Where To Find Creed Cologne Samples?

There is one name for men’s cologne that stands out above all others, and that name is Creed. This family has been producing colognes for men since the 1700’s, so after all this time it stands to reason they might just know what they’re doing. Seven generations of the Creed family have been involved in the business of making men smell fantastic, and they proudly show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

You know you have a good thing going when you last this long, and the public know that they can count on the Creed family to keep on producing exquisite scents for men again and again, with a diverse range of scents to choose from. But can someone tell me, where can I find a creed cologne sample?

List of Creed cologne samples to look for;

Aventuscreed cologne samples aventus
Green Irish Tweed
Millesime Imperial
Silver Mountain
Royal Water
Royal Oud
Virgin Island Water
Bois du Portugal

These are just to name a few of the more popular colognes made by Creed-there are many others, all of which can be found at nearly any quality department store, boutique, or online. With such an overwhelming choice of scents for men, one would be forgiven for wanting to know which scent would suit them without having to commit to buying a bottle and then finding out the cologne did not suit them. Access to some samples of these amazing colognes would be what is needed here, and there are places you can inquire about samples of the different Creed colognes to ensure you’re getting the scent that pleases you the most and suits you the best.

The Obvious Places to Look

Colognes samples can be received several different ways. A fairly large part of the time, department or boutique stores will have a stash of samples at the fragrance counter, whether it’s the men’s’ section or the ladies. The sales clerks can be a bit stingy with these, so you must know how to look like someone who if sure of what you’re after. If you don’t, they’re just going to spray one of their little cardboard tags with a scent and send you on your way. They’ll be able to tell if you’re just out collecting samples of different scents, so it wouldn’t hurt to name drop a bit when it comes to a preference and tell the salespeople specifically that you are looking for such and such a cologne by Creed, and you’d like a sample of that scent (have a couple of back up scent varieties in mind in case they are legitimately out of the one you ask for) to take home and see how well it sets up on your skin, and how well it suits you.

Any decent department store will have a stock of the tiny little samplers of the best colognes, and Creed is at the top of the heap of men’s colognes; chances are they’ll have a few different ones. For free, even. However, you may need to be prepared to work for them a little, as you’ve seen above.

The Creed Boutiques

creed cologne samples in new york


There are only two Creed Boutiques in North America. You can find them in New York City and Las Vegas. If you’re not around, no big deal because you can order from them online @ CreedBoutique.com. What is super cool about these places are that they are 100% Authentic. When you go to splurge on a $400-600 bottle of fragrance, you might not want to take any chances and make sure your bottle is legit. That’s why these places exist. If you’re not around these places, no big deal. Feel free to order online or check out an authorized retailer that will get you a few samples.

When you buy a bottle of their fragrances, the Creed boutique will throw in samples of others according to their website. So if you were planing on buying a bottle, you might as well scope a few samples from them as well.


Real-life experience

I personally checked out Nordstroms at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN to see what their policy on samples for Creed were. Nordstroms is an official authorized retailer of Creed so I knew the bottles were real. (I do a bigger breakdown of my experience here for all fragrance samples if you’re curious at Nordstroms)

After purchasing a bottle of fragrance, (I wanted them to know that I was a buyer), I asked them where the Creed fragrances were and the lady almost did a backflip to show me. I would assume this was because they are all commissioned. After telling her that I was interested in Aventus because I’ve heard so much about it since it is one of the most complimented fragrances, I made sure to say, “before I purchase a bottle, I would love to wear it and grab a sample”. All the lady did was take the Aventus and spray a tester with it and hand it over to me.

I was crushed… I was hoping she would fill up one of her sample vials for me, but that just didn’t happen. I came to the conclusion that either I didn’t look like I would actually buy a bottle, or the fragrance was just so expensive they don’t allow it. The next time I head in there, I’ll straight up ask them and update this page

Other authorized retailers to take a peek at are; Neiman Marcus, Cos Bar, and a few others I’m sure. If you have any knowledge of being hooked up with a sample from these places, give me a shout so I can share it with the world.

Online experience
You may decide to reduce the amount of work you must put into getting your Creed cologne samples and just opt for getting your hands on some of those samples online, from the comfort of your home instead of jumping through hoops for some salespeople. There are several places to purchase Creed cologne samples online, at very reasonable prices and with delightfully short lead-times-and you don’t even have to talk to a salesperson.
The Perfumed Court offers a selection of samples of Creed colognes, and they happen to have a selection of these scents that cover very nearly each one of the most well known Creed fragrances. The Perfume Court is an online store that offers samples of nearly any fragrance you can imagine. They do this by “decanting” popular fragrances into sterile smaller containers to be used as samples so you can take your time and choose whatever Creed scent works best for you. You have a choice of sizes, to boot; you can choose from one through eight millilitres of fragrance, sold in sets of three at ascending prices, or you can choose a single fifteen millilitre bottle as your sample scent. This is probably your best online store to turn to for your Creed cologne samples.
Lucky Scent is another online retailer offering various samples of colognes, and they do have a selection of Creed fragrance samples as well, although it’s a bit limited. What Lucky Scent does is offer a cologne oil for you to try out, which accomplishes essentially the same thing as a cologne sample; a bit better, because you are getting an undiluted version of the scent. Lucky Scent offers the top five or six most popular Creed scents for men as samples.
MyPerfumeSamples is a giant of an online site that offers both full sized bottles of scent as well as cologne samples, and does their thing pretty much the same way The Perfumed Court does. Their selection of men’s Creed colognes is a pretty decent one, offering about ten of the most popular scents that Creed offers. With MyPerfumeSamples, you have a choice of your standard little bottle of scent in sizes ranging from one millilitre, all the way up to a 4-oz. bottle of your favorite fragrance. Your order comes to you in a single selection size, unless you are ordering multiples, slightly different from My Perfumed Court with their multipacks.
There is no need to be stuck with a cologne you’ll never wear, when you choose to go the route of getting your hands on some good samples of the fragrance that teases your imagination the most, and the one you want to try to make sure it works with your chemistry (yes, it does make a difference). When you decide to put a little effort into getting some samples of your favorite Creed cologne by trying out a few ideas outlined above, you’ll always wind up with exactly the results you want to be at your absolute best. Isn’t that what we all want?

If you have a great place to pick up an authentic sample of Creed, please share it with us so we can tell the world!

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  • I can’t believe they didn’t make a Creed sample at Nordstrom for you! Not only have they always made a few for me when I’ve asked, they actually mail me samples every couple of months (I’m talking big 5ml samples in screw top, glass bottles) with beautiful hand written cards wishing me to enjoy the decants and if I need anything to come see them! Sorry you had that experience there, but mine has been quite the opposite!

    • Well, that’s both awesome and encouraging.

      The next time I head in there I’ll give it another shot and keep everyone posted on my experience.

      Did you do anything special to get those samples or did you just simply ask?

    • Thanks John… Since I drive by the place everyday and visit it frequently, you would think I could get my life together and spell it correctly.

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