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Aventus by Creed

Aventus by Creed

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To say this is the greatest Creed Aventus review ever made is a tall order and Cologne Masters will fill it. My name is Jason and I can’t wait to tell you all about Aventus by Creed.

Aventus is an EXTREMELY talked about fragrance for many reasons. If you head over to and check out their forums, there is one topic that has been going strong for 13 years.

Men want to know which fragrance receives the most female compliments and why the heck not? One of the main purposes a dude wears fragrance is to impress the ladies and the best ways to figure out which cologne does the trick is to ask other MEN!

Ok Jason, where are you going with this…?

You guessed it, according to Basenotes and a few other sites, when men start giving other men advice on which fragrance to wear to receive compliments from the ladies, Aventus is #1 buy an ENORMOUS margin!

So you can understand why CologneMasters were so jacked out of their minds to write this review. Will we obtain the same results as everyone else? Lets find out…

CologneMaster Awards Received

Creed Aventus Facts

Created: September, 2010
Perfumer: Olivier Creed

Celebrities that wear it: Eric Stonestreet

  • Top notes: Apple, Pineapple, Black Currant, Bergamot
  • Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli, Birch
  • Base notes: Ambergris, Vanille, Oak Moss, Musk

Most noticeable: Pineapple, Birch, Musk

Longevity (Based on 1500+ ratings)
7.354 out of 10 – Pretty good (A long lasting fragrance!)
Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
7.925 – Above Average (find the best mens cologne!)
Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
22,900 – EXTREMELY popular (most popular fragrances)
Approximately $77.16 per ounce – Very expensive! (find the most expensive fragrances)

Aventus by Creed (2010) Thoughts by CologneMasters

With all the hype behind Aventus by Creed and how it is the closest fragrance to almost guarantee you a compliment, I was eager to see and smell the magical love juice when it arrived on my doorstop, straight from France.

Just like I’ve already mentioned, Aventus has an insane amount of hype to it because people have been saying they can’t stop receiving compliments from it, and in some instances have gotten lucky from wearing it.

The fragrance starts off with a light, fresh, fruity smell that most people translate into pineapple. Although the initial smell is described as fruity, I love that it doesn’t have a “sweet” vibe to it that many teenagers would say they prefer.

As the fragrance continues, the words “smokey pineapple” has been thrown around and I have to say I agree. It smells like a manly pineapple.

The longevity of Aventus is pretty accurate. It’s not the longest lasting fragrance ever created, but it will certainly get you though a work day.

creed aventus review

My Compliments –  Most fragrances I only wear a few days before I write a review on it. Creed Aventus I wore for 3 weeks so I could really see if people really liked it or what the heck was going on.

There is a fairly attractive woman at work that knows I have a stupid amount of fragrances that I wear so she always asks and smells what I was wearing. I wore Creed Aventus everyday for 3 weeks straight but she seemed a little confused about what I was wearing. One day she would say she loved the smell, but on others she would say she liked what I was wearing the previous day which was EXACTLY the same thing. Maybe she was just being nice, or maybe her mood dictated whether she liked the fragrance or not.

We also have the workplace bitch at our store. I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of a better word to describe her. She happens to be attractive as well, but loves making people’s lives miserable and isn’t very pleasant to talk to. On one particular day, our water in our building was turned off without me knowing so I couldn’t take a shower before work… Great…

So I sprayed an extra 2 sprays before I left for work hoping to stay away from as many people as I could. Well as fate would have it, a situation arose where I was required to speak to the workplace grump in close quarters. When I left her bubble, she said… “You smell nice” and I almost passed out. For her to give a compliment to anyone was unheard of, but to tell me I smell nice meant that I actually smelled mind blowing and the world nice was the only thing she could think of.

Other women that I asked how they liked the scent replied with they “liked it”. Never really the axe body spray commercial responses I was expecting.

The Smell – I do like Aventus. Mentally the confidence a guy has wearing a $400 bottle of fragrance is worth it. You feel like the coolest dude in the room.

I also like the light, pineapple, fruity smell it has. Aventus makes you smell manly, sophisticated and confident. The smell without knowing it’s Creed is good, but perhaps the reason men receive so many compliments from it could possibly that they feel more confident while they wear it? Who knows…

If you’re looking for a fragrance for a date, night out, work, heading over to grandma’s house, Aventus will do the trick. It’s so versatile that I find myself picking up the bottle to wear in almost any situation.

Because it doesn’t have the “sweet” smell that many young men and their partners seem to enjoy, I’m going to have to say this fragrance should be worn by guys 25+.

The Bottle – The box, packaging, spryer, all is at a premium. It just looks cool and like it should be worn by guys of a higher class.

Price – Depending on where you buy it, you may end up sending over $400 bucks for a bottle.

Longevity – 12 hours is almost a guarantee if you’re going to be indoors.

Projection – A pretty moderate projection. You don’t need to worry about attracting flies or filling up a room with this fragrance.

Manly – I get a manly fruity vibe from Aventus

Compliment Getter – I don’t typically receive compliments from my fragrances, but with this one I received several and from people I wouldn’t expect.

My final thoughts

The question I keep asking myself is, does Aventus live up to the hype? Do people really get more compliments than normal wearing this fragrance? Based on my personal experience, I have to say yes. Of all the fragrances I’ve worn, Aventus has received the highest number of compliments.

With this in mind, Aventus is now added to my list of fragrances that I keep on speed dial when the situation presents where I need an extra boost of confidence.

However, Aventus isn’t something that I particularly “love” myself. It is pleasant, versatile, and nice but it lacks a punch that really blows my mind when it comes to picking out a smell that is the greatest of all time if that makes sense.

Wear Aventus if…

You’re over 25
You want to receive compliments
You want something that can be worn in any situation

You don’t mind spending $200-400 on cologne

Don’t buy this if…

You’re broke
You want to smell unique
You’re looking for a dark, spicy scent

Here is what other people have said about Aventus by Creed
This is the scent that started it all for me. I was pre-gaming with friends for a night out and a fellow BN’er and perfume connoisseur pulls out a decant of Aventus. When I first smelled it in the bottle, I didn’t recognize it as anything special, but then as I watched the girls we were with react to it, I felt compelled to give it a more thorough assessment. The looks on their faces said, “Whoa!”, “Wow!”, “OMG!” ect. One even said, “dont spray any more of that, you’re making me all hot and bothered over here” (or something to that effect). So naturally, I sprayed some on my arm just to see what all the commotion was about, and soon I was saying Wow myself. Kept sniffing it all night and into the next morning, and decided that day that I had to have some of this. I have a decant, and will be getting a bottle at some point.

Here is a pretty good description of it…
Aventus is definitely a very unique scent. It opens with both pineapple and a very strong pine note, which tones down quickly as a very sweet leather emerges. The pineapple and black currant soon dominate to create a very candy-like scent, very sweet and natural smelling. Soon smoky notes come out, not camp-fire-like as in Lubin Itasca but very subtle, as well as an excellent birch note, which smells just like going up to a tree and taking a whiff of freshly torn, paper-thin bark. Sweet smoke and wood dominate as it fades, I get zero vanilla. Aventus was a joy to sample.

Another guy that describes it well…
Fruity, smoky masterpiece
One of the most hyped (and anti-hyped) fragrances around these parts, I find myself pretty squarely in the lovers category of this scent. As far as the notes go, the two notes that everyone immediately gravitates towards – the pineapple and the smoke – are the attention grabbers, and I find them to be very appealing and well put together. Unlike many of the popular Creeds (and despite the fruity top), this is not a unisex scent – I get a faint leather underneath the smoke and fruit which adds to the overwhelming masculinity of this scent.

Where Aventus really shines is performance. Simply put, this is a projection monster; I have received comments along the lines of “running into a brick wall” and “I could tell you were in the room from the moment I opened the door” from multiple coworkers with just 3-4 sprays applied 30 minutes earlier. There is definitely a fine line between just the right amount and a “brick wall”, so to speak. My experience has been to err on the conservative side for this one, which is unusual for Creeds, but definitely welcome given the price! Longevity has been excellent for me as well; easily lasts 6-8 hours on my skin and sometimes into the next day. Versatility is unmatched – cold weather, hot weather, work, gym, out with friends, Aventus works in pretty much any situation.

The stories of this fragrance’s compliment garnering powering have reached somewhat mythical status, but it’s hard for me to say anything contradictory when I receive more unsolicited, “strangers stopping in their tracks to ask me what I’m wearing” compliments with this one than the rest of my collection combined. I initially purchased this because my closest female friend called it “the most heavenly thing she had ever smelled”, and have even had a “brick wall” comment immediately followed up with “this is the best smelling brick wall ever”. If you are looking for a Creed that gets compliments, look no further.

Overall, I find the scent to be great but slightly below the best Creeds; however, in terms of performance and compliments Aventus is such a powerhouse that I find myself reaching for it more than anything else in my collection at the moment.

Alright, so who should buy Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier (1995)?

Age Group: Over 25

Not only is too expensive for most young bucks to afford, but it’s not a sweet smelling fragrance that most young ladies prefer.

Season: Spring/Summer

With a strong pineapple note, Aventus smells a lot like warmer weather

Time of Day: Day/Night

Feel free to wear it to work, or play without any restrictions

Gift?: Yes

Almost a guaranteed like but most importantly the people that surround the guy you give this to will thank you more.

Longevity: Really good

Currently listed in the top 10 longest lasting fragrances

Harmless? – Yes

Aventus is extremely versatile to wear to work, school, or on a date

Popularity – Very popular

Right now people are searching for Aventus more than ever. In the top 1o most popular fragrances list too.

Price – Expensive

One of the most expensive popular fragrances

Awards – 1

Most popular cologne

Sexy – The Sexiest

Since there is no fragrance that gets more compliments from whom than Aventus, you can’t get much sexier than that.

Signature Cologne – Yes

Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.

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Jason is the first ever self-proclaimed “Cologne Master” that is dedicating his expertise and knowledge to helping people choose that special scent for the 1st or 50th time.

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  • hi Jason great review of creed aventus I’m still saving up to get bottle of this lol how did you apply this one how many sprays and where cheers Kevin

    • Hey Kevin,

      Glad you liked the review!

      3 sprays of this juice lasted me all day and was not too overpowering.

      The technique I used is the Cologne Master Method where you spray once on your wrist and dab them together and then spray on your neck and upper chest.

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