfect for Dads and Grandpas
  • check

Something that will get Dad and Grandpa compliments

Acqua Di Gio Profumo is one of the new kids in town and people love it.

People describe Profumo as the "grown up" version of Acqua Di Gio which is why it's perfect for dad and grandpa.

  • check
    Compliment getter 
  • check
  • check
    Not popular... yet
  • check
    Perfect for Dads and Grandpas
gift for dad

Highest Rated Fragrance in the World

Dior Homme is currently the most liked fragrance on the planet. 

The people that wear it are usually mature, guys that can appreciate style and fashion.

  • check
    Well-liked by reviewers
  • check
    Powered by Iris notes
  • check
    Considered uni-sex
  • check
    Respectable fragrance for grown men