If you’re looking for more information regarding cologne, why not take a look at a few other awesome websites. Here are a few more that I look at almost everyday to continue the search of finding amazing cologne or what is going on in the world of fragrance.

Best All-Around Sites 

This site has it all when it comes to cologne. Here you can find other like minded cologne masters and reviews for almost any cologne that has ever existed. This site has been around for around a decade and continues to produce a wealth of content. This site has lots of user feedback so if you’re curious on what other people think about certain colognes, this is it.


Fragrantica is an incredible resource for finding information on cologne. It has a ridiculous amount of reviews for colognes that you may not have ever heard of. What I like about it, is how in-depth it goes with each cologne to give you some insights on the proper time to wear each cologne and pretty good description on the notes for each.

Blogs We Follow

The Perfume Shrine

Elena is one of the most incredible resources on perfume in the world. CologneMasters was lucky enough to ask her some questions in an interview here in case you missed it. One of the cool things she told me was that despite her vast knowledge on the subject, she considers herself “an eternal student” which shows how much she enjoys her work.

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