Quick Summary! Fahrenheit by Dior!!!

Thinking about buying Fahrenheit by Christian Dior? Well it's a good thing that you stopped in to see us first. We have everything you need to know about Dior's infamous scent Fahrenheit.


Out of 7,780 reviews, Fahrenheit managed to receive a rating of 3.880 out of 5.


After receiving feedback from 1,423 people, Fahrenheit measures up to a rating of 3.799.


Fahrenheit as average sillage. People need to get somewhat close to you to notice it.


Fahrenheit is in the top 20 fragrances for compliments. However, since it's such a love it or hate it fragrance, it's tough to give it more than an average rating.

Quick Summary - Fahrenheit is an extremely masculine fragrance that has an opening some people say smells like gasoline. It's tough to beat that.

However, because it has weaker sillage, a slightly above average rating, and a non-spectatucaly longevity, Fahrenheit is reserved for a select group of people. 

If you pride yourself on your manliness like driving motorcycles, hunting with your bare hands, drinking straight whisky, this fragrance could work for you if you're looking for something that will grant you a few compliments along the way.

Best Video Review We've Found

Here are some dudes that put together some really good videos. For the most part, we agree with everything they are saying.

Introducing... Fahrenheit by Dior!!!

Anytime CologneMasters receives a chance to talk about a classic fragrance that still receives compliments,  our pants get a little tight.

Before picking up and tasting it for the first time, I always like to check out a few reviews to get a good temperature gauge. When I started reading about Fahrenheit and fume-heads calling it "gasoline" my ears perked up and I wanted a taste.

Also knowing the type of fragrances Dior puts out, they all have a similar feeling to them. I'm having difficulty putting it into words. To help understand this point, my lady friend that doesn't particular obsess over fragrances like I do took a whiff of Fahrenheit when I first received it in the mail.

Without missing a beat she was able to detect that it was a Dior fragrance. Good for her and immediately understood what she meant. Dior has a special thing about their fragrances.

When and by who was it made?

Christian Dior was created in 1988 by perfumers Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Michel Almairac.

The Specs

  • Considered an eau de toilette
  • Available in 1.7, 3.4, and 6.8 ounces

Because our  reviews have a tendency to run a little long, here is a table of contents...

Awards for Dior Fahrenheit

With a name like Christian Dior behind it, Fahrenheit still only manages to earn one award and it happens to be the compliment getter award.

There is still a crowd of people that do enjoy the scent of Fahrenheit enough to give out compliments to people wearing this one.

Fragrance Notes for Fahrenheit

Top Notes

  • Hawthorn
  • Honeysuckle

Heart Notes

  • Sandalwood
  • Violet Leaf

Base Notes

  • Lenstiscus
  • Styrax
  • arrow-circle-o-down

I can't remember hearing anyone say a fragrance smells like gasoline,  but after about 30 seconds of applying this to my skin, I agree. Kind of cool actually.

If you start talking to a fume-head about what notes are the most noticeable, leather seems to be the "official smell" for what we recognize as fuel.

Violet leaf is the second note most people report smelling. Since the leather notes are distracting, its a little more difficult to notice it but it's there.

Celebrities That Wear Fahrenheit

Alexander Skarsgard

David Warner

Alexander Skarsgard busted on to the Hollywood scene with the dominating role as Eric from True Blood. He also was in one of the better movies of 2016 as the main character in Legend of Tarzan.

David Warner is an English actor that has played in some pretty big movies. For example he was the bodyguard in the movie Titanic. He's the photographer in the original, "The Omen". He is also in the 1982 Tron movie.

CologneMaster's Thoughts & Review

When it comes to Dior fragrances in general, the unique smell these guys come up with don't mesh with what I find attractive when choosing a fragrance.

However in 1988, Christian Dior gave people looking for an alternative to the Cool Water's of the world that has a little more depth and darkness to it instead of the classic clean, fresh smelling fragrances.

 I don't know if these guys planned this, but Dior now represents what a masculinity should smell like. To echo what I said previously about this one, this ideally should be worn by construction workers, mechanics, bikers, truck drivers, or anyone that gets off on being a manly man.

Since this one is a little older, Fahrenheit should be reserved for older dudes. If you graduated high-school in the late 80s or early 90s, this one might be for you.

My  Experience Wearing it

I started off purchasing this on from my favorite online retailer... Amazon. If you're wondering which one I bought specifically, click on the button below.

As usual, I started off with my own interpretation of how it smelled.

The notes that I smell when sniffing this one is about 80% leather, 10% violet leaf (floral), and about 10% musk.

The musky smell is something that I credit Dior for having a little bit with all of their fragrances. It helps you recognize a Dior scent when you smell one.

The next step in my process is to take it to work/play and see if anyone notices it and what their reactions are to it without saying anything.

Turns out that my results were pretty boring. No one said anything, even when I toughened up and wore a little extra one day...

Still nothing.

Next it was time to start asking my co-workers, friends, and family what they thought about it. 

This was even more boring. Since the fragrance had such average projection, they had trouble even smelling it on my wrists. When they did, the reaction was mostly average.

When someone tells me something like, "Ohh that smells nice," I really consider it a neutral comment because they are just saying it just to be nice. (Minnesota nice)

My last test is my girl friend. Lucky for me she feels comfortable giving me her no BS thoughts on what she thinks.

Fahrenheit was the first fragrance I didn't openly have to ask what she thought of it.

I was getting ready for work one morning and was in a hurry. I keep the bottle of fragrance I'm wearing in my drawer in the bathroom vanity.

On this particular day she went to retrieve it for me so I could wear it.

She took 1 whiff and said...

"You're never wearing this cologne again" in her disgusted tone.

I guess that settles that.

What do the top fragrance dawgs say about it?

DracDoc - "I'm not a fan of this scent"

NowSmellThis - "It smells fresher and better than most men's scents today"

ScentLion - 4/5 stars

FragranceBro's - "Really masculine, but anyone could pull it off"

Alway good to hear what other fragrance reviewers are saying about it.

Reviews From Cologne Master Fans

"I used work at a fuel depot on the San Francisco Bay, filling up commercial boats, and this smell of violet and gasoline and leather takes me back there in my youth. 

I love this scent.

As soon as I smelled it. I knew immediately it would be in my collection as long as I'm walking this earth. It's the only scent I have that feels salty and masculine, with gasoline, and oil, baked into leather. There's nothing like it.Whatever was happening in designer fragrances in 1988--idk I was 15, i thought my deodorant smelled ok and was fine with that--i'm thankful. And, this one, has made a dior fan out of me. 

If a mass marketing design house can be this bold and creative, then there's hope for corporations in general. There's hope that not all has sunk into genderless, sweet, metrosexuality. Where touting gender bending fluidity is some kind hallmark of artistry and proper aesthetic. Fahrenheit is an old fashioned 'fuck you' to all of this recent cultural development. It harkens to when we were comfortable being men. And to when women weren't interested in men who weren't. 

This will be in my Fall/winter work, going out, everything line up. Because, I just fuckin love it. And the way it makes me feel. This is one that I truly don't care if other's like or not. I actually love that it can separate people who are probably wasting my time if they don't like it. It's a masterpiece. It performs really well. I love fragrances, but don't trip on formulation issues. I'm not scouring the internet for an old formulation. This one, even if it's a semblance of the original. Is perfect enough for me."

Who should buy Fahrenheit by Dior?


Trying to impress bad ass chicks

Tough guys

Since Fahrenheit by Christian Dior is arguable one of the most masculine fragrances around, it should be no surprise that bad ass dudes should be the ones wearing it.

If you graduated high-school in the early 90s or late 80s, Fahrenheit might just be your scent of choice too because of all the nostalgia that is attached to it.

Age Group40+

Fahrenheit is 30 years old. Reading a lot of reviews and hearing guys talk about noticing a guy in an elevator wearing it means the smell is associated now with the mature crowd.

Season: Fall/Winter

Fahrenheit works better in the colder months due to it's unique smell. You can however pull it off in the summer.

Time of Day: Day/Night

This one fits both criteria. Feel free to wear it no matter the time of day

Occasion: Manual Labor/Bike Ride (motorized)

If you're out cutting wood or riding a Harley with a sweet beard, this might be a good occasion to wear such a scent. Remember it's super masculine. 

Gift?: Perhaps

If it's for a guy that is over 40, repp'n tattoos, and has a kick ass beard this one will work. However, if he's sensitive in any way, try something else.

Longevity: Average

With a rating of 3.799/5 stars, this fragrance has an average longevity. It will last 4-6 hours. People complain that the reformulation doesn't last as long as the original so don't get discouraged if you hear people that say it sucks.

Harmless?: No

Sensitive noses won't put up with this long if they detect it on you. However, because it has a weaker projection, this might never happen unless you take a bath in it.

PopularityNot Popular

Fahrenheit's popularity has died down since it's launch and is not even in the top 20. This could be a good thing since you are less likely to not smell like someone else.

Price: Ok

Expect to pay around $50-125 a bottle for this.

Awards: 1

Currently rated one of the best fragrances to earn you a compliment.

Sexy: A little

 Usually the person wearing Fahrenheit is the one that feels sexy. 

Signature Cologne: Yes

This fragrance could be the one and only for you if you're a tough guy and just want 1 fragrance.

Where to buy Fahrenheit by Dior?

I purchase all of my fragrances on Amazon generally.

You can find the exact one I purchased by clicking on the button below...

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