CologneMasters Offering $1,000 Annual Scholarship To Students

Greetings Students!

We are going through all of the submissions currently and will post the finalists so you can see where you stand!

Here at, we believe in the value of education and giving back to the community that has brought us our own success.

As writers, internet marketers, fragrance enthusiasts, we place value into our continuing education so that we may continue to make the world a better place.

To show our advocacy of higher learning, we have created an annual scholarship for students to pursue their dreams. This scholarship is awarded each year to someone who displays a strong work ethic, creativity, and of course merit.

Here are the eligibility requirements and submission requirements;

Please submit by September 30, 2017

  • Your Full Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Mailing address
  • School you’re attending
  • A little bit about yourself… What you’re going to school for, estimated completion date, plans for the scholarship

school-pictureThe last requirement is something that allows you to be a little creative.

With the above information, we also ask you to submit something that can be published on our site.

This could be an article;

Like one of these-

It could also be an informative article like this;


Maybe it could be an infographic like this;


There are THOUSANDS of different ideas you could use to create some information on fragrance that is informative and could help someone out.

Other ideas include;

  • Videos of what women/men think about certain fragrances
  • Hilarious Meme’s that are easily sharable and simple to create
  • Quiz ideas… What cologne matches your personality?
  • This list is endless… as long as it’s something to do with the readership of this site

Article Ideas (at least 1,000 words)

  • Are colognes safe?
  • How to wear cologne
  • Notes and ingredients explanations
  • Do pheromone colognes work?
  • Best fragrances to wear at the zoo
  • Colognes for pets?
  • What fragrances do celebrities wear?
  • ANYTHING… be creative!

The winner will be judged on originality, quality of work, creativity, and just plain cool content. If you read any of the articles on this site, you’ll see we write with a laid back, fun, attitude. So keep that in mind since that is what we typically look for. All of the submissions will public, but we respect your privacy and will never publish your personal information unless you want us to so you receive some credit!

The winner of the scholarship will receive the award amount of $1,000 within 30-60 days. Please e-mail your entries to or e-mail with any questions.

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