Remember when Froto began one of the most epic journeys to deliver the ring of power into the fires of Mordor? Well, Finding the best smelling cologne for men is similar.

Lucky for you, here at Cologne Masters have found that to be a great smelling cologne, people need to recognize it.

best perfume for couples

This is why we decided to create the list of the most complimented fragrances.

Cologne Master fans, we've done a RIDICULOUS amount of research searching for the best smelling colognes in the world so we can pass that knowledge on to you.

The list we are about to show you are PROVEN fragrances to get compliments.

If you've read our "20 Things You Didn't Know About Cologne" post, you're aware that a human can detect difference in up to 10,000 odors!

That's a lot!

So how are we supposed to figure out what smells people like and what people hate?

Trial and error of course...

But to test hundreds of thousands of fragrances that would take an INSANE amount of time.

The good news is that Cologne Masters ,with the help of thousands of reviewers, have sifted through the clutter and found which fragrances are awesome and which ones suck.


You might have to try a few to get the same results as other wearers, but guaranteed these do work and will get you noticed.


At the bottom of the page we want to hear your story on which fragrances have gotten you the most compliments so we can help others.

You'll also see on the bottom of the page the complete standings for the fragrances that were voted on.

17 Best Smelling Cologne For Men That Receive Compliments

When we conducted our research on what fragrances receive the most compliments, 441 different fragrances were recorded as compliment getters and we received over 1600 recorded compliments.


That's a lot! 

There is a lot of good stuff out there that will get you noticed.

Since 441 different fragrances would take over a year to sample and most likely a small fortune, we have the top 15 here just waiting  for you to see.

Honorable mentions - You'll be able to see a complete list of the rankings toward the bottom of the page but here are a few that just missed.

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, L'Homme by YSL, Legend by Montblanc 

#17 - Reflection Man by Amouage

woman giving man compliment

Compliments Received


Overall Rating


Reflection Man gets the nod to start off the most complimented mens cologne list.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Reflection Man was mentioned 1.093% as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"I've tested Reflection Man in NYC, NJ, Philadelphia, Tampa, and Key West in a 6 month span. Compliments were in season, from the warming end of winter in the north and to the shirtless walks in warm breezy Key West on Valentine's Day. "

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Jasmine, Neroli, and Sandalwood with many comparisons to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

People Say...

Reflection Man is one of Amouage's best perfumes.This is not the most complex scent from Amouage,but it's beautiful, woody,floral,warm,powdery and well-blended scent.

Reminds me a little bit of Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier,Joop! Homme and Original Santal by Creed.I think it's more masculine than feminine scent.Reflection Man is in the middle of the road between a designer and niche fragrance.

#16 - Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.880 (7780 reviews)

For the 2nd year in a row, Fahrenheit makes the list as one of the most likely to receive a compliment.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Fahrenheit was mentioned 1.154% times as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"Oh. My. God. 
A colleague of mine wears this today and our office is in love right now. This is gorgeous! I would very happily follow any lad who smells like this. No candy necessary.  "

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Leather, Violet Leaf, Nutmeg Flower, and Vetiver with many comparisons to Mercedes-Benz Intense. 

People Say...

Fahrenheit is the sexiest bare knuckle brawler of all fragrances.

Its not that soft and handsome sexy guy, its like a sexy guy who however is ready to take a fight whenever it needs to be. Its gonna be tough for any other fragrance to remove this one from the top seed on my list.

#15 - Dior Homme Intense by Dior

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.494 (4799 reviews)

Dior continues to make an impact as one of the best perfume houses for men as another one of their fragrances make the list.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Dior Homme Intense was mentioned 1.215% times as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"Women love this scent. I wore the parfum version in the office and I got nothing but compliments from female colleagues. My female boss always loved sniffing me up until it got to a point when she apologised for fear it could be sexual harassment!"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Iris, Vanilla, and Amber with many comparisons to other Dior fragrances such as Homme.

People Say...

This is one of the many fragrances I'd get compliments whenever I wear this. I rarely use this in the evening, as I wear this fragrance to my workplace, or just anywhere, daytime.

The fragrance gets more and more intense after few hours... it's powdery in the beginning, with a soft hint of floral notes, then the woody notes starts to take over. This fragrance is inoffensively seductive, extremely refine, and well-made. It doesn't exude of the idea 'being masculine', it tells you the idea of 'being a man'...

#14 - Cool Water by Davidoff

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.627 (6,309 reviews)

Cool Water continues to show off it's longevity with an impressive run as one of the all-time greats.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Cool Water was mentioned 1.215% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"One of the sexiest scents a man can wear in the warm months, cool, musky and fruity in the most masculine way possible. I get a pineapple juice like sweetness amongst the minty notes. Just delicious and girls can wear this too it is divine"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Sea Water, Lavender, and Mint with many comparisons to Green Irish Tweed by Creed.

People Say...

Fresh, clean, masculine, safe, non offensive, compliment getter, good projection/longevity, versatile, Classic/modern & loved by all women this fragrance.

Any guy can pull this off.

This is what made me dive into the fragrance hobby.

Considering when it was released,

#13 - Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.123 (5640 reviews)

Allure Homme Sport is one of my personal favorites and I'm happy to see it get the recognition it deserves.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Allure Homme Sport was mentioned 1.275% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"My late high school years scent wore it all year round. Carry a decant for the winter very beastly scent and my most complimented till date.

Had to dress business casual for high school perfect with suits, very elegant fragrance."

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Orange, Sea Notes, and Aldehydes with many comparisons to Versace Pour Homme.

People Say...

I've had allure homme sport for about a year now and it is defiantly my go to bottle for any occasion. The scent has beautiful citrus top notes, and it comes off very clean and attractive. 

I receive compliments all the time, mostly from women. In addition to casual wear you can pull this off on formal occasions.

This is defiantly a summer fragrance, but it does wonders on my skin so I find myself wearing it in the winter often. It is not necessarily very unique but it is very reliable and gets the job done. If you want a sexy, citrusy, clean scent that will last long and draw some attention you should pick this up.

#12 - Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.991 (5416 reviews)

Armani Code sticks around as a fragrance that is still receiving compliments, especially in winter.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Armani Code was mentioned 1.337% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

Whenever my boyfriend wears this scent it makes me want to purr.

 I've worn it a few times myself I am so enamored by the scent."

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Leather, Anise, and Olive Blossom with many comparisons to Armani Code Ultimate.

People Say...

What can I say about this absolutely fantastic, classy, sophisticated scent. I just love it. The only thing I can say to describe it is powdery and sophisticated.

It makes me feel like I smell like the richest man in the world. Code has a lightly sweet, powdery sophistication but also this sharpness that makes me want to keep smelling it.

It's a lightly sweet powdery scent with hints of suede and tobacco. To me this is what a very rich young entrepreneur should smell like. Reminds me of Jared Kushner or some trust fund country club gentleman. Or maybe like Prince William or some other royal. I love to wear this with a nice black suit and tie.

#11 - Versace Pour Homme by Versace

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.049 (4719 reviews)

Versace Pour Homme is another compliment getter that has a well deserved spot on this list.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Versace Pour Homme was mentioned 1.337% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

versace pour homme popularity contest

The Compliments -

"When I first tried this cologne I actually ignored it because it didn't stand out to me, it seemed too subtle and not loud enough. But when I say that this cologne out of all 20+ colognes I own has garnered more compliments from women than any other cologne I have I'm not lying.

So that alone made me buy two bottles one for home and work. It's a great office scent and women are drawn to it... Therefore it has become my #1 signature cologne."

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Lemon, Neroli, and Bergamot with many comparisons to Allure Homme Sport. Owning both of these bottles myself, I can vouch for that.

People Say...

This is my signature frag because of the ladies. I have gotten countless compliments from girls and the funniest one came recently when I was dancing at a club with a girl.  I was all sweaty and in my mind nasty after partying hard and I was trying to keep my distance, but she kept on leaning on me.

 At the end she said, "You smell fantastic, do you know that?!" I wasn't sure whether she was kidding, but no, she was dead serious.  

Longevity is good, I get 5-6 hours, and sillage is a bith higher than medium. Some compare it to Chanel's AHS, but they are markedly different. The Versace has a bit of an edge to it.

Crispier, cooler and more masculine than Allure Sport, I'm amazed at the votes, they are not so much similar except for the first citric phase, apply 5 heavy sprays and you see the difference, VPH creates an Ice-y halo with a 2 foot radius around you, AHS is a vanillish_lemony cushion that stays close to your skin.

#10 - Milliesime Imperial by Creed

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.204 (3631 reviews)

If you're a Creed fragrance fan, this won't be the last you hear about their scents.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Creed MI was mentioned 1.397% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"The day I got my first decant I decided to wear it to go have a couple of medical tests done.

Two female nurses were doing the tests on me and one immediately asked about the cologne I was wearing. So that took all of about 2 hours to get my first compliment with this scent.

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Mixed Fruit, Melon, and Sea notes with comparisons to Love & Luck by Ed Hardy. 

People Say...

I went into Nordstrom to acquire a sample of Aventus after watching Youtube reviewers rant and rave. While I was there, in an attempt to pretend like I was actually going to buy anything, I allowed the saleswoman to tell me about the other Creed fragrances. One of them was Millesime Imperial. She sprayed it on a card and I liked it, but I was so focused on Aventus that I did not pay it much attention. To be polite, I accepted a sample of MI as well as my coveted Aventus.

I wore Aventus that night to a restaurant with my girlfriend and a few other friends. Nobody mentioned anything and my girlfriend, after being asked, said that it was nothing special. I agreed with her.

The next day I wore my sample of MI to work. At lunch, since I was trying out a weird juice cleanse thing, I went to a juice bar for a daily supply of juice (holy s*** it's expensive). I walk up wearing black pants, Hugo Boss black leather dress shoes, a bleached white button down shirt, and 2 sprays of Millesime Imperial to my chest & neck. Before I could order my $18 worth of fruit and vegetable extract (total cost probably $4), the (straight) guy behind the register said "Wow, you smell great! What cologne are you wearing?" After I told him, he wrote it down and then called the (hot) girls from the back to come smell me. One wouldn't leave me alone and kept a conversation going with me while giving me flirty eyes. I needed a full bottle of this stuff.

Fast forward to today. I received my full bottle from the post office after ordering from a reputable online retailer. This was my second bottle of Creed (GIT was my first) so I knew what to expect. White box, fancy bottle, etc, etc. I sprayed 2-3 sprays at 7:30 AM, and as I type this, I can still get whiffs of a musky, salty, aroma that can only be found with Creed. This is at 4:00 PM.

#9 - Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Armani

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.244 (1682 reviews)

 Acqua Di Gio Profumo seemed to come out of no where and show up on the best smelling cologne list.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Profumo was mentioned 1.762% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"5.5 hours into wearing this, and my teacher said "who smells nice in here!? I love it!"

She was standing like 8-10 feet away from me, and walking around the room. I didn't even think it was that much of a beast-mode fragrance, but apparently it very much is.

It has this beautiful juicy fruit note in the beginning. This is such a handsome smelling fragrance. Perfect for the high heat. Makes you feel clean and youthful."

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Sea notes, Incense, and bergamot with comparisons to Acqua Di Gio Essenza. 

People Say...

I got the original ADG before it hit the stores back in the 90's. I loved the stuff, and for a time I enjoyed wearing it. Compliment after compliment but I gave up on wearing it when it became way too popular..

I don't know what the new formulations of this stuff is like, but the original formulation was great... That being said.. This Essenza definitely reminds me of what ADG smells like.. but a little different. Its been a long time since I have tried the original, so I won't compare it with that, but I will compare it with profumo. Essenza and profumo are extremely similar to me.

They both have the DNA of the original, but the essenza is maybe a smidge more spicy/marine, where as the profumo version is a smidge blue/incense... but they are really close. I don't think its worth spending more on one or the other. Its also been awhile since I tried perry ellis red.. perhaps perry ellis red is the best option out of all of these... I need to test that one out again..

Overall i like this fragrance.. I think its masculine, spicy, yet maintains enough freshness for the warm weather.  

9/10.. Haven't tested out the proj / long, but it seems pretty good so far

#8 - 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.453 (7629 reviews)

 1 Million shows that it is still an impressive scent as men still are reporting regular compliments.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Profumo was mentioned 1.762% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"Smelled this at the shop and had to get it for my fiance. Oh my godddd it smells SO good <3 It's sort of sweet and cinnamony and yet somehow still "manly". Woah.

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Cinnamon, Leather, and Amber with comparisons to Paco Rabanne 1 Million Intense. 

People Say...

The Infamous 1 Million....a wonderful scent that was ruined by its popularity. Most people overspray it, wear it all the time incl. hot summer days, office work, etc...
If people were more "fragrance-conscious", this would be "awesome" for the lovers (or it actually is), and an "ok, its not that bad" for the haters.

Longevity: 10/10 - I definitely don't get the very, very long lasting everyone talks about, but still 6-8 hours. This is what I ask for most of the time, so it gets a perfect mark here.

Projection: 10/10 - really loud, you will be noticed. This bottle should electrocute you, if you'd pull the trigger more than 2-3 times in a short time. It needs a lock. Seriously, it can easily get cloying.

Versatility: 6/10, cold, chilled weather only, clubbing, winter, autumn, outdoors. Projection is so good on this one that you can't really wear it in a small office or classroom.

Scent,Compliments, other: 8/10 - Heavily based on natural ingredients, this one pleases (nearly) every woman! Bottle design is unique, the scent itself pleases my nose. Cinnamon and blood orange is extremely heavy in this one; I don't really get the leather and mint...

Overall: 8.5/10 - can't say more, it is worth a try, most people either love or like it. It will never be my signature scent, but it will stay in my rotation for a long time.

Be gentle with the sprayer, please.

#7 - Green Irish Tweed by Creed

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.296 (5318 reviews)

Creed shows off it's guns with another showing on the most complimented fragrance list.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Green Irish Tweed was mentioned 2.187% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"I have always been told "Mmmm - you smell nice!" Even by NON-Dates!"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Lemon Verbena, Violet Leaf, and Iris with strong comparisons to Cool Water by Davidoff. 

People Say...

"After all this time this scent still remains my favorite scent of all time and is very close to being my most complimented scent but Aventus does edge this out slightly. Also, another thing that makes me love this scent is that it's my own personal favorite scent but also my girlfriends favorite scent on me as well. ( That says a lot since she's smelled 200+ scents on me over the years)

Green Irish tweed opens up with a bright,dewy green scent that's very nice but there's also a slight harshness to it as well. However once this dries down it smoothes out to a very pleasant fresh,green,aromatic scent that's very rich and has a lot of depth to it making it a very sexy and attractive scent once it's marinaded on the skin. The drydown to GIT is by far my favorite drydown of all time !!! It truly is heavenly ...

Performance on this on my skin isn't quite beast mode but it's definitely above average ! Projection is moderate throughout the life of the fragrance and it lasts on my skin 12-24 hours ... That is no exaggeration at all as I've been complimented by my girlfriend a day after applying this fragrance.

Overall rating --- 9.5 out of 10 ! This is a timeless classic that has gotten me many compliments from many types and ages of people and this lasts all day and has great projection without being overbearing. Great for all seasons and formal occasion !"

#6 - The One by Dolce & Gabbana EDT

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.191 (5318 reviews)

The One has a special place in my heart since it's one of my favorites. Glad to see others having as much success as I have.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Green Irish Tweed was mentioned 2.187% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"A cop just walked in my moms apt building talking on his walkie talkie and under his breath he said man that smells good lmao then walked into a room"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Amber, Tobacco, and Ginger with strong comparisons to The One EDP.

People Say...


When looking to purchase my first bottle of "Good" cologne, I was directed to The One by many online sources that praised this fragrance as being the perfect combination of sophistication, sexiness, and overall pleasantness. After using it for nearly 6 months now, I couldn't agree more.

The projection of this fragrance isn't exceptionally strong and the longevity leaves a bit to be desired, but it still garners its fair share of compliments. 

I'd give this fragrance a solid 9/10 rating and suggest it to anybody who is looking to improve their collection!

#5 - Bleu De Chanel by Chanel

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.028 (7508 reviews)

The top 5 best smelling colognes for men to receive compliments is where boys become men. Bleu De Chanel comes in hot with 47 recorded compliments.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Green Irish Tweed was mentioned 2.855% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

I want a man to smell like this when he kisses me, when he marries me, when he comes home, when he breathes loool
It's freaking amazing, I always was intrigue about it even on my early teens when I was not interest at all on men's perfume, but everytime I passed by it I had to smell it. It just smelled like the perfect man to me, and as I grow older I love it everyday even more."

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Grapefruit, Incense, and Ginger with strong comparisons to Bleu de Chanel  EDP.

People Say...

"Was at the mall and decided to stop in Macy's to get a whiff of this a month or so ago. tried the EDT and the EDP. Preferred the EDT and was able to get my hands on a new bottle through a contact for a good price. I've worn it 4 times since, including a date last friday to the movies.

-I smelled it on my seatbelt for days after. On my shirt from the night before. so the longevity is beast. both skin and clothing.

-I know for a fact it has a 4ft. projection at the very least, as someone from work noticed it. sillage seems perfect off of 4 sprays on me. 

-The Scent is incredible. To me, this is a masculine evening/night fragrance for men in their 20's and 30's. Despite what others say here, it does stand on its own two feet in personality. the blend of notes gives this a great warm, spicy scent that borderlines what Cool water was 20 years ago. Except Cool Water was an aromatic aquatic scent, Bleu de Chanel has a personality replicating it by being a warm spicy masculine scent. I think it's pretty damn clever. A cleverly masculine scent. I really like this and im going to wear the ever loving you know what out of it once the real spring/summer months come.

#4 - Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.871 (7668 reviews)

It was just a matter of time before Acqua Di Gio made the list. Quite possibly the most popular fragrance ever earned a spot on the board.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Acqua Di Gio was mentioned 2.977% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"after trying different kinds fragrances, and began to understand more and more about them, i went back to "Acqua Di Gio" and gave it a second chance. and then i realise how little i knew about fragrance back then......... i was blown away of how this thing actualy smelled. is a very uplifting, freshy, and masculine citrus/acquatic fragrance, and not to mention it smelled fantastic and my female friends loved it!"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Sea notes, Lime, and Lemon with strong comparisons to 360 Red by Perry Ellis.

People Say...

"Acqua di Gio I hate to say it, but it is the best fragrance ever made. I have owned Creeds, Chanels, all of the best designer fragrances and all of the best niche fragrances. This is always going to come out on top. This mixture of woods, spices, and citruses is a masterpiece that will ever be touched in terms of scent.

Grandfathers wear it, teenagers wear it, dads wear it and you used to wear it. You could wear this clubbing, to a job interview, to meet your girlfriends dad, to anything. The versatility of this fragrance is another thing that will never be touched. The Acqua di Gio DNA is something sent straight from Jesus himself and he said, "I want the human race to smell like this." And Acqua di Gio was born. Nothing will stop a girl in her tracks like this does. 10/10 all around."

#3 - La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.386 (8081 reviews)

YouTube sensation Jeremy Fragrance would never shut up about how great La Nuit smells and now its popular enough to be one of the most complimented fragrances around.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, La Nuit was mentioned 3.038% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"This is my husband's newest addition and he likes it very much. I wasn't too thrilled when we tested it in the store, I considered it just an okay scent. But something about his chemistry changes it into a magical love potion that makes me want to snuggle up to him all the time.

Rounded and sweet, but not too much, sexy but not in your face or vulgar, classy and elegant with the right amount of spiciness to keep it interesting. It has an amazing longevity too even though I must admit my husband is one heavy sprayer 🙂

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Cardamom, Lavender, and Bergamot with strong comparisons to La Nuit Frozen.

People Say...

"An extremely safe, dark and sexy fragrance suitable for night time but versatile enough for the day. La Nuit de l'Homme just has a very smooth, polished quality and has remained a big seller in the YSL lineup for some time now. Cardamom and cumin give this a slight gourmand edge but it never becomes overly sweet.

La Nuit brings to mind a dim penthouse lounge with tinted glass and glossy, dark, wooden tables. Perhaps some lazy jazz provides the soundtrack and lights from the cityscape gently illuminate the background. It's been said again and again that this is a great date scent and I couldn't agree more. 


#2 - Sauvage by Christian Dior

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

3.861 (4045 reviews)

Sauvage over the last year has made incredible strides on the number of compliments it's received. I wouldn't be surprised if it took the number one spot in the near future.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Sauvage was mentioned 4.982% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"You smell too damn good to be at work!"

"Went on a date last night with a 25 year old woman.  One of the first things she complimented me on was my cologne and how good it smelled. As the night went on, she kept going on and on about how good I smelled. It was one of the best reactions I've ever had"

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Ambroxan, Bergamot, and Sichuan Pepper with comparisons to Luna Rossa Prada.

People Say...

"Seriously this fragrance gets you compliments, both the longevity sand sillage are excellent. 

The thing is i actually managed to get lots of compliments and one of The led someware... 

This actually happend tonight and I am writing this because i cant sleep.

If People want a panty dropper or a conversation starting fragrance this is it, believe me. 

I just got into fragrances but i dont think we will have a panty dropper like this in a while. Please prove me wrong.

#1 - Aventus by Creed

Compliments Received


Overall Rating

4.431 (6744 reviews)

Aventus continues to dominate the world of fragrance when it comes to compliments. With 141 recorded compliments, it has more than #2 and #3 combined.

Out of 1,646 compliments recorded, Aventus was mentioned 8.566% of the time as the fragrance they were wearing.

The Compliments -

"Greatest cologne of all time...

-Most compliments by far
-Most stories by far
-Most asked cologne by far
-Most unexpected reactions by far
-Only cologne that made random people approach me
-The only cologne I can wear anywhere and be the best smelling
-The only cologne that stands out in any crowd
-The only cologne that surpasses what a perfume can and should do

Aventus will always be a part of me

What does it smell like?

The notes you'll notice the most are Pineapple, Birch, and Musk with comparisons to Club de Nuit Intense by Armaf.

People Say...

"Aventus- how I wanted to hate you.  

Let me preface by saying that yesterday was my last day trying out the "favorites sampler" at Sephora, mixing that in with some decanted samples. Since I started this journey for a new fragrance, I have received ZERO compliments or comments during my usual routine.  

Today was different. Applied only once at 6am, complimented by the babysitter (my mom). 9am someone complimented that I went too heavy on cologne, but it was a "good thing." 3pm complimented by attractive 21 year old that I speak to every day. "You smell really really good. Who are you trying to impress." Minutes later, her attractive friend enters and says, "I don't know why, but I really want to rub your shaved head today." Fast forward to 6pm. Watched a female athletic event. Three of the athletes came over to greet me after the game, they smelled me through each others' sweat and complimented. Arrived home at 7pm, wife said "I like that one, is that from the sampler?" Dipped arm in pool to test it. I complimented myself as a new scent surfaced. Showered.......

Why can't you be $50?

I have a really hard time distinguishing the notes on this one. I don't smell pineapple. I smell maybe apple and/or melon. It's just very unique to me. Love it."

How did we make our list?

You see we looked at some of the greatest sites on fragrance like,,,, and other miscellaneous sites that have REAL guys talking about REAL compliments they receive from ladies.

We put all the answers into a list and came up with 441 fragrances men have received compliments by wearing.

We only used compliments received for roughly the past 2-3 years.

We tallied up the responses and created a list of winning fragrances that receive WAY MORE compliments than others.

To create this list, it took us WEEKS to compile all the information so we hope you enjoy it and can find a fragrance that will work for you.

Lastly, we are now conducting our own poll to add to our results. So if you've worn a fragrance and received a compliment, WE WANT TO KNOW. Take our poll at the bottom of the page so we can get our list continuously updated.

The Complete List

(Left out the fragrances with only 1 compliment since there were over 300 of them.)

Fragrance Compliments
Aventus by Creed 141
Sauvage by Christian Dior 82
La Nuit by YSL 50
Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani 49
Bleu De Chanel by Chanel 47
The One by Dolce 36
Green Irish Tweed by Creed 32
1 million by Paco Rabanne 31
Acqua Di Gio Profumo 29
Millesime Imperial by Creed 23
Armani Code by Giorgio Armani 22
Versace Pour Homme by Versace 22
Allure Homme Sport by Chanel 21
Cool Water by Davidoff 20
Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior 20
Fahrenheit by Dior 19
Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch 18
Reflection Man by Amouage 18
L’Homme by YSL 18
Legend by Montblanc 18
L’eau d’Issey by Issey Miyake 16
HM by Hanae Mori 16
Silver Mountain Water by Creed 16
Versace Man Eau Fraiche 16
Cedrat Boise by Mancera 15
Dior Homme by Christian Dior 15
Terre D’Hermes by Hermes 15
Armaf Club Nuit Intense Man 14
Rive Gauche by YSL 13
Le Male b y Jean Paul Gaultier 13
Polo Black by Ralph Lauren 12
212 by Carolina Herrera 12
Curve by Liz Claiborne 12
Royal Oud by Creed 11
Baccarat Rouge 540 by MFK 11
Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford 10
A*Men by Thierry Mugler 9
CH Men by Carolina Herrera 9
Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford 9
Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons 9
Voyage by Nautica 9
Chrome by Azzaro 8
Spicebomb by Ricktor & Wolf 8
CH Men Prive by Carolina Herrera 8
Egoiste Platinum by Chanel 8
Ultra Zest by Mugler 7
Scent of Peace For Him by Bond No 9 7
A* Men Pure Malt 7
Leather Oud by Christian Dior 6
Eros by Versace 6
Invictus by Paco Rabanne 5
A*Men Pure Havane 5
Noir de Noir by Tom Ford 5
Light Blue by Dolce 5
Armani Code Profumo 5
Encre Noire by Lalique 5
Original Vetiver by Creed 5
Prada L’homme 5
Viking by Creed 5
Aqua Amara by Bvlgari 4
Beloved Man by Amouage 4
Comme des Garcons 2 Man by Comme des Garcons 4
Luna Rossa by Prada 4
Rochas Man 4
Boss Bottled by Hugo 4
L’Air du Desert Marocain 4
Straight to Heaven by Killian 4
Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme by Chanel 4
Noir Extreme by Tom Ford 4
Bleecker Street 4
Habit Rouge Dress Code 4
Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren 4
Dior Homme Sport 4
New Haarlem 4
Kouros by YSL 4
Prada Amber Pour Homme 4
Emporio Armani Diamonds 3
Guilty by Gucci 3
L’Instand de Guerlain Pour Homme Eau Extreme by Gurlain 3
Memoir Man by Amouage 3
Musc Ravageur 3
Obsession by Calvin Klein 3
Pour Homme Dolce & Gabbana 3
Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger 3
Vetiver by Guerlain 3
Acqua Di GIo Essenza 3
Antaeus by Chanel 3
Bois du Portugal by Creed 3
Bvlgari Extreme 3
360 Red by Perry Ellis 3
Journey Man by Amouage 3
Armani Code Sport Athlete 3
Burberry London Pour Homme 3
Gucci Envy 3
Spice & Wood by Creed 3
Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford 3
Armani Code Ultimate 3
Oud Wood by Tom Ford 3
Aramis Havana 3
Armaf Tres Nuit 3
Invictus Aqua by Paco Rabanne 3
Le Labo Santal 33 3
Herod by Parfums de Marly 3
24 Gold by ScentStory 2
Allure Homme Edition Blanche by Chanel 2
Bergamote 22 by Le Labo 2
Black Tea by Murdock London 2
Choco Musk by Al Rehab 2
Clubman by Pinaud Clubman 2
Drakkar Noir 2
Dries Van Noten 2
Euphoria by Calvin Klein 2
Geranium Pour Monsier by Frederic Malle 2
Gucci Pour Homme 2
Jaipur Homme by Boucheron 2
Lanvlin L’Homme 2
M7 by YSL 2
Michael by Michael Kors 2
Minotaure by Paloma Picasso 2
Montale Aoud Lime 2
Raghba Wood Intense by Lattafa Perfumes 2
Reaction by Kenneth Cole 2
Riverside Drive by Bond No 9 2
Signature by Bond #9 2
Sycomore by Chanel 2
Unforgivable Sean Jean 2
Xeryus Rouge by Givenchy 2
Black XS by Paco Rabanne 2
Burberry Touch 2
Joop! 2
Le Male Popeye by Jean Paul Gaultier 2
Back to Black by Killian 2
Body Kouros by YSL 2
Guerlain L’Homme L’Eau Boisee 2
Guess Seductive 2
Knize Ten 2
Lanvin Avant Garde 2
Luna Rossa Eau Sport by Prada 2
Reveal by Calvin Klein 2
Rasasi Hawas for Him 2
Lidge 2
Spicebomb Extreme 2
Guerlain L’homme Ideal EDP 2
MFK Pluriel 2
The One Sport by Dolce 2
Armani Code Ice 2
Man in Black by Bvlgari 2
Hamptons by Bond No 9 2
Heritage by Guerlain 2
Himalaya 2
Parfums de Marley Galloway 2
Play Intense by Givenchy 2
Pure White Cologne by Creed 2
Rose 31 2
The Scent of Peace for Him by Bond No 9 2
Masculin Pluriel by Maison 2
Aramis by Aramis 2
Original Santal 2
Drifter by True Religion 2
Boss Bottled Intense 2
Pure Tonka 2
Virgin Island Water by Creed 2
More Than Words by Xerjoff’s 2
1725 Casanova Hisoires de Parfums 2
Kiton Men 2
LM Perfums Black Oud 2
Grand Soir MFK 2
Pineapple Vintage 2
Lumiere Noire by MFK 2
L’humaniste by Frapin 2
Van Cleef 2
Midnight in Paris 2
Ambre Russe by Parfum D”empire 2
Stronger With You by Armani 2
Vetiver Geranium by Creed 2

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Jason is the first ever self-proclaimed “Cologne Master” that is dedicating his expertise and knowledge to helping people choose that special scent for the 1st or 50th time.

  • I voted for One Million, and Fahrenheit by Dior, since I received a compliment for that one too. At the moment, these are the only two (sometimes I also wear Aventus, Green Irish Tweed and Millesime Imperial, but no luck so far )

    About One Million, I can share a few of stories of compliments received by woman:

    1. I started wearing One Million thanks to a friend that told me about it. One night we were both wearing it, and a common friend asked about it, because she loved it!

    2. A girl I know told me that she was going to buy the cologne I was wearing for her boyfriend, and of course it was One Million!

    3. This happened in the elevator: a neighbor (she is in her forties) asked me about the fragrance I was wearing. When I told her it was One Million by Paco Rabanne, she told me that her son uses it too, but that on me it smelled different, and that she liked it very much!

    4. A flatmate told me that she could smell my fragrance when I entered the room, and that she liked it (and she is one that never compliments on fragrances!). Besides, as usual, I was wearing only one spray of One Million, and it was from at least 6 hours before!

    About Fahrenheit:

    1. At the University, I was passing by a group of girls, and I was wearing Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. Then, I overheard one of them asking who was wearing that great fragrance! Even if, she told, it was a bit too overwhelming. I was wearing only one spray as usual (but Fahrenheit is very powerful indeed).

  • Kemi Aurum has been called magic in a bottle, i can tell you im married 21yrs im not allowed to wear this outside of my house by wifey.a woman followed me in a store & when my wife caught up the lady asked her is he with you..because he was going to be with me lol but if i cant have him i’ll settle for what he’s wearing. Its high end but its seduction in a bottle

  • Not so many men like Dior Sauvage.. most find it “synthetic”. Me, I loved it at first try. But after while, I said “it is good, but cant be a legend like eau sauvage edt (1966)”.
    On the other hand, women loves it 🙂
    I never chose dior sauvage when there are terre d’hermes, eau sauvage edt; but if compliment needed, answer is dior sauvage .

  • >