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Versace Eros Review by CologneMasters

Quick Glance at Eros by Versace Review

Are you interested in giving Eros by Versace a try but not sure if it's worth it? Let us help! We have all the facts on one of Versace's biggest and baddest fragrances.


The average rating out of 3,327 people comes to 3.758 for Versace Eros.


1,228 people have declared Eros as a long lasting fragrance giving it a score of 3.962/5.


When you walk by someone, they will notice the sillage or "scent trail". A rating of 4/5 makes perfect sense.


Eros is in the top 50 most complimented fragrances and 11/39 people have said to find it sexy. 4.5/5 stars for such a high sexiness rating.

If you're someone that wears fragrances for sex appeal, Eros might be the perfect fragrance for you. 

When it comes to the scent all by itself, a MODERATE rating of 3.758 doesn't stand up with top rated fragrances.

When asking men and women if they liked Eros, over 25% not only said yes, but they made it a point to call it sexy.

This is why if you're looking for a "sexy time" fragrance or something a little more intimate, Eros might be the one for you.

Here is what people have been saying about Eros;

The good and the bad.

The Good

  • check
    Projection beast that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • check
    Nuclear sillage and projection monster
  • check
    Women love it
  • check
    Cool looking bottle

The Bad

  • Overpowering
  • Too harsh, sensitive smellers won't like it
  • Too synthetic, smells like chemicals

Video Review

Rather watch a video? Check out what Jeremy Fragrance has to say about it. We don't always agree with him, but he's saying the same thing we are.

Introducing Eros by Versace

As with many of our posts, lets start off with a spot for quick navigation because our posts tend to get pretty long if you're not watching out.

Browsing around the net, you will undoubtedly find a  Versace Eros review. Many reviewers claim this is one of the best fragrances in the world, but does it measure up to the CologneMasters test?

I first was introduced to this fragrance by finding it on a few top 10 lists for best mens fragrances. When I see a fragrance being recommended by multiple sources, I figure it has to be good and it's worth looking into.

When I first purchased this bottle off Amazon, I opened it out of the box and smelled it just out of the sprayer. My initial reaction was that this was going to be another perfect 10 fragrance.

But after wearing it for a full day...

When and by who was it made?

Eros was created in 2013 by Aurelien Guichard inspired by Greek mythology.

Versace describes it as;

"Eros is the fragrance that interprets the sublime masculinity through a luminous aura with an intense, vibrant and glowing freshness obtained from the combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest and green apple. An addictive sensuality delivered by Oriental, intriguing and enveloping notes like Tonka Beans, Amber, Geranium Flower and Vanilla. A racy virility symbolized by woods such as Cedarwood from Atlas and Virginia, Vetyver and Oak Moss, providing intensity and power."

The Specs

  • Available in 100 or 200 ml
  • Considered an eau de toilette 
  • Priced on Versace's website for $82 or 115 depending on bottle size

CologneMaster Awards Won

eros most popular fragrance trophy
Eros longest lasting fragrance trophy

With no surprise, Eros by Versace qualifies for two awards. Currently you can find Eros in the top 10 in the Longest Lasting Fragrance category and also it's currently one of the most popular.

Fragrance Notes

top notes for eros

Top Notes

  • Lemon
  • Green apple
  • Mint
heart notes for eros

Middle notes

  • Ambroxan
  • Geranium
  • Tonka Bean

Base notes

  • Cedar
  • Oakmoss
  • Vetiver
  • Madagascar Vanilla

When taking a whiff Eros, the notes you'll notice the most are Vanilla, Mint, and Tonka Bean.

If you're still trying to figure out what notes are, check out this post.

Celebrities That Wear Eros

None so far...

CologneMaster Thoughts

Eros by Versace is highly controversial. You have have critics and reviewers saying that this fragrance is shouldn't be allowed to be worn because of it's stench, but other people will say they can't get their wives and girl-friends off them. 

I even read one instance where a woman tried to lick the fragrance off her man's neck.

The bottom line is this... When we do a fragrance review, I use my personal opinions mixed with what the mass population of the world says.

Even though I may say something good or bad, that doesn't mean Eros won't work or will for you.

Vanilla and Tonka Bean rule this fragrance. If these notes are up your alley, then maybe it's something to give a try.

Longevity - The longevity is pretty amazing. It's on the list for one of longest lasting fragrances around.

Projection  - Good projection. When I wear this fragrance, I'll notice throughout the day.

Sillage - There is definitely a "scent trail" when wearing Eros. As I'm walking by people, they smell it.

Cool Bottle - The texture, bottle top, all look pretty cool and sophisticated. If someone came into your room and saw this laying around, it would look pretty awesome.

Masculine - Men that wear this, smell like one.

Offensive - You wouldn't want to wear this when visiting grandpa and grandma or anyone that may have a sensitive nose. Especially a hospital.

When I first took a whiff of Eros, I thought it was going to be a game changer.

I was wrong...

I agree with the ratings. This is an average scent and it's a little too beastly to be wearing day to day for casual use.

However, there is no doubt that women LOVE this smell. If you wear cologne to gain a little sex appeal, Eros might be your winning lottery ticket.

The people that need to buy this one are the singles that are looking for romance. If your wife or girl-friend likes it, then save this one for special occasions.

My Experience Wearing Eros

After purchasing a bottle of fragrance (You can get the same bottle I bought by clicking on the button below), I always take it around town, work, home, or whatever I'm doing to get reactions.

My results were right on point..

Noticeable - If I walked by someone I knew, they noticed it. The fragrance left a trail which is what fellow reviewers have been saying this entire time and I agree 100%.

Women like it - My female co-workers, friends, and girl-friend all enjoyed the way this one smelled. Men on the other were either in-different, or preferred something else.

This reaction was exactly what everyone was saying..

The scent is ok... Women love it...

What do other top reviewers say about Eros?

Jeremy Fragrance - "I don't like it"

The Candy Perfume Boy - "Eros is a tricky beast, it feels as tacky as you would expect a Versace fragrance to feel but it doesn’t achieve godly gaudiness"

Jimmy Q (YouTube) - "Quite nicely done" "Nicely blended" "Not groundbreaking"

Eros Reviews by People Other Than Me

This is my favorite part because it gives some perspective on what other random people have said about it...

Here is someone that seems pretty impressed with it

"This one lasts and lasts and lasts on me, and the compliments roll in. It is very sweet for sure. Vanilla, tonka, Apple, mint and lemon is what I get from this. It has been awhile since I wore it, but when I do I enjoy it and so does everyone else around me.

I've worn this in warm weather but I think this is best suited for cooler weather, winter in fact. It is in the vein of the one million crowd, the sweet stuff but I don't mind sweet at all. I for one love and have purchased jpg ultra male and I am in my 40s (I mention that merely because scents like Eros and ultra male are quickly labeled as club scent for young obnoxious guys)

Versace gets a lot of hate but I will tell you, the dreamer, vintage Versace man are incredible scents. Eros is not incredible but it is quite good. Warm, sweet, comforting and long-lasting. Not my signature scent but I enjoy it a great deal. At some point the older fragrance crowd will have to accept the fact that fresh and sweet is what is ruling the day (in the designer game at least) and they can continue to moan and whine or they can try to have an open mind and try to find the good in what is being released. Don't get me wrong the classics will always be the classics and I am a fan of Kouros, Antaeus, polo green, etc but there is plenty of room in my wardrobe for both. Try some on with an open mind and see what you think."

Here is a lady on the Twittersphere...


And here is a guy that thinks the same way I do...

This can be used a clubbing scent in the same spirit as 1 Million, Le Male.
I cannot imagine a mature male using this in an office environment or at church as it would be too cloying.

It's not a BAD smell; it's just overwhelming and ever-present (like Axe).
Maybe it will burn itself out in a year.

I can imagine those under 26 or over 65 wearing this to "make the scene" in a club as they unnecessarily yell into your ear "CAN YOU SMELL MY COLOGNE?"

Who should buy Eros?

  • Mid 20's
  • Outdoorsy
  • Night out
  • Wants to be noticed
  • Hot date 
  • Impressing the ladies
  • Wants to feel sexy

Age Group: 25-30

This fragrance jumps in people's faces and says, "Hey! Look At Me?"

Season: Spring, Fall, Winter

Feel free to wear Eros in the months that are a little bit cooler. Not really a summer fragrance.

Time of Day: Night

Although you can wear Eros during the day, it is primarily an evening fragrance.

Gift?: No

It's not universally liked enough to be given as a gift

Longevity: Very good

Most people will report up to 8 hours of life. That is amazing for an EDT and exceeds expectations.

Harmless? – No

If you wear this around your grandma, most likely she'll spray you off with the garden hose.

Popularity – Very popular

Eros by Versace is still one of the most popular fragrances today.

Price – Good

Any fragrance you can find for under $50 a bottle is pretty good. I bought mine here.

Awards – 2

Most popular fragrance & Longest Lasting fragrances

Sexy – Very Sexy

Although it's pretty controversial, women seem to adore this scent but it's the men usually that don't like it.

Signature Cologne – No

It's not a fragrance you want people to remember you by. Instead, use this as a situational fragrance.

Where to buy Eros?

Get it where I did... Amazon