Chrome by Azzaro (1996) Review

Chrome by Azzaro (1996)

Chrome by Azzaro (1996)

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About Chrome by Azzaro (1996)

Our Chrome Azzaro review begins back in 1996 by the French-Italian perfumer Loris Azzaro. He was most famous for creating lines of women’s and men’s clothing along with a wide range of fragrances. Chrome seems to be one of his best creations as it is still one of the most popular and worn colognes today.

Unfortunately Azzaro passed away in 2003 at the age of 70 but his legacy continues to live on. His company was acquired by the group “Reig” and still continues to produce new products.

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What does Chrome by Azzaro smell like?

Chrome fits the description of many main stream colognes today. It has the fresh, citrusy scent to it with a bit of a sweetness added as a kicker.

There is one thing that makes this cologne different from all of their popular competitors. In the background, you get an aftertaste of a metallic scent. This “aftertaste” creates a unique smell that differentiates it from any other cologne that is seems to be heavily worn in today’s world. I find this cologne is simple but yet gives you enough of a different flavor to stand out of the crowd.

Here are the notes you will most likely notice;


What does Chrome smell like to a normal person?

“After a few years I tested out this fragrance again and it was a very different experience from the last time!
The opening of this fragrance is a fresh floral scent with a little bit of sweetness in the background. the citrusy notes do not smell natural, tart, authentic or even juicy. they are just there to give the scent kind of fresh and almost watery feeling. you can’t point at a particular citrusy or fruity note and say it smells like lemon, bergamot or pineapple. it’s just a fresh watery fruity feel.
I’m getting easily detectable floral notes, mostly jasmine right after spraying it on.

In the mid the fresh and kind of watery feeling of the scent settles down a little bit and the scent gets more floral, slightly powdery and a little bit more sweet. there are also some woodsy notes in the background that they give the scent slightly bitter woodsy aroma but not that much. I can feel some sort of metallic vibe beside this fresh powdery floral scent. it’s not that strong but I can feel it. something like the smell of aluminum! kind of silvery, rusty, metallic feel. no changes to the end.
Projection is average to above average and longevity is around 4-5 hours on my skin. It’s just a below average fragrance and I don’t like it. also it can be unisex, why not!”Kain

“I bought a bottle of this a couple of weeks ago and, for me, the metallic smell just drowns out everything else.

I let it dry down but the loud, metallic note overpowers everything and ruins what might have been a great summer fragrance.

On the plus side, this fragrance has very good silage and decent longevity.” – AverageGuy

“Ah, Chrome…some find it to be a staple in a man’s fragrance collection, while others believe it belongs to the incipient tastes of teenagers.

Chrome has a citrusy fresh opening with lemon, bergamot, and light neroli. It definitely has a synthetic tone to it, in which some cyclamen, coriander, jasmine, and musk mix in. Upon dry down, sandalwood and cardamom emerge but stay at the base of the composition. It has good projection and weak longevity.

This perfume is a people pleaser, even Kandee Johnson’s favourite, but I’m not sure I would have purchased this on my own. It starts out pretty sharp, which can be slightly vexing until the citrus notes kick back. The dry-down is pleasant, though. One of my friends bought it for me, as it was her “favourite scent on a man.” Chrome is a nice day scent that works for business or a casual outing.” – Layzie

Who should buy this cologne?

Age Group: 30+

Chrome by Azzaro is not geared for the younger crowd although if you’re in your mid 20s, don’t be afraid to give it a shot.

Season: Summer/Spring

Most colognes that are sweet, light, and citrusy are best word during the warmer months of the year.

Time of day: Daytime

Feel free to wear Chrome by Azzaro during the day or night, but if you’re looking for a night time cologne, there are better choices.

Gift? – No

There are better colognes to give as gifts. I would avoid Chrome Azzaro unless the person you are giving it to specifically asks for it.

Longevity: Good

Surprisingly, this cologne seems to last all day. There are even times where I’ll smell my shirt the next morning and I’ll be able to smell the scent without any problems.

Harmless? – Yes

Feel free to wear this cologne to work, school, meetings, interviews or wherever. The people sitting next to you won’t be offended easily by it.

Popularity – Good

Azzaro is still considered one of the most popular colognes in today’s world. It made the list for most popular colognes in 2015.

How does it make you feel? – Clean

The soapy smell of Chrome by Azzaro gives you that feeling of walking out of the shower.

Price – Decent

You can find it for $40 – 50 dollars a bottle.

Awards – Most popular cologne 2015 (CologneMasters)

Sexy – Not really

If you’re trying to impress a date, Chrome will work but there are better choices out there.





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    I enjoyed the scent. I used it on a date and felt more confident knowing I had it on. Smell gave me a feeling that I wasn’t trying too hard, but I was trying. Also something I would wear to causal events.

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