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Cool Water by Davidoff (1988) Cologne Review

cool water

Cool Water by Davidoff (1988)

Cool Water by Davidoff (1988)

Overall Rating


Sex Appeal


Safe for work/school


How long does it last?


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  • One of the most harmless colognes I've ever smelled
  • Works well when you need to smell good in a pinch
  • Very good price
  • Still Popular


  • Doesn't last long
  • Not a good gift option
  • Mostly for guys 35+

Intro to Cool Water by Davidoff (1988)

Pierre Bourdon created his biggest fragrance hit with Cool Water back in 1988. Davidoff is now part of the Coty Prestige company that was founded in France in 1904.

Cool Water is now considered a classic cologne that continues to withstand the test of time. Most men who wear this cologne were there for it’s uprising and wore it to school, their first date, job interviews, playing basketball with the boys, and so on. This cologne has a strong following because of it’s popularity in the late 80s and early 90s.

Cool Water is still popular today. In a mater of fact, it mad the list for most popular colognes so far in 2015. This cologne still has value and you can find it among the top colognes if you’re looking for something to keep you smelling fresh.

Cologne Master Awards


Cool Water by Davidoff (1988) Review by the Cologne Master… What does it smell like?

Top Notes
Sea Water, Mint, Green Notes, Lavender, Coriander
Middle Notes
Jasmine, Oakmoss, Geranium, Sandalwood
Base Notes
Musk, Oakmoss, Tobacco, Amber

Cool Water is a no doubter fresh scent without the citrus notes which make this cologne a little more unique than it’s competitors. My honest take on this cologne is that it smells a little dated. I feel like when I smell Cool Water, it belongs in the 1980s or 90s.

I firmly believe that men that wear this cologne have a strong nostalgic attachment to it like I do to the colognes I wore in high-school. When guys smell these colognes they wore when they were younger, memories of youth, freedom, girl, and danger pop back into their minds and that is what wearing cologne is all about so I respect you.

Despite not wearing this cologne all the time, I will keep this is my stash as a “situational” cologne. The fresh smell to it is reminiscent to freshly cleaned clothes coming out of the dryer or walking on the beach and taking in the scent of the ocean.

I do not hate this cologne, but from a Cologne Master perspective, to sum up my Cool Water by Davidofff review in one sentence; Cool Water gives you a jolt of freshness for 4-6 hours and can be worn in situations where you need some cleanliness for a few hours.

What do other people say Cool Water smells like?

Other similar colognes-

Green Irish Tweed – People say Cool Water was inspired by this cologne

Aspen For Men

Things others have said

I like this one because he talks about old memories from wearing it…

“Back in the early 2000s, my dad handed me my first car – a 1996 white, 2-door Ford Escort LX (manual) in pristine condition, with a vintage blue interior. Amazing.

After cleaning it thoroughly, I hung one of those air fresheners that look like a leaf on the rearview mirror. It was in the scent of Davidoff’s Cool Water.

After that, every time I drove it, I would get a blast of that smell, especially in the heat. Girls loved it, but to me, it was the scent of hope and freedom.

When I sprayed this stuff on my arm a year ago, I was immediately taken back to that blue interior, and my highschool graduation. I can’t seem to break out of that mindset. Personally, I don’t really feel the aquatics in this fragrance. Rather, it smells more like “green” or St. Patrick’s Day (there’s the GIT reference).

I think you really have to smell this one before you buy it. The projection is great but it’s not something I would wear. PS. I preferred Josh Holloway in “LOST”.” – MrHonest

Another good example of why Cool Water is so popular today…

I’ve been wearing Cool Water since I was 13. Over a decade later, even though I’ve tried lots of fragrances, I still really enjoy Cool Water. It’s a lot of things. It’s aquatic, a green-floral-woody scent too.

Yes, a lot of people recognize the scent, but it gets compliments. I’d rather have compliments on a familiar fragrance than no compliments on a niche fragrance. Speaking of which, I still enjoy Cool Water more than at least 80% of the expensive niche fragrances I’ve tried.

It has great projection but be sure to go light on this one. A lot of people complain this one is synthetic and sharp, but that’s only if you spray too much of it. It’s a wearable fresh fragrance but also unique at” – Lightning

And lastly, from Twitter…

Lastly, Who Should Buy This Cologne?

Age Group: 35+

I believe in order for you to wear Cool Water, you should have been wearing it or at least been introduced to it, when it was the hottest cologne around. I also believe, the people that still wear this cologne are a little older, because they remember those good ol days. It’s safe enough for a youngster to wear it, but there are better colognes out there.

Season: Spring/Summer

This cologne deserves to be worn in the warmer months. When the weather starts cooling down in the fall, you should start using a cologne that has a little more spice to it.

Time of day: Day

Cool Water doesn’t last long enough to trust it all night. Use it during the day and for situations when you want to smell fresh for just a few hours.

Occasion: Shopping on your day off

This is a good example of when Cool Water works well. Maybe you’re out to get groceries for a few hours and you want to smell good because you’ll be butted up against some people for awhile. Cool Water works well for this situation.

Gift? – No

Unless you’re giving this to someone that you know wants it or is 40+, you should choose a different cologne.

Longevity: Not Good

This cologne will not get you through a full day of work. I would say, wear it for 1 activity.

Harmless? – Absolutely

You won’t find people disgusted about Cool Water which is always a bonus. You can wear it around anyone without worrying that you are about to offend them.

Popularity – Popular

In 2015, it was still one of the most sold colognes and that continued over to 2016. It does look like it is starting to slow down but I don’t have exact sales numbers.

How does it make you feel? – Clean

It will undoubtedly add some cleanliness to your arsenal.

Price – Cheap

You can find Cool Water for under $25 a bottle which is always awesome.


2015 Top Sold Colognes – Cologne Master

Sexy – Less than average

You do see people receiving compliments from this cologne, but it’s not as frequent as others.

Signature Cologne – No

Cool Water does not have the longevity nor the unique scent to be considered a signature cologne in your cabinet. You should only wear this cologne in situations when you need something for a few hours.



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