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Top 7 Freshest Smelling Colognes

freshest mens cologne

The term "fresh" in the fragrance world is one of the most overly used words to describe a scent. Here at CologneMasters, we are guilty of abusing it mostly because it is how novices describe a scent when smelling it for the first time.

The problem with the word "fresh", is it has different meanings depending on who you ask. For example, my mom thinks of fresh as taking clean clothes out of the dryer and inhaling that cleanliness smell. Some people consider fresh as stepping out of the shower or emerging from a hot bath. Still more people consider "fresh" to smell like you're taking a walk on a beach and breathing in the fresh oceanic air.

Officially in the fragrance world, the term "fresh" has changed throughout the years. In the 1980s, dihydromyrcenol ruled the world of freshness. If you're wondering what dihydromyrcenol is, picture a powerful lime-like, sweet citrus, lavender, bergamot, coriander and floral aroma. It has many other functions than just fragrance. You can find dihydromyrcenol in soaps, detergents, and air fresheners. You can also find a pretty in-depth article over here.

Fresh Smelling Fragrances - Fragrance Wheel

Drakkar Noir was one of the first to jump onto the stage in 1982 with a whopping 10% of its formula consisting of dihydromyrcenol.

When smelling Drakkar Noir, I don't think it smells what I would be considered fresh. Instead it has more of an older scent and you can see the full review here.

When the 90s hit, colognes such as Acqua Di Gio and Le Male emerged. Instead of containing high concentrations of dihdromyrcenol, other fresh ingredients such as calone, hedione, and ethyl maltol emerged as the trending popularity for what "fresh" smells like.

The fragrance wheel, that you can see in the image above, shows the three different notes that would classify a fragrance as fresh. These notes are;

  • Water
  • Green
  • Citrus
Water or Aquatic Notes

If you enjoy the sounds and smells of the beach, you most likely approve of fragrances that have water and aquatic notes in them as well.

Examples of these notes can be water, sea notes, algae, sea weed, sand, drift wood, and others.

Fresh Smelling Notes - Citrus
Citrus Notes

Bergamot, lemon, orange, tangerine, and grapefruit all lead the charge when it comes to citrus notes. I would guess the majority of the world population has smelled citrus before.

The words people use to describe citrus are fresh, light, tangy, crisp, and sharp. 

Fresh Smelling Notes - Green
Green Notes

The smell of freshly cut grass is an example of something that could be considered green notes and "fresh".

Examples of green notes are leaves, tea leaves, and freshly cut grass. These notes add a nice sharpness to a fragrance.

#7 Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982) – Click For Pricing

Drakkar Noir (click here for full review) is an automatic first ballot entry into the world of the most fresh cologne. Why do you ask? Drakkar Noir emerged onto the scene in 1982 with the largest concentrate of dihdromyrcenol the world has ever seen.

Even today your can find men wearing Drakkar Noir religiously because of their strong roots using it when they were in high-school, college, and entering the working world.

This is a great example of a cologne that I think doesn’t smell “fresh”. It doesn’t smell like you’re climbing out of a hot bath, but it makes you FEEL fresh as you’re going about your day.

You should give Drakkar Noir a chance if;

  • You want something that will last all day
  • You want to smell “old school”
  • You’re over 30 years old
  • You want to smell “manly”

Click Here For Pricing


#6 Cool Water by Davidoff (1988) – Click For Pricing

Cool Water by Davidoff (1988) (click here for full review) is another cologne that was created back in the 1980s when the dihdromyrcenol craze was going on. The interesting thing about Cool Water is when Drakkar Noir was able to start the trend of going fresh, Cool Water actually doubled the ante and consists of 20% off dihdromyrcenol.

Cool Water, unlike it’s 1980s companion Drakkar Noir, smells clean. When taking a whiff of this classic cologne, it’s easy to feel like you’re on a boat somewhere on the ocean. This feeling amplifies the smell of cleanliness and is an amazing addition to the list of the freshest smelling colognes. If you’re interested, I recommend checking out the full review which you can find by clicking on the link above.

You should buy this cologne if;

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You want to smell “old school”
  • You’re over 30 years old
  • You’re not looking for something to last you all day”


#5 Nautica Blue – Click For Pricing

Nautica Blue recently entered my cologne collection so it excites me to be able to add it to a top list. When I first took a whiff of this best selling cologne, I was instantly reminded of Cool Water which I smelled just a few minutes ago when I wrote about it on this very list.

The difference between these two is that Cool Water truly places you out on the ocean as if you’re on the water making you feel refreshed. Nautica Blue gives you that refreshing and clean feeling, but with a little bit of a zing. The longer you wear this cologne and more you smell it, the more it transforms into something even cleaner.

You should buy this cologne if;

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You want something that is in-expensive
  • You want something that smells differently as your day continues

Find A Deal Here!

#4 Chrome by Azzaro (1996) – Click Here For Pricing

Ohhh yes…. Chrome by Azzaro (full review here) makes a splash by capturing what it means to be truly fresh. Chrome is another refreshing/clean scent that takes you on an aquatic journey of cleanliness. It is starting to turn into a classic cologne because of it’s strong popularity despite being over 20 years old already.

Chrome is a “fresh” scent because of the aquatic notes and a hint of a metallic smell in the background. It is certainly one of the best “fresh” colognes on the market today and has an enormous following of men that will wear nothing but this scent.

You should buy this cologne if;

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You like a metallic undertone smell
  • You’re older than 25

Find A Deal Here!

#3 Acqua Di Parma – Colonia – Click Here For Pricing

Acqua Di Parma by Colonia is the definition of what a classic cologne is. The first fragrance was created over 100 years ago in 1916, and was used to scent handkerchiefs.

While searching around the web, a few names continued to come up as colognes that smelled fresh and this was one of them. I have to admit, I have not yet smelled this fragrance, but if every Cologne Master is saying this is one of the best fresh scents around, it is worth taking a peek.

Give this cologne a shot if:

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You like history
  • You don’t care about price

Find A Deal Here!

#2 Green Irish Tweed by Creed (1985) – Click Here For Pricing

Green Irish Tweed is an expensive cologne that is one of the favorites among celebrities. It was made in 1985 when the dihdromyrcenol era was still exploding. The argument between Cool Water and Green Irish Tweed (GIT) is ongoing on which cologne is better and for the purpose of this article, which cologne is more fresh.

GIT is more of a natural, high-class, elegant smelling cologne that was made for movie stars and celebrities. Cool Water was created as an inexpensive alternative and smells more aquatic and synthetic than the natural vibes you get from GIT.

Regardless, of all the colognes on the list, Green Irish Tweed takes the cake if you’re looking for something that smells natural, fresh, and you wish to wear something that nobody else does except for movie stars.

Buy this cologne only if;

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You’re willing to spend $150 on a bottle
  • You want to smell like a movie star

Buy it here!

#1 Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996) – Click For Pricing

If you haven’t heard or smelled Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (click here for full review), you are either brand new to the world of cologne or have been living under a box your entire life. Acqua is by far the most popular cologne on the market today. This cologne is simply one of the best colognes that has ever been made from a designer fragrance stance.

This cologne wins the “freshest” cologne, because not only does it contain the ingredients necessary for cologne critics, perfumers, masters, and experts to consider it fresh, but because it also makes you FEEL fresh as you go about your day. If you don’t already have a bottle of this cologne, you need one and do yourself a favor by clicking our discount link to Amazon to add a bottle to your cologne arsenal.


Buy this cologne if;

  • You want to smell clean & fresh
  • You’ve never heard of Acqua Di Gio Before
  • You’ve ran out of your current bottle of Acqua Di Gio
  • You’re still debating on what fresh cologne you should buy



Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns at the bottom of this article. If you disagree or wish to add something, please let me know!


The World’s Most Expensive Cologne You Can’t Afford – CologneMasters

Wouldn't it be nice if we had money like Warren Buffet and could buy whatever fragrance our hearts desired?

I think so too..

All of these colognes you fill find on this list are REAL and they can actually be purchased! I've seen several lists online that are complete lies which is why I've decided to create something accurate. 

In most cases I provided a link to where you can purchase a sample or an authentic bottle from the manufacturer's website if one of these peaks your interest.

There is one key rule to be a part of this list. The cologne MUST still be in production. In my search of these expensive fragrances, I found some you can still purchase even though they have been discontinued.

These colognes are inflated because they are hard to find, thus it is unfair we choose them as an expensive cologne for men because it is not the fair price.

Also it’s important to note, personally I have not tried all of these. So for most of them, I had to take other's opinions into consideration when writing about it.

If you have anything you wish to add to the description, once again, don’t be shy to leave a comment so we can discuss it.

If what you say sounds educated and authentic, congratulations I will update the post with your name on it so you get some credit.

Let's get started shall we?

Reflection Man - $92.42 per ounce

Most Expensive Cologne For Men

Amouage fragrances are expensive compared to fragrances you pick up at your local department store.

They are made from some of the finest ingredients which make their value increase substantially.

According to, this fragrance is close to the 50/50 on whether guys like it or not, but don't let that influence you. The people that love this fragrance are truly, madly, deeply in obsessed.

Reflection Man has a white floral accord. This means, if you don't like the smell of jasmine, this fragrance is not for you. The jasmine is quite loud and in your face and people compare it to Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Oud Wood by Tom Ford - $94.55 per ounce

oud wood most expensive perfume

This cologne is designed for a true cologne connoisseur. Oud Wood opens with an earthy mantle of richly woven saffron, black rose and black truffle, with hints of floralcy. The middle notes consist of, vanilla, patchouli, oud wood and tree moss soften the intensity, making the scent a sensual experience.

Oud Wood is described as one of the most tame and unimposing fragrances which Tom Ford puts his name on. It's a fragrance that demands quality, but not attention.

The longevity and projection is not a powerhouse like it's siblings Tuscan Leather and Tobacco Vanille.

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford - $94.55 per ounce

Tom Ford's Private Blend Tobacco Vanille is a fragrance that receives rave reviews. From people talking about the oodles of compliments they receive from it, all the way to how it's blended perfectly together.

Like any fragrance however, it does have the people that criticize it. For some it doesn't mesh well with their skin, it's too sweet, or the price tag does not live up to the hype.

The people who love this fragrance speak about how it's perfect for the winter. The tobacco, vanilla blend makes the cold a little more bearable. Also, people rant and rave how it smells like sophistication and is just plain lovely.

This is one of Tom Ford's most popular colognes, so don't be shy to try it out. Anything Tom Ford currently is like the Porsche of men's cologne.

X For Men by Clive Christian - $127.78 per ounce

x for men

Clive Christian’s “X factor” is a modern fragrance with a commanding, royal character of orris, cardamom, and cinnamon. This cologne is described as a spicy, woody fragrance that is available in 1.7 and 3.4 ounces.

Since I haven't tried this fragrance myself, I had a great time reading about all the people that have and their thoughts perhaps more than any other scent thus far.

Comparisons to the "Dos Equis man" was simply amazing. When you think about the most interesting man in the world, allegedly this is the fragrance that he's wearing. Men that wish to smell sophisticated and perhaps have a fine appreciation for the arts of fragrance are giving X for men a perfect 10/10.

A perfect score from these types of perfume reviewers is something to really appreciate. Fragrance as a product gets some of the harshest reviews when it comes to critics that makes me wonder how perfume designers continue to wake up in the morning and continue doing their work. For me to see such high ratings from one after another is simply amazing and makes me want to pony up and buy a bottle for myself and see what the fuss is about.

I'm super curious to hear opinions from "casual fragrance wearers", (the guys that just want to smell good to pick up chicks) to see what their perspective on it is.

The men that wear this fragrance regularly describe it as a scent made for kings. Immediately just staring at the bottle you can see why. With a crown top, it looks like it deserves a spot on the throne. If you want to smell like royalty, this is it.

($421.69 for 3.3oz or 100ml bottle)

1872 by Clive Christian - $127.78 per ounce

1872 expensive cologne

Clive Christian's 1872 Perfume spray  receives attention because because of the cool looking bottle built for a king, and the name Clive Christian on the bottle.

If you're someone that wears fragrance casually and lacks a certain appreciation for natural ingredients, spending money on this may seem like a waste of money since there are  cheaper alternatives that smell similar. 

Women admit their counterparts that wear 1872 smell sophisticated and mature which is something appealing to the highest level gentlemen.

The people that continue to wear 1872 by Clive Christian don't receive epic compliments or obnoxious comments. They enjoy the fragrance because they've worn it for an extended period of time.

From the first spray, wearers claim they are sent on a journey of citrus, green, and spice notes.

If you are a citrus and fresh scent observer, you will notice the lime and grapefruit. Picture Acqua Di Gio and place a little spice in there. Add longevity and you'll have Clive Christian's 1872 Perfume Spray for men.

Aventus by Creed - $128.79 per ounce

Most Expensive Cologne Creed Aventus

There are MANY fragrances that are more expensive than Aventus, but people think of this cologne as something they will never be able to for. This is fragrance is just setting the stage for everything else you're about to see.

Aventus by Creed has a nice fruity opening that ladies seem to go crazy for. People describe this cologne as a “panty dropper” which means women seem to like it. 😉

To find an authentic bottle of Aventus, you can always look on the Creed Boutique website or choose one of their authorized resellers.

Top notes get the party started with pineapple, blackcurrant, apple and bergamot. The middle notes are bursting with peppery rose, birch, jasmine and patchouli, wonderfully woody, deep and heady. At the base is oakmoss, ambergris and a light dusting of vanilla which adds the finishing touch of virile sensuality. Aventus is the best fragrance for getting compliments and is considered extremely sexy.

Black Afgano by Nasomatto - $142.17 per ounce

most expensive men black afgano

Black Afgano is considered a "shared fragrance" meaning it's ok for guys and gals to wear it. One of the best reviews I've read happened to be over at where they go on to say just how potent and strong this fragrance can be.

What makes this fragrance truly unique is that it was made to smell like "hashish" which comes from a cannabis plant. This makes Black Afgano even more interesting and yet controversial. People also describe it as a dark scent which would be something that Darth Vader would wear out to the club.

This scent is described as linear meaning that it smells the same 6 hours later as when you first put it on. The smell is very strong so an ounce will go along ways. People have even said that if you spray it on your clothes, you will be able to continue smelling it for months!

The notes you undoubtedly will find in Black Afgano is woodsy, incense, oud, tobacco.

Pardon by Nasomatto - $142.17 per ounce

Pardon by Nasomatto might be one of the highest rated fragrances on the Most Expensive Cologne For Men list.

Created by Alessandro Guiltieri, Pardon rocks a scent of Agarwood, Sandalwood, and Dark Chocolate as the defining notes that make up this smell.

For a fragrance that comes in such a small quantity (1 ounce), this scent has a potent and blinding force behind it. You don't have to worry about projection with a fragrance like this one.

The people that love this fragrance speak about how rich, spicy, and masculine this fragrance is and it makes it perfect for a winter blend. Men talk about the compliments they receive from their girlfriends from it and it seems like the ladies like to steal it away for a night when you're not watching 😉

The people that put Pardon on blast are those that don't like the ingredients or  niche perfumes in general. If you're a main stream guy, you may not understand this one, but it's still worth snagging a sample if you get your hands on one.

C Woody Leather - $144.21 per ounce

Most Expensive Perfume - C Woody Leather

When it comes to expensive fragrances, you start to see Clive Christian's name all over the place.

C Woody Leather is a brand spanking new fragrances so there is not a lot of feedback on what it smells like yet.

However, the people that have worn compare it to Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather without fruity notes.

Want to know what it smells like? Grab yourself a sample!

($475.90 for 3.3 oz (100ml) bottle)

Straight To Heaven by Kilian - $161.76 per ounce

kilian expensive perfume

Straight To Heaven by Killian is one of the highest rated fragrances on The Most Expensive Cologne For Men List.  

Most people will tell you it smells like rum when they first get a taste, and its  easy to like and difficult to hate.

Straight To Heaven starts with a shot of dark rum and evolves into the scent of a rum drenched, toasted oak staves according to one user on Fragrantica. It continues to smell very masculine and you will continue to receive compliments even though your own nose says its gone.

The cologne is described as a woody, spicy scent and was launched not too long ago in 2007. Straight to Heaven is also one of the more popular fragrances for how expensive it is. ​

Unlike several of the other "expensive fragrances" Straight To Heaven gets you noticed and compliments happen regularly. Another one for sure to try if you're ready to give one of these expensive colognes a try.

The only consistent complaint I've seen thus far has been the longevity. The worst I've seen reported is 3-4 hours, but others have said to get as much as 6 hours out of it. It most likely has something to do with your skin. If you need some tips on making your fragrance last longer, click here!

Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford - $182.35 per ounce

No this is not a joke. Tom Ford literally has a fragrance called "Fucking Fabulous".

As of now, it seems like this fragrance will not be available permanently, unless it catches fire and turns into a hot seller.

Initial reactions from people are that they are generally unsatisfied with it. They say it smells too much like baby powder.

There are a handful of people that do find it pleasant and don't get me wrong, that's a good thing. But, you don't hear anyone say that it's "Fucking Fabulous".

No.1 by Clive Christian - $318.92 per ounce

This fragrance is recognized as the world’s most expensive cologne for men and was formulated from extremely rare and fine ingredients.

You can immediately tell this cologne was made for only the most elite of users based on the design of the bottle. It's the type you would want to keep in plain sight in your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or whatever just because it looks like a piece of jewelry that needs to be shown off.

People whom have worn this cologne describe it as having many different floral scents all at once. If anyone has tried this fragrance, I’d love to hear your comments by dropping it down below!

Once again, Thank You so much for supporting and reading this article.

If you have any suggestions, tips, comments, I would love to correspond with you via e-mail buy going over to our contact page. Otherwise, drop us a comment and we will reply ASAP. If you enjoyed this article be sure to share it by clicking any of the social media icons because we really appreciate it. Otherwise, check out a few more articles by heading back to the home page.

10 Best Sexiest, Attractive, Cologne For Men That Make Women MELT in 2018!

Can you be honest with me for a second?

Why do want to smell good?

Men will come with many different answers to this question:

  • "I don't want to stink"
  • "It makes me feel confident"
  • "I want to feel manly"
  • "It's a special occassion"
  • "I want to be noticed"

There are a TON more reason I've heard but this is not the point.

What do these responses REALLY mean?

"I don't want to stink" - Means that you sit next to an attractive girl at work and you don't want her to think you have poor hygiene.

"It makes me feel confident" - Means that you're trying to impress someone. Could be your boss, a girl, or both.

"I want to feel manly" - Means you care about your image enough to present yourself as an attractive man.

I'm sure you can come up with what guys really are saying with the last two... 

But here's the thing:

All of the answers have an underlying reason why men wear fragrance:

They want to smell sexy, attractive, or want to seduce someone.

And there is nothing wrong with that!

Believe it or not, when it comes to cologne, there are special scents that women and men find more SEXY than others.

The good news is that we've spent YEARS looking for them and have come up with a list.

Just like all of our top lists, this is not CologneMasters's personal opinion. All of our fragrances come from asking REAL PEOPLE what they think of a fragrance.

We then measure how many people use the word, sexy, yummy, hot, or [insert sexy description word here] to describe it.

What's AMAZING is that there are fragrances that are A LOT more ATTRACTIVE than others.

Not interested in reading this whole article?

Here are the 5 best cologne for men that are super sexy with the 5 others all down below.

Best Cologne For Men
Sexiest Cologne For Men

Eros by Versace

Acqua Di Gio Profumo by Giorgio Armani

Aventus by Creed

Valentino Uoma Intense by Valentino 

The One by Dolce & Gabbana


(find Eros sexy)


(find Profumo sexy)


(find Aventus sexy)


(find Valentino sexy)


(find The One sexy)

Price: See here

Price: See here

Price: See here

Price: See here

Price: See here

How did you come up with this list?

Has anyone given you a recommendation only to find out you absolutely HATED their suggestion?

In the fragrance industry, this happens ALL THE TIME!

What works for one person, doesn't always work for the next because of tastes, preferences, and perfume smells differently on other people because they emit different amounts of oil from their bodies!

What makes CologneMasters different is we don't ask one person which fragrances is sexy, we ask HUNDREDS!

This takes the luck out of finding sexy and attractive fragrances. We can actually KNOW which ones are.

The percentage you see under each fragrance shows the percentage of people that said a particular fragrance is sexy, attractive, hot, yummy, sensual, or something along those lines.

Does that make sense?

For example, over 17% of people find The One by Dolce & Gabbana to be a sexy scent. That's a lot! And it just so happens with a score like that, The One is the 5th HIGHEST!

How To Choose The Perfect Sexy Cologne

As you should be figuring out by now, there is no one size fit all fragrance that will work for everyone.

In fact, the fragrance that was voted the sexiest, only 28% of people described it as sexually stimulating.

Thats a little higher than 1 out of every 4 people!


If you didn't like the top 5 sexiest colognes, we are going to go more in depth when it comes to our top 10. 

This should make your decision a little easier when trying to find that perfect intimate scent.

I understand that some of you guys are meat heads. You're in the gym twice a day, taking selfies and sending them to random Tinder girls 15 times a day.

That's fine.

The type of girl you're looking for is different than my fully matured uncle would date.

As you look through our 10 best cologne for men that will attract the ladies, we make recommendations of what kind of guy would wear it. 

You can scroll to the bottom and just pick out the #1, or you can search for a more masculine, sophisticated, sexy scent. 

The choice is yours...

Typically fragrances that are on this list are not popular. You don't want to wear something everyone else does so keep that in mind as your viewing some of these. If you've never heard of them, there is probably a reason why.

Wearing fragrance by itself will not get you laid, sorry fellas... If you really think that spraying a couple of squirts of any of these fragrances will get you covered in hotties, you're wrong.

Fragrance ENHANCES the way you look.

Have you ever had a gorgeous girl walk by only to have her perfume stick into your nostrils for a few extra seconds like she is still in front of you?

Thats what cologne does for guys too! It enhances your best features, gives women something to compliment you on, and it's a free conversation starter.

Most people that know me have an idea that I LOVE fragrance so if we are just standing around and we have nothing to talk about, I'll have them smell my wrist so they can tell me what they think.

It also works as a great opener if you're trying to pick up women. "Hey ladies, I need your opinion on something, my friends keep telling me I smell like a unicorn, what do you think?" and BOOM you've just opened a conversation with a random person.

Now there are some pretty crazy stories in this post of guys getting laid from these fragrances, but I just wanted to put a disclaimer out there that you're gonna have to do a little more work than just show up wearing fragrance.

#10 - For The Young Man
Guilty by Gucci - 12.821%

Top notes

Lavender, Lemon

Middle notes

Orange flower

Base notes

Cedarwood & patchouli

The women that find Guilty attractive are all under 25 years of age which is why it is labeled a young man scent.

Fragrance lovers that are a bit more mature complain that it is overly sweet.

What have people said?

"My boyfriend used this one. I didn't know what he was wearing. God I think I might said a 100 times how sexy and great he smelled. Mmm this is a very classy and sexy scent. Very masculine and yummie. I love it!"

"Outstanding / Sexy Fragrance.. Girls Love it."

#9 - For Something Unexpected

Notes you'll notice

Grapefruit, Incense, Ginger

Just over 13.5% of people find that Bleu de Chanel is sexy which is good enough for #9 on the list for 2018.

Women have been known to purchase this as a gift to themselves only to give it to their boyfriends.

Bleu de Chanel is easy to wear, a great gift, and receives lots of compliments.

What have people said?

"This is ultimate sexy for a man. Girlies... if your man is wearing this, watch out, he's fair game!!! ;"

"This has smelled Amazing on every guy that has ever worn it around me. I dont smell grapefruit, to me it smells Blue like Marine or ocean like. I like scents like that. It does last long. I think its a nice sexy scent."

#8 - Sporty Sexy

Notes you'll notice

Orange, Sea notes, Aldehydes

Chanel knows what it is doing when it comes to releasing fragrances that are known as sexy.

Allure Homme Sport is one of my personal favorites and one of the current highest rated fragrances so naturally I'm pretty excited to see it on the the top 10.

What have people said?

"One of my friends has this one GODDDDD even now it gives me the shivers is so masculine so...powerful..sooo sexy i cannt explain is HOT"

"Bought this for my boyfriend, and he loves this so much... He smelled so sexy wearing this :)"

#7 - Old-School, For 40+ Years Old

Notes you'll notice

Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary

Chanel impresses again with the #7 sexiest fragrance on the market today.

Having been released in the early 90s, it now excels for men that are in their 40s because its nostalgic for them. People compare this to Abercrombie's Fierce with a little more sophistictation.

What have people said?

"The best! I'm afraid I could fall in love with any man who would wear this fragrance:) Extremely manly and sexy scent!"

"this is my absolute favourite fragrance on a man. its classy and sexy fresh and clean, making the wearer interesting and appealling.its delicous"

#6 - Young, Popular, Image Conscious

Notes you'll notice

Musk, Fir, Lemon

Fierce somehow sneaks it's way into every main stream cologne conversation. 

With almost 14.5% of people finding it sexy, Fierce is still relevant today especially for young men that love wearing name brand clothing.

What have people said?

"Love this perfume on a guy, makes him irresistible 😛
I think it is young and sophisticated enough, but what i like the most is that there isn't any disgusting woody or leather smell in it. It is fresh but still sexy."

"Everyone I know both male and female like this cologne. Marketed as a "young" scent however I've worn it in my early 20's and now into my 30's this cologne still gets me compliments especially from women. It's bold and sexy (according to my female acquaintances)."

#5 - Simply Amazing, Our Choice

Notes you'll notice

Amber, Tobacco, Ginger

The One should be considered as the greatest fragrance in our generation. It can be successfully worn by any age and can be used during every occasion.

This is the easiest pick out of the sexy list.

What have people said?

"Wearing this means you're classy, elegant, sexy, and in my opinion daring the laws of sensuality!"

"This is my signature perfume. I love it because it is classy sexy and seductive. People will love it and will give u a lot of compliments about it."

#4 - Sophisticated, Elegant, Classy

Notes you'll notice

Iris, Leather, Vanilla

Comparisons like to be made to Dior Homme's Intense, which is some pretty favorable company.

Men rant and rave about how much women love this fragrance and it's recommended as a sophisticated, classy, type of a wear.

What have people said?

"This fragrance is AMAZING. Instantly made it into my top 10 rotation. The EXOTIC dance/play between the Iris Absolute & Tonka Bean is SUPER Sexy."

"In a nutshell, it’s sexy, hot and Sophisticated at the same time"

#3 - G.O.A.T., Closest Thing To A Guarantee

Notes you'll notice

Pineapple, Birch, Musk

If you haven't seen our top compliment getters post, you need to.

Aventus receives more compliments than any other fragrance by an ENORMOUS margin.

What have people said?

"Ahh haa! Finally this is the sexy masculine pineapple smell everyone talking about. Definitely believe the hype on this one!"

"II adore this sexy beast of a fragrance on my husband. The slightly pineapple tinged smokiness of it is without parallel. If he wore nothing but Aventus from now until his dying day, I'd be a happy gal."

#2 - Sophisticated, Classy, Highly-Rated

Notes you'll notice

Sea notes, Incense, Bergamot

It's been amazing how quickly and how hard Profumo has hit the fragrance world.

Everyone is talking about how it is a more sophisticated version of Acqua Di Gio which is exactly what everyone has been begging for since the 2000s.

What have people said?

"Sexy sexy sexy!!! no other words to compliment profumo. I was mesmerised by the scent of freshness and incense drydown.

"This must be the best ADG version, believe me!
Smell damn so gooddd omg. Very masculine, elegant, claming and sexy!!!"

#1 - Top Overall, Sexiest Cologne For Men

Notes you'll notice

Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Mint

What a ride it's been to get to the best cologne for men to attract the ladies. Versace Eros is worthy of the #1 spot with a commanding 28% of women saying it is sexy.

Eros is loved because of the precious vanilla and tonka bean notes that will have the opposite sex trying to lick the smell right off your body. 

What have people said?

"Absolutely LOVE smelling this. So freaking sexy... such a huge turn on."

"Bam! Finally, a NEW men's fragrance that doesn't leave me yawning in boredom. This scent is absolutely intoxicating, sexy & unique."

Things To Consider

When it comes to choosing a sexy fragrance, you have probably figured out that there is no PERFECT choice that will make women stop dead in their tracks.

Asking someone what fragrance they find sexy is like asking them what their favorite food is. 

There is just TOO many possible answers.

However, when you ask hundreds of people what scents they find sexy, you'll notice that a few of them show up a little more than the others.

That is what CologneMasters is all about.

These fragrances are the ones that showed up at the top more than any others.


Fragrance only ENHANCES your appearance. 

So if you're Oscar the Grouch and look like you live in a trash can, cologne won't make you sexy.

You should be wearing something gives YOU confidence and makes YOU feel sexy. 

A man that smells great is one thing...

But a man that smells good, looks presentable, and has confidence?

That's almost impossible to ignore....

Good luck fellas! Don't be a stranger, drop a comment below.

42,163 People Tell Us The Best Creed Cologne

The history of Creed starts back in 1710 when James Creed was born. Here we are, over 300 years later talking about one of the most prestigious fragrance brands imaginable.

But which one is the best creed cologne?

If you were to ask 10 guys who the top 5 most attractive females in Hollywood are, you'll most likely get 10 different answers.

Heck if you asked 100 guys you might get a few to agree but in different orders...

But what happens if you ask 50,000 men?

Naturally you're going to get a few names rise higher to the top than others.

This is what we did when we compiled the list of the best creed cologne on the market today. 

We didn't pick our personal opinions or even the opinions of 100 different people. We looked at over 50,000 votes on what Creed fragrances are the best.

Here they are...

Creed Fragrance

# 0f Reviews





Royal Oud



Green Irish Tweed



Pure White Cologne



Spice & Wood



Virgin Island Water



Millesime Imperial



Vetiver Geranuim



Selection Verte



Sublime Vanille



Original Vetiver



Silver Mountain Water



Bois du Portugal



Neroli Sauvage



Millesime 1849



Royal Mayfair









Aberdeen Lavander



Tabarome Millesime



Bois de Cedrat



Royal Water



Cedre Blanc



Asian Green Tea



Viking by Creed


3.238 / 5

Our Rating Criteria

You can see by looking at the table, the number of reviews that we were able to find for any given Creed fragrance depended on how popular it was.

For example, Aventus which is practically a household name has 8,072 reviews versus Millesime Imperial 1849 which is a limited edition only has 118.

The more reviews the fragrance has, the more solid the final rating is.

The star rating is a comparison between all the Creed fragrances. Going from the worst rated fragrance, Viking to the best rated which is Aventus.

Purchasing Creed Through Amazon Tips

Creed fragrances are expensive. If money is no big thing head over to the Creed Boutique and purchase a bottle directly through Creed. 

If you're like me and saving $100 bucks is worth going through Amazon, here are a few rules I go by when buying a bottle.

TIP #1 - Search for the listing with the most reviews.

When you search for Creed Aventus, many different options show up

Right now I head directly to the listing that has 371 reviews because that listing has done the most business and is most likely to be selling a real fragrance.

TIP #2 - Don't freak out when you read the reviews...

Then read the 1 star reviews so you know what I'm talking about...

Every high end fragrance has them. People talking about the fake fragrances they received from Amazon...


When you click on the item you want to purchase, you'll see who the actual seller is. It will say something like, "Ships and sold by XXXXXX". That is the person that you are buying it from.

If you click on the actual person/business that is selling the product, you'll be able to see all of the reviews people actually gave the seller.

This is where you decide if the seller is legit or not...

The criteria I use so I don't receive a fake:

  • Over 1,000 reviews on the seller
  • Over 95% positive feedback over the last 12 months

For each listing there will be multiple sellers all bidding for the lowest price. Usually the difference between them is only pennies so make sure you choose the seller that has the highest rating and has been reviewed A LOT!

Hopefully this makes sense on why you can have 10 people saying the fragrance was REAL, because they purchased it from a LEGIT seller by selecting the correct one.

The people CRYING that they received a fake, didn't look into the seller details and just purchased the one Amazon defaulted them to buy with the lowest price.

If you are interested in buying a top rated Creed fragrance from Amazon, use my links below to find a deal and make sure you choose my recommended sellers to get the bottle I would purchase.

Highest Rated Creed Fragrances Reviewed

Lets take a look at some of the better Creed fragrances in a little more detail.

#1 Best Creed Cologne
The Best Creed Cologne Aventus


Recommended Seller

Aventus by Creed

Taking a peek at the numbers, Aventus by Creed is by far the best Creed fragrance now and perhaps ever made.

People  claim this fragrance is so attractive, it has gotten them laid.

Those claims are hard not to believe if you look at how many compliments men have received from it. It's almost scary.

If you're in the market for a new toy and Creed is the target you're looking at, Aventus is the no brain choice if you've never tried it.

#2 Best Creed Cologne
Best Creed Fragrance Royal Oud


Recommended Seller

Royal Oud by Creed

Royal Oud was a surprise to be the second most loved Creed fragrance.

It actually surprised me because we are going to have a new entry into the best overall mens cologne page with this high rating!

When people think of Oud, their minds go directly to the middle-east where oud fragrances rule.

Why Royal Oud seems to be so successful is because the oud note takes a more friendly way into the scent.

Most people say they barely notice it. 

So if you're a person that has given up on Royal Oud because you don't want to smell like rotting wood (that's what oud is), you might want to give Royal Oud a try to see if you like it.

#3 Best Creed Cologne
Green Irish Tweed Top Creed Cologne

Maple Prime

Recommended Seller

Green Irish Tweed

Currently the #7 ranked fragrance on the planet Green Irish Tweed has been making men smell like movie starts since the mid 80s.

This Woody Floral Musk draws many comparisons to Cool Water by Davidoff.

Men can't wait to hop into their suits and spray this green, fresh, and classic fragrance all over their body.

People describe it a soothing, regal, luxurious and even magical. 

So green that it reminds you of freshly cut grass..... mmmmm... soothing....

ATTENTION: Although Pure White Cologne and Spice & Wood technically were rated higher than than the next few, we skipped them because they didn't have enough reviews to seriously consider them.

When we update this page in the future we will take another look.

#4 Best Creed Cologne
The Best Creed Cologne Virgin Island Water

Kali Perfumes

Recommended Seller

Virgin Island Water

A fragrance for both men and women makes the list for the fourth overall best Creed scent.

Virgin Island is considered in the Citrus group. Coconut, lime, rum are the notes that are most prominent.

It almost seems like the person that designed this fragrance was inspired by a sailing trip... Oh wait they were.

People like calling Virgin Island Water a "cocktail frag" because it reminds them so much of the drink the Pina Colada. 

Just saying...


#5 Best Creed Cologne
MI Best Cologne Creed

Kali Perfumes

Recommended Seller

Milliesime Imperial

Just like GIT, Milliesime Imperial is also considered a Woody Floral Musk.

People describe the smell as money. 

Not money meaning slang for "awesome" but literally rolled up new dollar bills.

This might be the reason why men talk about all the compliments they receive from it as well. 

If smelling like cash doesn't attract men or women, I don't know what does.

Going just a little bit further, MI is smells like a fruity, salty, aquatic, that is blended together masterfully.

Questions? Comments?

You know what to do... leave us a message after the tone...

Or just type one up below.

15 Top Selling Mens Cologne To Start 2018

As we zero in on 2018, we can take a look back at the year before hand and remember some of the highlights including the top selling mens cologne.

President Donald Trump is finishing up his first year of power, North Korea stepped up their nuclear activity, ISIS was driven from Iraq and Syria, terrorist bombings in New York and the UK, mass shootings in Las Vegas, natural disasters, sexual harassment came out in Hollywood, a solar eclipse, and royal wedding announced.

Wow that was a lot...

But for the start of 2018, we have some new fragrances that have become top sellers. 

Here they are...

Disclaimer: This list is not 100% accurate. We take a peek at the top online retailers and from there we approximate how many they have have sold collectively.

If you have more questions on how we come up with this number, feel free to drop a comment below and we would love to answer them.

#15 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Versace Pour Homme by Versace

Previous rank - #25

Versace Pour Homme is sneakily becoming famous.

We've praised this fragrance so much that we've included as one of the top fragrances for young men.

versace pour homme best selling cologne for men

Why is Pour Homme by Versace a top seller?

People compare Versace Pour Homme to Chanel's Allure Homme Sport which happens to be one of the highest rated fragrance by the community.

What does Pour Homme smell like?

It has a light, fresh, citrusy smell that stays linear throughout the time you wear it. It's somewhat generic but it's considered professional.  

#14 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Previous rank - #1

It looks as though we are finally entering a time where the famous Acqua Di Gio is dethroned from it's huge popularity.

Not only has Acqua Di Gio dropped on the top seller list, it has also lost momentum on our fragrances that have received compliments list too.

Why is Acqua Di Gio a top seller?

Acqua Di Gio is one of the top selling fragrances every year because it simply just smells good. When it sales caught fire because people enjoyed how long it lasts, clean it smells, and how ideal it works in any situation, sales just skyrocketed from where it was.

What does Acqua Di Gio smell like?

Acqua Di Gio is an aquatic fragrance that begins as if you're wandering around the beach, feet covered in sand, and breathing the ocean air.

This feeling with mixtures of sweetness and citrus captures almost a perfect combination of what everyone looks for in a fragrance. Sweet, sophisticated, clean, and simple.

#13 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Grey Flannel by Geoffre​​​​y Beene

Previous rank - N/A

Grey Flannel is a surprise to make the best sellers list mostly because people seem to love it or hate it.

We have mentioned it before on our affordable fragrance page so it is familiar to CologneMasters.

best cheap cologne

Why is Grey Flannel a top seller?

Grey Flannel makes the list because it has a cult following behind it and you can find it online for under $15 normally.

What does it smell like?

Soothing, calming, comforting, soapy, clean, woodsy-floral, genderless, timeless.

#12 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Hugo by Hugo Boss

Previous rank - #20

It's interesting to see a fragrance like Hugo that was made back in 1995 climb in the rankings.

Of all the Hugo Boss fragrances still in production, Hugo is the one that is still racking up the most sales.

Hugo Top Selling Fragrances For Men

Why is Hugo a top seller?

My guess is the people that have grown to love Hugo are loyal fans and just keep purchasing it. As a fragrance, it receives pretty mediocre reviews.

What does it smell like?

Fresh, green, flowery-pine scent, and a bit synthetic.

#11 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Guilty Intense by Gucci

Previous rank - #19

The Guilty series continues to be top selling fragrances.

When it comes to receiving reviews, most people consider Guilty Intense a middle of the road fragrance.

Top Selling Cologne For Men Guilty Intense

Why is Intense by Gucci a top seller?

Gucci has a great marketing team. I don't know how it happens but I notice their advertisements just about everywhere. This most likely contributes to their large sales numbers.

Not to mention it was voted as one of the sexiest fragrances by the community at large.

What does it smell like?

Minty, earthy, citrus, amber. It smells a bit generic and you'll notice familiarity to many other fragrances.

#10 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Lucky You by Lucky

Previous rank - #14

Lucky You is another fragrance that looks to hold steady throughout 2018.

It has made every top seller list since we started back in 2015 which is pretty good for a fragrance that flies under the radar.

Why is Lucky You a top seller?

All fragrances reasonably priced are going to attract attention. This can be said about Lucky You since you can find it for less than $20.

What does it smell like?

Clean, fresh, green, sporty. It's a smell that is appealing to mass audiences which helps in selling power.

#9 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Previous rank - N/A

Of all the shockers on the top selling list, Polo Red has to be right up there.

This fragrance comes with modest reviews and poor longevity. (which is not always a bad thing)

Most Sold Cologne Polo Red

Why is Polo Red a top seller?

The Ralph Lauren fragrances have always come and gone in the top 15. Right now we see Polo Red but next year it could be Polo Black. 

What does it smell like?

A very sweet cranberry and amber smell. Good for younger men that need a date cologne.

#8 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Nautica Voyage by Nautica

Previous rank - 8

Nautica Voyage hangs steady at the #8 spot and we expect that to happen when 2019 rolls around too.

Voyage has won several awards on CologneMasters including Best Cologne For Young Men, Most Popular Cologne, and Best Cheap Cologne.

nautical voyage most popular

Why is Nautica Voyage a top seller?

When a fragrance smells great, has good longevity, and is priced affordable, people are going to go nuts for it. 

What does it smell like?

Main notes are Apple and Green leaves. 

#7 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Cool Water by Davidoff

Previous rank - 2

A classic scent that still has a strong appeal today as it still shows up as a top selling fragrance in the US.

It’s aromatic, fresh, and contains jasmine which has been proven to reduce stress.

Hard to believe that Cool Water is turning 30 years old.

Cool Water Top Selling Mens Cologne

Why is Cool Water a top seller?

Cool Water sits on top sellers list for a few reasons. The first is the price tag. Any fragrance that can be bought under $25 a bottle will naturally be sold a little more than others.

Secondly, this fragrance is 30 years old! Holy moses it's been around for a long time. You'll notice a common link with the top sellers is how long they've been around.

What does it smell like?

Cool Water is a lighter scent that smells like cleanliness. Try to picture what someone would smell like after a nice shower, or someones hands after being soaked in warm soapy water. It also reminds me of a mop bucket full of hot water and suds before it is thrown on a floor.

I of course mean this all in a good way.  If you want to smell clean, this is the fragrance for you.

#6 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Guilty by Gucci

Previous rank - 19

Congrats to Gucci for having two fragrances on the top 15 list which is no small feat.

It's even more impressive that a fragrance such as Guilty that has received so many below average reviews from the community continues to sell well.

Why is Guilty a top seller?

Guilty is just another generic fragrance that gathered some steam from a good marketing campaign. 

What does it smell like?

Light, citrusy, and sweet. Sound familiar? Very generic.

#5 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Chrome by Azzaro

Previous rank - 5

There's no kicking Chrome out of the top 5 best sellers this year. Chrome has continued to delight since it's creation in 1996.

My former roommate Adam (shout out) swears by this one. He tries to leave it to try something new but something draws him back. Probably the same thing for other dudes which is why it is still a top seller.

Top Seller Chrome Azzaro Cologne

Why is Chrome a top seller?

Chrome Azzaro continues to dazzle because it doesn't do too much. It seems to be a common thread with most of the top sellers that sometimes the less is more.

Chrome has a nice clean smell to it like you just hopped out of the shower which people adore.

What does it smell like?

You'll need to check out the official Chrome Azzaro review on the site but it has a nice fresh, clean smell with a hint of metallic in the background. 

#4 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Previous rank - #9

Drakkar Noir is still alive! This 1982 timeless classic is still one of the highest selling fragrances on the market today.

Want a whiff of the 80s? This classic scent will get the memory bank flowing as you'll be sure to catch a glimpse of what life was like over 35 years ago.

Why is Drakkar Noir a top seller?

Drakkar Noir isn't so cheap that it should be flying off the shelves. My guess is that it is a mixture of nostalgia and wishing the 80s would come back to life.

What does it smell like?

Drakkar Noir is considered a barbershop scent. The smell of a man after he shaves, leather chairs, and guys with fancy mustaches.

#3 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Previous rank - #24

It's nice to see a great quality fragrance like Light Blue staying strong and soaking up the love as one of the most sold fragrances on the market today.

Light Blue is easy to wear since it is so versatile. Another reason why people whip out their wallets to buy it.

Why is Light Blue a top seller?

For such a respected company, it's hard to find a fragrance that is priced reasonably, but Light Blue is.

The women's version of this fragrance might be even more popular than the mens so that could have something to do with it too.

What does it smell like?

Light blue does have a generic feel to it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's light, citrusy, and very clean like soap.

#2 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Eros by Versace

Previous rank - #6

Eros is a fragrance that stands out from the crowd. Most of the colognes on this list smell somewhat similar but Eros doesn't fall in that category.

It is also considered one of the most sexiest fragrances around today according to our polls.

Why is Eros a top seller?

Anything made by Versace is going to attract attention and Eros is no different. 

The word is also getting out on this one. I've seen it on several top lists for being an attractive fragrance.

What does it smell like?

Vanilla, Mint, and Tonka Bean are the main notes you'll notice. It's powerful enough to get you noticed.

#1 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Versace Man by Versace

Previous rank - #4

It's pretty incredible that the top two best selling cologne for men are Versace fragrances.

Versace Man is not your average generic cologne. It adds sophistication, maturity, and professionalism and doesn't smell "cheap". A worthy #1 best seller for 2018. People will love this as a gift!

Why is Versace Man a top seller?

It is somewhat generic but it's certainly much more classy. People seem to enjoy fragrances that are not loud and in your face more than the super spicy types.

What does it smell like?

Very citrusy with lemon and bergamot as the main notes you'll notice. It won't overpower the person wearing it and works wonders in the summer.

The 10 Best Cologne For Young Men For 2018

Congratulations! You just saved yourself 2,781 hours looking for the best cologne for young men by visiting us at!

We have tried, tested, and searched through the darkest parts of the web looking for which colognes work best for young guys and we have come up with a list of 10!

Still not good enough? Below our top list, we have even more goodies! Maybe you want to know which fragrance is the best for young dudes under $20, or maybe you want to know which one is the most attractive. Find your answers at the bottom of the page.

Last updated 12/19/17





fierce best cologne for young men

- Ages 14+

- Light, clean, refreashing

- Versatile

- Big brand name

- Compliment getter

- Top 50 seller

(4.7 out of 5)


- Ages 14+

- Light

- Non-offensive, people around you won't be grossed out

- Smells sweet which the younger ladies enjoy

- Affordable

- Top 50 seller

(2.9 out of 5)


- Ages 14+

- Light

- Considered a sexy scent

- Smells sweet, with a little spice which ladies enjoy

- Great for dates

- Top 50 seller

(3.0 out of 5)


- Ages 20+

- Light, Professional

- Extremely high rated

- Smells sweet and sexy

- Versatile, can be worn anywhere

- Top 50 seller

(5 out of 5 highly recommend)


- Ages 14+

- Light, clean, citrusy

- Possibly the most used fragrance ever

- Young ladies beg for it

- Versatile, can be worn anywhere

- Top 50 seller

(4.9 out of 5)


- Ages 18+

- Light, clean, professional

- Doesn't smell cheap

- Young ladies love it

- Safe to wear anywhere

- Top 50 seller

(4.1 out of 5)


nautical voyage most popular

- Ages 14+

- Light, clean

- Best budget fragrance

- Safe to wear anywhere

- Top 10 seller

(3.7 out of 5)


- Ages 14+

- Light, clean

- Safe to wear anywhere

- Young ladies love it

- Very popular with young men

- Top 10 seller

(3.5 out of 5)


- Ages 21+

- Light, clean, with a little extra zing

- Best for young professionals

- Safe to wear anywhere

- Highly valued among fragrance reviewers

- Top 150 seller

(4.6 out of 5)


versace pour homme popularity contest

- Ages 18+

- Light, clean, professional

- Surprisingly long lasting

- Safe to wear anywhere

- Well liked by women

- Top 150 seller

(4.8 out of 5)


How To Read The Table

This year we decided to make the table easy to read because lets face it, most guys don't care about a zillion different ratings. We let the Cologne Master geeks worry about that.

Although the table is super easy to follow, here is an explanation on what everything means anyway;

Fragrance - This is a picture of what the fragrance looks like. Pretty simple. If you found a fragrance you want to give a chance, now you know what bottle you're looking for.

FeaturesSimple enough. This explains why each fragrance made the list. Read through them and see if anything peaks your interest.

Our Rating - A simple 5 star rating system of what we think of the scent. The higher the number, the better the fragrance is in our opinion. Every fragrance on our list we give an in-depth review on and you can find them here.

PricingWe buy almost all of our fragrances on Amazon, but the prices continuously change. Click the link for the best deal on fragrance currently.

Top Overall Young Man Fragrances

Best Overall Cologne For Young Men

In 2018, The One by Dolce & Gabbana should be the must have have scent for any young man trying to smell like a champion.

What makes The One great for young men is how inoffensive it is. People around you won't complain about how it smells which is important for young men that don't quite understand how much to spray.

Women also adore The One. For young men trying their way in the romance department, this fragrance will get you a head start.

The One is a personal favorite of mind and is in my rotation of fragrances to wear.

The notes you'll notice more than any others are the tobacco and amber notes which emit masculinity. Have fun with this one...

Best Cologne For Young Men The One by Dolce
  • Overall Rating
  • AGE
  • School/Work Safe?
  • Sex appeal
  • Longevity
  • Price

Ohh heck yes this fragrance is one of the sexiest fragrances you can find. Ladies tend to enjoy smelling lighter, softer fragrances with sweet undertones. This is not the case for every woman so if your gal is tougher than you are, maybe this isn't the right cologne.

#2 Best Overall Cologne For Young Men

Acqua Di Gio (full review here) is the closest cologne that's a almost a guarantee to be liked. It's the most famous men's fragrance of all-time. (no evidence to back this up but there's no way anything comes close)

It has a clean, aquatic, refreshing scent that that is guaranteed to be liked, especially from the younger crowds.

You'll find this fragrance on almost every single top list known to man and most recently it sits at #4 for the fragrance that will most likely get you compliments.

What also makes this fragrance great is that it was created in 1996. This means the guys that started wearing this right when it came out are only in their mid 30s. This means you don't have to worry that your girlfriend's grandpa wears the same stuff.

Young Men Cologne Acqua Di Gio
  • Overall Rating
  • AGE
  • School/Work Safe?
  • Sex appeal
  • Longevity
  • Price

Acqua Di Gio received almost a perfect rating because for lack of better words, it's awesome. It's one of those fragrances that is universally liked by almost anyone that has a sense of smell.

You would have to really be a debbie downer to think this fragrance is garbage. A perfect rating is well-deserved.

#3 Best Overall Cologne For Young Men

This year in 2018, Versace Pour Homme is the new guy that made the top three. With what people find smell appealing, Versace Pour Homme has received a lot of attention.

Currently there is a fragrance called Allure Homme Sport and it happens to be rated as a top 15 fragrance in North America.

Versace Pour Homme smells almost identical to this famous fragrance and it's half the cost.

That's why Versace Pour Homme makes this list. It smells amazing and it's inexpensive so younger guys can purchase it on a budget.

This is a fragrance that I still keep in my personal rotation and I receive a countless number of compliments from it.

versace pour homme popularity contest
  • Overall Rating
  • AGE
  • School/Work Safe?
  • Sex appeal
  • Longevity
  • Price

Versace Pour Homme is currently has a rating of 4.161 out of 5 stars with over 5,000 actual reviews!

Spoiler alert! With that rating, you'll probably see Versace Pour Homme on the top rated fragrance list in 2018!

Attractive, Sexy, and Date Night Cologne For Young Men

Attractive, Sexy, and Date Cologne For Young Men

Fierce (full review here) is another can't miss fragrance for young men. Thanks to an enormously successful marketing campaign, when people think of Abercrombie & Fitch, they think youth, sexy, and top shelf. 

As a company, Abercrombie has been struggling and has been under some hot water recently, but that doesn't mean their fragrance is terrible. It's actually quite the opposite.

 Fragrance experts have gone on record saying that if you took the name and picture off the bottle, it would appeal to wider range of people.

But since it's marketed towards the younger crowd, people associate this smell with them as well which makes it perfect for any young men to wear casually and that's where Fierce stands out.

fierce best cologne for young men
  • Overall Rating
  • AGE
  • School/Work Safe?
  • Sex appeal
  • Longevity
  • Price

Any fragrance that sees attention in the form of compliments also has sex appeal. 

Versasce Pour Homme is not high up on the list, but it is on it. If you need a fragrance to get you a little romance, this one will get you there.

Attractive, Sexy, and Date Cologne For Young Men

There are many things that make a woman feel sexy. One of those things is sexy lingerie.

Victoria Secret just happens to be the biggest name around when it comes to women's lingerie and their stores are always jam packed with ladies buying sexy undergarments.

Victoria Secret ironically also has women and men's fragrances and they both happen to smell similar. 

So what do you think women think and feel when they smell a Victoria Secret fragrance? 

You guessed it.. They feel sexy and are immediatey attracted to the scent. At least that what my experience with it was.

Sexy Cologne For Young Men
  • Overall Rating
  • AGE
  • School/Work Safe?
  • Sex appeal
  • Longevity
  • Price

If you read our review, CologneMasters gave Very Sexy For Men, a mediocre rating. This is because it's a scent that is worn for the ladies.

Men don't particularly like it, but they do enjoy the attention of their wives, girlfriends, and love interests.

Most Affordable Cologne For Young Men

Most Affordable Cologne For Young Men

Nautica Voyage continues to be one of the best selling fragrances in the world of perfume.

There are so many cheap fragrances on the market that smell synthetic, gross, or last around 3 seconds.

That's not the case with Nautica Voyage and that's why it's so highly reviewed and loved by fragrance experts and the people that wear it.

The notes that people recognize the most out of Voyage are apple and green leaves.

This gives the scent a clean, fresh, smell that is applicable to just about anyone.

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When taking a whiff, Nautica Voyage does have a surprisingly pleasant smell to it! When most people think of cheap fragrances, they feel like they are going to smell cheap as well.

This is not the case with Nautica Voyage as it rocks a good 4 out of 5 star rating. It's not perfect, but for the price it is simply amazing.

Most Affordable Cologne For Young Men

Maybe you're a young guy looking to take your lady out for an evening to remember. You have plans to head to dinner, movie, mini golfing, a walk through the park, and maybe top it off with some desert. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get to take your new lady friend home and get a good make-out session in if you can stay clear of the parents.

Guess Seductive (full review here) is the fragrance you need. If you're on a budget, this fragrance can be found on Amazon for under $20 a bottle.

What also makes this fragrance perfect is how weak it is. Yes I know you're probably wondering why a weak fragrance is actually better for taming the ladies. The answer is, you're going out for the evening, not the entire day. You don't want a scent that will knock your date off their rocker. Secondly, something sweet but light makes those ladies want to get next to you. This is the mood you're trying to set.

Cologne For High-School
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Guess Seductive overall isn't the greatest fragrance to wear.

It does have a better than average 3.5 rating, but for an inexpensive fragrance, it's worth the price of admission.

Quick Tips For Young Men Using Fragrance

Tip #1 - Choose a cologne that was not created 50 years ago. Colognes like Stetson, Drakkar Noir, Brut, Old Spice and many others have a scent most people associate with old men.

Are you going to approach a nice young lady and smell like her father? Heck no! Colognes you should be wearing need their heyday  within the last 15 years to make it safe you won't get confused with older men.

Tip #2 - You need something considered harmless, non-offensive, and well-liked. These colognes shouldn't be "in your face" and driving everyone nuts that comes into contact with you.

A good example of this problem is "Sex Panther" from Anchorman. Save these pungent colognes the movie stars. When you're married, have six kids, or grandkids, bust those old school colognes out and give them a whirl.

When you put these fragrances on, make sure you're doing it right. If you haven't yet, check out our how to wear cologne guide to get you started.

Tip #3 - Find something that has a reputable name. When you're young, you don't need to find a diamond in the rough cologne to impress someone. When you're young, people don't care if the cologne you are wearing is only sold in South Africa.

The best cologne for young men are fragrances when you talk about, people can identify with right away. If you say names like Ed Hardy, Abercrombie & Fitch, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and many others, other young men and women will understand what you're talking about.

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