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Cologne Master Picks

This page is dedicated to everyone looking for cologne that is recommended by “Cologne Masters”. To be a so called “Master”, you need to have proven expansive knowledge in the art of cologne. Across the site you will find various interviews with many different experts on cologne. During these interviews, they are asked to recommend 3 different colognes for different situations. Here are the results of all of the cologne masters picks.

Cologne Master – Jason Sather

Yes, this is me and since I’m the first ever self-proclaimed “Cologne Master”, I get first dibs at picking cologne for 3 different situations of my choosing. These may change over the years, so perhaps it may be a good idea to check back with me on this list to see if it remains the same.

Best Cologne To Give as a Gag Gift

Sex PantherSex Panther is by far the best cologne to give someone as a gag gift especially if they are a Ron Burgundy fan. In the movie Anchorman, Paul Rudd plays a character named Brian Fantana that has an extremely impressive cologne collection. This collection may not be all that large to “Cologne Masters”, but the way he displays it, just has some excitement to it.

(spoiler alert) After taking a whiff of this cologne in the movie, the world seems to fall apart as it is the worst smelling cologne anyone has ever seen. Line after line is hilarious as they talk about how horrendous the smell is and the final scene is Brian getting hosed off by a fire hose.

The cool thing about this cologne is that it actually exists. You can find it on Amazon and it actually doesn’t smell that bad. I wouldn’t recommend using it frequently but there is something hilarious about being able to say that you are wearing “Sex Panther” cologne. If you know someone that deserves a gag gift, this cologne is reasonable priced to make a hit as a good one.