Very Sexy For Him by Victoria Secret (2001) Review

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Very Sexy For Him by Victoria's Secret (2001)

Very Sexy For Him by Victoria's Secret (2001)

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  • A Wonderful Cologne For Dates
  • Hugely Liked and Amazing Reviews
  • Not extremely popular so the guy next to you won't be wearing it
  • Very Sexy


  • Not a cologne you should be wearing as your signature scent
  • Only good in date sitiuations
  • Doesn't last very long

Intro Very Sexy For Him by Victoria Secret (2001) Review

Very Sexy For Him, is a cologne that you don’t hear too many people talking about. Right now it has about 3,600 searches each month on google, which gives it a pretty average to below average popularity rating.

I wouldn’t read too much into this lower popularity, because it gives men a chance to wear something that not everybody else is using.

Another positive of Very Sexy For Him, if you are a guy looking for a way to get into a Victoria Secret store, here is your opportunity. Simply walk right in and start looking for the bottles of cologne 🙂

Very Sexy For Him Awards

Young man award

What does Jason the Cologne Master say about Very Sexy For Him?

First, lets check out the notes…

Top notes
Lime, Tangerine, Bergamot, Caraway
Heart notes
Cinnamon, Sage, Sichuan Pepper, Bamboo
Base Notes
Orange Blossom, Vetiver,Sequoia, Musk

Please tell me that I’m not the only person that takes a whiff of this cologne and want to sneeze? Must be the Cinnamon and Sichuan Pepper notes… anyways lets continue.

When I’m smelling Very Sexy For Him Cologne, the word that comes to mind is mysterious. If I were to compare it to any other cologne, I would say it reminds me a little of Montblanc Legend.

I should start off by saying that Very Sexy is an EXTREMELY positively like cologne. It has one of the highest Like/Hate ratios I have ever seen. So despite I’m about to tell you, remember what I have to say is just my opinion, and that you might have significantly different feelings.

Very Sexy For Him has one purpose and that is to be worn on a date. The mysterious and cinnamon scent that emerges from this bottle and that is to seduce. The title matches the purpose of this cologne and that is to sting your nostrils to lure your date just a little bit closer.

I wore this cologne to work and the first thing I tried was to bring it to attention by standing next to my co-workers. There were not any compliments, complaints, or general comments so I took that as my co-workers ignoring me, so I have no feedback to give you on that regard.

The best way to review this cologne is to explain why I would only use this on dates. The opening and middle of this cologne has a sweet and spicy smell to it like if you were to smell cinnamon. Like cinnamon, it smells great as long as you don’t inhale it up close or in large quantities. As I was wearing this cologne throughout the day, the dry down is what I liked the most.

The dry down of Very Sexy For Him is what makes this one of the best colognes to take on a date. The opening and middle is, “in your face”, to lure your date in close to smell you. The ending of this cologne slowly fades away into a sweet grand finale. This part of the date you should already be getting lucky and when your girl is really up close, it’s just going to want more.

What do other people say about this cologne?

This is a good example of how women find this cologne…

“I have always had a negative perception of Victoria’s Secret’s women’s fragrances (they smell cheap, tacky, generic, synthetic) so it pains me to admit how much I love Very Sexy for him. When my fiancé wears it, I get sucked in to him and just want to nuzzle my face in his chest and neck and breath in his skin. It smells sooooo undeniably sexy, I lose all control. And who cares if it isn’t so unique? Come on now, would you rather a woman think you smell “different” or downright irresistible?”

This guy explained what I was thinking…

“Great smell here! this is the fragrance I started on and used it mainly for many years.
I would like to call this a rare fragrance to smell on someone else while your out, I was using this through high school a time when most of the other guys of that age wouldn’t even step foot in the vicoria secert store. Discovered this fragrance from a older gentleman collection around age45 he didn’t have many others but I had to gone out and get my own bottle within that week.

The Opening is so nice to smell from a good distance, very synthetic opening nothing that would make you turn away.
If spraying this on your skin you will get a stronger opening. The fragrance doesn’t last more than 4-5hours on skin.
Spraying this on your shirt give you an all night Very nice dry down smell of the fragrance, compliments every night while using this on your clothing.
Better to use at night, warm summer night OR day”

Lastly, let’s see what our friends at twitter are saying…

Lastly, Who Should Buy This Cologne?

Age Group: Under 25

If you’re older than 25 and wearing this cologne, I think it’s kind of weird. This cologne was made for youth in mind and if you’re a little older, don’t be mad… there are other colognes out there that are better.

Season: All-year, Mostly Winter

This cologne should be worn at night because of the warmth it brings. This is why winter makes the most sense. If you are wearing this on your hot date however, feel free to wear it whenever since it will most likely be at night.

Time of day: Night

Wear this cologne at night. During the day you could be seen as kind of a weirdo for wearing it. I know I felt uncomfortable wearing it to work.

Occasion: Hot date

This cologne was created for a hot date. Maybe that wasn’t the intended purpose but the way it opens and closes, is created for making sexy time.

Gift? – No

Unless you’re buying this cologne for your significant other, I don’t recommend giving this as a gift. It’s not well liked by everyone so you might have some push back.

Longevity: Not Good but good enough

This cologne will get you through a date but thats about it. Plan to wear it for about 5-6 hours.

Harmless? – No

I wouldn’t recommend people wearing Very Sexy For Him to work or school only because of the first hour or two of how the cologne smells. People around you that don’t necessarily care about you might have a problem with it.

Popularity – Below Average

This cologne doesn’t hit any best sellers list, but there are still loads of people searching for it online.

How does it make you feel? – Attractive

Sexy was the wrong word for his cologne. Wearing it during a date will give you the confidence you may be looking for.

Price – Average

For $35 this bottle can be yours

Awards – None

Sexy – Very Sexy

This cologne like I mentioned has a ridiculous amount of people that feel it smells amazing versus not smelling good.

Signature Cologne – No

Once again, wear this cologne in situations that you want to attract someone. I would assume it would lose its appeal if you wore it all-day everyday. Additionally, the cologne does not last long enough to be a signature scent.

If you would like to see how Very Sexy For Him stacks up against other colognes, check out our full rankings over here.

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