Sick of your Cologne Wearing Off During the Day? Here are 11 Tips and Tricks to Keep You Smelling Great All Day Long

There is nothing like buying a ridiculously expensive cologne and having it evaporate before the world can smell how amazing you are. If you check out the expensive cologne post, you’ll see how much some people pay for cologne. How horrible would it be to spend that kind of money just to have it wear off immediately?

I think back to the ferociously hot days or times when I over exert myself at work or hanging out with the guys. Before I even realize it, my cologne is scent is long gone and my deodorant is the only thing left standing. My girlfriend is usually the first person to let me know I smell like a garbage dump.

Luckily for men, there are a few tricks to keep you smelling great, for a longer time. If you like this information, feel free to share it with your friends, especially the stinky one that really needs it. We all have one friend walking around that smells like dog poop. Nothing will send a hint better than posting this on his Facebook wall.

Otherwise, if you feel like we missed a trick that needs to be on this list, please let us know. Drop us a comment on the bottom of this page, or visit our contact page where you can send us an e-mail and we can get back to you. Alright, lets get started…

Cologne:BathroomTip #1 – Is it ok to store your cologne in the bathroom?

If you ask a random dude walking down the street, where he stores his cologne, chances are, it’s in a drawer in his bathroom. After all, it’s where one of my roommates stores his cologne and it’s easier to spray a couple times right after you emerge from the shower.

Now for most of us, we wouldn’t see any problems with storing our cologne in the bathroom and the truth of it, I was just like my roommate and did the same thing. After it all, it’s the most convenient place to keep it because as soon as you get out of the shower, it’s ready for you. So what’s wrong with it?

Fragrances that are stored in places of higher humidity, are more likely to break down. This is not only true for cologne, but for women’s makeup and fragrances. Unless you have a bathroom that doesn’t have a shower or bath, do yourself a solid and store it somewhere else.

Keeping colognes stored away from humid places, adds to the life of your cologne and keeps you smelling better for longer periods of time.

Tip #2 – Keep your cologne out of direct light

direct sunlightIf you have a cologne that looks as cool as Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million or the award winning Spice Bomb, you’re probably tempted to keep it out so everyone can see it. I mean let’s be honest, how cool is it to have a cologne bottle that looks like a grenade or a gold bar out in front of everyone?

Now as much as this kills me to say, keeping these colognes out in the direct sun light degrade the quality of the cologne. Think about how beer bottles are commonly dark. This keeps the light from shining through the glass and ruining the beer!

If the bottle of cologne you have is in a dark bottle, don’t sweat it. This should protect the cologne from harmful effects. However, a good tip would be to keep that bottle in the box it comes in while it is being stored. It sucks sometimes paying a little extra for the “real” cologne bottles instead of the testers, but having the box to put it back in is super nice for storage and keeping it away from light.

bodyTip #3 – The Best Way To Make Your Cologne Last Longer… Pulse Points

If you read nothing else, this is the best way to improve the length of time cologne lasts.

Pulse points in short are anywhere on the body an artery is compressed against a bone. At these locations on the human body, you can feel the “pulsing” on your skin. Most common locations for these “pulse points” we use in spraying fragrance are the inner wrists (radial artery), base of the neck (carotid artery), behind the knee (popliteal artery), and at the inside of the elbow (brachial artery).

At these locations, there is an increased amount of blood flow. With this increased amount of blood, there is more heat than at other parts of the body.

These pulse points can intensify a fragrance, make them become more effective, and of course, help cologne last longer! Fragrance generally last longer on skin that is more “oily” so humans are more naturally heated at these areas.

Tip #4 – Heat is bad

While talking about how bad light can ruin a bottle cologne, heat is right up there causing harm to your cologne longevity as well.

Exposing cologne to heat, breaks up the chemical bonds that give them their scent. Not only is it bad for the cologne, but it’s bad for the bottle which could be warped if exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time.

Keep your cologne away from heaters, stoves, the sun, or anything else that could possibly heat it up.

Tip #5 – Dry skin? No problem

If you have a problem with dry skin, then you might notice cologne on your body might wear off quicker than other people.

The reason behind this is, the more dry your skin is, the easier it is for the chemicals in fragrances to evaporate.

This means that the more oily your skin is, the better it retains fragrances and for longer periods of time.

Tip: Use unscented lotion on the body parts you spray your cologne with first. This allows your fragrances to last longer and smell nicer.

Tip #6 – Best time to spray your cologne?

shower pictureNow that we know cologne will last longer on moisturized skin, when do you think the best time to squirt some cologne on your body is?

Yes you guessed it, right after a bath or shower! Your body is already moist from the shower so the cologne will apply perfectly to your skin. You are already naked, so it’s super easy to apply the cologne to pulse points on hard to reach body parts when you’re wearing cologne.

Tip #7 – Spraying cologne on your clothes makes it last long right?

Heck no it does not! Spraying cologne on your clothes absolutely does not make it last longer. With all the chemicals in your cologne, you may not have even thought of this, but it may actually ruin what your wearing!

Spraying cologne on your warm body, allows your body to absorb the ingredients of the cologne better than your clothes do. The fabrics you are wearing cause the fragrances to evaporate much more quickly than they would if you sprayed cologne directly on your skin.

Tip #7 – Spray cologne for the weather

Chances are, if the suns out, you’re letting your guns hang out. Who wouldn’t want to pop those biceps out and show off your buff body to all the gorgeous ladies (or men) out there.

Ok… you don’t have to be buff to wear cologne in the heat, but there should some things you should know.

If it’s hot outside, or you’re going to be in direct sunlight, make sure you come prepared. Cologne is a fluid so it will evaporate quicker in the sun than it would if you were indoors or in the shade.

So if you’re going to be outside for extended periods, make sure you bring some cologne with you and spray yourself every few hours.

rubbing wristsTip #8 – Don’t rub your wrists together after you spray

Spraying your wrists is one of the best locations on your body to apply cologne. Why you may ask? Only because the wrist is considered a “pulse point” which generates more heat than other parts of your body.
By spraying your wrists with a squirt of cologne, it lasts longer than other parts of your body. However, when you spray one of your wrists from short range, you’ll notice a puddle of cologne form from just one spray. Many cologne amateurs after this happens start rubbing their wrists together to spread to their other wrists.

This is a big no-no. The friction immediately starts evaporating the cologne at an exponential rate. The top notes of the cologne are basically worthless and you’re basically fast traveling straight to the middle and base notes.

Instead of rubbing your wrists together, try dabbing them so you’re not using unnecessary friction and losing some of the best parts of the cologne.

Tip #8 – Choose Heavier Scents

If you’ve been reading these tips and tricks on how how to smell better longer and still are coming up short, consider changing your cologne and choosing a heavier scent.

Make sure you do your research on your cologne to see how long other wearers have been getting out of their cologne to see if it’s just the type of cologne you’re wearing.

Weaker cologne such as eau de colognes are only supposed to last 2-3 hours so make sure you set your expectations with that in mind.

If these colognes are not cutting it, try using, eau de toilettes and eau de parfums which can help you get a few more hours out of your cologne.

Tip #9 – Layer your scents

What does layering your scents mean? Well, layering means combining your shower gel, body wash, or lotion with your fragrances to be the best smelling person on the planet.

Layering scents however can be dangerous. You don’t want to wear completely different smells between your body wash and cologne because you’re going to end up smelling “horr-awful”. That’s a word invented by Shaq meaning horrible and awful.

The scents you use for layering are one and two note fragrances that are super simple. Look for notes such as amber, vanilla, or coconut types because they usually go well with everything.

Now if your signature cologne is something very distinct or complex like 1 Million by Paco Rabanne, layering is not for you. Only simple scents should be used when attempting to layer your fragrances together.

Tip #10 – Choose strong Base Notes

If you’re looking for a new cologne to help you smell better, longer, or just want your cologne to pick up the slack, check out your cologne’s base notes to see if they are strong enough to make it through the day.

The notes you should be looking for are, pine, patchouli, vanilla, and musk. These base notes are some of the strongest and help prolong the life of most colognes.

Tip #11 – Use Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline

Using these products on your pulse points help considerably when looking for an extra punch for colognes. Most people don’t have time to take a bubble bath and spend an hour working on the perfect lotion. For these people, using a combination of both of these products do the trick.

I’m going to sound like a broken record here when I say this, but apply the petroleum jelly or vaseline to your pulse points. These places are on the inside of your wrists, behind the ears, behind your knees, small of your back and the base of your throat.

Doing these things will help prolong your cologne because it keeps your skin moisturized and the fragrance you are wearing can’t evaporate as easily.

Thank you once again for stopping by CologneMasters and reading our outstanding material. Please drop us a comment so we know if we missed anything that should be on this list but isn’t.

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