The Best Colognes So Far in 2015

The year of 2015 has seen plenty of exciting stories when it comes to what happened. Tom Brady, arguably one of the best quarterbacks ever to play the game was involved in the “deflategate” scandal after winning the Super Bowl earlier in the year. In case you missed it, the New England Patriots allegedly tampered with footballs in the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts and Tom Brady was disciplined with a four game suspension to start the year which he is currently still appealing.

Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner in one of the most popular transformations ever. Bruce was a famous olympian winning the men’s decathlon back in the 1976 summer games. After his athletic fame, he was on TV as a reality star on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In April, on a 20/20 interview, was when Jenner brought to the light that she is in fact a trans gender woman. This led to a front page cover photo of Caitlyn on Vanity Fair.

Cecil_the_lion_at_Hwange_National_Park_(4516560206)The news that happened most recently, Cecil the Lion was hunted by a dentist that caused the internet to blow up. On July 1st, the Minnesotan, recreational big game hunter, dentist paid $50,000 to a guide in Zimbabwe, Africa to hunt the infamous lion. Cecil was allegedly lured out of sanctuary where he lived with bait and was shot with arrow. It took 40 hours to finally finish tracking Cecil in which he was fatally shot with a rifle. This story went insanely viral online and even protests were assembled over Cecil’s death.

Jurassic World, Avengers and Furious 7 are the hottest movies of the year so far with over 1 billion in gross dollars worldwide. Jurassic World in case you lived under a rock thus far this year, is the 4th movie in the Jurassic Park series and was launched in June of this year. Furious 7 is extremely popular this year especially because of the death of Paul Walker. It was released in April of this year and features Paul in many scenes of the movie, but for the shots he was not around, they actually filmed his brothers which is pretty cool. Lastly, Avengers made another triumphant return and success story as far as sales are concerned. Avengers: Age of Ultron rocked the $1 billion worldwide sales mark and was released in May.

While all these events are taking over our time and attention, what has been going on in the world of cologne?! There have been several new colognes that have been launched that require your immediate attention, along with some outstanding colognes that seem to be popular no matter what year it is.

How This List Was Created –

Looking around the web you see a ridiculous amount of top cologne articles of 2015. However, it doesn’t really make sense to me why these colognes were chosen. So starting off, I want to explain how this list was made so you know it’s valid.

Factor 1 – Total Sales – Starting off, I danced around the web to find all the top selling colognes from the most popular retail outlets. If you are selling a lot of cologne in 2015, obviously it’s popular. So I have to say, this factor is one of the greatest reasons a particular cologne would make this list.

Factor 2 – Price – This makes a lot of sense as well because a $9 bottle of Nautica Blue cologne is simply going to sell a heckuva lot more volume than $150 bottle of Tom Ford. So I also factored in the price because it makes perfect sense that more expensive cologne won’t sell as much but it doesn’t mean it’s not popular.

Factor 3 – Consistency – While looking around on different sites I notices that some colognes are a top seller on one major site and it’s basically unheard of on another site. This doesn’t make sense to me and it usually it just means that site either a) gets a little extra kick back for selling that cologne or b) just advertise it better on that relative site. So I stayed away from colognes that simply seemed like they were only top sellers on certain sites.

Factor 4 – My judgement – I try to use my opinion the very LEAST out of all the ways to judge the colognes, but for some that need a tie breaker, I had to use my judgement. I usually try to stay unbiased in these situations, but if I absolutely had to give my 2 cents I did.

When you start reading the reviews of all the colognes, you’ll see a couple of sections below them. The featured notes section is what most people can smell right away when smelling the cologne. I try not to waste my time putting all the notes in there because unless you are a crazy “Cologne Master” (no offense ;)), it doesn’t matter. Along with each cologne, I also included real reviews. One of the reviews is positive and the other one is negative. I did this so you can see both sides of the story. Try to keep in mind, these are the best colognes of 2015 so far, so don’t read too much into the negative reviews. As you may realize in your own personal lives, everyone and everything has haters. This also applies to these colognes.

So without further to say or do, here is the list you’ve anxiously been waiting for. The order is in countdown style so the most popular cologne is on the bottom. Please leave me a comment if you think something is off or have an additional suggestions.

7. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche (1982)drakkar noir

Guy Laroche created Drakkar Noir way back in 1982 and by the looks of it, it will be around for a lot longer. It’s hard to believe such an old cologne makes the top list of 2015, but why ruin such a good thing? It has a unique scent to it so it helps in differentiating yourself from all the other men around you. There is a lot of nostalgia with this scent because of the age, so most people report that they are taken back into time when they wear this cologne or smell it.

Featured notes; Oakmoss, leather, lavender, sandalwood, fir, vetiver, patchouli

When to wear; day or night, all year around


Drakkar Noir is a guilty pleasure of mine. Sniffing this takes me right back to freshman year high school, when girls would go bananas when caught in the wake of this juice. Wearing this, I witnessed one of my friends’ knees literally buckle when I took off my jacket and enveloped her in a cloud of woody, spicy Drakkar. We’re talking 25 years ago, though, so I don’t think this fragrance has the same cachet it once did (I could be wrong). Would I wear this today? Probably not. Does it smell like the late 1980s/early 1990s? Yes. Does it still smell as wonderful as it did then? Absolutely. I spray this when I want to be transported to a particular time in my youth; if I’m aiming to impress, or to romance, or to just smell nice in the office, I look elsewhere. But I’ll keep Drakkar in the collection — like I said, it’s a guilty pleasure, but a pleasure nevertheless.

DN is brash and bold, featuring citrus and a sour, smoky wood (mandarin oranges and cigarettes?) that make me picture the morning after a big party where a bunch of investment bankers all scored. There’s an underlying sharp soapiness to it that I only recently detected…a little clean detergent underneath the dirty smoke. And something in the delightfully acrid base reminds me of buttered movie theater popcorn, which upon further reflection gives me somewhat mixed feelings. It’s unequivocably masculine, and even though I’m sure every 18-year-old boy wore it back in the 80s, I don’t think many do anymore. I certainly agree that a conservative spray hand is required to tame this beast, but with no more than a spray and a half I can appreciate its testosterone all day without just smelling like a prick to everyone.

chrome azzaro6. Chrome by Azzaro (1996)

Loris Azzaro created this cologne in 1996 and never looked back. Chrome has been in and out of top cologne lists since it’s creation, but typically never hits that top 3 ranking. It has a cool, aquatic, accord so it smells fresh. Wearing this cologne at the beach would be ideal for this popular scent. The one thing nice about Chrome is that it does have some great longevity to it.

Featured notes; lemon, neroli, rosemary, pineapple, bergamot

When to wear; day or night, spring, summer, fall


The best men’s fragrance and I am on the 3rd purchase. I like the chrome for its subtle, but long lasting fragrance. Its crisp tangy flavor almost certain to get you attention, not the sensual kind, but more of some complementing you. I have had many people compliment me on the fragrance.

One other thing I noticed, with any fragrance, when used for prolonged period, almost certainly, your smelling senses get used to it and then you will have to increase the amount to smell it, but then your friends may notice, like you bath in it. Chrome blends with you but does not leave you like that… first time to the last time its still fresh…i am moving to my 3rd purchase. Unlike other on the market strong… sensual… or attractive… I think Chrome will give a professional, yet sporty feel and will defiantly not embrace you in public with its strong smell. It’s hard to find a fragrance that can last long, but not too strong.


I bought a bottle of this a couple of weeks ago and, for me, the metallic smell just drowns out everything else.

I let it dry down but the loud, metallic note overpowers everything and ruins what might have been a great summer fragrance.

On the plus side, this fragrance has very good silage and decent longevity.

5. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne (2008)1 million

First of all, a cologne that comes packaged like a gold ingot immediately has my attention. This cologne has all the makings of a signature scent. It smells extravagant, daring, adventurous and like I just said makes an excellent signature cologne to call your own. Women seem to love this fragrance as well. I’ve heard it described as bees on flowers as to what the ladies do to men that wear it.

Featured notes; sea notes, rose, patchouli, mandarin orange

When to wear; day, night, spring, summer, fall


I love cologne.. I mean I LOVE cologne. I own waaay too much of it, probably more than one person should, however, this particular scent has blown me away. It is one of, if not THE strongest men’s colognes I have ever come across. Whereas with most other fragrances I have to hit all the normal hot spots (wrists, neck/pulse points) and then maybe a few extra on my garments – not with this one!

All it took was one spritz to the wrist, then rubbed both together and then one on the neck and I could smell it ALL DAY – in fact, this stuff is so strong that I even still smelled a faint hint of it after a shower! This will last you a long time as you will not require as much. It smells a little sweeter than most men’s colognes – not as pungent or citrusy – a bit more floral/woodsy and definitely earthy (it could possibly pass as a unisex really).

The one note that stands out and made this a more unique scent was mint. Its not enough to overtake the entire combination but kinda adds a nice minty/chocolaty after-effect. It’s definitely a very classy scent and meant more for semi-casual or formal evening wear.

I will advise caution on use in places such as offices where others sensitive to strong scents may take issue with it – It’s that strong! I ordered mine through Nordstrom’s to ensure I was getting the official product as I’ve read some reviews about people claiming to have received knock -off versions or damaged bottles. Enjoy!


I hate this fragrance. for me it smells too strong and feminine. This might be okay for club but for other occasion its just too offensive. When I try this on myself, I feel like I’m in a whorehouse full of whores all around me (sorry this is the first thing that came to my mind). It just does not fit in my style and personality now, I might like this fragrance 5 years ago where I’m still a labile teenager. I think this fragrance is excellent for those whose presence want to be known by everyone like ‘GUYS I’M HERE!!’

4. Legend by Montblanc (2011)montblanclogo

Introduced by Montblanc in 2011, Legend is best described as a fruity/sweet scent that has hints of apple and cedar wood mixed in. If you have never smelled Montblanc before, picture Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Cologne, but older and more mature brother. This cologne is not new to any cologne list, because it’s been a favorite since it first came out 4 years ago.

The bottle is pretty neat looking since it’s shaped like a flask. When I pulled it out at work, I had a few people look at me odd when they saw it the first time.

Featured notes: pineapple, lavender, apple, bergamot, sandalwood

When to wear this cologne: day time, all-year round


There’s a girl in one of my classes, whom I’ve thrown my entire repetoire of fragrances at.

We’re talking: Bleu de Chanel, Carolina Herrera CH Men, Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme, Chanel Platinum Egoiste, Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT Concentree, Dior Homme, Dior Homme Intense, Ferragamo F Black, YSL La Nuit de L’Homme, & Vince Camuto Homme.

Yesterday, she finally compliments me out of the blue on Mont Blanc Legend…

She told me, “Your cologne smells really good! I don’t know why, but I like that smell a lot!”

I told her that the reason why she liked it so much, is because it smells like me, which made her laugh… 😉

When I began my fragrance collecting, I sniffed out the ENTIRE department store counter. This is the fragrance I kept coming back to. I bought it first, before all of the other fragrances I listed.

People claim it’s too generic. However, it sure does smell good. It smells like a man should smell, & women pick up on it.

This stuff is a formidable weapon.


Close your eyes….now imagine being in the guys locker room at your local gym. Smell the steam room….smell the combination of every other cheap scent that has been sprayed that day….smell the scent of old man balls and mildew. That is what goes into Mont Blanc Legend.

cool water ad3. Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water is another cologne that has stood through the test of time. Since Cool Water’s inception in 1988, it has been an outstanding cologne that has had steady popularity through the years. Most importantly, for the sake of this article, it is still one of the most popular colognes of 2015 as it is a top seller on almost every notable fragrance retail site on the web. Celebrities like Paul Walker and Josh Holloway have even appeared in commercials and marketing material featuring Cool Water. It is a fresh, clean and crisp scent which seems to be whats popular now in 2015.

Featured notes: lavender, menthe, iris, and musk

When to wear this cologne; day time, spring and summer


Fresh, clean and super-masculine. The scent itself is one of those that transports you to a certain place, in this case the side of a swimming pool in Spain or the deck of a yacht in the Caribbean. There’s not a better fragrance for everyday use.

The deep blue bottle is classic and the sprayer is of good quality.

I guess it does smell a little dated and if only it performed a bit better it would be a 10/10 for me.

I think this gets way too much praise.. people saying this smells like lovely pool water on a spring day with envigorating zuchini and blah blah blah. I’m sorry to say that this is more like pepper and chlorine. I just can’t cope with the smell of this. I tried folks…

2. Versace Man Cologne by Gianni Versace (2006)versaceman

Versace Man was introduced to the world in 2003 as a cologne meant for professional men. This is another clean and refreshing scent that makes the top list so far in 2015. This scent is a zesty, woodsy scent, with a sliver of spice to it. The cologne is recommended to wear casually during the day or evening.

Featured notes: lemon, bergamot, cardamom, saffron, cedar, and pepper

When to wear this cologne; day time, spring and summer


BEACH IN A BOTTLE!! When I spray this amazing fragrance, I feel like being on the beach with my friends, playing frisbee and talking to beautiful women in bikinis.

This is the most fresh, energetic and sexy summer fragrance I have ever smelled.

The only cons of this one is his versatility. It only works in the summer, and in the highest heat, but for that purpose it is the best.

If you have never been to the beach, or its been a while since the last time, this fragrance will immediately take you there!


This one is pretty much on every top list of every fragrance reviewer on youtube. So I ordered a sample spray vial. And another miss for me. I was sure I’d love this one from the notes and descriptions I’ve heard of it. But no, another total disappointment for me.

On my skin all I get is a very sharp citrus blast that gave me headache. It’s definitely a fresh fragrance but way too sharp for me.

If I’ve learned anything since I’ve started getting into fragrances somewhat is, read reviews and watch reviews on youtube, but in the end it all depends on your own chemistry. 90% of what the reviewers I like recommend, don’t work for me. Every once in a while I get lucky and they do. I seem to be really senistive to smells and alot of them either make me sick or give me headaches.

acqua di gio1. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani (1996)

I was thoroughly hoping to create this list and finally see a cologne overtake Acqua Di Gio as the number one best cologne of 2015. However, Acqua Di Gio is ridiculously popular and has been that way since it’s release back in 1996. Growing up, everyone in my high-school wore this cologne and it appears it still stays true today as it is the number one most sold cologne in several different online fragrance retailers. Acqua Di Gio is searched for over 40,000 times on Google alone each month. This number is higher than the next 3 highest colognes combined. Don’t get me wrong though, I love this cologne because it has a nice fresh and aqua scent to it and it’s perfect for almost every occasion. I will be happy when a new cologne erupts with popularity and finally is able to compete with Acqua Di Gio as one of the best colognes ever made.

Featured notes: Opens with calabrian bergamot, green tangerine, and neroli and continues with rose, rosemary, jasmine, petal, persimmon, and indonesia patchouli

When to wear; Day time, spring and summer

The best “fresh” scent out there. I too had this experience that I tried Acqua di Gio a couple of years ago as one of my first scents and I didn’t dislike it but I didn’t find it very special either.

Now a few years later after trying 100+ scents, I like this far more than before.
This reminds me of my ex-girlfriends, their boyfriends and ex’s, their brothers and sisters and their current boy and girlfriends and ex’s ,
and their showers, locker rooms, gyms, swimming pool and its toilet.
My dorm, my friends’ dorm, my dog that passed away , yes he puts this on sometimes.

Reminds me of the time I thought I was the only one on earth with this scent and the short lasting uniqueness that I’ve felt. Earth smelled of Aqua di gio so much you forget what real “aqua” should smell like. We’ve replaced “Aqua”‘s definition with this.

“You’re wearing Aqua di gio , right?” …and the sarcasm that comes after…
then sharing together how good it is, it was and how good it will still be.

Yes, I still bought a bottle and yes, I put it on my shelf so you can’t say I am a newbie.
I know my fragrances all you have to see is this on my shelf and you know I’ve been around.

This is what is causing global warming.
If an alien came to earth and asks, “What’s that smell?”
“It is just us. This is how humans smell…most of the time.”


For hanging out with us today at If you have any comments about what you think is the most popular cologne so far this year, let me know by dropping me a comment down below or by visiting our contact page. If you haven’t already, check out our other pages to see if there’s another topic that sparks your interest. Thanks again for stopping by!

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