Nautica Blue Review by Nautica (2006)

Nautica blue by Nautica (2006)

Nautica blue by Nautica (2006)

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Let’s Get Started, A Nautica Blue Review by a Cologne Master!

If you ever take a peek at the Amazon best sellers, Nautica fragrances are often a highlight reel in the top 5. Even as this review is getting written, Nautica Voyage, Nautica Blue, and Nautica Classic is crushing the top 10 selling fragrances.

Because of these incredible sales numbers, CologneMasters needed to get involved and figure out why they are flying of the Amazon shelves. Is it because the fragrances are so amazing? Or maybe it’s because they are so cheap… Lucky for you, we will let you know.

CologneMaster Awards Received

(none yet)

What Does The CologneMaster, Jason Think About Nautica Blue?

Top notes: Bergamot, Peach, Pineapple

Middle notes: Jasmine, Water lily

Base notes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Musk

After wearing Nautica Blue for a week, I feel like I can with confidence understand why this fragrance is one of the most sold fragrances in the land.

The reason I came up with… “It’s cheap”.

For the last week of wearing Nautica Blue, by the time it is applied before I head to work, to the time I get there and start my day, I can no long smell it on myself unless I stick my head in my shirt.

After only a few short hours, I can’t smell it on my body.

Ok Jason, we know it the smell doesn’t last very long… What about the smell? Is it horrid?

It’s actually very pleasant. If it would last a bit longer, I would say it is a very good scent to try. If you’re wondering a bit more what it smells like, I’ll let these guys tell you…

How Do Other People Review Nautica Blue?

This guy knows what he’s talking about…

“Nautica Blue is one of more agreeable designer “blue” fragrances out there, now obscenely affordable (100ml bottles are generally under $20, sometimes as low as $12). While not praised as much as Voyage, Blue is nonetheless a pleasant offering that works well on warm weather days or just as a body spray to freshen up. It’s difficult to dress up, as the more that is sprayed, the more it smells synthetic / like deodorant. Nonetheless, it needs to be sprayed in volume to compensate for the lack of longevity.

The dominant top notes are pineapple and bergamot, with a base of musk and cedar. This good combination of citrus and sweet notes makes it a great summer day option that is more intense with the heat, though probably still demands a few sprays.”

Another dude that sums it up pretty well…

“Nautica Blue is not a typical aquatic scent, but it is very close to being one. It aims to be a fresh scent, and succeeds in being that, with clean top and middle notes of fruits including blackcurrant, peach and grapefruit.

Unfortunately this wave of freshness doesn’t last for very long at all, and as it dissipates a note which is clearly synthetic and faintly metallic appears. This lends the scent an artificial odour akin to shower gel, with a muted drydown of faint woods which is gone almost as soon as it appears.

Heavy application of this is required to achieve any projection of the scent, with longevity quite short at around 3 to 4 hours on my skin. A pleasant fragrance which is best used to stay ‘shower fresh’ for a few hours after one’s daily ablutions, but which serves little other purpose.”

Lastly, this guy is someone that has some success with it…

“These cheap fragrances surprisingly get me more compliments than my more expensive fragrances I’ve gotten compliments with almost all of my nautica scents #1 voyage #2 blue #3 acqua rush #4 pure discovery these four fragrances got me more compliments than my chanel allures I got all of them so young guys if your looking for something inexpensive that smells good and get compliments the 4 nautica scents I listed is the way to go”

Who Should Buy Nautica Blue?

Age Group: Under 22

If you leave college and you’re still wearing this religiously, I would rethink your decision. There are a lot of other fragrances out there that will get you results.

Season: Summer

This scent is recommended during the summer since it is light and doesn’t last very long. The fruity and flower notes make it ideal to wear during the summer.

Time of Day: Day

Without a doubt, this is a daytime scent. It’s light and refreshing makes it idea for daytime use.

Occasion: A quick hit

Use Nautica Blue for those quick hit situations when you just need to smell good for a few hours

Gift?: No

Find something else to give as a gift

Longevity: Horrible

If a fragrance lasts less than 2 hours, we have problems. The longevity is horrible.

Harmless? – No

Because Nautica Blue is doesn’t have the sillage to pay the bills, you don’t have to worry about it offending anyone.

Popularity – Somewhat popular

Nautica Blue is somewhat popular. It comes in at 4,400 searches per month.

Price – Amazing

If you can get a bottle of fragrance for under $11 a bottle, that’s a pretty incredible price.

Awards – 0

Sexy – Average

You’re not going to get insane results with the fragrance, but you’re not going to get people hating either.

Signature Cologne – No

Choose something that lasts longer.

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