Guess Seductive Homme by Guess Review (2011) Review

Guess Seductive Homme by Guess (2011)

Guess Seductive Homme by Guess (2011)

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  • Great for Young Men
  • Sexy
  • Safe for work/school


  • Doesn't last very long
  • Not a good gift
  • Shouldn't be worn as a signature scent
  • Older guys should find something else to wear

Let’s Introduce A Review For Guess Seductive Homme by Guess (2011)!

Guess Seductive Homme is currently one of the top selling fragrances you can find so far in 2016. This EDT is a “newish” scent that that was created for how the name implies “to seduce”. Does this fragrance actually do it’s job? That’s up to you to decide!

Guess is mostly known for their clothing lines, fashion accessories, watches, and jewelry. A fact I really enjoy, because I love this movie so much, Marty McFly wore Guess Apparel in Back To The Future. The denim was all Guess clothing which is pretty cool to know!

In 2005 Guess decided to enter the perfume industry, and in 2006 Guess for Men emerged on the scene and ready to rock. Guess Seductive Homme in 2011 had been their greatest success as it is currently one of the top sold fragrances.

Awards Won By Guess Seductive Homme

Young man award

What does Jason the Cologne Master think of Guess Seductive Homme?

Let’s first start by looking at the fragrance pyramid of the notes you will find;

Top notes: Cardamom, Mandarin Orange, Pink Pepper

Middle notes: Vetiver, Violet Leaf, Orchid

Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber

When I first smelled Guess Seductive Homme, I didn’t spray it. I simply just took a whiff of this fragrance through the nozzle and loved it. Because I knew Guess Seductive is selling like crazy, I was already intrigued and frankly Guess has always flew under the radar when it came to fragrance. It doesn’t have that huge name like a Dolce & Gabbana or Versace, so I felt this could be the hidden gem I was looking for. After all, if so many people were purchasing this fragrance, it had to be good.

My initial reaction of “loving it” died down after a few hours. After an amazing opening, Guess Seductive doesn’t have the longevity to last more than 1/2 day… Strike 1… This fragrance also is very sweet and fruity. Although, I do enjoy a nice fruity and girly cocktail from time to time, when I’m out with my friends I tend to drink and act more “manly”. Since Guess Seductive smells almost too fruity, I can’t recommend it for daytime wear… Strike 2.

I can’t give Guess Seductive a strike 3 call, because I do believe it has a purpose. Guess Seductive is a fragrance that is loved by women! I noticed it first hand when my girlfriend said she enjoyed the smell and found it to be “somewhat sexy”. However, this is the strongest trait this fragrance possesses.

This fragrance is perfect for young men, that are headed out for the evening and will be around women. Maybe you’re headed on a date, or some type of social gathering where girls will be there. This fragrance is perfect for that. Women do love the smell, but from a man’s perspective, you might want to try something different if you’re going to just be hanging out with the boys. Lastly, this scent makes a better evening smell because it doesn’t last very long especially because it’s an EDT (click here if you don’t know what an EDT means). You’ll smell great for 2-4 hours which is perfect for your social event.

How do other people review Guess Seductive Homme?

This guy here is thinking like me, except it smelling like La Nuit… I don’t think that’s accurate

Scent: 4/5 – The opening cardamom and pink pepper smell fantastic and remind me of YSL’s La Nuit De L’Homme. The problem with this fragrance is that it’s all about that opening, and there’s not much after that.

Longevity: 1/5 – Pretty much on par with D&G’s The One for me. Having said that, since it’s cheap, reapplication is a viable option.

Sillage: 3/5 – Wouldn’t write home about it. The opening projects respectably, then falls apart after that.

Design & Packaging: 2/5 – It’s big and cumbersome. The lid and part where the brand are smudge really easily and leave water residue marks like no other. And the lid is lightweight, so I can’t get off over it. But hey, we don’t buy fragrances for their design, right? Riiight?

Here is another guy that is saying what I’m thinking…

“Good albeit boring smell.
I have a hard time over complicating this. Generally I just think of skittles when I smell this as others have said. That being said bang for your buck I think this is fantastic. You can easily pick this up at places like marshalls for 20 bucks no problem. It gets good compliments, and although longevity projection isnt huge by any means it lasts a reasonable amount of time for what your spending. Chances are you dont get a full day out of it, but 6 hours or so is reasonable. Honestly my only compliant would be that I find it boring. There isnt much change, theres that pink pepper at the begining to tingle your nose, but I always think of skittles from beginning to end so I do find myself bored while wearing it despite the compliments sometimes. For other stuff similar to it, one that hasnt been mentioned is curve crush. Surpised no one has mentioned this yet that I see. Both have a pretty similar vibe. For what its worth if you are one of those that care about bottles, the bottle is nice, however it is very cheaply made so beware.

Pros: great value
Cons: boring”

And this is from someone that has had a positive experience with it…

“Guess Seductive Homme has a very sweet first hour or so and dries down to something smooth and spicy. All in All a solid seductive fragrance by the Guess House, although it seems to give myself and others around me headaches from time to time”

Who should buy Guess Seductive Homme?

Age Group: 25 and under

Because of the sweet and harmless tones to this scent, the ideal wearers of this fragrance is younger at about the age of 25.

Season: All-Year

Feel free to wear Guess Seductive all year around. It’s soft enough to wear in the summer and spring, but warm and cozy enough to wear in the fall and winter.

Time of day: Night

This fragrance is best suited for evening wear, since once again does not last long enough to get your through a day.

Occasion: A date

This is perfect for a date or evening out with a significant other

Gift? – No

Guess Seductive is not well-liked enough to work as a gift.

Longevity: Bad

This fragrance doesn’t have the strength to get you through more than a few hours

Harmless? – Yes

Guess Seductive is relatively harmless. You won’t offend anyone by wearing since the smell is of the weaker variety.

Popularity – Somewhat popular

Guess seductive is one of the top selling men’s fragrances right now in 2016. However, people are not actively looking for this fragrance on the search engine. This tells me that people are purchasing this product because it’s cheap.

How does it make you feel? – Fruity

When I wear this fragrance, I smell extra fruity/girly. I know that the ladies enjoy it, but I prefer something a little more masculine.

Price – Great

You can pick up a bottle of Guess for under $20 a bottle. Very reasonably priced.

Awards – 0

Sexy – Sexy

This fragrance can be considered sexy, however there are other more sexy scents out there.

Signature Cologne – No

Choose something that lasts a little bit longer


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    I noticed some white specks in the Guess Seductive Homme that i recently bought, and I dont want to look like an idiot returning it , is that normal for the white specs to be there??

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