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  • Can be worn as a signature scent
  • Lasts a long time, 4-6 hours
  • Very well liked by critics


  • More of a unisex fragrance
  • Could be offensive to the people next to you

Is it possible that Dior Homme is one of the best fragrances ever?

Gotta love the Robert Pattinson face on the Dior Homme.

Before we get too in depth with this review, I just need to confess that I accidentally purchased this fragrance while looking for a different Dior fragrance. Oh well, not that it’s a big deal, it just adds a little more excitement to the review.

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Thoughts on Dior Homme from a Self-proclaimed CologneMaster

Top notes: Bergamot, Sage, Lavender

Middle notes: Cacao, Amber, Iris

Base notes: Leather, Patchouli, Vetiver

Most powerful note – Iris

Because I purchased this bottle on accident, it took me awhile to figure out which one I have. There are several different Dior Homme release dates out there, but it looks like each one of them smells identical even though there are different perfumers that have their names on it.

This isn’t a big deal, I usually just like a little back story on who made it and how long it has been out in the world.

I’ve worn this fragrance for the last few weeks and the floral notes just don’t do anything for me. On the the manliness scale, this fragrance is going to be near the bottom which may not be a bad thing if it’s something you’re looking for.

Dior Homme does have a rather loud, in your face opening. You are blasted with some floral notes which do dry down after about 30 minutes into something a little sweeter and more sexy. Getting to that point is the problem for me, because by the time the scent has changed, my nose has already grown accustomed to the smell, and I’ve forgotten that I’m wearing it.

The strong Iris note is compared to a “lipstick” smell, which is directly related to a more feminine smell. I agree that this Dior Homme could be worn by females just fine. There are arguments all over the net about guys getting pissed off about other dudes saying its feminine and they don’t know what they are talking about.

My take on this fragrance is that it’s like a guy wearing a pink shirt. Some people might think it’s feminine, while other guys simply think it’s awesome! Whatever category you’re in, it’s not a big deal but could lead to in argument with guy next to you.

The critics of this fragrance, 100’s of perfume reviewers, find this fragrance amazing along with some other cologne masters. I simply find it to be an average fragrance that would work for someone that would wear a pink shirt.

What Fragrances does this remind me of?

I’m not a huge floral fragrance guy so be prepared to hear me say that other fragrances smell like Dior Homme.

Alright so don’t just take my word, here are what other have to say about this fragrance…

The Ladies,

This lady wears it as a woman’s scent and loves it…

“Dior Homme is completely unisex and totally stunning. Getting so many compliments on this and when I tell people what it is they are in disbelief that it’s for men.
I wonder why mainstream fragrances don’t label those nice unisex fragrance as unisex ?
I am more drawn to this than to most girly scents and get many more compliments on unisex scents than on my female fragrances.
Anyways , to the scent itself , it’s classy , clean, warm , a little sweet and buttery ,
iris dominant.
Lots of people compare it to Valentino Uomo , it’s sort of has similarities but this is an iris scent , Uomo is more gourmand and sweeter. With a stronger lime opening. They do share the lime opening and the coco powder as well as the soft leather note.
I really love DH and I wish it was more widely available here in Canada , it was quite hard to find in stores. I finally found it at Sephora.
The Bay said they didn’t sell it very well so sent it all back years ago. They just have the Eau and the cologne.
I love it , it’s a keeper. My husband loves it on me and finds it very feminine.

And yes this has a soft buttery iris in here reminds me of a few iris niche frags like even misia and silver iris .”

Another woman that purchased it for her husband and probably steals it for herself…

“I’m one of those women that can’t stand perfumes on me or other people…unless it’s a clean light inviting scent. Dior Homme is gorgeous! The scent is very sensuous as it draws you in without screaming “look at me.” I bought it for my husband and he likes it as much as I do. This cologne has replaced Lagerfeld for the time being as Lagerfeld was getting boring after years of use (still a beautiful fragrance but wanted something new).”

The Fellas,

Here are two guys battling back and forth…

“Yuck. I can’t stand the smell of this. it’s not hard to detect the lipstick/makeup smell. this does not smell anything close to masculine to me. dior homme: take a women’s leather purse full of lipstick and cosmetics, leave it in the sun for 6 hours, and pour hot wax in it. thumbs down.”

“I like this juice. the lipstick note is not that big a deal and it does have feminine qualities but in all this is a frag to wear to the wedding reception or any formal event. This smell is different in a good way, I guess you could say its a “metro” scent. Put on your black double monks and rock this stuff.”

Who should buy Dior Homme?

Age Group: 30+

Dior Homme does not have a “youth” appeal. However, it’s also not a sold for older dudes either.

Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

I would stay away from this fragrance during the hottest months of the year, but can be worn all year around besides that.

Time of Day: All-Day

You can wear Dior Homme all day, and all night. If you are going out for the evening, I would say it will work better for heading to a concert or something versus a date.

Gift?: No

Because of the “metro” feel to this fragrance, I wouldn’t give it as a gift for someone that hasn’t tried it before.

Longevity: Good

For an EDT, this fragrance gets about 4-6 hours which is what is expected.

Harmless? – No

This is the type of fragrance that could give someone near you a headache if over used.

Popularity – Decent

With a search volume of about 3,600/ month had a decent popularity.

Price – Decent

Depending on the size of a bottle you want, I paid about $60 on Amazon for it.

Awards – 0

CologneMasters have not given it any awards… yet

Sexy – Not

More sensual than sexy…

Signature Cologne – Yes

Feel free to use Dior Homme as your signature scent. Like I mentioned before, if you’re not afraid of wearing a pink shirt, this might be your winning ticket.


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