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Wondering what your next fragrance will be? Well, you might just be in luck after reading our Polo Red colonge review... YeeeHaaaa...


With over 1,000 people asked to give a rating of Polo Red, it comes in with a score of 3.607/5 stars.


Polo Red comes in with a weak longevity rating of 2.820 out of 5 starts


Red sits pretty close to the skin is not very overpowering. It receives a 2.5 star rating out of 5.


Of the 79 people that were asked how they like Polo Red, only 6% of them found it attractive or sexy.

Polo Red is a very sweet fragrance, if you were to taste it, you would think you're sucking on a Jolly Rancher (hard candy).

Also, because it lacks longevity and sits close to the skin, Polo Red's ideal use would be date night between teenagers.


  • check
    Above average rated
  • check
    Great for teenagers
  • check
    Won't overpower you


  • Sits close to the skin
  • Doesn't last an entire day
  • Very sweet

Introducing Polo Red by Ralph Lauren!

With the simple names Ralph Lauren has with their fragrances, a self-proclaimed cologne master like myself wants nothing better than to just taste the rainbow.

Well, that doesn't make a lot of sense since the Polo colors are just red, blue, green, and black but nevertheless, they sure are intriguing.

Of all the Ralph Lauren fragrances, Polo Red is one of the most popular behind Polo Black. The sweet smelling fragrance comes in a nice, attractive red bottle.

When and by whom was Polo Red Made?

Polo Red was launched in 2013 and was created by perfumer Oliver Gillotin

He has several other fragrances under his belt including a few by Tom Ford and another Ralph Lauren.

The Specifications

Cologne Master Awards Received

None yet...

The Fragrance Notes

polo red review

Top Notes

  • Cranberry
  • Grapefruit
  • Italian Lemon

Middle Notes

  • Sage
  • Saffron

Base Notes

  • Woodsy
  • Amber
  • Coffee

Just like all fragrances, there are always a few notes that are noticed more than others.

For Polo Red, you'll notice the Cranberry, Amber, and Coffee more than the others.

Celebrities That Wear Polo Red

None yet...

CologneMasters Experience Wearing Polo Red

My first experience with Polo Red was in 2014 and I purchased around 20 samples so I could get my feet wet with fragrances.

Polo Red was one of them.

My big plan at the time was to get women's opinions on fragrances, record the results, and publish them online.

Polo Red was one of the highest rated according to my research so I purchased a bottle to give away on the CologneMasters facebook page.

The bottle ended up being won by my brother's friend so we were both able to wear it for awhile and record our results.

Fast forward four years later, my opinion of Polo Red stays the same. This fragrance smells sweet, candy-like and similar to Guess Seductive but with a little more class.

What did others think of it around me?

Wearing it to work, interacting with my girl-friend, and around strangers, the reaction was all the same...


Either the fragrance has such a poor life, weak sillage, or is just so unimpressionable that Polo Red fails to get a reaction from anyone I interacted with.

My Thoughts On Polo Red

The Smell - 

The smell is just too sweet for my senses. I don't like smelling like I took a bath in ultra sugar kool-aid. 

The sweetness does tone down after about 30-45 minutes though but since the fragrance sits too close to the skin, it's not enough to be considered an above average fragrance.

The notes say cranberry, but I smell candy. The coffee notes are missing and it's all-in-all a fragrance that focuses on a select group of people versus everyone at large.

The Bottle

The bottle looks pretty cool but you won't see it on the coolest bottle post.

The Price - 

Too much in my opinion. If you want to smell like this, go after something like Beckham Signature or Guess Seductive.

Longevity - 

This is one of the worst lasting fragrances I've ever had. This article has taken me 4+ hours to write and Polo Red has come and gone in that time. I had to reapply it actually just to stay in the zone of what it smells like.


Weak and Weak... This doesn't mean it's a bad fragrance if it has poor projection, but if you really enjoy this scent, chances are the people around you won't be able to smell it.


No... If you people can't smell it, how can they compliment it? If you're in an intimate situation with and your significant other is on top of you, that's what this is for.

Final Thoughts -

 Despite the harsh words coming from CologneMasters, this fragrance is 

What do other professional reviewers say?

DracDoc (famous YouTube reviewer)

The Doc says it has similarities to Polo Black and Eros.

"After 30 minutes it turns into a very nice scent." 

"Tonk Bean"


"A great night out fragrance"

"Lasts between 8-10 hours"

Follow-Up From CologneMasters

- Agree

I understand where Doc is coming from when he says it smells like Eros. 

After about 15 minutes, the Tonka bean notes that he speaks of, do come out to play.

- Disagree

This fragrance doesn't last 8-10 hours. I've been sitting at my computer for 4 hours and can no longer smell it.

Polo Red is not over-powering. The reviews from over 1,000 people agree with me. It takes 4-5 sprays just to warm it up

Kevin from NST -

"I recently got the chance to sniff some of the Ralph Lauren home collection candles; they’re more interesting than the Ralph Lauren perfumes; maybe I’ll give a few of them a try and report back to you."

Cologne Master Follow-Up -

Kevin does a great job ripping apart Polo Red. It's worth a read if you like reading trolls.

One thing I didn't hear Kevin or DracDoc say was that it was "very sweet".

This to me is so obvious, it makes me wonder if other people are smelling the same thing I am.

Thoughts from random strangers that wear it

This is from someone we certainly agree with...

"This is nice, safe cologne. If you don't want to be the center of attention but still smell nice this will fill the bill. My only negative would be the longivity which for me after four sprays was only an hour. So I guess it is "shortgivity." The coffee is gard to detect though. Its citrus enough but doesn't have much of a base to give it life."

This is what DracDoc was saying...

"I love this stuff. I blind bought a bottle and do not regret. It has a wonderful drydown that leaves a light coffee bean and vanilla with a Lil woody note. To me its relaxing and energizing at the same time. Ladies seem friendly lately...

It is a bit similar to Eros on drydown but nowhere near as loud. Eros was a scrubber for me. This stuff is just pleasant. I can't get enough!

I will be buying more for sure..

longevity - 8+ hrs
projection - 2 to 4'

Hopefully the price will go down, cause FRANKLY...THIS IS MY NEW SIGNATURE SCENT. LOOOOOOVE IT."

Who should buy Polo Red?

  • Young men dating young women
  • Date nights for youth couples

Age Group: 13 - 21 years old

A fragrance this light and sweet should only appeal to the younger generation. You don't see too many grown adults smelling like a candy store.

Season: Works ok for all seasons

A fragrance that is light and citrusy works well in the warmer months, but the hint of spice in Polo Red makes it ok to wear in the cold too.

Time of Day: Day/Night

No real limitations on whether you can wear it during the day or night.

Gift?: No

You can get Polo Red in many gift sets, but it's not an ideal fragrance to give to somebody.

Longevity: Below Average

Not something that will last a full day, but if you have errands to run, this will get you by for a few hours.

Harmless? – No

You might offend people wearing this if they feel your smell too sweet or spicy.

Popularity – Popular

You won't see people lining up to buy Polo Red like a teenage mob scene, but plenty of people do wear it.

Price – Reasonable

You can get a bottle of Polo Red from $40 - $80 depending on the size of it.

Awards – 0

As of right now, Polo Red is not making any top lists.

Sexy – Not sexy

With a "sexy percentage" of 6%, people are reluctant to call Polo Red sexy.

Signature Cologne – No

You won't be able to wear Polo Red all day which makes this not a very good signature scent.

Where should you buy it?

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