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La Nuit de L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent (2009) Review

La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL

La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL

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  • Highly reviewed by anyone that smells it
  • Great signature scent
  • Great for all ages
  • Wear it day or night
  • Intimate


  • Can be pricey
  • Not in your face

La Nuit de L’Homme Review by a Self-proclaimed Cologne Master

If you start looking around the web on what are the best mens colognes, you will see La Nuit on almost every list. Critics find this fragrance, manly, sexy, long lasting, and everything else a scent should be.

But what do fellow Cologne Masters say about this fragrance?

What do normal guys think of La Nuit de L’homme?

Well you are in luck because we are about to show everything you need to know.

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Ok Here We Go!

Top notes: Cardamom

Middle notes: Lavender, Virginia Cedar, Bergamot

Base notes: Vetiver, Caraway

Most powerful note – Cardamom

Once again, I was very excited to try La Nuit because of it’s reputation across the perfume worlds as an incredible fragrance. If you watched the video above, you can see how one of the most famous fragrance reviewers feel about it.

Here are just a few others…

Fragrantica – A nice discussion on fragrances that women adore… one female in particular recommended La Nuit very strongly. – Has YSL at #2 on their list

TheTrendSpotter – Has La Nuit on their top 10

Like I mentioned, these are just a few of the more popular ones. La Nuit is a fragrances that every critic seems to like for some good reason, because it’s fantastic!

The Good

Everyone loves it. Critics, random people, everyone… If you’re looking for a fragrance that is incredible but not a lot of people wear it, La Nuit just may be the ticket.

It has moderate projection. This is awesome because you don’t have to worry about making the guy next to you sneeze or move away because you smell too bad.

La Nuit has good longevity for an EDT. The typical eau de toilette has only 4-6 hours of life and this scent carries around that.

A common similarity between fragrances that are loved by the ladies are sweet undertones to them. La nuit hits this perfectly. Although it’s a manly scent, the fragrance changes into something sweet that ladies adore. I’m excited to test this out with real women to see how they feel about it.

What Fragrances does this remind me of?

Although La Nuit does not smell like these fragrances, I would put La Nuit in the same ballpark as Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch and also Legend by Mont Blanc.

If you have tried the La Nuit De L’Homme Frozen Cologne edition, this one is the little brother of that fragrance.

What have other people said about La Nuit De L’Homme?

The Ladies,

So this one is kind of funny, but hurts at the same time… It shows the danger of this fragrance

“bought this flow my husband, and everyone loved it. turns out he started having an affair two months after he started wearing this. not just one woman, but three. our marriage ended. ladies, if ya wanna keep your man, choose stetson. a stetson man is yours forever..”

Another wife that has second thoughts purchasing this fragrances for her hubby…

“My man can go no where without women complementing his scent and feeling some type of way about his attractiveness. This cologne has a fresh scent with warm undertones and it lasts a long time. Sometimes I can still smell it after he works a 10 hour day.”

The Fellas,

Alright so here is a guy that tells it how it is…

“Not to sound crazy or anything… but this cologne literally changed everything for me!
Before this, i was a fan of Aqua di Gio, armani code, black, whatever… you know, the better ones… I have a large collection.

Since receiving this cologne as a gift, I have been unable to wear anything else, literally. I still have about 7-8 almost full bottles of all my other colognes but i refuse to wear them. I run out of this one and buy another one, quick. You should see how much dust lays on my other bottles. lol.

Why? I go out a lot and noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in the amount of attention I receive from females. I’ve had girls kiss up on my neck and ask me what I’m wearing, over and over and over again. No, really.

I first started wearing this one my junior year of college. I put 2 sprays on after showering… girls I know would frequently come up to me and tell me they could smell my sweet cologne from the other side of the hallway, and how it reminded them of me. One of them told me it drives her insane.

Yeah? So this has been a no brainer for me. As long as I’m single and doing my thing I will continue to wear this cologne!
I enjoy the smells of other colognes, and sometimes I get sick of smelling the YSL on myself… but hey, it works… the ladies LOVE it, so I will wear nothing else!”

I like what he says about this fragrance being intimate… Because of a smaller projection, it makes it more of an intimate smell…

Absolutely AMAZING, though I will state what everyone in the know wants to /know/.

“It’s the new formulation & the sillage suffers. Other than that it’s still exactly as you’d expect – Quite seductive.
I’d say less sillage isn’t exactly a bad thing unless you’re trying to put yourself out there to as many people via scent as possible. The decreased perimeter of smell makes it more intimate & gives your personal space an allure all its own.

Hope this helps! I’ll answer any questions you may have!”


Who should buy La Nuit De L’Homme by YSL?

Age Group: 25+

La Nuit is too sophisticated to be worn by the younger generation. Let the grown men wear it.

Season: Fall, Winter

The spices of this fragrance make it a great cold season smell. Feel free to wear it all year round though.

Time of Day: Night

Although it’s perfectly acceptable to wear during the day, during the evening hours is where La Nuit works it’s magic.

Gift?: Yes

This fragrance is loved by so many people that it’s perfectly ok to be given as a gift with no worries of rejection.

Longevity: Good

For an EDT, the expectation is to last 4-6 hours and La Nuit hits this mark.

Harmless? – Yes

This smell is ok to wear next to everyone. There is a few spicy notes in it so just be careful not to spray too much.

Popularity – Decent

With a search volume of about 2,400/ month had a decent popularity.

Price – Decent

At $18.17/oz, La Nuit has an ok price to it. It is about what you would expect out of a premium fragrance however.

Awards – 0

CologneMasters have not given it any awards… yet

Sexy – Very Sexy

If you haven’t watched Jeremy Fragrance’s video from above, you may want to check it out.

Signature Cologne – Yes

After wearing this fragrance for the past week, it has moved into my rotation of fragrances I wear as a signature.

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