How to Wear Cologne Like a Boss [Infographic]

Let’s face it, we all have our reasons for wearing cologne. Some of us want to impress the ladies, smell good at work, or some of us choose to wear cologne because we appreciate the art behind it.

Regardless of why you wear it, there are too many cologne users wearing their cologne the wrong way. So whether you are a “Cologne Master”, or someone starting to wear cologne for the first time, you need to wear cologne the right way to get the most out of it. By checking out the tips in this article, you will now learn how to wear cologne like a boss!

how to wear cologne

Let’s begin with…

How NOT to wear your cologne

Don’t overspray

When you overspray your cologne, you immediately go from smelling sophisticated and important, all the way down to stinking up the place.

One day while I was at work, a man came into our store because he had a question on his bill. He handed me it to me and while looking over my shoulder, he was guiding me on where to look for the areas of concern with the billing.

Honestly, I don’t think I heard a word he said because the popular fragrance he was wearing was overpowering and WAY too strong. I took the bill and walked behind our counter so he couldn’t follow me and told him I would take a peek at it. After standing about 10 – 15 feet away from him, I don’t know if the smell was still lingering in my nostrils or if I could actually still smell him.

It didn’t matter, the stench was making it impossible to concentrate so I faked a, “I’m gonna go ask my manager” and went to go look for him in the backroom even though he was standing next to me.

Yes this story is few and far between, but if you read about fragrance on twitter, almost 1 out of every 10 people talking about cologne is bringing up the fact that people are bathing themselves in it. This is a huge problem.

Overspraying is BAD and will not help you smell like a boss. You are better off not wearing anything and smelling like BO than clearing out rooms with how much you smell.

Tip: The amount of sprays you need for each fragrance is different for each one. Some strong fragrances you may only need one spray, while others you may need five. The magic number I use is right around three for most of my fragrances. People should not be able to smell you from more than an arms length away.

DON’T use cologne to cover up BODY ODOR

If you are human, you’ve most likely been in a situation where you’ve experienced the phenomenon known as body odor (BO).

Body odor can occur after you do something physically active, hang out in a warm environment causing you to sweat, or sometimes being stressed out causes your body to emit unpleasant odors.

But I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that…

This is NOT the time to use cologne to try and cover up this stench. When you think of cologne, it is scientifically created in a chemistry lab. When these chemicals, alcohol, or other random mixtures join with your body’s odor, it actually makes you smell more “funky” than you originally smelled.

If you are in a jam and don’t have access to deodorant to try and cover your body odor, try these few tips;

1. Rub hand sanitizer on your armpits

The sanitizer will help fight the odor caused by bacteria to get you smelling respectable in minutes. The only downfall is that you will smell like sanitizer but hey, it’s 10x better than smelling like a dog fart.

If you’re hanging out with some ladies, a lot of times they will have a bottle of this in their purse, or you can find it sometimes in men’s bathrooms.

2. Use soap and water in the nearest bathroom

Running to the nearest bathroom and using some of the hand soap from the dispenser is a great “quick fix”.

You are going to get rid of the smell for a short amount of time before your perspiration comes back but that might be all you need. This technique should buy you are about a half hour.

3. Stay Dry, Stay Calm

If you get rid of the “moisture” on your body, it leaves less food for your apocrine glands to eat up and keep that bad odor ticking.

The same tip goes with unnecessary stress you may be currently under. Try to remain calm when you notice you are starting to smell. Your bad smelling sweat glands start going nuts when it’s fueled with unnecessary stress and anxiety.

If you’re out on the town trying to get laid, those tips might be able to keep you on track.

DO NOT Spray Cologne on Your Clothes

Remember that cologne is a mixture of alcohol and other ingredients. When you spray this concoction on your clothes, it can ruin them. Since you most likely value your clothes because you paid for them, it would be horrible if they lost their color just because you sprayed your cologne all over them.

Secondly, the best part of cologne is how it mixes with the oils of your skin. This creates a unique experience for everyone wearing the cologne. Since we all sweat uniquely and emit oils at different rates, our bodies mix with the cologne and creates a different smell for everyone.

By not mixing the fragrance with your body, you are missing out on the fragrance. If you spray it on your clothes, it is also more likely to remain linear. What makes a fragrance cool is how it changes over time and if it’s on your clothes, there is less potential for a fragrance to shine it’s true smell over time.

Young men like to spray their fragrances on hooded sweatshirts and give it to their girlfriends because it smells like them. I would be a horrible person to tell someone not to do this, but just don’t do it expecting to smell like cologne all day.

Don’t Mix Colognes!

Believe it or not, your cologne has a plan for you. A significant portion of them are designed to change over time and that is part of the genius behind them.

So if you’re changing colognes mid-day before your first cologne expires, chances are you’re going to have some crazy, unique mixtures going on and chances are they won’t smell very good.

If your cologne is starting to wear off, just give yourself an extra spray of whatever you’re wearing and call it good.

Now one thing you do NOT have to worry about is clashing your deodorant and your cologne. Just because you wear old spice deodorant, doesn’t mean you have to wear old spice cologne. Feel free to mix these scents up since your deodorant is not usually overpowering.

There is an exception to this rule. If you are still wearing Axe body spray, don’t even attempt wearing cologne. First of all, it usually means you are 12 years old, and secondly the Axe body spray will cover up your cologne so it makes it worthless.

DO NOT Use the Mist Technique To Wear Fragrance

We’ve all seen people do this. They spray a cloud of fragrance into the air and walk through it like they just don’t care.

Why on earth would anyone do this? (I’ve done it so don’t feel bad) You are wasting your fragrance. If you’re going to pay for fragrance only to just spray it up in the air so you can walk through it, you’re wasting 75% of it by letting most of the fragrance molecules evaporate before it even lands on you.

And Here is How To Wear Cologne Like A Boss!

First of all, we need to spray cologne on our bodies. But where exactly is the best place to spray it? How much should I be spraying? These questions seem to be simple but if you cruise different forums around the web, it seems even everyone is confused on some basic principles on how to wear cologne.

The Best Time To Spray For Epic Results

To make the best use of cologne, you want to make sure you spray it when your skin pores are open. The best time to do this? You guessed it, right after a steamy hot shower.

Not only are your skin pores wide open and ready to take in your cologne, but your body is nice and warm which will certainly get the scent kicking off into high gear.

Spray Cologne on Your Pulse Points

bodyThe BEST place by FAR to spray cologne is on your pulse points. These locations generate the most heat on the human body because blood flows there abundantly.

The heat from your body slowly activates the cologne and releases different notes over time which helps it last longer and smell differently as time moves on.

The Best Places To Spray

You have 3 sprays of a cologne to help you smell “like a boss” so you need to make them count. If you spray more than three, generally you will stink like you just nose dived into a pool of perfume.

Remember that you can always reapply later if you are worried that the cologne will wear off.

The Cologne Master Method

After getting out of the shower or getting ready for the day, make sure you are shirtless. It helps if you’re looking into a mirror and telling yourself how sexy you are. This is not required.

Spray #1 – This should be sprayed directly on one of your wrists. When this happens, you should see a pool of whatever fragrance you’re wearing hanging out on the wrist you sprayed it on.

Take your other hand and now gently DAB your wrist together. DO NOT rub your wrists together! This causes friction and will actually cause the fragrance to wear off quicker.

After you dab your wrists together, wipe them behind your ears and down your neck. Behind your ears is one of those intimate places you can place your fragrances. Every time someone gives you a hug, or whispers in your ear, they will smell what you’re wearing.

Spray #2 & 3 – These two sprays should be delivered to your upper chest and neck.

These two places are some of the warmest parts of your body so they activate the fragrance extremely well. Because they are in close proximity to your nose, you’ll sometimes be able to tell if your cologne is wearing off.

This technique is where the men are separated from the boys. You NEVER rub your wrists together because the friction you generate from this behavior evaporates the cologne a ridiculous amount faster. Instead, lightly dab your wrists together so the cologne spreads to your other wrists.

This combination of using all of these sprays has generated the best results for me personally. The heat from my neck releases the cologne over time so I am able to smell good through a full day of 6-10 hours usually depending on the cologne.

This combination also helps because you never come off smelling too strong. Other people will only notice it if they are within an arms distance away, which is perfect for where you want to be for people to identify that it’s you they are smelling.

Other places to Spray Cologne

If you want to try your own recipe of where the best places to spray cologne are, don’t be afraid to try these other places;

  • Back of the knees – Leaves a trail behind you
  • Around your ankles
  • Behind your ears
  • Between your breasts (women especially)
  • Inside the elbows

You can experiment with spraying the cologne in the air and walking through it. If I am at work and need a little extra power to finish out the day, this is how I reapply it. I usually will only spray it once because smelling too strong like cologne is dangerous.

Go Smell Like A Boss!

Now you know where and when to spray your cologne. For some of you newbies our there, hopefully this all make sense. If it doesn’t or have a few suggestions to add, feel free to drop me a comment or hit up my contact page.

For all you seasoned Cologne Masters, feel free to give me your advice as well along with any other information that needs to be passed on to other men. Like I said, don’t be afraid to hit me up because I want to hear what you have to say!


Last updated 11/18/16

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    • Joop is a tough one since it’s ridiculously strong.

      For these types I’ll spray one on my chest when I get out of the shower, and then my second spray is directly on my wrist and I DAB (not rub) my wrists together.

      Then I take both wrists and dab behind my ears.

  • I tend to spray on the wrists and press together too. Also one on the chest and then back of the neck for sillage.

    When you say spraying of the neck, do you mean the front of the throat or the back? As I think it is too close to the nose if it is the front. The chest is fine though to get the occasional whiff throughout the day.

    • Yes, the throat is a great place to wear fragrance since you have an increased amount of blood flow to those areas. The more blood flow, the more heat is generated which helps activate the fragrance.

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