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Versace Man Eau Fraiche (2006) Review

Versace Man Eau Fraiche (2006)

Versace Man Eau Fraiche (2006)

Overall Rating


Sex Appeal


Safe for work/school


How long does it last?


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  • Well liked by loads of people
  • Safe for almost any situation
  • Has a sophisticated feel to it
  • Gets complimented frequentlly
  • Wonderful for gifts


  • Hugely popular... Good chance your buddy is already wearing it
  • Seasonal - Not the best for use as a winter cologne

About Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Oliver Cresp created the one of the latest Versace colognes to rock the world of fragrance. Receiving much of his education regarding perfume in New York, Oliver headed back to his hometown of France. He currently works for the company Firmenich and has been there since 1992.

Versace Man has received the award for one of the Most Popular Colognes in 2015 given by us here at CologneMasters.

What does Versace Man Eau Fraiche smell like? (CologneMasters Opinion)

Versace Man is classified in the fresh citrus category just like other main stream colognes. It is a hint of sweetness to it which the ladies seem to like and I have been complimented on it at work and my girlfriend even seems to enjoy it.

What cologne does it smell like?

Some people say it smells similar to Chrome Sport by Azzaro.

The notes you will most likely smell are;

LEMONBergamotStar Fruit

As you can see, the top 3 notes you’ll notice distinctly are all citrus scents.

What does Eau Fraiche smell like to a normal person?

“This is an outstanding fragrance on my skin for summer.

I can wear this on the hottest of summer days and it is beautiful. It lasts for hours, although on the hottest of days I tend to avoid the pulse points and spray on the back of my lower forearm where the air can waft past to “liberate” the scent. (On the pulse points it lasts only 3hours) It regularly garners compliments, not that I seek after them (I wont object of course). The sillage is moderate for several hours and even with the high temps or overspraying (3-4 sprays) it doesn’t seem to get objectionable to others. (I apply one spray on each arm on the hottest of days, then reapply after 5-6hours). I for one am really pleased it is a linear fragrance and maintains it appeal for the duration of its wearing and in a range of hot days. An excellent summer choice for me! I hope everyone else has a similar experience with this one.” – 2ScentsWorth

“BEACH IN A BOTTLE!! when i spray this amazing fragrance, i feel like being in the beach with my friends, playing frisbee and talking to beautiful women in bikinis.

this is the most fresh, energetic and sexy summer fragrance i have ever smelled.

the only cons of this one is his versatility. it only works in the summer, and in the highest heat, but for that purpose is the best.

i’ve you have never being to the beach, or its been a while since the last time, this fragrance will immediately take you there!” – Marcoz

“I love this fragrance! It smells great, and is a great summer scent. Very light, clean, crisp and citrusy. Not at all overpowering, and the price is pretty good too! In addition, the packaging is beautiful. Not sure how i’ll feel about this fragrance as a winter scent, but for now, i love it!!” –  Maxgrande67

Who should try this cologne?

Age Group: 18+ years old

Versace Man is safe for almost anyone to wear it. The reason 18 is the cutoff point is because young men typically should be going after more name brand/inexpensive colognes. This does not mean that if you are under 18 you can’t wear it.

Season: Summer/Spring

Most colognes that are sweet, light, and citrusy are best word during the warmer months of the year.

Time of day: Daytime

Feel free to wear Versace Man day or night, but since it is such a safe cologne to wear, it should be worn primarily during the day.

Gift? – Yes

Versace Colognes are known for using some of the greatest ingredients in the fragrance game. It is also known as a “higher end” cologne so to receive it as a gift, is a wonderful thing.

Longevity: Average

Surprisingly, this cologne seems to last almost all day. It is about what a cologne is expected to perform at.

Harmless? – Yes

Feel free to wear this cologne to work, school, meetings, interviews or wherever. The people sitting next to you won’t be offended by it.

Popularity – Very Good

Versace Man is still considered one of the most popular colognes in today’s world.

How does it make you feel? – Clean/Refreshed/Sophisticated

Versace with it’s citrus smell gives it a nice fresh feeling. With the quality ingredients Eau Fraiche delivers, anyone that wears it smells sophisticated and professional.

Price – Decent

You can find it for $40 – 50 dollars a bottle.

Awards – Most popular cologne 2015 (CologneMasters)

Sexy – Pretty Sexy

The smell of Versace Man is more sophisticated than sexy. However, since I have personally received compliments wearing this cologne, I know for certain it has a very good sex appeal to it.

Signature Cologne – No

As amazing as Versace cologne smells, I disagree that it can be worn as a signature scent. It is a great tool to have on your belt, but it should not be the cologne people are able to identify you with.

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  • Overall Rating


    Sex Appeal


    Safe for work/school


    How long does it last?


    Critic Score


    I love the Smell!!! It has. A sweet smell and is good for everyday life. I wear it to work and have had multiple compliments. Even had an attractive lady come in to my workplace and said I smell yummy😎. No joke.

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