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If you’re a newbie to cologne, this is an excellent place to pick up some knowledge on the basics of cologne.

People really need to figure out how to wear cologne properly. This post tells you everything you need to know.

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CologneMaster’s Top Reviewed Colognes

On this list you will find the cologne that we reviewed here at CologneMasters. We also understand that our taste in cologne could differ from what you think so we also allow anyone vote on each cologne and leave comments on what you think. We add all the ratings together and we come up with an overall rating to give you a nice, easy place to see all the ratings together. Find this list here.

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Wondering what colognes were popular by year? Check out the lists here;

Most Popular Colognes 2015

Top Selling Colognes So Far in 2016

Cologne Reviews

Find all of our colognes that we have reviewed here

Freshest Smelling Colognes

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Let’s be honest, we are all suckers for something that looks pretty sweet. Why not check out a our post on the coolest cologne bottles around!

Coolest bottles of cologne and perfume here!

Have you ever been curious on what fragrances are the most expensive on the planet? No need to worry about it anymore. Here you can find the most expensive fragrances and where you can buy them!

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