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The Only Polo Black Review You Need To Read

Introducing... Polo Black!

Today is your lucky day because you have successfully found the only Polo Black Review that you'll need to read.


Polo Black receives an average rating of 3.73 stars based on almost 2,000 ratings from people that have worn it.


Polo Black has a below average longevity. Expect Polo Black to wear out less than 6 hours.


When walking by people wearing this fragrance, bystanders won't notice. Something a ninja would wear.


If you're looking for a fragrance that will do well with the ladies, there are better choices than Polo Black.

Quick Summary: Polo Black by Ralph Lauren comes in at a respectable 3.73 star rating but lacks the longevity, sillage, and sexiness to rise to an elite level fragrance.

This fragrance works well in non-offensive environments when you want to change your man scent into something a little sweeter. If you're looking for something with a little more appeal, I suggest you check out our Cologne Master Top Picks.

  • Above Average Rating
  • Fairly Popular
  • Safe for work/school
  • Doesn't last very long
  • Won't make an impression
  • Not known for sex appeal

Polo Black is quite possibly the most popular fragrance by Ralph Lauren since it was first launched in 2005.

Ralph Lauren is known for naming their fragrances after colors. For example, Polo Red, Polo Blue, and Polo Green are all common fragrances with the Ralph Lauren name.

Polo Black Facts!


Pierre Negrin


6,650 Google Searches per month

Price: $13.45/oz

Pierre Negrin has dipped his fingers in several other big name companies such as Amouage, Calvin Klein, David Beckham, and a few others

Currently Polo Black is the 15th most popular fragrance according to Google searches per month.

At a price of $13.45 per ounce, it is an average price that someone would expect to pay for fragrance. You'll end up paying $40-60 a bottle depending on the size.

Lastly, no known celebrities currently wear Polo Black. 


Here are the notes you'll be able to notice;

  • Iced Mango
  • Spanish Sage
  • Patchouli Noir
  • Sandalwood
  • Tonka Bean

My Experience Wearing Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

As a self-proclaimed cologne master, I take the time to wear each fragrance for an extended period of time and record my results.

Polo Black is no different as I ordered my Polo fragrance gift set straight from Amazon so I could try all the Polo fragrances over the period of a few months. 

At my place of employment, I'm surrounded by highly motivated, talkative, and most importantly opinionated people. These men and women have no problem telling me what they think of the various fragrances that I test.

Unsolicited Opinions - The first test is to wear Polo Black in close quarters next to customers and co-workers and see if they notice or say anything about the way I smell.

Polo Black had 0 impact. I didn't hear a single person tell me I smelled disgusting, nice, or anything. This is strange because usually I'll at least get something. 

Solicited Opinions - After testing the waters to see if people enjoy the scent, I straight up ask them what they think. and have them smell my wrist.

My co-workers seemed to find that Polo Black "smelled nice" but there was no passion or love for it. According to them, it smelled like a generic fragrance that could be found at Target or Wal-Mart for an incredible deal.

Longevity - After applying Polo Black to my skin, the smell is only noticeable for maybe 15 minutes. In order for me to remember that I'm still wearing something, I have to smell my wrists to see if it's still going.

When I'm calling it a day and heading to bed, the lady friend will make comments on how she can still notice it. It's usually with her sticking her face right in my chest but she'll comment on it.

Sillage - The last day I went to work wearing Polo Black, I decided to dump a generous amount on myself to see if it made a difference.

It actually did!

Someone actually noticed that I was wearing fragrance when they stuck their head directly over my shoulder and made a comment that I smelled nice.

This goes to show how close to the skin Polo Black stays and how correct people are when they say it has weak sillage.

The Smell - Like previously mentioned, the smell is not an attention grabbing scent. It has the same type of smell that you've come accustomed to each time you pick up a bottle of cologne. 

Tonka bean is the most noticeable smell that comes from the bottle, but it still smells oddly familiar.

Non-offensive - Because Polo Black is so universal, I will give it credit when it's due. You can wear Polo Black to work, school, or spray it on after football practice.

Video Review

Here is a nice review from the Fragrance Bros that have echoed what we already said about it. 

Cologne Master Awards Received

(none yet)


best perfume first timer



Polo Black is a very handsome, masculine fragrance that is perfect for the office or nights out. The mango opening is fresh and sweet and stays on throughout as the deeper spicy notes come in, meshed with a dash "Polo" signature muskiness. This is a solid choice and a good-buy because it is very dependable and non-offensive. I get great longevity 7-9 hours on average with 4 sprays. (8.5 out of 10)



PB has a place in my rotation. I find it to be a very "professional" scent. The scent is not overbearing or loud. The sillage is not huge. It does not scream "cologne guy". The person wearing it can be taken seriously. I feel very comfortable wearing PB when meeting with senior leadership or high-level executives. I want to smell good, but I want to be sure to choose a "safe" fragrance that should not offend anyone. Overall a "Thumbs-up".

versace pour homme find on amazon

Dior Homme Intense Review by CologneMasters

dior homme intense review

Dior Homme Intense has some of the highest ratings according basenotes, fragrantica, and Youtubers that I’ve ever seen. With these high ratings coming from pretty much everyone, the expectations and excitement both come super high regarding it.

Christian Dior is another one of those brands that attracts attention just with the name attached. Fragrances such as Sauvage and Dior Homme also show up highly recommended.

Lets not mess around and get straight down to business…

CologneMaster Awards Received

(none yet)

Dior Homme Facts

  • Created: 2007
  • Perfumer: Francois Demachy
  • Celebrities that wear it: None known

Top notes: Lavender
Middle notes: Iris, Ambrette, Pear
Base notes: Vetiver, Virginia Cedar
Most noticeable: IrisAmbrette, Lavender

Smells like: Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Longevity (Based on 1200+ ratings)
8.53 out of 10 – Incredible
Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
7.12 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
2,490 – Low (most popular fragrances)
Approximately $21.64 per ounce – Decent

Dior Homme Intense (2007) Thoughts from a Cologne Master

Since I’ve been slacking off doing reviews of fragrances, I’ve had a good chance of wearing Dior Homme Intense for several months.

I’ve worn it around friends, family, co-workers, and the ladies, I have a great feel for some expectations of this one.

Since Dior Homme Intense is not very popular, the people that wear it are fragrance nuts. (I have no facts to back this claim up)

So when there are ridiculously high reviews, they come from mature, experienced, fragrance wearers that take pleasure in wearing unique scents and have a fragrance transition into different smells the longer they wear it.

The Smell – Dior Homme Intense is truly a unique scent that I can’t match to any scent I’ve ever smelled except other Dior scents. This is great if you’re looking to smell different from every other dude on the prowl.

The opening has a powdery, floral, chalky, lipstick, smell to it that can only be compared to other Dior scents.

If you judge this fragrance by the opening, you’ll be disappointed. If I was out at Sephora’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or wherever and I smelled this, I’d immediately put it down. This is one of those books that looking at the cover, will turn you off completely. The opening smells like something a women would wear.

However, after the initial blast, that’s where Dior Homme Intense begins to shine. You’ll need to wait 10-20 minutes for the initial dry down to subside so you can get in there and enjoy it. During this time you’ll notice the fragrance to go dark, chocolatey, leathery, with still the iris notes in the background.

When Dior Homme Intense dries down, that’s where in my opinion it dominates. When all that is left is a soft, vanilla, smell that is only detectable by someone within an intimate distance, you realize the power Dior Homme Intense has.

My Compliments – After wearing Dior Homme Intense exclusively to work, play, the gym, and play, I’ve never received a single compliment.

However, after the day is gone and I’m laying in bed. It never fails that my lady friend will lay her head on my chest and tell me how great it smells. When this occurs, usually I’ve forgotten I’ve been wearing it so it comes as a surprise. However, if I focus hard on the scent, I’ll smell the lingering vanilla tones and I’ll agree that it does smell amazing.

best perfume men dior intense

The Bottle – The bottle looks alright. People aren’t going to go out of their way to say how cool it is.

Price – The price is ok for Dior Homme Intense. You can find it for a little under $100.

Longevity – The fragrance community have rated Dior Homme Intense one of the longest lasting fragrances out there. This makes sense because it’s an EDP. However, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne still crush the longevity for me.

Projection – Although the Dior Homme Intense lasts a long time, the projection isn’t the best. Even when I’ve sprayed myself 4 times and headed out, people didn’t seem to notice it, which is a bit odd for an EDP. Maybe they didn’t like it and just didn’t say anything.

Could be offensive – Not a good idea to wear around people you don’t know.

Intimate Compliments – The compliments received are usually from people that are going to compliment you no matter what you smell like. Otherwise, men that like this fragrance wear it for themselves instead of others.

My final thoughts


Dior Homme Intense is decent. In my opinion it’s not worth the ridiculously high ratings it has received. But if you’re an older dude in a committed relationship and want to try a fragrance that is non-linear, Dior Homme Intense may be for you.

Wear Pour Homme if…

  • You’re over 40
  • You want to smell good for yourself
  • You want something for a formal event
  • You want a designer fragrance
Don’t buy this if…
  • You’re heading out on a first date
  • You’re heading to the gym
  • You want a compliments
  • Here is what other people have said about Dior Homme Intense

    • Here’s a guy that swears by this stuff

    You honestly cannot go wrong with this one – it is the first perfume I’ve ever fallen in love with and I don’t know what words to use to do it justice. What I love about it is the vanilla note; it’s strong, but it’s not too strong and it never leaves your skin.

    Strong scent, exudes masculinity and confidence. Would maybe say that it’s more suited for night, but day works too if the winter in your country is harsh

    • This is a negative one but it honestly makes sense

    My nose must be really off because I found this to be rather unpleasant. Both the Original and the Intense.
    Smells like bad scented candle. A plasticky one.

    • This guy does a great job at explaining it

    “Ok at first I didn’t like this. I thought it was feminem, powdery and lip stick vibish.. But the dry down on this is heavenly after I smelled it the second time I appreciated it more, now I find myself reaching for this masterpiece a lot, and what better time than this time of the year to really bust this one out.
    The parfum version is ok, it’s a little more in your face with the leather and iris and some say it’s a little more masculine, longevity and projection are about the same on me though.
    The dry down on this is so not those first words I started this review with… It’s so sexy, smoothie and the vinialla leather powder and iris are blended so softly yet here I am, it’s no wonder this fragrance gets so much love and is in the hall of fame.
    This juice is quality. It’s different. It’s so seductive. It’s better to wear it and not smell it directly but to waft and let the air mix with it and then let the aroma reach your nose…mmmmmmm I’m getting really deep with this now because I’m wearing it and I,m in the dry down 6+ hour stage where I personally think this beast shines 🙂
    Try b4 you buy

    Alright, so who should buy Dior Homme Intense?

    Age Group: 30+

    Dior Homme Intense is for someone that has worn fragrance for awhile and appreciates it as more of an art than something to pick up the ladies.

    Season: Fall/Winter

    This one works better when the weather starts to cool down a bit.

    Time of Day: Night

    Not the best fragrance to wear during daily activities but you can still pull it off.

    Gift?: No

    I wouldn’t give it as a gift unless it’s your husband and you adore this one.

    Longevity: Amazing

    Dior Homme Intense is rated one of the best for longevity.

    Harmless? – No

    Not safe to wear on an airplane or to grandma’s house.

    Popularity – Low

    Not one of the more popular fragrances around.

    Price – Ok

    Usually you can find a bottle somewhere south of $100.

    Awards – 0

    None yet

    Sexy – Not very

    When people describe the scent, sexy is not a word that is used. However, it could be consider intimate as the final notes of the fragrance are often the best.

    Signature Cologne –No

    Dior Homme Intense should be used occasionally. Wear it on warming evenings when you’re worried your fragrance may deteriorate.

    dior homme intense buy here

    Versace Pour Homme Review For Men by CologneMasters

    Versace Pour Homme has been around since 2008 and has been moderately successful. After a disappointed Cologne Master reader was wondering why it wasn’t on the top sellers list, we felt it was time that we did a review to figure it out.

    Any fragrance that Versace puts their name on, gets attention. Since these guys are known to use quality ingredients in their fragrances, if you see their logo on something, it’s always worth a whiff.

    Currently Versace has 5 fragrances they are promoting for men. Dylan Blue, Oud Noir, Pour Homme, Eau Fraiche, and Eros headline the list the fragrances that are currently promoted and Pour Homme is the most popular of the bunch.

    If Pour Homme is the most popular Versace fragrance, it deserves a look and we are happy to dive in and give a Versace Pour Homme review.

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    best cologne for young men award





    Versace Pour Homme Facts

    • Created: 2008
    • Perfumer: Albert Morillas – known for Bvlgari Man, CK One, 212 Men, Acqua Di Gio, and many others
    • Celebrities that wear it: None known

    Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Neroli, Rose de Mai
    Middle notes: Geranium, Cedar, Clary Sage, Hyacinth
    Base notes: Amber, Musk, Tonka
    Most noticeable: Lemon, Neroli, Bergamot

    Smells like: Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

    Longevity (Based on 1200+ ratings)
    6.381 out of 10 – Average
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.12 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    6,990 – Average (most popular fragrances)
    Approximately $11.86 per ounce – Not bad

    Versace Pour Homme (2008) Thoughts from a Cologne Master

    Since Versace is a brand that always has a little “hype” to it, I always get jacked out of my mind when I get a chance to do a review one. Pour Homme in particular sits as one of the top 40 most complimented fragrances according to your votes so if you were to try a fragrance “blind”, you know there are people out there that find it worthy of a compliment.

    Albert Morillas has a phenomenal track record with aquatic fragrances and Versace Pour Homme is no different.

    When people talk about how it smells like Allure Homme Sport, they are right on. Right out of the gate, it is difficult to tell the difference between these two.

    After a few minutes though, there is a clear difference. Versace Pour Homme takes a trip down a street that smells a little more “soapy” where Allure Homme Sport has a little more punch to it. After about an hour, the projection of Allure Sport is much stronger. Versace Pour Homme starts to fade but Allure Sport you can still smell going strong.

    For the most part, Versace Pour Homme has a citrusy/soapy smell that stays linear throughout the day wearing it. It’s considered a crowd pleaser where if you just want to squirt something on that you don’t need to worry about everyone around you being grossed out, this might be your winning ticket.

    Pour Homme opens with a light, fresh, citrusy, smell. It does lack a certain originality to it since it smells like other aquatic type fragrances. If you’re looking for something unique or something that stands out from all the other fragrances out there today, this is not your winning ticket.

    versace pour homme review amazonMy Compliments – When I wear a fragrance, I’m lucky enough to work with several females with a keen sense of smell. Right now several of them are pregnant so their noses are even more sensitive than usual.

    My results in close quarters weren’t mind blowing, but each of them noticed that I was wearing something when I walked by them or they approached me. They asked me what I was wearing and basically said it was pleasant. What surprised me the most is Pour Homme is a lighter scent that has moderate to low projection so it was surprising they were even able to pick up the scent when I was further than arm reach away.

    The best compliment I received was from my girlfriend. When I laid down to go to sleep, my girlfriend rested her head on my chest and told me I smelled incredible. I was very surprised at this because it had been over 12 hours from when I initially sprayed on the fragrance and I no longer smelled it on my person. Keep in mind my girlfriend also adores Allure Homme Sport so I wasn’t surprised she liked it, but more that she could smell it so long after the initial spray.

    The Smell – The smell is great. If you like Acqua Di Gio or Allure Homme Sport, this is almost a guaranteed like.

    I lose track of this fragrance after about an hour of wearing it. But all it takes is someone coming up to me and asking, “What are you wearing?” for me to realize Pour Homme is still rocking strong.

    You’re not going to stand out wearing this fragrance because it smells like so many others. However, it’s a safe fragrance to wear in almost any situation.

    The Bottle – Gianni Versace was obsessed with greek mythology which explains the logo. It’s simple but classy where if you left it out on your nightstand, it would mostly go unnoticed.

    Price – Anytime you can but a fragrance for under $50 it’s a good fragrance.

    Longevity – I don’t think people realize how long Pour Homme lasts because of how easy it is to forget you’re wearing it. Over 1200 combined ratings of longevity give it a little more than a 6 but I would have to disagree with this and say it’s more of a 7.

    Projection – This is also controversial since some critics say that you can’t smell it on someone unless you’re with an arm’s length but I have to disagree. A woman at work wanted to smell me and she was probably 5-10 feet away before she said, “Wow that’s nice”.

    Non-offensive – It’s something that you can wear anytime or anywhere without driving people crazy.

    Compliment Getter – I’ve received compliments from this, but it’s also on the top 40 list for getting compliments.

    My final thoughts

    My Versace Pour Homme review final thoughts is that it is a great fragrance. I strongly recommend this fragrance for young men because it’s an inexpensive version of Allure Homme Sport.

    If I’m trying to decide on a light, citrusy fragrance, this in my personal top 5. In my opinion, everyone should have a fragrance in this category and if you’re looking for something not very expensive, don’t be afraid to give this a rip.

    Wear Pour Homme if…

    • You’re over 14
    • You want to receive compliments
    • You want something that can be worn in any situation
    • You want to save a few bucks
    Don’t buy this if…
  • You’re looking for something original
  • You don’t like Allure Homme Sport, Acqua Di Gio
  • You want something that wears off quickly
  • Here is what other people have said about Pour Homme by Versace

    • I like what this guys says about how it is similar to Allure Homme Sport

    Used to have this one a few months ago. All I can say is that this one is a “brother” of Allure Homme Sport. Both smell really similar when you spray it, but after some time it takes different ways, I mean Allure is a mix between aquatic notes with a little bit of sweetness, while Versace is more Aquatic and refreshing (it’s cleaner than Allure).
    Lasts all day long, projects really well, and the scent is very comfortable.
    Super versatile

    • Here is a guy that loved it

    “The first time is always the best..!! Pour Homme was my first Versace fragrance. It was love at first smell..!! Everytime I have worn (used) this cologne I have received compliments from women. The smell is a soft and clean scent that can be worn for any occasion. The scent is very similar to Aqui Di (Armani) and Thallium Sport of which I recommend also. The only complaint is the fragrance is light (soft) and does not last as long as other colognes.

    • This guy echo’s what we are thinking about it

    “This a safe scent for me. My wife likes it. Great for the office/work. A day time fragrance for sure.

    To me there was nothing really special about it. Dont get me wrong, it does smell good. And its great value for money. I dont know if its just me, but this smells a lot like acqua di gio. At least in the opening.

    Lasts about 3 hours on my skin on a summer day. And then becomes a skin scent.

    I ended up giving this to my dad after a few days of use. To me, it didnt really stand out.

    A 7 on 10 for me.”


    Alright, so who should buy Pour Homme by Versace?

    Age Group: 14+

    The smell is right for young men. It’s light, clean, fresh, and won’t offend anyone.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    When the weather starts to warm up, Pour Homme is at it’s best.

    Time of Day: Day

    Although you can wear it at night, this fragrance shines during the day.

    Gift?: Yes

    You won’t hear too many people say this fragrance is absolutely disgusting because it smells clean. This means it’ll make a great gift.

    Longevity: Good

    Although it’s not rated as a long lasting fragrance, it still will last on your skin all day.

    Harmless? – Yes

    Safe to wear anytime/anyplace

    Popularity – Popular

    Currently in the top 20 most popular men’s fragrances.

    Price – Good

    You can currently find it under $50 per bottle which is pretty dang good for a Versace fragrance.

    Awards – 1

    Best Cologne For Young Men

    Sexy – Sexy

    A good compliment getter and many from women. However, this is not what makes this fragrance popular.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    This fragrance is good enough to be the scent you wear all-day every day.

    versace pour homme find on amazon

    The Greatest Creed Aventus Review Ever Written – Cologne Masters

    To say this is the greatest Creed Aventus review ever made is a tall order and Cologne Masters will fill it. My name is Jason and I can’t wait to tell you all about Aventus by Creed.

    Aventus is an EXTREMELY talked about fragrance for many reasons. If you head over to and check out their forums, there is one topic that has been going strong for 13 years.

    Men want to know which fragrance receives the most female compliments and why the heck not? One of the main purposes a dude wears fragrance is to impress the ladies and the best ways to figure out which cologne does the trick is to ask other MEN!

    Ok Jason, where are you going with this…?

    You guessed it, according to Basenotes and a few other sites, when men start giving other men advice on which fragrance to wear to receive compliments from the ladies, Aventus is #1 buy an ENORMOUS margin!

    So you can understand why CologneMasters were so jacked out of their minds to write this review. Will we obtain the same results as everyone else? Lets find out…

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    Creed Aventus Facts

    Created: September, 2010
    Perfumer: Olivier Creed

    Celebrities that wear it: Eric Stonestreet

    • Top notes: Apple, Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot
    • Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Birch
    • Base notes: Ambergris, Vanille, Oak Moss, Musk

    Most noticeable: Pineapple, Birch, Musk

    Longevity (Based on 1500+ ratings)
    7.354 out of 10 – Pretty good (A long lasting fragrance!)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.925 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    22,900 – EXTREMELY popular (most popular fragrances)
    Approximately $77.16 per ounce – Very expensive! (find the most expensive fragrances)

    Aventus by Creed (2010) Thoughts by CologneMasters

    With all the hype behind Aventus by Creed and how it is the closest fragrance to almost guarantee you a compliment, I was eager to see and smell the magical love juice when it arrived on my doorstop, straight from France.

    Just like I’ve already mentioned, Aventus has an insane amount of hype to it because people have been saying they can’t stop receiving compliments from it, and in some instances have gotten lucky from wearing it.

    The fragrance starts off with a light, fresh, fruity smell that most people translate into pineapple. Although the initial smell is described as fruity, I love that it doesn’t have a “sweet” vibe to it that many teenagers would say they prefer.

    As the fragrance continues, the words “smokey pineapple” has been thrown around and I have to say I agree. It smells like a manly pineapple.

    The longevity of Aventus is pretty accurate. It’s not the longest lasting fragrance ever created, but it will certainly get you though a work day.

    creed aventus review

    My Compliments –  Most fragrances I only wear a few days before I write a review on it. Creed Aventus I wore for 3 weeks so I could really see if people really liked it or what the heck was going on.

    There is a fairly attractive woman at work that knows I have a stupid amount of fragrances that I wear so she always asks and smells what I was wearing. I wore Creed Aventus everyday for 3 weeks straight but she seemed a little confused about what I was wearing. One day she would say she loved the smell, but on others she would say she liked what I was wearing the previous day which was EXACTLY the same thing. Maybe she was just being nice, or maybe her mood dictated whether she liked the fragrance or not.

    We also have the workplace bitch at our store. I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe her. She happens to be attractive as well, but loves making people’s lives miserable and isn’t very pleasant to talk to. On one particular day, our water in our building was turned off without me knowing so I couldn’t take a shower before work… Great…

    So I sprayed an extra 2 sprays before I left for work hoping to stay away from as many people as I could. Well as fate would have it, a situation arose where I was required to speak to the workplace grump in close quarters. When I left her bubble, she said… “You smell nice” and I almost passed out. For her to give a compliment to anyone was unheard of, but to tell me I smell nice meant that I actually smelled mind blowing and the world nice was the only thing she could think of.

    Other women that I asked how they liked the scent replied with they “liked it”. Never really the axe body spray commercial responses I was expecting.

    The Smell – I do like Aventus. Mentally the confidence a guy has wearing a $400 bottle of fragrance is worth it. You feel like the coolest dude in the room.

    I also like the light, pineapple, fruity smell it has. Aventus makes you smell manly, sophisticated and confident. The smell without knowing it’s Creed is good, but perhaps the reason men receive so many compliments from it could possibly that they feel more confident while they wear it? Who knows…

    If you’re looking for a fragrance for a date, night out, work, heading over to grandma’s house, Aventus will do the trick. It’s so versatile that I find myself picking up the bottle to wear in almost any situation.

    Because it doesn’t have the “sweet” smell that many young men and their partners seem to enjoy, I’m going to have to say this fragrance should be worn by guys 25+.

    The Bottle – The box, packaging, spryer, all is at a premium. It just looks cool and like it should be worn by guys of a higher class.

    Price – Depending on where you buy it, you may end up sending over $400 bucks for a bottle.

    Longevity – 12 hours is almost a guarantee if you’re going to be indoors.

    Projection – A pretty moderate projection. You don’t need to worry about attracting flies or filling up a room with this fragrance.

    Manly – I get a manly fruity vibe from Aventus

    Compliment Getter – I don’t typically receive compliments from my fragrances, but with this one I received several and from people I wouldn’t expect.

    My final thoughts

    The question I keep asking myself is, does Aventus live up to the hype? Do people really get more compliments than normal wearing this fragrance? Based on my personal experience, I have to say yes. Of all the fragrances I’ve worn, Aventus has received the highest number of compliments.

    With this in mind, Aventus is now added to my list of fragrances that I keep on speed dial when the situation presents where I need an extra boost of confidence.

    However, Aventus isn’t something that I particularly “love” myself. It is pleasant, versatile, and nice but it lacks a punch that really blows my mind when it comes to picking out a smell that is the greatest of all time if that makes sense.

    Wear Aventus if…

    You’re over 25
    You want to receive compliments
    You want something that can be worn in any situation

    You don’t mind spending $200-400 on cologne

    Don’t buy this if…

    You’re broke
    You want to smell unique
    You’re looking for a dark, spicy scent

    Here is what other people have said about Aventus by Creed
    This is the scent that started it all for me. I was pre-gaming with friends for a night out and a fellow BN’er and perfume connoisseur pulls out a decant of Aventus. When I first smelled it in the bottle, I didn’t recognize it as anything special, but then as I watched the girls we were with react to it, I felt compelled to give it a more thorough assessment. The looks on their faces said, “Whoa!”, “Wow!”, “OMG!” ect. One even said, “dont spray any more of that, you’re making me all hot and bothered over here” (or something to that effect). So naturally, I sprayed some on my arm just to see what all the commotion was about, and soon I was saying Wow myself. Kept sniffing it all night and into the next morning, and decided that day that I had to have some of this. I have a decant, and will be getting a bottle at some point.

    Here is a pretty good description of it…
    Aventus is definitely a very unique scent. It opens with both pineapple and a very strong pine note, which tones down quickly as a very sweet leather emerges. The pineapple and black currant soon dominate to create a very candy-like scent, very sweet and natural smelling. Soon smoky notes come out, not camp-fire-like as in Lubin Itasca but very subtle, as well as an excellent birch note, which smells just like going up to a tree and taking a whiff of freshly torn, paper-thin bark. Sweet smoke and wood dominate as it fades, I get zero vanilla. Aventus was a joy to sample.

    Another guy that describes it well…
    Fruity, smoky masterpiece
    One of the most hyped (and anti-hyped) fragrances around these parts, I find myself pretty squarely in the lovers category of this scent. As far as the notes go, the two notes that everyone immediately gravitates towards – the pineapple and the smoke – are the attention grabbers, and I find them to be very appealing and well put together. Unlike many of the popular Creeds (and despite the fruity top), this is not a unisex scent – I get a faint leather underneath the smoke and fruit which adds to the overwhelming masculinity of this scent.

    Where Aventus really shines is performance. Simply put, this is a projection monster; I have received comments along the lines of “running into a brick wall” and “I could tell you were in the room from the moment I opened the door” from multiple coworkers with just 3-4 sprays applied 30 minutes earlier. There is definitely a fine line between just the right amount and a “brick wall”, so to speak. My experience has been to err on the conservative side for this one, which is unusual for Creeds, but definitely welcome given the price! Longevity has been excellent for me as well; easily lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and sometimes into the next day. Versatility is unmatched – cold weather, hot weather, work, gym, out with friends, Aventus works in pretty much any situation.

    The stories of this fragrance’s compliment garnering powering have reached somewhat mythical status, but it’s hard for me to say anything contradictory when I receive more unsolicited, “strangers stopping in their tracks to ask me what I’m wearing” compliments with this one than the rest of my collection combined. I initially purchased this because my closest female friend called it “the most heavenly thing she had ever smelled”, and have even had a “brick wall” comment immediately followed up with “this is the best smelling brick wall ever”. If you are looking for a Creed that gets compliments, look no further.

    Overall, I find the scent to be great but slightly below the best Creeds; however, in terms of performance and compliments Aventus is such a powerhouse that I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my collection at the moment.

    Alright, so who should buy Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)?

    Age Group: Over 25

    Not only is too expensive for most young bucks to afford, but it’s not a sweet smelling fragrance that most young ladies prefer.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    With a strong pineapple note, Aventus smells a lot like warmer weather

    Time of Day: Day/Night

    Feel free to wear it to work, or play without any restrictions

    Gift?: Yes

    Almost a guaranteed like but most importantly the people that surround the guy you give this to will thank you more.

    Longevity: Really good

    Currently listed in the top 10 longest lasting fragrances

    Harmless? – Yes

    Aventus is extremely versatile to wear to work, school, or on a date

    Popularity – Very popular

    Right now people are searching for Aventus more than ever. In the top 1o most popular fragrances list too.

    Price – Expensive

    One of the most expensive popular fragrances

    Awards – 1

    Most popular cologne

    Sexy – The Sexiest

    Since there is no fragrance that gets more compliments from whom than Aventus, you can’t get much sexier than that.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Review by CologneMasters

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male is a member of the 90’s draft class with other hot performers such as Acqua Di Gio, Chrome, and L’eau D’issey. All of these fragrances are still growing strong as you can see they still put up some good popularity numbers even though they are now all 20 years old.

    Le Male is one of those fragrances that are known to the world because it has one of the coolest bottles I’ve ever seen. If I have it sitting out when someone walks into my room, it’s the first thing they touch and comment on. Even if you leave it in the packaging, the tin can looks so out of place, people have no choice but to notice it. I always find it worth mentioning especially when a bottle catches my attention.

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    (coming soon)

    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male

    So these are just some facts surrounding Le Male. No opinions or reviews, just some background knowledge.

    Francis Kurkdjian does an interview with The Glass Magazine that says a lot about the history of this fragrance. I suggest if you’re a fume-head to check it out.

    • Top notes: Lavender, Lemon
    • Middle notes: Orange flower
    • Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli

    Most noticeable: Vanilla, Lavender, Mint

    Longevity (Based on 1500+ ratings)
    8.384 out of 10 – Amazing! (One of the longest lasting fragrances!)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    6.875 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    1,240 – Not very (most popular fragrances)
    Approximately $10.31 per ounce – Pretty good price! (find the most expensive fragrances)

    Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Thoughts by CologneMasters

    le male jean paul gaultier

    To sum up some of the facts of Le Male, we know that it is currently one of the longest lasting fragrances that you can find at a decent price.

    This is pretty cool if that is all you are after. If you’re looking for a fragrance to get you through the day, Le Male might be your winning ticket already.

    When I first blasted Le Male on my body, I knew that if I were to wear more than 2-3 squirts, people were going to notice me from across the room in a bad way. I used the Cologne Master Method on this one and just sprayed my wrists and used that to wipe behind my ears and I was good to go. Spray #2 and #3 was directly on my body so as the day went on, I could smell it activate on my skin.

    The Smell – When you first spray Le Male on your person, like I mentioned before you are blasted with a scent. It’s so powerful that your first reaction might be to actually turn your head away because of how strong it is.

    After you come back from the initial spray, you’ll notice a baby powder type smell to it. I know this is going to turn a lot of people off by saying this, but it’s the type of baby powder you would think famous babies would use because it has a little extra love/spice to it.

    When the baby powder smell goes away, you’re left with a heavy vanilla scent, and this is the smell you’ll get throughout the rest of the day.

    As a fragrance, I do find it as a manly scent. For this reason, Le Male can found on our fragrances to get you laid page, however I don’t know for how long because my mind always seems to change.

    This fragrance should be worn by guys over 30. Since it was a mid 90s fragrance, most 30 year olds can relate to it. I feel like it is too strong of a fragrance for high-schoolers and college aged guys to wear. They don’t need to be filling rooms up full of fragrance scent. You can feel free to wear it to work like I do rather cautiously. Realize the power of the fragrance and if you don’t work in a ventilated or open area, you might want to reconsider.

    The Bottle – I’ve read a few people’s comments saying it is basically inappropriate. Well, clearly those people have never seen a “Ken doll” because that is exactly what the bottle looks like. Grow up. I don’t think the bottle is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, however it does attract attention when I have it sitting out in my room or on my desk. People do grab it and make some sort of comment on it.

    Packaging – Le Male comes in a can that looks like you just ordered bake beans instead of fragrance. I also think this is kind of cool because its the only fragrance on your shelf that will look like that.

    Price – The price of Le Male varies with the size you get just like every other fragrance. You can find a bottle of this for less than $50 on Amazon for a larger bottle which is a pretty inexpensive price for something so powerful.

    Longevity – I agree with longevity rating Le Male receives. It lasts a super long time probably 10-12 hours no problem.

    Projection – Extremely high projection. You will create a cloud of Le Male smoke when you wear this.

    Manly – I get a strong manly vibe from Le Male.

    Compliment Getter – Not on the top 10 compliment getters but you’ll see it on the top 25.

    My final thoughts

    Le Male is a good fragrance. Not amazing but it gets the job done if you’re looking for something that lasts long and doesn’t smell like everything else on the market.

    The popularity has started to wind down for Le Male as people are looking for it as much as other fragrances anymore. This makes it a much safer scent to wear if you don’t want to smell like someone’s ex boyfriend, husband, or whatever.

    Like I said, buy this if you’re looking for a good deal, something that lasts long, 30 years old or older, and want something that nobody else wears, this is for you.

    Wear Le Male if…

    You’re over 30
    You need something people don’t wear right now
    You want to smell a little different

    Don’t buy this if…

    You’re young or work in a close environment with others
    You want to smell clean and fresh
    Ken dolls bother you

    Here is what other people have said about Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

    So some people were nervous to wear it because it was popular in the 90s… This makes sense to me
    I am surprised I have never smelled this on anyone where I live besides myself. I love this notes in this one. One would think that mint, lavender, and vanilla would not work well together but they combine so well together to form a truly unforgettable scent. I always receive compliments in this scent and my wife is madly in love with this scent. A great fall and winter time fragrance.

    A review that I can agree with
    “An excellent fragrance overall excellent projection and longevity. i use this one for fall and winter. for school or office wear only wear one spray but for dates or going out 2-3. no more than 3 sprays.

    Another guy that I happen to agree with;
    Fun and Lively
    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is one of the better lavender and vanilla based fragrance offered to this date. This scent can have a mysterious aphrodisiacal effect at times. Just remember to put this scent on mildly. It’s quite potent so please consider others and the occasion in which this will be worn. Overall, a beautiful scent that gives undivided female attention to its wearer.

    Alright, so who should buy Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)?

    Age Group: Over 30

    Too strong to wear during school.

    Season: Fall/Winter

    Could be used all year around, but it gives off a nice warm vibe to it so you can wear it during the colder months.

    Time of Day: Either

    Because it lasts so long, if you spray it on in the morning, you’ll be wearing it all day and night anyways.

    Gift?: No

    Not a bad gift idea. It has been bashed by enough people that it wouldn’t be a good blind purchase for someone.

    Also, if someone wore this in their high school days, the scent has been reformulated so it doesn’t smell the same as it once did.

    Longevity: Amazing

    One of the longest lasting fragrances you can buy.

    Harmless? – No

    Not safe to wear to grandma’s house or anywhere people can’t get away from you if they don’t like it.

    Popularity – Not very

    Once considered an extremely popular fragrance, not that way anymore.

    Price – Good

    If you can buy a large bottle of fragrance for under $5o, thats a good deal.

    Awards – 0

    None yet but soon to follow

    Sexy – Very Sexy

    Can’t give it a perfect rating because of a poor critic rating, but it is a complimented fragrance.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    The Greatest Guilty Gucci Review You have Ever Read by CologneMasters

    Are you ready for the greatest Guilty Gucci review you have ever read? So are we. Cologne Masters has you covered for everything you want to know, and more about Gucci’s infamous Guilty fragrance.

    Gucci is one of those fragrances that are hyped beyond belief. My first interaction with it was actually in a magazine where you had the ability to sniff it a little bit. Because there is so much advertising and marketing that goes behind this scent, you’ll usually find it as one of the most popular, best selling, or common fragrances today.

    CologneMaster Awards Received



    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Guilty by Gucci (2011)

    So these are just some facts surrounding Guilty by Gucci.

    Top notes: Lavender, Lemon
    Middle notes: Orange flower
    Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli

    Most noticeable: Lemon, Lavender, Orange flower

    Longevity (Based on 200+ ratings)
    5.916 out of 10 – Not good (Click here for the longest lasting fragrances)
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    5.06 – Not very high (Click to see the best!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    31,900 – Extremely popular! (Click For Full List)
    Approximately $15.02 per ounce – (Find it discounted here)

    Guilty by Gucci Review Thoughts by CologneMasters

    guilty gucci review

    The facts about Guilty by Gucci doesn’t look good. We know that it doesn’t last very long and has a poor rating from people that have reviewed it.

    So why is the 3rd most popular cologne?

    If I were to guess, I would have to say it is partly because of the success that Guilty by Gucci has for it’s women’s fragrance, the amazing marketing that guilty receives, and the fact the smell of Guilty is actually quite pleasant.

    The smell of Guilty is made for the mass population. It’s a light, citrus, smelling fragrance that is also very sweet. These types of fragrances are very appealing to young men, young ladies, or anyone looking for a fragrance that they can wear in any situation.

    Taking a whiff of Guilty from the perspective of a normal guy that is not a fume-head, you have no choice but to enjoy this scent. The only problem is the longevity. If only it would last a few more hours.

    Having said that, I sprayed about 4-5 shots onto my chest, neck, and wrists and left for work. After 6 hours I came home from work, played a few videos, and then went to bed. Before falling asleep, my girlfriend and I popped in “The Ranch” on Netflix and laid down to fall asleep. My girlfriend rested her head on my chest and told me that I smelled amazing and asked me what I was wearing.

    I was very surprised to hear her say that because she has smelled a ton of fragrances on me over the last few years and for her to mention that I smelled “amazing” after 6 hours of work and it happened to be Guilty which is known for poor longevity was even more surprising.

    The opening you get a nice sharp, alcohol blast that stings your nostrils like almost any other fragrance. You’ll notice a citrus and lavender smell for about 15 minutes until the fragrance starts to move to the heart notes.

    Once Guilty settles down, you get a more sweet smell which comes from the orange flower notes. These notes are very nice and non-offensive.

    After Guilty dries down completely, it turns into a simple scent. You can smell the cedar base notes and lavender and you’ll notice more of a sporty smell to it. Guilty is a very safe and versatile fragrance that works in almost any situation. It almost smells like it’s something you’ve smelled before even if you’ve never tried it. A typical main stream smell.

    Because, Guilty is so safe, the only problem with it, is that it lacks a certain punch that will just come out and grab you in so you can engulf yourself in it. This is ok but in my opinion, this is what prevents Guilty from leaping forward and becoming an amazing fragrance.

    Ideally, Guilty should be worn by young men. It’s a fragrance that is marketed towards sexiness, but I would say it’s more of a romantic fragrance than sexy. It works great for young men because you don’t have to worry about spraying too much, or grossing out people that are around you.

    Longevity – I disagree with the longevity rating it received. Guilty deserves a higher rating for longevity than the world says. I would say it should be around a 7/10 instead of a 6.

    Projection – Average projection for the first 2-3 hours but after that the fragrance sits right next to the skin.

    Familiar – The smell will most likely remind you of something else. It doesn’t have anything unique in it despite being pleasant.

    Not for fume heads – If you’re a fragrance enthusiast, you’re not going to like this. It’s simply too modern and main stream. If you’re a young guy looking for their first fragrance, this could be your lottery ticket.

    Youth Fragrance – I’m not saying old guys can’t wear this one, just that they shouldn’t. There are better fragrances for you to wear if you’re 30+.

    My final thoughts

    Reading though the reviews of Guilty, most people hate it because of reasons other than the scent. It seems like they hated the fact Gucci discontinued some of their favorites to make this one, while others are just saying it smells like an air freshener.

    Regardless though, this bottle does have a purpose and I can tastefully recommend it for young men that need a good fragrance for any situation.

    Wear Guilty if…

    You’re under 30
    You need something versatile
    You want to smell clean, fresh, simple
    You don’t want to stick out from the crowd

    Don’t buy this if…

    You want compliments
    You’re old
    You want to stick out

    Here is what other people have said about Guilty by Gucci

    • A thought most people have regarding Guilty

    I really enjoy this scent as my go to office scent. It is very safe and it is a reliable compliment receiving scent. However, for me the longevity on this one is by far the worst I’ve experienced. I am lucky to get 2 hrs before I have to bury my nose in my arm to smell it. For longevity reasons I cannot give this frag a positive rating.

    • A review that I can agree with

    Gucci is a one of the best perfume brands. We have used Gucci Guilty pour Homme and make the following this perfume reviews:

    Satisfied: A fresh fragrance for men, guaranteed that will attract the attention of women. Lavender and lemon brings modern fragrance mixture

    Unsatisfied: The scent is quite general and does not stand out from the other men’s fragrances are launched at the same time, radiating the fragrance of the perfume is somewhat good, especially in the cold season

    Overview: The scent of perfume is quite versatile, can be used for both day and night in the spring, autumn and winter. Males can use when going out or dating his girlfriend for added romance

    • Another guy that I happen to agree with;

    A daily driver, office fragrance. Smells like clean linen and completely inoffensive, dries down almost as crisp as it goes on.

    Definitely not a nighttime fragrance though, it is way too light for that.

    The girl on the counter of the shop I bought this from complimented my purchase straight away, so I assume that must be worth something!

    Alright, so who should buy Guilty by Gucci (2011)?

    Age Group: Under 25

    A safe fragrance with a large marketing budget. Perfect for young men.

    Season: Spring/Summer

    As the weather starts to heat up, Guilty is not a bad place to turn.

    Time of Day: Day/Night

    Because of the sweetness of this one, feel free to wear it at night on a date.

    Gift?: Yes

    Not a bad gift idea. As long as the person you’re giving it to is under 25, they should be able to wear it.

    Longevity: Moderate

    The reports are pretty average for this one. I have gotten 6 hours with no issues which is pretty good for an Edt.

    Harmless? – Yes

    Heading to Grandma’s house? Wear this one

    Popularity – Extremely popular

    Currently the 3rd most popular fragrance.

    Price – Average

    Bottle prices vary, but you can find one for about $40-50 on Amazon.

    Awards – 0

    None yet but soon to follow

    Sexy – Romantic

    Although people don’t describe it as a “panty dropper”, it does have a certain romantic feel to it because of how sweet it is.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

    L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake Review by CologneMasters

    L’eau D’Issey is a fragrance that receives a lot of hype so as a ColongeMaster, I was excited to give it a chance. If you’re wondering where I’m getting all this hype from, lets take a look from a few of the biggest and baddest sites regarding fragrances in the world. – Over here, you’ll see a site that has a whopping 65% positive approval rating and an above average 3.5 star rating. These high ratings is enough to get anyones interest a little peaked and when I saw it as a top seller a few months ago, I knew I had to try it.

    Fragrantica – The people that wear L’eau D’Issey and have reviewed it, give it an average 4.0/5 stars. If you’re a fragrance on Fragrantica and you have a rating over 4 especially after almost 5,000 votes, that’s simply amazing. I have to agree that seeing this rating also gets my blood flowing a little quicker because you don’t see that too often. – Another one of the giants when it comes to reviewing fragrances, Parfumo gives Issey Miyake a 7.5 out of a possible 10 score.

    dracdoc – One of the most famous YouTube fragrance reviewers said, “Personally I love this scent”, “A very good scent”. Since I highly respect dracdoc, this interested me as well.

    So after reading about L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme online, my excitement continued as I opened the box I received from Amazon to wear for the first time.

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    (none yet)


    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake

    Lets have a quick discussion about the facts regarding L’eau D’issey…

    Top notes: Yuzu, Verbena, Coriander, Mandarin, Clary Sage, Cypress
    Middle notes: Bourbon geranium, Nutmeg, Saffron, Waterlily, Cinnamon
    Base notes: Amber, Cyprioll, Musk, Sandalwood, Tobacco, Vetiver

    Longevity (Based on 1000+ ratings)
    7.316 out of 10 – Pretty dang good!
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.235 – Pretty dang good! (Click to see the best!)
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    4,220 – Pretty Average (Click For Full List)
    Approximately $13.20 per ounce – (Find it discounted here)

    l eau d issey pour homme

    L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake Thoughts by CologneMasters

    “A light, sharp, citrusy floral smell” – dracdoc

    I think dracdoc said it the best. When you first spray this scent on, you do get a sharp, citrus smell. In a matter of fact, the sharpness is so direct and in your face about it, it turns me off immediately from liking it.

    The opening of L’eau D’issey is so strong with the Yuzu note, it prevents me from giving it a chance. After spraying it on my wrists, the smell makes me want to go wash it off as quickly as I sprayed it on. However, because I am a self-proclaimed Cologne Master, I stick to my guns and decide to tough it out for a few more hours.

    As L’eau D’Issey dries down after 45 minutes to an hour, it starts to become pleasant. This is where I can start to believe that ratings and positive feedback begin to make sense. The scent is much softer, sweeter, and the citrus is less strong which made my girlfriend approve of the smell after awhile. She didn’t “love” it, but it was certainly a “like”.

    My personal take is that L’eau D’issey should only be worn by perfume enthusiasts and not the mass population. The high reviews I believe are from people that enjoy how unique this scent it is compared to all the other mass produced fragrances out there like Acqua Di Gio.

    It is NOT a fragrance for young men, because you need a level of appreciation to enjoy it. I would recommend this fragrance for any man mid 30s or older that is looking to stand out from the crowd and wear something light but unique.

    Longevity – I disagree with the longevity rating it received. L’eau D’issey almost falls off a cliff after a few hours. You’ll smell it, then before you notice it, it’s gone.

    Projection – Weak projection in my opinion. I had to press my wrist to my girlfriends nose in order for her to even notice it.

    Unique – Here is a citrus smell that doesn’t smell like all the others.

    Experts  – It takes a true perfume enthusiast to enjoy this smell. When I read the reviews, it seems like this type are the ones that enjoy it.

    Mature – Great for older guys that don’t want to smell like the youth of today.

    My final thoughts –

    L’eau D’issey doesn’t live up to the hype. In a matter of fact, if I ever end up writing an article of the most overhyped fragrances, this one might headline it.

    Wear L’eau D’Issey if…

    You’re 35+ years old
    You want to stick out
    Your significant other loves it
    You don’t want to smell like everyone else

    Don’t buy this if…

    If you want to smell like something people universally like
    You want compliments
    You’re a young guy
    If you like Jurassic Park

    Here is what other people have said about L’eau D’Issey

    This is what I hope my experience turns into;

    I tried this years ago from a sample and absolutely hated it. Even wrote a review for it saying how much I didn’t like it. Well…..

    Having problems finding a “fresh” scent I like, and this fragrance still popping up on everyone’s top lists, I decided to try it once more. Now I’m in love with it!!! Totally different experience than before. Not sure if my nose and tastes changed or I got a bad sample before, but this is great smelling stuff on my skin. I find the initial opening slightly harsh but it goes away quickly, then it smells wonderful. I’m no expert at notes and which ones I’m getting but it’s definitely floral and citrus. Ordered a big bottle immediately.

    So now I think I’m gonna go back and retry a few others that didn’t knock me out before and see if I feel differently about them.

    Here is someone that I can align with right now;

    “When I first sprayed the cologne on my wrists it smelled like burning plastic. It stayed that way for an hour. The fragrance after an hour was okay. But in a way it was too heavy. Have not had a pleasant experience with this cologne. My co-workers like it though. Everyone has a different opinion.”

    Another guy that I happen to agree with;

    Sour, cloying, synthetic bug-spray/insect-repellent (mixed with CK-One).
    This scent can be found in the camping section of any store for around $8.00 USD.
    Maybe both will protect you against mosquitos.!

    Alright, so who should buy L’eau D’Issey Pour Homme?

    Age Group: 35+

    People that wear it need to have more of an appreciation of fragrances to enjoy it.

    Season: Summer

    During the warm, more humid months are where this fragrance is said to shine above others.

    Time of Day: Day

    Most light/citrus fragrances work best for daily use. This is no exception.

    Gift?: No

    I wouldn’t chance this by giving it to someone as a gift.

    Longevity: Good

    My experience with longevity with this one was not what others reported. I only received about a

    Harmless? – No

    The harsh yuzu note in the beginning just doesn’t make it safe to wear at grandma’s house.

    Popularity – Average

    With a little over 4,000 searches per month, it’s pretty average for a fragrance popularity scale.

    Price – Average

    Bottle prices vary, but you can find one for about $30-40 on Amazon.

    Awards – 0

    Sexy – Friend zone

    The people that enjoy this one, don’t say it is sexy. Rather they describe it as a citrus explosion that is great for the summer.

    Signature Cologne – No

    Unless you live in a hot and humid environment, this one would not work out for a signature smell.

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport Review by CologneMasters

    chanel allure homme sport reviewCologneMasters Chanel Allure Homme Sport Review begins with a testimonial from yours truly.

    After stopping into Nordstroms to pick out a few different samples of fragrance to wear in the upcoming days (click here to learn how to get FREE samples), my curiosity awakened when I was walking by the Chanel booth and noticed a few fragrances that were recently rated as one of the top compliment getters for mens fragrance.

    I met a very nice lady at the booth named Heather, and asked her which one was her favorite and she replied with Allure Homme Sport. This fascinated me because Bleu de Chanel was sitting right next to it in plain sight and from what I read, the ladies went nuts over Bleu.

    So instead of trying to argue with her on which fragrance was better, I asked her for a sample and what day she worked next so I could give her the sale if I indeed enjoyed it enough to buy a bottle.

    I sprayed a few squirts on myself for the ride home after work so I could get acquainted with it. My mind was going in other directions so I didn’t pay too much attention to the scent since I knew I would be wearing it again tomorrow so I could write a review.

    When I arrived back at my apartment, my lady friend was sitting in bed, working on her charts from the patients she visited with during the day. I walked over to her and gave her the routine hug and started the “how was your day?” conversation.

    As soon as I leaned in, I noticed she was reluctant to let go and asked what I was wearing. Before I had a chance to think about what it was I had on, it was too late. She pulled me in closer and wouldn’t let me go…

    CologneMaster Awards Received

    (none yet)

    The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

    Here are the facts surrounding Allure Homme Sport… No opinions allowed

    • Top notes: Aldehydes, Mandarin, Orange, Aquatic note
    • Middle notes: Black pepper, Neroli, Cedar
    • Base notes: Tonka, Vetiver, Amber, White musk


    Longevity (Based on 1000+ ratings)
    7.16 out of 10 – Pretty dang good!
    Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
    7.51 – Pretty dang good!
    Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
    4,330 – Pretty Average (Click For Full List)
    Approximately $38.80 per ounce – Find it discounted here

    Chanel Allure Homme Sport Review Thoughts by CologneMasters

    allure-homme-sport-for men smellingIf you read the opening paragraph to this post, you’ll notice that my experience with it has been EXTREMELY positive because the women in my life LOVE this smell. When a person receives that much positive feedback regarding a fragrance, my judgement is quick to say this may be one of the best mens colognes around today.

    The opening of Allure Homme is pretty powerful. You’ll get blasted with sea notes bundled with orange. After the top notes die down, you’ll start to smell the cedar, amber, and vanilla which will last until Allure Homme rides off into the sunset.

    This fragrance is simple to wear because it works in every situation. With how clean and refreshing it is, Allure Homme Sport is an almost a perfect fragrance for it’s intended use which is for active people that are in close quarters with others and don’t want to smell like a sweat ball.

    Longevity – I agree with the world when it comes to longevity. After an 8 hour day of work, I can still smell this on my body which is pretty impressive for a “sport” fragrance. If anything, the longevity score should be higher.

    Projection – I’ll notice Allure Homme Sport on my person only for the first hour or so. Afterwards I’ll have to sniff my wrists to remember what I’m wearing. The projection is pretty average.

    Versatile – I like that you can wear Allure Homme on a hot date, or safety to grandma’s house without offending anyone. A perfect signature scent.

    Compliment getter – As one of the top fragrances to receive a compliment, you will receive them. Personally I don’t receive very many compliments when wearing a scent, but this is one of the few that I have.

    Great for athletes – If you need to smell good after practice or after a nice jog, feel free to spray some of this on. It’s like an overpowered sport cologne.

    Ageless – I don’t care if you’re 13 years old or 130, there is not an age limit I would put on this one.

    My final thoughts-

    Allure Homme Sport is a fantastic fragrance. It will easily show up on the best mens cologne list and will continue to receive compliments. Wear this anywhere and everywhere you go and you can’t go wrong. You can buy a bottle here.

    Wear Allure Homme Sport if…

    1. You’re looking for a simple fragrance to wear
    2. You want something that will work day or night
    3. Your significant other loves it
    4. You don’t want to smell like everyone else in school
    Don’t buy this if…

    1. If you’re looking for something a little more spicy, dark, or unique
    2. You want to smell completely different from the main stream world
    3. The thought of a lighter scent appalls you
    4. You want something cheap

    Here is what other people have said about Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

    Here is just another dude talking about compliments;

    The most complimented fragrance I ever had for men. Everywhere I go,-office, gym, restaurants, hotels, vacations, bus, taxi, and home, this one is stunning. I never go wrong wearing it. From day to night, smell amazing. I’m not promoting but I’m telling you my experience. I rate it 9.5/10. Not 10/10 because it’s bit expensive fragrance and it last less than 10 hours.”

    A nice perspective from the ladies;

    Chanel’s Allure Homme Sport has to be one of my all time favorite fragrances for men! As a woman I definitely like fresh scents that have a little sweetness to them on a man. I love the sweet orange and salty sea top notes. I smell a little spice and it could be the pepper, but it smells like cinnamon to me which is fantastic and the base it definitely a warm vanilla. I think that the notes blend so well together in this fragrance so that it is not too candy sweet nor too sharp smelling. As much as I like fresh citrus scents, there is nothing appealing about a man smelling like a lemon bomb or a Clorox wipe what is so strong it burns your nose. I personally love Allure Homme Sport and every time I smell it on a man I always stop to give a compliment

    Talking about the Sport version and why it works a little better;

    Well about 2 years back I tried the original Allure and loved it but honestly (maybe this is just how it comes off on my skin or doesnt match my personality) it smelled good but was a little too spicy and mature for me. So soon after I saw youtube reviews on the sport version and everyone said it was like a more youthful, fresh version of Allure so I decided to try it and to my surprise the reviews were dead on.

    This scent is just a beautiful blend of fresh,sexy,oranges up top and then when it dries down its more of a creamy, sexy scent with the orange smell still lingering in the background. My GF loves this stuff and is by far 1 of her favorite scents. Although this scent alone isnt my favorite id have to say this is overall my best fragrance based on how good it smells,compliments,longevity and sillage!!

    Alright, so who should buy Allure Homme Sport?

    Age Group: 18+

    Allure Homme Sport is a timeless scent. It works well for young guys, or old guys. It’s a good all-around fragrance.

    Season: Spring, Summer

    This one works better in the Spring and Summer, but personally, I wear it all-year around.

    Time of Day: Day

    Because you won’t offend anyone by wearing Allure Homme Sport, it is perfect for wearing during the day.

    Gift?: Yes

    Because it’s widely known in the fragrance community as a compliment getter, feel free to give it as a gift to someone.

    Longevity: Very good

    Most people will report up to 8 hours of life. That is amazing for an EDT and exceeds expectations.

    Harmless? – Yes

    You can wear this around anyone without fearing you’re going to smell gross to someone.

    Popularity – Average

    As of now, Allure Homme Sport has a pretty average popularity rating.

    Price – Expensive – Find here

    Depending where you buy this, you’ll be looking at a bottle for around $100

    Awards – 0

    Coming soon

    Sexy – Sexy

    Although it gets loads of compliments, I have yet to have someone describe it as sexy.

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    A wonderful signature fragrance and a personal favorite of mine. You can wear this all-day everyday if you want to, which makes it perfect for a signature cologne.

    A Versace Eros Review by CologneMasters

    Browsing around the net, you will undoubtedly find a  Versace Eros review. Many reviewers claim this is one of the best fragrances in the world right now, but does it measure up to the CologneMasters test.

    I first was introduced to this fragrance by finding it on a few top 10 lists for best mens fragrances. When I see a fragrance being recommended by multiple sources, I figure it has to be good and it’s worth looking into.

    When I first purchased this bottle off Amazon, I opened it out of the box and smelled it just out of the sprayer. My initial reaction was that this was going to be another perfect 10 fragrance.

    After wearing it at work for a full day, I changed my mind…

    CologneMasters Awards Received


    The Cold Hard Facts About Eros by Versace

    Top Notes: Lemon, Green Apple, Mint

    Middle Notes: Ambroxan, Geranium, Tonka Bean

    Base Notes: Cedar, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Madagascar Vanilla

    Most noticeable notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Mint, Tonka Bean

    Don’t know what top notes, middle notes, or base notes are? Check out this post

    Longevity (Based on 700+ ratings)
    7.87 out of a maximum 10 – Pretty good!
    Average Rating From People That Wear It (2000+ Reviews)
    5.925/10 – Above average
    Approximately $13.59 per ounce, making it pretty reasonable to purchase – Find it discounted here

    CologneMaster Thoughts

    versace eros review pic

    Eros by Versace is highly controversial. You have have critics and reviewers saying that this fragrance is shouldn’t be allowed to be worn because of it’s stench, but other people will say they can’t get their wives and girl friends off them. I even read one instance where a woman tried to lick the fragrance off her man’s neck.

    The bottom line is this… When we do a fragrance review, I use my personal opinions mixed with what the mass population of the world say. Even though I may say something good or bad, that doesn’t mean Eros won’t work or will for you.

    Vanilla and Tonka Bean rule this fragrance. If these notes are up your alley, then maybe it’s something to give a try.

    Longevity – The longevity is pretty amazing. It’s on the discussion board for one of longest lasting fragrances around.

    Projection – Fairly average projection. When I wear this fragrance, I’ll notice throughout the day.

    Cool Bottle – The texture, bottle top, all look pretty cool and sophisticated. If someone came into your room and saw this laying around, it would look pretty sophisticated

    Masculine – Men that wear this, smell like one.

    For the grand finale of the Versace Eros review, when you spray this fragrance, you’re going to get a nice warm scent that is reminiscent of tonka bean, and vanilla.

    This fragrance does not pass the grandma’s house test which means it’s not a safe fragrance to wear to school, work, church, or wherever. The best time to wear this fragrance is if you were to head out for a night where you’re not going to be in tight spaces next to people.

    There are better smells than this one. My initial reaction to this smell was not accurate with to my final thoughts.

    I would purchase this fragrance only if I knew my girlfriend or lady friend goes nuts over it, otherwise I would stick to something different. There are better fragrances out there.

    Who should wear it? Who shouldn’t?

    Wear Eros if…

    • Your under the age of 30
    • Looking for something to wear at night
    • Want a cool bottle on your nightstand
    • Your girlfriend attempts to lick it off you
    • Want to stand out in high-school and college
    • Need a fragrance that lasts
    Don’t buy this if…

    • You’re older
    • Your girlfriend/wife hates it
    • You need something to wear to work/school
    • You trust my judgement
    • You’re looking for a summer fragrance
    • Going to be indoors with it on

    Eros by Versace Reviews by People Other Than Me

    This is my favorite part because it gives some perspective on what other random people have said about it…

    Here is someone that seems pretty impressed with it

    This one lasts and lasts and lasts on me, and the compliments roll in. It is very sweet for sure. Vanilla, tonka, Apple, mint and lemon is what I get from this. It has been awhile since I wore it, but when I do I enjoy it and so does everyone else around me.

    I’ve worn this in warm weather but I think this is best suited for cooler weather, winter in fact. It is in the vein of the one million crowd, the sweet stuff but I don’t mind sweet at all. I for one love and have purchased jpg ultra male and I am in my 40s (I mention that merely because scents like Eros and ultra male are quickly labeled as club scent for young obnoxious guys)

    Versace gets a lot of hate but I will tell you, the dreamer, vintage Versace man are incredible scents. Eros is not incredible but it is quite good. Warm, sweet, comforting and long-lasting. Not my signature scent but I enjoy it a great deal. At some point the older fragrance crowd will have to accept the fact that fresh and sweet is what is ruling the day (in the designer game at least) and they can continue to moan and whine or they can try to have an open mind and try to find the good in what is being released. Don’t get me wrong the classics will always be the classics and I am a fan of Kouros, Antaeus, polo green, etc but there is plenty of room in my wardrobe for both. Try some on with an open mind and see what you think.

    Here is a lady on the Twittersphere…

    And here is a guy that thinks the same way I do…

    This can be used a clubbing scent in the same spirit as 1 Million, Le Male.
    I cannot imagine a mature male using this in an office environment or at church as it would be too cloying.

    It’s not a BAD smell; it’s just overwhelming and ever-present (like Axe).
    Maybe it will burn itself out in a year.

    I can imagine those under 26 or over 65 wearing this to “make the scene” in a club as they unnecessarily yell into your ear “CAN YOU SMELL MY COLOGNE?”.

    One more time… Who should buy Eros by Versace?

    Age Group: Under 30

    This fragrance lacks the sophistication and maturity that someone over 30 should be wearing.

    Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

    Feel free to wear Eros in the months that are a little bit cooler. Not really a summer fragrance.

    Time of Day: Night

    Although you can wear Eros during the day, it is primarily an evening fragrance.

    Gift?: No

    It’s not universally liked enough to be given as a gift

    Longevity: Very good

    Most people will report up to 8 hours of life. That is amazing for an EDT and exceeds expectations.

    Harmless? – No

    If you wear this around your grandma, most likely she won’t

    Popularity – Very popular

    Eros by Versace is still one of the most popular fragrances today.

    Price – Good

    Any fragrance you can find for under $50 a bottle is pretty good. I bought mine here.

    Awards – 0

    None yet

    Sexy – Very Sexy

    Although it’s pretty controversial, women seem to adore this scent but it’s the men usually that don’t like it.

    Signature Cologne – No

    It’s not a fragrance you want people to remember you by. Instead, use this as a situational fragrance.

    Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Cologne Review by CologneMasters

    Welcome to a the greatest Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce cologne review you have ever seen. Ok fine obviously you aren’t watching this, but still we are going to cover everything you may want to know about one of the most fierce fragrances on the market today.

    My personal history with this fragrance is that I first was exposed to this fragrances when I was in high-school. A good friend of mine switched from Acqua Di Gio to Fierce and I was curious why because EVERYONE was wearing Di Gio and loving it.

    After smelling it off his dresser, I was hooked again. Another amazing smelling fragrance.

    CologneMasters Awards Received

    abercrombie and fitch fierce cologne review

    Abercrombie & Fitch is a no doubter one of the best fragrances for young men and let us tell you why.

    The Cold Hard Facts


    Top notes: Fir, Orange, Lemon, Cardamom, Petigrain

    Heart notes: Lily-of-the-Valley, Rose, Rosemary, Jasmine

    Base notes: Brazilian Rosewood, Oakmoss, Musk

    Don’t know what these mean? Check out our fragrance guide here.

    Longevity (Based on 300+ ratings)
    7.01 out of a maximum 10 – Pretty good
    Average Rating From People That Wear It (1300+ Reviews)
    6.88/10 – Pretty Good
    Approximately $24-25 per ounce, making it a little spendy for those on a budget – Find it discounted here

    CologneMaster Thoughts

    Abercrombie & Fitch does an amazing job on Fierce. This fact can’t be denied by it’s current popularity with the youth of the world. In 2002 when this fragrance came out (and I was in high-school, this was a hit). If people weren’t wearing Acqua Di Gio, they were most likely spraying themselves with Fierce in-between classes.

    Company image issues – In case you missed it, Abercrombie has continued to drop in sales since the CEO Mike Jeffries publicly said, “We want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don’t market to anyone other than that.”

    They have proceeded to get into trouble with hiring discrimination, and have thus been rocked with this video which now has over 8 million views.


    The bottle – This fragrance exhibits sexiness. You can see it with a beefed up shirtless dude on it. It’s a sticker so if it intimidates you, go ahead a peel it off.

    Smells like – Legend by Montblanc smells similar to Fierce but it adds a little more sophistication. If you like this fragrance, but are a little bit older? Try the Legend

    The Scent –  When you first take a whiff of Fierce, you get a blast of citrus and spice. You’ll also notice some woody smells lingering in the background.

    From initial spray to complete dry down, you’ll notice it will stay pretty linear. You won’t notice the citrus notes that you started with, but for a casual wearer, the scent will stay mostly the same unless your constantly sniffing yourself.

    When people talk about what note they smell the most of, the note they talk about is musk. Now there is no doubt that this is correct, but it’s not too musky. The same goes with the spicy and citrus notes. You can smell them, but you can’t taste them.


    It packs a punch with pretty good good strength. If you’re a teenage or younger user, you may want to keep it under 3 sprays or you’re going to smell like that deodorizer people sprinkle over vomit.

    It smells good but in large doses it smells like puke. When I spray this fragrance on, I’ll do one spray on my chest/neck area when I get out of the shower, and one on my wrist and then proceed to DAB not RUB my wrists together to spread it around.

    You’ll also find that Abercrombie & Fitch is a casual fragrance. Most kids wear it to school everyday to impress their friends and lady friends. Feel free to wear it out in casual environments.

    Don’t wear it in an environment where you’re dressing to impress. If you’re wearing a suit and tie, and not going to a high-school prom, there are going to be better fragrances in that environment.

    Fierce is also considered one of the sexiest fragrances around. You will get noticed.

    Who should wear it? Who shouldn’t?

    Wear Fierce if…

    • You want an amazing scent for young men
    • You want something casual that can be worn to school, work, shopping, grabbing groceries, etc…
    • You want something sexy but not over the top
    • You want a compliment getter
    • You want something that will last
    Don’t buy this if…

    • You don’t want to smell like every other kid in school
    • You’re looking for something to wear with a suit and tie
    • You’re 25+ years of age or older… Try Legend instead
    • You hate the Abercrombie brand… Try Montblanc’s Legend instead
    • Don’t have money to spend

    Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce Cologne Review by Others

    This is my favorite part because it gives some perspective on what other random people have said about it…

    Here is what one lovely lady had to say about it… As you can probably tell, of the younger generation

    “omg this is the sexiest cologne ever!!! my friends and i have this thing for the scent of abercrombie when we are in the mall we just HAVE to walk in there just to get a whiff! and i couldnt help but buy it just to get that whiff whenever i want 😉 FYI fellas- BUY IT ASAP! girls will love it!!!!!!!!!”

    Here is a lady on the Twittersphere…

    Ryan gave a great perspective of this fragrance..


    OMG this is the sexiest cologne ever!!! my friends and i have this thing for the scent of abercrombie when we are in the mall we just HAVE to walk in there just to get a whiff! and i couldnt help but buy it just to get that whiff whenever i want 😉 FYI fellas- BUY IT ASAP! girls will love it!!!!!!!!!


    Our Conclusion… Who should buy Abercrombie & Fitch’s Fierce Fragrance?

    Age Group: Under 25

    Fierce is a fragrance designed and marketed for young men plain and simple. If you’re over 25 and still would like to wear it, switch over to Legend by Montblanc.

    Season: All-year

    What’s beautiful about Fierce, is that the citrus scent makes it ok to wear during the spring and summer months, but the spiciness also makes a great fall and winter fragrance.

    Time of Day: Day or Night

    Feel free to wear Fierce during the day to school, or afterwards on a date or casual activity

    Gift?: Yes

    A wonderful gift to a young man that is looking for a fragrance to wear. It is so well-liked that it is almost a guaranteed like.

    Longevity: Very good

    Most people will report up to 8 hours of life from Fierce. That is amazing for an EDT and exceeds expectations.

    Harmless? – Yes

    Wear this fragrance to your grandma’s house without worry she will faint.

    Popularity – Very popular

    Very popular in high-school and somewhat in college.

    Price – Not the best

    For a bottle of Fierce, expect to pay around $70-100. Find it discounted here.

    Awards – 1

    Best Cologne For Young Men Award

    Sexy – The Sexiest

    This is a fragrance you will receive compliments from women about. Super sexy…

    Signature Cologne – Yes

    Absolutely this is a signature fragrance. It is not in my current repertoire because I’m too old for it, but if you’re under 25, this can be the fragrance you rock day and night.