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Paco Rabanne – 1 Million (2008) Review

1 million super popular

Paco Rabbane's 1 Million (2008)

Paco Rabbane's 1 Million (2008)

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Sex Appeal


Safe for work/school


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  • Lasts a long time
  • Unique
  • Could be your signature scent
  • Popular
  • Awesome looking bottle!


  • There are the same amount of Lovers vs. Haters
  • Currently popular in high-schools
  • Not typically work/school safe

About 1 Million

Launched in 2008, 1 Million was created by Michel Girard, Olivier Pescheux, and Christophe Raynaud. The house of Paco Rabanne colognes is famous for creating fragrances with many notes blended together to create scents that men and women can wear as their signature.

1 Million was created as “a scent of the charming seducer.” The manufacturer describes it as an “intoxication of the senses” and “irresistible. You can find more information directly from the website by clicking on this link.

Longevity is rated at about 8.464/10 from approximately 1500 people that have worn it.

What does it smell like?

The description of “intoxication of the senses” is correct with 1 Million. The cologne is advanced in nature and can be considered offensive which is why it is not recommended for daytime use.

The cologne is warm and spicy with the most noticeable note to surface is cinnamon. When I smell it, I certainly get a leathery scent along with a strong amber taste to it.

This cologne I repeat is not simple like other citrus colognes. It has a feeling of several distinct powerful notes all at once. This is definitely considered a situational colognes and might not be liked by all people.

Here are the notes that most people smell;

cinnamon noteamber notelether note






What does it smell like to a normal person?

Normal people off the street describe Paco Rabanne’s 1 million as;

“This fragrance makes me smell like a cinnamon covered grapefruit, which is amazing! I get loads of positive feedback from both sexes and more importantly I love the smell of it!” – Adam

“Bubblegum, Bubblegum, Bubblegum….. mixed with cough syrup, honey, spices & leather Its good, but eventually it gets cloying. Excellent projection & longevity” – mhiregoudar

“It’s a little too strong. But I enjoy the ambery sweetness and to me almost like bubblegum and cinnamon, which some people would hate but I really like. I love cinnamon in fragrances and it does stand out here a little bit. I can’t wear too much of it because it can be overpowering. Two sprays, that’s it. Yes there is a ‘synthetic’ quality but for me, the warmth and sweetness are appealing.” – mypeppep

Who should buy this cologne?

Age: 16-40

Season: Fall, Winter

Time of Day: Night

Only buy Paco Rabanne if you’re looking for a cologne that will get you noticed. 1 Million is one of the most loved/hated colognes on the market today, but yet it is still hugely popular. You will find this cologne getting abused by high schoolers but oddly enough, you can also find the older generation of 30-40s using this cologne in various situations.

Don’t use this cologne for work if you’re around people all day.

Don’t wear this cologne to school unless your girlfriend loves it and you don’t sit too close to other people.

Please fell free to leave some additional comments down below on what you think of this cologne. Also give it a rating so you can see how it stacks up against all the other colognes out there.


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  • Overall Rating


    Sex Appeal


    Safe for work/school


    How long does it last?


    Critic Score


    This is a great musk! Smells like a Greek god! Its not too sweet or too strong. I feel like it’s perfect. My personal opinion is its not just a night cologne and can be used professionally.

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