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Guilty by Gucci (2011)

Guilty by Gucci (2011)

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  • Great for Young Men
  • Versatile
  • Great for any situation
  • Good signature scent


  • Shouldn't be worn by old guys
  • Doesn't last long
  • Below average projection

Are you ready for the greatest Guilty Gucci review you have ever read? So are we. Cologne Masters has you covered for everything you want to know, and more about Gucci’s infamous Guilty fragrance.

Gucci is one of those fragrances that are hyped beyond belief. My first interaction with it was actually in a magazine where you had the ability to sniff it a little bit. Because there is so much advertising and marketing that goes behind this scent, you’ll usually find it as one of the most popular, best selling, or common fragrances today.

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The Cold Hard Facts Surrounding Guilty by Gucci (2011)

So these are just some facts surrounding Guilty by Gucci.

Top notes: Lavender, Lemon
Middle notes: Orange flower
Base notes: Cedar, Patchouli

Most noticeable: Lemon, Lavender, Orange flower

Longevity (Based on 200+ ratings)
5.916 out of 10 – Not good (Click here for the longest lasting fragrances)

Average Rating From People That Have Tried It -
5.06 – Not very high (Click to see the best!)
Popularity (How many people are wearing/talking about it)
31,900 – Extremely popular! (Click For Full List)
Approximately $15.02 per ounce – (Find it discounted here)

Guilty by Gucci Review Thoughts by CologneMasters

guilty gucci review

The facts about Guilty by Gucci doesn’t look good. We know that it doesn’t last very long and has a poor rating from people that have reviewed it.

So why is the 3rd most popular cologne?

If I were to guess, I would have to say it is partly because of the success that Guilty by Gucci has for it’s women’s fragrance, the amazing marketing that guilty receives, and the fact the smell of Guilty is actually quite pleasant.

The smell of Guilty is made for the mass population. It’s a light, citrus, smelling fragrance that is also very sweet. These types of fragrances are very appealing to young men, young ladies, or anyone looking for a fragrance that they can wear in any situation.

Taking a whiff of Guilty from the perspective of a normal guy that is not a fume-head, you have no choice but to enjoy this scent. The only problem is the longevity. If only it would last a few more hours.

Having said that, I sprayed about 4-5 shots onto my chest, neck, and wrists and left for work. After 6 hours I came home from work, played a few videos, and then went to bed. Before falling asleep, my girlfriend and I popped in “The Ranch” on Netflix and laid down to fall asleep. My girlfriend rested her head on my chest and told me that I smelled amazing and asked me what I was wearing.

I was very surprised to hear her say that because she has smelled a ton of fragrances on me over the last few years and for her to mention that I smelled “amazing” after 6 hours of work and it happened to be Guilty which is known for poor longevity was even more surprising.

The opening you get a nice sharp, alcohol blast that stings your nostrils like almost any other fragrance. You’ll notice a citrus and lavender smell for about 15 minutes until the fragrance starts to move to the heart notes.

Once Guilty settles down, you get a more sweet smell which comes from the orange flower notes. These notes are very nice and non-offensive.

After Guilty dries down completely, it turns into a simple scent. You can smell the cedar base notes and lavender and you’ll notice more of a sporty smell to it. Guilty is a very safe and versatile fragrance that works in almost any situation. It almost smells like it’s something you’ve smelled before even if you’ve never tried it. A typical main stream smell.

Because, Guilty is so safe, the only problem with it, is that it lacks a certain punch that will just come out and grab you in so you can engulf yourself in it. This is ok but in my opinion, this is what prevents Guilty from leaping forward and becoming an amazing fragrance.

Ideally, Guilty should be worn by young men. It’s a fragrance that is marketed towards sexiness, but I would say it’s more of a romantic fragrance than sexy. It works great for young men because you don’t have to worry about spraying too much, or grossing out people that are around you.

Longevity – I disagree with the longevity rating it received. Guilty deserves a higher rating for longevity than the world says. I would say it should be around a 7/10 instead of a 6.

Projection – Average projection for the first 2-3 hours but after that the fragrance sits right next to the skin.

Familiar – The smell will most likely remind you of something else. It doesn’t have anything unique in it despite being pleasant.

Not for fume heads – If you’re a fragrance enthusiast, you’re not going to like this. It’s simply too modern and main stream. If you’re a young guy looking for their first fragrance, this could be your lottery ticket.

Youth Fragrance – I’m not saying old guys can’t wear this one, just that they shouldn’t. There are better fragrances for you to wear if you’re 30+.

My final thoughts

Reading though the reviews of Guilty, most people hate it because of reasons other than the scent. It seems like they hated the fact Gucci discontinued some of their favorites to make this one, while others are just saying it smells like an air freshener.

Regardless though, this bottle does have a purpose and I can tastefully recommend it for young men that need a good fragrance for any situation.

Wear Guilty if…

You’re under 30
You need something versatile
You want to smell clean, fresh, simple
You don’t want to stick out from the crowd

Don’t buy this if…

You want compliments
You’re old
You want to stick out

Here is what other people have said about Guilty by Gucci

  • A thought most people have regarding Guilty

I really enjoy this scent as my go to office scent. It is very safe and it is a reliable compliment receiving scent. However, for me the longevity on this one is by far the worst I’ve experienced. I am lucky to get 2 hrs before I have to bury my nose in my arm to smell it. For longevity reasons I cannot give this frag a positive rating.

  • A review that I can agree with

Gucci is a one of the best perfume brands. We have used Gucci Guilty pour Homme and make the following this perfume reviews:

Satisfied: A fresh fragrance for men, guaranteed that will attract the attention of women. Lavender and lemon brings modern fragrance mixture

Unsatisfied: The scent is quite general and does not stand out from the other men’s fragrances are launched at the same time, radiating the fragrance of the perfume is somewhat good, especially in the cold season

Overview: The scent of perfume is quite versatile, can be used for both day and night in the spring, autumn and winter. Males can use when going out or dating his girlfriend for added romance

  • Another guy that I happen to agree with;

A daily driver, office fragrance. Smells like clean linen and completely inoffensive, dries down almost as crisp as it goes on.

Definitely not a nighttime fragrance though, it is way too light for that.

The girl on the counter of the shop I bought this from complimented my purchase straight away, so I assume that must be worth something!

Alright, so who should buy Guilty by Gucci (2011)?

Age Group: Under 25

A safe fragrance with a large marketing budget. Perfect for young men.

Season: Spring/Summer

As the weather starts to heat up, Guilty is not a bad place to turn.

Time of Day: Day/Night

Because of the sweetness of this one, feel free to wear it at night on a date.

Gift?: Yes

Not a bad gift idea. As long as the person you’re giving it to is under 25, they should be able to wear it.

Longevity: Moderate

The reports are pretty average for this one. I have gotten 6 hours with no issues which is pretty good for an Edt.

Harmless? – Yes

Heading to Grandma’s house? Wear this one

Popularity – Extremely popular

Currently the 3rd most popular fragrance.

Price – Average

Bottle prices vary, but you can find one for about $40-50 on Amazon.

Awards – 0

None yet but soon to follow

Sexy – Romantic

Although people don’t describe it as a “panty dropper”, it does have a certain romantic feel to it because of how sweet it is.

Signature Cologne – Yes

Feel free to wear this all-day everyday if you would like.


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