Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf Review (2012)

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf (2012)

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf (2012)

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HERE COMES THE BOOM! A Spicebomb review!

This Spicebomb review is one of the most highly anticipated critque the CologneMasters universe has ever had. Spicebomb is an award winning fragrance and with it’s unique bottle design, has people talking about it all over the net.

CologneMaster Awards Received

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What Does The CologneMaster, Think About Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf?

Top notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Pink Pepper, Elemi

Middle notes: Saffron, Paprika, Cinnamon

Base notes: Vetiver, Tobacco, Leather

Like I previously mentioned Spicebomb is an award winning scent. In May of 2013, Spicebomb took home 3 awards. At the 20th Annual FiFi Fragrance Foundation-UK Awards, Spicebomb took home Best New Male Fragrance, Readers’ Choice for Men and People’s Choice Award for Men.

First, let’s talk about the bottle. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I think the bottle for Spicebomb is super creative and adds some excitement each time I pull the pin to try apply some more. This is just another reason you can find Spicebomb on our cool bottles list.

I know some critics have said the bottle is “embarrassing”, but i find it to be the opposite. Why wouldn’t you want to show off this wonderful idea for a fragrance bottle?

Next, let’s talk about the actual scent. When I first get a new fragrance, I always wear it for a few days to get  bearings on it. I’ll take it to work and ask my co-workers what they think of it, so I can gain some outside perspective and it also allows me to measure the longevity and sillage.

While wearing for a few days, I’ve asked about a dozen people how they felt about it. This was one of the most controversial fragrances I’ve ever done research on. Approximately 7/10 people loved this scent. People described it as masculine, heavy, and even one woman said it smelled like carrot cake.

The people that didn’t like it described it as an “old man” smell that reminded her of her grandpa. Another person described it as an “incense” like smell that reminded them of death. These were some pretty terrifying first hand reviews.

I am extremely in-different about this scent. I know from an artistic standpoint, Spicebomb is considered to be an amazing fragrance.

However, for a random dude picking out a fragrance for his first time, I would have to say to stay away from Spicebomb. There are much better fragrances for people to wear if you’re looking for an evening scent.

For this reason, I have to say, Spicebomb is suited for guys with a few bucks to spend that want to add another trophy to their cabinet in the shape of a bad ass bottle of fragrance.

If you have a wife, girlfriend, boy-friend, or pet, make sure you clear it up with them first before you start wearing it regularly. It’s something that people seem to strongly love or hate.

What Fragrances does this remind me of?

1 million by Paco Rabanne

Bvlgari Man in Black by Bvlgari

Spicebomb Reviews from other people

So it’s time to hear some thoughts on what other people are saying about Spicebomb and to start things off, here is a guy that felt almost embarrassed to wear it.

Over 40 male reviewer:

I’ve scrolled down a little ways and can’t find hardly a single “this is amazing” vote, but I do see lots of people that give it a “I like it,” vote…

…and no slams yet.

…so allow me to be the first. 😉

Opens bubble-gummy sweet. Rather immature, with spice notes, but definitely too juvenile sweet.

The dry down (and I know others who get this from it) is a blast in the face of incessant white powder that refuses to go away and stings the nose. I was begging it to just stop and leave.

SO: Just a sweet powdery Stink Bomb in total, with projection and longevity.

And definitely offended someone in one of my three tries. They seemed outright disgusted, moved away from me while griping under their breath, and it was clearly due to me. A mere two sprays of Stink Bomb on me. I almost apologized. I certainly couldn’t blame them.

Has some ok moments here and there to try to give it what love I can muster; but I’ve given it my three shots, and it won’t get a fourth. Too immature, teenage-ery, powdery.

That dang powder.

Axe’s Dark Temptation is actually better. Straight out of the high school boys locker room.

And yeah, no joke on that…it actually is much better than Stink Bomb, tho of a different gourmand, (chocolate) if we can dare put teen boy body spray in that category.

There’s my review.

P.S. Man In Black has almost the exact same opening, but very different dry down. The sickly sweet opening however dissipates very quickly.”

Here is a lady that gives her stamp approval

“I bought this one for my husband and it was a blind buy.a 100% successful one…I love it on my man
It opens up with bergamot and pepper and soon smoothes to cinnamon;tobacco;red pepper and a sweet note which I don’t know what it is actually..the dry down is creamy and sweet in a lovely way
Spice bomb is a sexy musculine frangrance n is an amazing mixture of spices and sweetness…it feels very warm and you can get tons of compliments while wearing it from both men&women(but mostly women)cause it is awesome
This sexy scent lasts for ages also has a nice sillage..it is both great on young guys on their 20s & more mature ones”

Here is a guy that yelled at me… I find that it has several similarities to 1 million

“What more can I say besides Spicebomb is a modern masterpiece by the great perfumer Olivier Polge. Sophisticated, mature, manly, spicy, beautiful scent. Superbly blended and refined smell of warm spice, cinnamon, tobacco, and almost has this woody/earthy quality to me. Please stop with the comparisons to 1 Million. Spicebomb is on another level. This is niche in that it is so exquisite, unique, and blows most designers away. Perfect 10/10 fragrance for men.”


Who Should Buy Spicebomb?

Age Group: 40+

Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf should be worn by older guys. It’s something that needs to be appreciated and I feel like if you’re not mature enough to handle it, don’t get it.

Season: Fall/Winter

Wear it during the colder times of year. It will provide a little extra warmth that you might be looking for.

Time of Day: Evening

Although you can feel comfortable wearing it during the day because of how long it lasts, you should try wearing at night for the best effect.

Occasion: When you’re about to do something classy

If you’re headed outside to the beach, Nautica Voyage should be your ticket. Also, feel free to wear it to the gym, work, school, or anything during the day.

Gift?: No

I would suggest you find a different fragrance to give as a gift. This one is too risky.

Longevity: Very Good

I get some good longevity out of Spicebomb. When I get home from work, I can still smell this on my clothes.

Harmless? – No

Although there are people around you that might find this fragrance amazing, there are others that will find it disgusting. It’s not worth wearing in an environment where you are in close quarters with a lot of people.

Popularity – Popular

Spicebomb is currently one of the top 15 most popular fragrances. With that in mind, we don’t see it going away anytime soon.

Price – Pricy

For just a 1.7 ounce bottle, you might have to pay over $50 for it. For a normal size bottle, you’ll be around $75.

Awards – 0

Although it currently does not have any CologneMaster awards, Spicebomb has several national awards like I mentioned earlier.

Sexy – Not

This is not a word I have ever heard someone use to describe Spicebomb.

Signature Cologne – Yes

After all the harsh words you’ve heard me say about Spicebomb, I do agree that you can use it as your signature scent! Granted you should be a little older and the people you see the most must enjoy it too, but it can be word as your everyday signature scent!

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