15 Top Selling Mens Cologne To Start 2018

As we zero in on 2018, we can take a look back at the year before hand and remember some of the highlights including the top selling mens cologne.

President Donald Trump is finishing up his first year of power, North Korea stepped up their nuclear activity, ISIS was driven from Iraq and Syria, terrorist bombings in New York and the UK, mass shootings in Las Vegas, natural disasters, sexual harassment came out in Hollywood, a solar eclipse, and royal wedding announced.

Wow that was a lot...

But for the start of 2018, we have some new fragrances that have become top sellers. 

Here they are...

Disclaimer: This list is not 100% accurate. We take a peek at the top online retailers and from there we approximate how many they have have sold collectively.

If you have more questions on how we come up with this number, feel free to drop a comment below and we would love to answer them.

#15 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Versace Pour Homme by Versace

Previous rank - #25

Versace Pour Homme is sneakily becoming famous.

We've praised this fragrance so much that we've included as one of the top fragrances for young men.

versace pour homme best selling cologne for men

Why is Pour Homme by Versace a top seller?

People compare Versace Pour Homme to Chanel's Allure Homme Sport which happens to be one of the highest rated fragrance by the community.

What does Pour Homme smell like?

It has a light, fresh, citrusy smell that stays linear throughout the time you wear it. It's somewhat generic but it's considered professional.  

#14 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Previous rank - #1

It looks as though we are finally entering a time where the famous Acqua Di Gio is dethroned from it's huge popularity.

Not only has Acqua Di Gio dropped on the top seller list, it has also lost momentum on our fragrances that have received compliments list too.

Why is Acqua Di Gio a top seller?

Acqua Di Gio is one of the top selling fragrances every year because it simply just smells good. When it sales caught fire because people enjoyed how long it lasts, clean it smells, and how ideal it works in any situation, sales just skyrocketed from where it was.

What does Acqua Di Gio smell like?

Acqua Di Gio is an aquatic fragrance that begins as if you're wandering around the beach, feet covered in sand, and breathing the ocean air.

This feeling with mixtures of sweetness and citrus captures almost a perfect combination of what everyone looks for in a fragrance. Sweet, sophisticated, clean, and simple.

#13 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Grey Flannel by Geoffre​​​​y Beene

Previous rank - N/A

Grey Flannel is a surprise to make the best sellers list mostly because people seem to love it or hate it.

We have mentioned it before on our affordable fragrance page so it is familiar to CologneMasters.

best cheap cologne

Why is Grey Flannel a top seller?

Grey Flannel makes the list because it has a cult following behind it and you can find it online for under $15 normally.

What does it smell like?

Soothing, calming, comforting, soapy, clean, woodsy-floral, genderless, timeless.

#12 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Hugo by Hugo Boss

Previous rank - #20

It's interesting to see a fragrance like Hugo that was made back in 1995 climb in the rankings.

Of all the Hugo Boss fragrances still in production, Hugo is the one that is still racking up the most sales.

Hugo Top Selling Fragrances For Men

Why is Hugo a top seller?

My guess is the people that have grown to love Hugo are loyal fans and just keep purchasing it. As a fragrance, it receives pretty mediocre reviews.

What does it smell like?

Fresh, green, flowery-pine scent, and a bit synthetic.

#11 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Guilty Intense by Gucci

Previous rank - #19

The Guilty series continues to be top selling fragrances.

When it comes to receiving reviews, most people consider Guilty Intense a middle of the road fragrance.

Top Selling Cologne For Men Guilty Intense

Why is Intense by Gucci a top seller?

Gucci has a great marketing team. I don't know how it happens but I notice their advertisements just about everywhere. This most likely contributes to their large sales numbers.

Not to mention it was voted as one of the sexiest fragrances by the community at large.

What does it smell like?

Minty, earthy, citrus, amber. It smells a bit generic and you'll notice familiarity to many other fragrances.

#10 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Lucky You by Lucky

Previous rank - #14

Lucky You is another fragrance that looks to hold steady throughout 2018.

It has made every top seller list since we started back in 2015 which is pretty good for a fragrance that flies under the radar.

Why is Lucky You a top seller?

All fragrances reasonably priced are going to attract attention. This can be said about Lucky You since you can find it for less than $20.

What does it smell like?

Clean, fresh, green, sporty. It's a smell that is appealing to mass audiences which helps in selling power.

#9 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

Previous rank - N/A

Of all the shockers on the top selling list, Polo Red has to be right up there.

This fragrance comes with modest reviews and poor longevity. (which is not always a bad thing)

Most Sold Cologne Polo Red

Why is Polo Red a top seller?

The Ralph Lauren fragrances have always come and gone in the top 15. Right now we see Polo Red but next year it could be Polo Black. 

What does it smell like?

A very sweet cranberry and amber smell. Good for younger men that need a date cologne.

#8 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Nautica Voyage by Nautica

Previous rank - 8

Nautica Voyage hangs steady at the #8 spot and we expect that to happen when 2019 rolls around too.

Voyage has won several awards on CologneMasters including Best Cologne For Young Men, Most Popular Cologne, and Best Cheap Cologne.

nautical voyage most popular

Why is Nautica Voyage a top seller?

When a fragrance smells great, has good longevity, and is priced affordable, people are going to go nuts for it. 

What does it smell like?

Main notes are Apple and Green leaves. 

#7 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Cool Water by Davidoff

Previous rank - 2

A classic scent that still has a strong appeal today as it still shows up as a top selling fragrance in the US.

It’s aromatic, fresh, and contains jasmine which has been proven to reduce stress.

Hard to believe that Cool Water is turning 30 years old.

Cool Water Top Selling Mens Cologne

Why is Cool Water a top seller?

Cool Water sits on top sellers list for a few reasons. The first is the price tag. Any fragrance that can be bought under $25 a bottle will naturally be sold a little more than others.

Secondly, this fragrance is 30 years old! Holy moses it's been around for a long time. You'll notice a common link with the top sellers is how long they've been around.

What does it smell like?

Cool Water is a lighter scent that smells like cleanliness. Try to picture what someone would smell like after a nice shower, or someones hands after being soaked in warm soapy water. It also reminds me of a mop bucket full of hot water and suds before it is thrown on a floor.

I of course mean this all in a good way.  If you want to smell clean, this is the fragrance for you.

#6 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Guilty by Gucci

Previous rank - 19

Congrats to Gucci for having two fragrances on the top 15 list which is no small feat.

It's even more impressive that a fragrance such as Guilty that has received so many below average reviews from the community continues to sell well.

Why is Guilty a top seller?

Guilty is just another generic fragrance that gathered some steam from a good marketing campaign. 

What does it smell like?

Light, citrusy, and sweet. Sound familiar? Very generic.

#5 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Chrome by Azzaro

Previous rank - 5

There's no kicking Chrome out of the top 5 best sellers this year. Chrome has continued to delight since it's creation in 1996.

My former roommate Adam (shout out) swears by this one. He tries to leave it to try something new but something draws him back. Probably the same thing for other dudes which is why it is still a top seller.

Top Seller Chrome Azzaro Cologne

Why is Chrome a top seller?

Chrome Azzaro continues to dazzle because it doesn't do too much. It seems to be a common thread with most of the top sellers that sometimes the less is more.

Chrome has a nice clean smell to it like you just hopped out of the shower which people adore.

What does it smell like?

You'll need to check out the official Chrome Azzaro review on the site but it has a nice fresh, clean smell with a hint of metallic in the background. 

#4 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Previous rank - #9

Drakkar Noir is still alive! This 1982 timeless classic is still one of the highest selling fragrances on the market today.

Want a whiff of the 80s? This classic scent will get the memory bank flowing as you'll be sure to catch a glimpse of what life was like over 35 years ago.

Why is Drakkar Noir a top seller?

Drakkar Noir isn't so cheap that it should be flying off the shelves. My guess is that it is a mixture of nostalgia and wishing the 80s would come back to life.

What does it smell like?

Drakkar Noir is considered a barbershop scent. The smell of a man after he shaves, leather chairs, and guys with fancy mustaches.

#3 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Previous rank - #24

It's nice to see a great quality fragrance like Light Blue staying strong and soaking up the love as one of the most sold fragrances on the market today.

Light Blue is easy to wear since it is so versatile. Another reason why people whip out their wallets to buy it.

Why is Light Blue a top seller?

For such a respected company, it's hard to find a fragrance that is priced reasonably, but Light Blue is.

The women's version of this fragrance might be even more popular than the mens so that could have something to do with it too.

What does it smell like?

Light blue does have a generic feel to it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's light, citrusy, and very clean like soap.

#2 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Eros by Versace

Previous rank - #6

Eros is a fragrance that stands out from the crowd. Most of the colognes on this list smell somewhat similar but Eros doesn't fall in that category.

It is also considered one of the most sexiest fragrances around today according to our polls.

Why is Eros a top seller?

Anything made by Versace is going to attract attention and Eros is no different. 

The word is also getting out on this one. I've seen it on several top lists for being an attractive fragrance.

What does it smell like?

Vanilla, Mint, and Tonka Bean are the main notes you'll notice. It's powerful enough to get you noticed.

#1 Top Selling Men's Cologne
Versace Man by Versace

Previous rank - #4

It's pretty incredible that the top two best selling cologne for men are Versace fragrances.

Versace Man is not your average generic cologne. It adds sophistication, maturity, and professionalism and doesn't smell "cheap". A worthy #1 best seller for 2018. People will love this as a gift!

Why is Versace Man a top seller?

It is somewhat generic but it's certainly much more classy. People seem to enjoy fragrances that are not loud and in your face more than the super spicy types.

What does it smell like?

Very citrusy with lemon and bergamot as the main notes you'll notice. It won't overpower the person wearing it and works wonders in the summer.

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