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Polo Black receives an average rating of 3.73 stars based on almost 2,000 ratings from people that have worn it.


Polo Black has a below average longevity. Expect Polo Black to wear out less than 6 hours.


When walking by people wearing this fragrance, bystanders won't notice. Something a ninja would wear.


If you're looking for a fragrance that will do well with the ladies, there are better choices than Polo Black.

Quick Summary: Polo Black by Ralph Lauren comes in at a respectable 3.73 star rating but lacks the longevity, sillage, and sexiness to rise to an elite level fragrance.

This fragrance works well in non-offensive environments when you want to change your man scent into something a little sweeter. If you're looking for something with a little more appeal, I suggest you check out our Cologne Master Top Picks.

  • Above Average Rating
  • Fairly Popular
  • Safe for work/school
  • Doesn't last very long
  • Won't make an impression
  • Not known for sex appeal

Polo Black is quite possibly the most popular fragrance by Ralph Lauren since it was first launched in 2005.

Ralph Lauren is known for naming their fragrances after colors. For example, Polo Red, Polo Blue, and Polo Green are all common fragrances with the Ralph Lauren name.

Polo Black Facts!


Pierre Negrin


6,650 Google Searches per month

Price: $13.45/oz

Pierre Negrin has dipped his fingers in several other big name companies such as Amouage, Calvin Klein, David Beckham, and a few others

Currently Polo Black is the 15th most popular fragrance according to Google searches per month.

At a price of $13.45 per ounce, it is an average price that someone would expect to pay for fragrance. You'll end up paying $40-60 a bottle depending on the size.

Lastly, no known celebrities currently wear Polo Black. 


Here are the notes you'll be able to notice;

  • Iced Mango
  • Spanish Sage
  • Patchouli Noir
  • Sandalwood
  • Tonka Bean

My Experience Wearing Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

As a self-proclaimed cologne master, I take the time to wear each fragrance for an extended period of time and record my results.

Polo Black is no different as I ordered my Polo fragrance gift set straight from Amazon so I could try all the Polo fragrances over the period of a few months. 

At my place of employment, I'm surrounded by highly motivated, talkative, and most importantly opinionated people. These men and women have no problem telling me what they think of the various fragrances that I test.

Unsolicited Opinions - The first test is to wear Polo Black in close quarters next to customers and co-workers and see if they notice or say anything about the way I smell.

Polo Black had 0 impact. I didn't hear a single person tell me I smelled disgusting, nice, or anything. This is strange because usually I'll at least get something. 

Solicited Opinions - After testing the waters to see if people enjoy the scent, I straight up ask them what they think. and have them smell my wrist.

My co-workers seemed to find that Polo Black "smelled nice" but there was no passion or love for it. According to them, it smelled like a generic fragrance that could be found at Target or Wal-Mart for an incredible deal.

Longevity - After applying Polo Black to my skin, the smell is only noticeable for maybe 15 minutes. In order for me to remember that I'm still wearing something, I have to smell my wrists to see if it's still going.

When I'm calling it a day and heading to bed, the lady friend will make comments on how she can still notice it. It's usually with her sticking her face right in my chest but she'll comment on it.

Sillage - The last day I went to work wearing Polo Black, I decided to dump a generous amount on myself to see if it made a difference.

It actually did!

Someone actually noticed that I was wearing fragrance when they stuck their head directly over my shoulder and made a comment that I smelled nice.

This goes to show how close to the skin Polo Black stays and how correct people are when they say it has weak sillage.

The Smell - Like previously mentioned, the smell is not an attention grabbing scent. It has the same type of smell that you've come accustomed to each time you pick up a bottle of cologne. 

Tonka bean is the most noticeable smell that comes from the bottle, but it still smells oddly familiar.

Non-offensive - Because Polo Black is so universal, I will give it credit when it's due. You can wear Polo Black to work, school, or spray it on after football practice.

Video Review

Here is a nice review from the Fragrance Bros that have echoed what we already said about it. 

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best perfume first timer



Polo Black is a very handsome, masculine fragrance that is perfect for the office or nights out. The mango opening is fresh and sweet and stays on throughout as the deeper spicy notes come in, meshed with a dash "Polo" signature muskiness. This is a solid choice and a good-buy because it is very dependable and non-offensive. I get great longevity 7-9 hours on average with 4 sprays. (8.5 out of 10)



PB has a place in my rotation. I find it to be a very "professional" scent. The scent is not overbearing or loud. The sillage is not huge. It does not scream "cologne guy". The person wearing it can be taken seriously. I feel very comfortable wearing PB when meeting with senior leadership or high-level executives. I want to smell good, but I want to be sure to choose a "safe" fragrance that should not offend anyone. Overall a "Thumbs-up".

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